Available CRAN Packages By Date of Publication

Date Package Title
2023-09-28 learnr Interactive Tutorials for R
2023-09-28 mlflow Interface to 'MLflow'
2023-09-27 activity Animal Activity Statistics
2023-09-27 adbcdrivermanager 'Arrow' Database Connectivity ('ADBC') Driver Manager
2023-09-27 adestr Estimation in Optimal Adaptive Two-Stage Designs
2023-09-27 babette Control 'BEAST2'
2023-09-27 bain Bayes Factors for Informative Hypotheses
2023-09-27 BioM2 Biologically Explainable Machine Learning Framework
2023-09-27 bruceR Broadly Useful Convenient and Efficient R Functions
2023-09-27 CCAMLRGIS Antarctic Spatial Data Manipulation
2023-09-27 clickstream Analyzes Clickstreams Based on Markov Chains
2023-09-27 clustNet Network-Based Clustering
2023-09-27 codecountR Counting Codes in a Text and Preparing Data for Analysis
2023-09-27 coin Conditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
2023-09-27 csranks Statistical Tools for Ranks
2023-09-27 dbGaPCheckup dbGaP Checkup
2023-09-27 dccpp Fast Computation of Distance Correlations
2023-09-27 dowser B Cell Receptor Phylogenetics Toolkit
2023-09-27 DTSg A Class for Working with Time Series Data Based on 'data.table' and 'R6' with Largely Optional Reference Semantics
2023-09-27 dwdradar Read Binary Radar Files from 'DWD' (German Weather Service)
2023-09-27 emuR Main Package of the EMU Speech Database Management System
2023-09-27 GWASinspector Comprehensive and Easy to Use Quality Control of GWAS Results
2023-09-27 icecream Print Debugging Made Sweeter
2023-09-27 injurytools A Toolkit for Sports Injury Data Analysis
2023-09-27 libcoin Linear Test Statistics for Permutation Inference
2023-09-27 lubridate Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier
2023-09-27 mcbette Model Comparison Using 'babette'
2023-09-27 metafor Meta-Analysis Package for R
2023-09-27 MLEce Asymptotic Efficient Closed-Form Estimators for Multivariate Distributions
2023-09-27 NAIR Network Analysis of Immune Repertoire
2023-09-27 nanonext NNG (Nanomsg Next Gen) Lightweight Messaging Library
2023-09-27 nda Generalized Network-Based Dimensionality Reduction and Analysis
2023-09-27 nolock Append 'WITH (NOLOCK)' to 'SQL' Queries
2023-09-27 occupationMeasurement Interactively Measure Occupations in Interviews and Beyond
2023-09-27 Oncotree Estimating Oncogenetic Trees
2023-09-27 optimizeR Unified Framework for Numerical Optimizers
2023-09-27 pirouette Create a Bayesian Posterior from a Phylogeny
2023-09-27 polyclip Polygon Clipping
2023-09-27 PsychWordVec Word Embedding Research Framework for Psychological Science
2023-09-27 qwalkr Handle Continuous-Time Quantum Walks with R
2023-09-27 RaschSampler Rasch Sampler
2023-09-27 rgee R Bindings for Calling the 'Earth Engine' API
2023-09-27 RPDTest A New Type of Test Statistic and Method for Multinomial Goodness-of-Fit Test
2023-09-27 rswipl Embed 'SWI'-'Prolog'
2023-09-27 SAMprior Self-Adapting Mixture (SAM) Priors
2023-09-27 sdcMicro Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Anonymization of Data and Risk Estimation
2023-09-27 slr Semi-Latin Rectangles
2023-09-27 SurvRegCensCov Weibull Regression for a Right-Censored Endpoint with Interval-Censored Covariate
2023-09-27 texor Converting 'LaTeX' 'R Journal' Articles into 'RJ-web-articles'
2023-09-27 tidydann Add the 'dann' Model and the 'sub_dann' Model to the Tidymodels Ecosystem
2023-09-27 tiledb Universal Storage Engine for Sparse and Dense Multidimensional Arrays
2023-09-27 tpn Truncated Positive Normal Model and Extensions
2023-09-27 tracerer Tracer from R
2023-09-27 track2KBA Identifying Important Areas from Animal Tracking Data
2023-09-26 agena.ai R Wrapper for 'agena.ai' API
2023-09-26 ARPALData Retrieving and Analyzing Air Quality and Weather Data from ARPA Lombardia
2023-09-26 BAwiR Analysis of Basketball Data
2023-09-26 bayesnec A Bayesian No-Effect- Concentration (NEC) Algorithm
2023-09-26 bayesPO Bayesian Inference for Presence-Only Data
2023-09-26 BGmisc An R Package for Extended Behavior Genetics Analysis
2023-09-26 bulkreadr The Ultimate Tool for Reading Data in Bulk
2023-09-26 caper Comparative Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R
2023-09-26 CASMI 'CASMI'-Based Functions
2023-09-26 colouR Create Colour Palettes from Images
2023-09-26 CondCopulas Estimation and Inference for Conditional Copula Models
2023-09-26 dacc Detection and Attribution Analysis of Climate Change
2023-09-26 datamods Modules to Import and Manipulate Data in 'Shiny'
2023-09-26 dbplyr A 'dplyr' Back End for Databases
2023-09-26 entropart Entropy Partitioning to Measure Diversity
2023-09-26 EpiNow2 Estimate Real-Time Case Counts and Time-Varying Epidemiological Parameters
2023-09-26 extrafrail Estimation and Additional Tools for Alternative Shared Frailty Models
2023-09-26 fmeffects Model-Agnostic Interpretations with Forward Marginal Effects
2023-09-26 ForIT Functions to Estimate Tree Volume and Phytomass in the Italian Forest Inventory 2005
2023-09-26 fqacalc Calculate Floristic Quality Assessment Metrics
2023-09-26 gert Simple Git Client for R
2023-09-26 HDRFA High-Dimensional Robust Factor Analysis
2023-09-26 mixture Mixture Models for Clustering and Classification
2023-09-26 mlpack 'Rcpp' Integration for the 'mlpack' Library
2023-09-26 mockery Mocking Library for R
2023-09-26 mvMAPIT Multivariate Genome Wide Marginal Epistasis Test
2023-09-26 pcalg Methods for Graphical Models and Causal Inference
2023-09-26 pedSimulate Pedigree, Genetic Merit, Phenotype, and Genotype Simulation
2023-09-26 psych Procedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research
2023-09-26 psychTools Tools to Accompany the 'psych' Package for Psychological Research
2023-09-26 R0 Estimation of R0 and Real-Time Reproduction Number from Epidemics
2023-09-26 RcmdrMisc R Commander Miscellaneous Functions
2023-09-26 rmsb Bayesian Regression Modeling Strategies
2023-09-26 RMySQL Database Interface and 'MySQL' Driver for R
2023-09-26 robustHD Robust Methods for High-Dimensional Data
2023-09-26 RVAideMemoire Testing and Plotting Procedures for Biostatistics
2023-09-26 rzmq R Bindings for 'ZeroMQ'
2023-09-26 SCDB Easily Access and Maintain Time-Based Versioned Data (Slowly-Changing-Dimension)
2023-09-26 SeuratObject Data Structures for Single Cell Data
2023-09-26 shinyCyJS Create Interactive Network Visualizations in R and 'shiny'
2023-09-26 sodium A Modern and Easy-to-Use Crypto Library
2023-09-26 SSIMmap The Structural Similarity Index Measure for Maps
2023-09-26 tesseract Open Source OCR Engine
2023-09-26 tidycensus Load US Census Boundary and Attribute Data as 'tidyverse' and 'sf'-Ready Data Frames
2023-09-26 unrtf Extract Text from Rich Text Format (RTF) Documents
2023-09-26 virtualspecies Generation of Virtual Species Distributions
2023-09-26 wallace A Modular Platform for Reproducible Modeling of Species Niches and Distributions
2023-09-26 webp A New Format for Lossless and Lossy Image Compression
2023-09-26 withr Run Code 'With' Temporarily Modified Global State
2023-09-25 admiral ADaM in R Asset Library
2023-09-25 anomalize Tidy Anomaly Detection
2023-09-25 antaresViz Antares Visualizations
2023-09-25 autostsm Automatic Structural Time Series Models
2023-09-25 av Working with Audio and Video in R
2023-09-25 blavaan Bayesian Latent Variable Analysis
2023-09-25 bmlm Bayesian Multilevel Mediation
2023-09-25 brms Bayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'
2023-09-25 cld3 Google's Compact Language Detector 3
2023-09-25 DrugUtilisation Summarise Patient-Level Drug Utilisation in Data Mapped to the OMOP Common Data Model
2023-09-25 DRviaSPCN Drug Repurposing in Cancer via a Subpathway Crosstalk Network
2023-09-25 ExGaussEstim Quantile Maximization Likelihood Estimation and Bayesian Ex-Gaussian Estimation
2023-09-25 ExpAnalysis3d Pacote Para Analise De Experimentos Com Graficos De Superficie Resposta
2023-09-25 ExtremalDep Extremal Dependence Models
2023-09-25 FastImputation Learn from Training Data then Quickly Fill in Missing Data
2023-09-25 FuzzyResampling Resampling Methods for Triangular and Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
2023-09-25 GameTheory Cooperative Game Theory
2023-09-25 gasfluxes Greenhouse Gas Flux Calculation from Chamber Measurements
2023-09-25 gdalraster Bindings to the 'Geospatial Data Abstraction Library' Raster API
2023-09-25 GDELTtools Download, Slice, and Normalize GDELT V1 Data
2023-09-25 ggpolypath Polygons with Holes for the Grammar of Graphics
2023-09-25 gMCPLite Lightweight Graph Based Multiple Comparison Procedures
2023-09-25 graticule Meridional and Parallel Lines for Maps
2023-09-25 hbamr Hierarchical Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling via 'Stan'
2023-09-25 highlighter Code Syntax Highlighting using the 'Prism.js' Library
2023-09-25 hydflood Flood Extents and Durations along the Rivers Elbe and Rhine
2023-09-25 iemisc Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous Functions
2023-09-25 iemiscdata Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous Data Collection
2023-09-25 IsoriX Isoscape Computation and Inference of Spatial Origins using Mixed Models
2023-09-25 jtdm Joint Modelling of Functional Traits
2023-09-25 kalmanfilter Kalman Filter
2023-09-25 kimfilter Kim Filter
2023-09-25 magick Advanced Graphics and Image-Processing in R
2023-09-25 marelac Tools for Aquatic Sciences
2023-09-25 MBHdesign Spatial Designs for Ecological and Environmental Surveys
2023-09-25 mcgibbsit Warnes and Raftery's 'MCGibbsit' MCMC Run Length and Convergence Diagnostic
2023-09-25 mirai.promises Make 'Mirai' 'Promises'
2023-09-25 mixAK Multivariate Normal Mixture Models and Mixtures of Generalized Linear Mixed Models Including Model Based Clustering
2023-09-25 opencv Bindings to 'OpenCV' Computer Vision Library
2023-09-25 openssl Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates Based on OpenSSL
2023-09-25 OTclust Mean Partition, Uncertainty Assessment, Cluster Validation and Visualization Selection for Cluster Analysis
2023-09-25 pdftools Text Extraction, Rendering and Converting of PDF Documents
2023-09-25 pgmm Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture Models
2023-09-25 pRecipe Precipitation R Recipes
2023-09-25 protolite Highly Optimized Protocol Buffer Serializers
2023-09-25 RGN Robust-Gauss Newton (RGN) Optimization of Sum-of-Squares Objective Function
2023-09-25 Rmixmod Classification with Mixture Modelling
2023-09-25 rsvg Render SVG Images into PDF, PNG, (Encapsulated) PostScript, or Bitmap Arrays
2023-09-25 rtsdata R Time Series Intelligent Data Storage
2023-09-25 saeTrafo Transformations for Unit-Level Small Area Models
2023-09-25 shinyExprPortal A Configurable 'shiny' Portal for Sharing Analysis of Molecular Expression Data
2023-09-25 sparsegl Sparse Group Lasso
2023-09-25 ssh Secure Shell (SSH) Client for R
2023-09-25 Surrogate Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Trials
2023-09-25 tidyclust A Common API to Clustering
2023-09-25 topologyGSA Gene Set Analysis Exploiting Pathway Topology
2023-09-25 wyz.code.metaTesting Wizardry Code Meta Testing
2023-09-25 wyz.code.offensiveProgramming Wizardry Code Offensive Programming
2023-09-24 and Construct Natural-Language Lists with Internationalization
2023-09-24 beautier 'BEAUti' from R
2023-09-24 checkdown Check-Fields and Check-Boxes for 'rmarkdown'
2023-09-24 CoastlineFD Calculate the Coastline Fractal Dimension
2023-09-24 countries Deal with Country Data in an Easy Way
2023-09-24 Euclimatch Euclidean Climatch Algorithm
2023-09-24 extendedFamily Additional Families for Generalized Linear Models
2023-09-24 lgpr Longitudinal Gaussian Process Regression
2023-09-24 markovchain Easy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains
2023-09-24 NTS Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
2023-09-24 openalexR Getting Bibliographic Records from 'OpenAlex' Database Using 'DSL' API
2023-09-24 panelView Visualizing Panel Data
2023-09-24 pavo Perceptual Analysis, Visualization and Organization of Spectral Colour Data
2023-09-24 prettyunits Pretty, Human Readable Formatting of Quantities
2023-09-24 pulsar Parallel Utilities for Lambda Selection along a Regularization Path
2023-09-24 raqs Interface to the US EPA Air Quality System (AQS) API
2023-09-24 RSP 'shiny' Applications for Statistical and Psychometric Analysis
2023-09-24 rtsplot Time Series Plot
2023-09-24 waver Calculate Fetch and Wave Energy
2023-09-24 wrappedtools Useful Wrappers Around Commonly Used Functions
2023-09-23 bayesm Bayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-Econometrics
2023-09-23 blastula Easily Send HTML Email Messages
2023-09-23 BTSR Bounded Time Series Regression
2023-09-23 changepoint.geo Geometrically Inspired Multivariate Changepoint Detection
2023-09-23 clue Cluster Ensembles
2023-09-23 clustermq Evaluate Function Calls on HPC Schedulers (LSF, SGE, SLURM, PBS/Torque)
2023-09-23 cookiemonster Your Friendly Solution to Managing Browser Cookies
2023-09-23 CopulaCenR Copula-Based Regression Models for Multivariate Censored Data
2023-09-23 cpd Complex Pearson Distributions
2023-09-23 csurvey Constrained Regression for Survey Data
2023-09-23 ctmm Continuous-Time Movement Modeling
2023-09-23 dann Discriminant Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Classification
2023-09-23 fastcpd Fast Change Point Detection via Sequential Gradient Descent
2023-09-23 forestploter Create Flexible Forest Plot
2023-09-23 funkyheatmap Generating Funky Heatmaps for Data Frames
2023-09-23 GeoModels Procedures for Gaussian and Non Gaussian Geostatistical (Large) Data Analysis
2023-09-23 gtfsrouter Routing with 'GTFS' (General Transit Feed Specification) Data
2023-09-23 halk Methods to Create Hierarchical Age Length Keys for Age Assignment
2023-09-23 import An Import Mechanism for R
2023-09-23 JointFPM A Parametric Model for Estimating the Mean Number of Events
2023-09-23 kernelshap Kernel SHAP
2023-09-23 LAIr Converting NDVI to LAI of Field, Proximal and Satellite Data
2023-09-23 MGPSDK Interact with the Maxar 'MGP' Application Programming Interfaces
2023-09-23 multifear Multiverse Analyses for Conditioning Data
2023-09-23 nodbi 'NoSQL' Database Connector
2023-09-23 occumb Site Occupancy Modeling for Environmental DNA Metabarcoding
2023-09-23 ohun Optimizing Acoustic Signal Detection
2023-09-23 plu Dynamically Pluralize Phrases
2023-09-23 radiant.multivariate Multivariate Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2023-09-23 recmap Compute the Rectangular Statistical Cartogram
2023-09-23 skmeans Spherical k-Means Clustering
2023-09-23 SNSFdatasets Download Datasets from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF, FNS, SNSF)
2023-09-23 StanMoMo Bayesian Mortality Modelling with 'Stan'
2023-09-23 Temporal Parametric Time to Event Analysis
2023-09-23 uci Urban Centrality Index
2023-09-23 UKFE UK Flood Estimation
2023-09-22 accumulate Split-Apply-Combine with Dynamic Groups
2023-09-22 arrow Integration to 'Apache' 'Arrow'
2023-09-22 CAMAN Finite Mixture Models and Meta-Analysis Tools - Based on C.A.MAN
2023-09-22 cloneRate Estimate Growth Rates from Phylogenetic Trees
2023-09-22 colorednoise Simulate Temporally Autocorrelated Populations
2023-09-22 condir Computation of P Values and Bayes Factors for Conditioning Data
2023-09-22 consort Create Consort Diagram
2023-09-22 CovRegRF Covariance Regression with Random Forests
2023-09-22 dtwSat Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis
2023-09-22 easy.utils Frequently Used Functions for Easy R Programming
2023-09-22 ExactMed Exact Mediation Analysis for Binary Outcomes
2023-09-22 fqar Floristic Quality Assessment Tools for R
2023-09-22 geostatsp Geostatistical Modelling with Likelihood and Bayes
2023-09-22 ggseqplot Render Sequence Plots using 'ggplot2'
2023-09-22 gnonadd Various Non-Additive Models for Genetic Associations
2023-09-22 gRbase A Package for Graphical Modelling in R
2023-09-22 hdf5r.Extra Extensions for 'HDF5' R Interfaces
2023-09-22 lakemorpho Lake Morphometry Metrics
2023-09-22 malariaAtlas An R Interface to Open-Access Malaria Data, Hosted by the 'Malaria Atlas Project'
2023-09-22 MazamaTimeSeries Core Functionality for Environmental Time Series
2023-09-22 mcompanion Objects and Methods for Multi-Companion Matrices
2023-09-22 NlsyLinks Utilities and Kinship Information for Research with the NLSY
2023-09-22 OmicSense Biosensor Development using Omics Data
2023-09-22 oosse Out-of-Sample R² with Standard Error Estimation
2023-09-22 palm Fitting Point Process Models via the Palm Likelihood
2023-09-22 pedquant Public Economic Data and Quantitative Analysis
2023-09-22 phylosem Phylogenetic Structural Equation Model
2023-09-22 piecepackr Board Game Graphics
2023-09-22 pkgload Simulate Package Installation and Attach
2023-09-22 R3port Report Functions to Create HTML and PDF Files
2023-09-22 RchivalTag Analyzing and Interactive Visualization of Archival Tagging Data
2023-09-22 RcppColors Color Mappings and 'C++' Header Files for Color Conversion
2023-09-22 REPPlabShiny 'REPPlab' via a Shiny Application
2023-09-22 RMixtCompUtilities Utility Functions for 'MixtComp' Outputs
2023-09-22 Rpadrino Interact with the 'PADRINO' IPM Database
2023-09-22 simitation Simplified Simulations
2023-09-22 smacpod Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Case-Control Point Data
2023-09-22 spldv Spatial Models for Limited Dependent Variables
2023-09-22 statConfR Models of Decision Confidence and Metacognition
2023-09-22 tectonicr Analyzing the Orientation of Maximum Horizontal Stress
2023-09-22 tigris Load Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles
2023-09-22 timetk A Tool Kit for Working with Time Series
2023-09-22 varTestnlme Variance Components Testing for Linear and Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
2023-09-22 vdiffr Visual Regression Testing and Graphical Diffing
2023-09-22 walkboutr Generate Walk Bouts from GPS and Accelerometry Data
2023-09-22 WALS Weighted-Average Least Squares Model Averaging
2023-09-21 accessibility Transport Accessibility Measures
2023-09-21 allometric Structured Allometric Models for Trees
2023-09-21 AzureRMR Interface to 'Azure Resource Manager'
2023-09-21 BayesFactor Computation of Bayes Factors for Common Designs
2023-09-21 chem.databases Collection of 3 Chemical Databases from Public Sources
2023-09-21 chromer Interface to Chromosome Counts Database API
2023-09-21 clarify Simulation-Based Inference for Regression Models
2023-09-21 diseasemapping Modelling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk for Areal Data
2023-09-21 EloSteepness Bayesian Dominance Hierarchy Steepness via Elo Rating and David's Scores
2023-09-21 ExclusionTable Creating Tables of Excluded Observations
2023-09-21 fqadata Contains Regional Floristic Quality Assessment Databases
2023-09-21 geobr Download Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil
2023-09-21 geocausal Causal Inference with Spatio-Temporal Data
2023-09-21 ICS Tools for Exploring Multivariate Data via ICS/ICA
2023-09-21 ICSClust Tandem Clustering with Invariant Coordinate Selection
2023-09-21 ImFoR Non-Linear Height Diameter Models for Forestry
2023-09-21 isotracer Isotopic Tracer Analysis Using MCMC
2023-09-21 ISRaD Tools and Data for the International Soil Radiocarbon Database
2023-09-21 limSolve Solving Linear Inverse Models
2023-09-21 mapmisc Utilities for Producing Maps
2023-09-21 modelbpp Model BIC Posterior Probability
2023-09-21 multibias Simultaneous Multi-Bias Adjustment
2023-09-21 neighbours Neighbourhood Functions for Local-Search Algorithms
2023-09-21 nmfbin Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Binary Data
2023-09-21 NMsim Seamless 'Nonmem' Simulation Platform
2023-09-21 paws.common Paws Low-Level Amazon Web Services API
2023-09-21 PheVis Automatic Phenotyping of Electronic Health Record at Visit Resolution
2023-09-21 prqlr R Bindings for the 'prql-compiler' Rust Library
2023-09-21 rbioacc Inference and Prediction of ToxicoKinetic (TK) Models
2023-09-21 romic R for High-Dimensional Omic Data
2023-09-21 rootSolve Nonlinear Root Finding, Equilibrium and Steady-State Analysis of Ordinary Differential Equations
2023-09-21 RWgraph Random Walks on Graphs Representing a Transactional Network
2023-09-21 snowFT Fault Tolerant Simple Network of Workstations
2023-09-21 survstan Fitting Survival Regression Models via 'Stan'
2023-09-21 tabr Music Notation Syntax, Manipulation, Analysis and Transcription in R
2023-09-21 wdpar Interface to the World Database on Protected Areas
2023-09-20 aggTrees Aggregation Trees
2023-09-20 avesperu Access to the List of Birds Species of Peru
2023-09-20 BFS Get Data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office
2023-09-20 BIOMASS Estimating Aboveground Biomass and Its Uncertainty in Tropical Forests
2023-09-20 CalibrationCurves Calibration Performance
2023-09-20 caretEnsemble Ensembles of Caret Models
2023-09-20 connectwidgets Organize and Curate Your Content Within 'Posit Connect'
2023-09-20 CoxAIPW Doubly Robust Inference for Cox Marginal Structural Model with Informative Censoring
2023-09-20 crew.cluster Crew Launcher Plugins for Traditional High-Performance Computing Clusters
2023-09-20 datetimeutils Utilities for Dates and Times
2023-09-20 DBModelSelect Distribution-Based Model Selection
2023-09-20 echarty Minimal R/Shiny Interface to JavaScript Library 'ECharts'
2023-09-20 envalysis Miscellaneous Functions for Environmental Analyses
2023-09-20 epoxy String Interpolation for Documents, Reports and Apps
2023-09-20 europepmc R Interface to the Europe PubMed Central RESTful Web Service
2023-09-20 evinf Inference with Extreme Value Inflated Count Data
2023-09-20 exactextractr Fast Extraction from Raster Datasets using Polygons
2023-09-20 fastverse A Suite of High-Performance Packages for Statistics and Data Manipulation
2023-09-20 FrF2 Fractional Factorial Designs with 2-Level Factors
2023-09-20 gdldata 'Global Data Lab' R API
2023-09-20 ggstatsplot 'ggplot2' Based Plots with Statistical Details
2023-09-20 greenclust Combine Categories Using Greenacre's Method
2023-09-20 harmony Fast, Sensitive, and Accurate Integration of Single Cell Data
2023-09-20 himach High Mach Finds Routes for Supersonic Aircraft
2023-09-20 ie2misc Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous USGS Functions
2023-09-20 IOHanalyzer Data Analysis Part of 'IOHprofiler'
2023-09-20 jab.adverse.reactions Possible Adverse Events/Reactions from the Vaccinations/Experimental Gene Therapies
2023-09-20 jqr Client for 'jq', a 'JSON' Processor
2023-09-20 miniPCH Survival Distributions with Piece-Wise Constant Hazards
2023-09-20 MixSemiRob Mixture Models: Parametric, Semiparametric, and Robust
2023-09-20 mlr3misc Helper Functions for 'mlr3'
2023-09-20 mplusParallel.automation Parallel Processing Automation for 'Mplus'
2023-09-20 MTest A Procedure for Multicollinearity Testing using Bootstrap
2023-09-20 NEONiso Tools to Calibrate and Work with NEON Atmospheric Isotope Data
2023-09-20 neuralGAM Interpretable Neural Network Based on Generalized Additive Models
2023-09-20 newscatcheR Programmatically Collect Normalized News from (Almost) Any Website
2023-09-20 nonmemica Create and Evaluate NONMEM Models in a Project Context
2023-09-20 ottrpal Companion Tools for Open-Source Tools for Training Resources (OTTR)
2023-09-20 PDtoolkit Collection of Tools for PD Rating Model Development and Validation
2023-09-20 perutimber Catalogue of the Timber Forest Species of the Peruvian Amazon
2023-09-20 pharmaverseadam ADaM Test Data for the 'Pharmaverse' Family of Packages
2023-09-20 prolsirm Procrustes Matching for Latent Space Item Response Model
2023-09-20 rbmi Reference Based Multiple Imputation
2023-09-20 recommenderlab Lab for Developing and Testing Recommender Algorithms
2023-09-20 regspec Non-Parametric Bayesian Spectrum Estimation for Multirate Data
2023-09-20 reReg Recurrent Event Regression
2023-09-20 reslife Calculate Mean Residual Life (MRL) and Related Values for Different Distributions
2023-09-20 rmass2 Repeated Measures with Attrition: Sample Sizes and Power Levels for 2 Groups
2023-09-20 RoBTT Robust Bayesian T-Test
2023-09-20 rsm Response-Surface Analysis
2023-09-20 rugarch Univariate GARCH Models
2023-09-20 sisireg Sign-Simplicity-Regression-Solver
2023-09-20 SqlRender Rendering Parameterized SQL and Translation to Dialects
2023-09-20 timsac Time Series Analysis and Control Package
2023-09-20 VedicDateTime Vedic Calendar System
2023-09-20 yulab.utils Supporting Functions for Packages Maintained by 'YuLab-SMU'
2023-09-20 zen4R Interface to 'Zenodo' REST API
2023-09-19 abess Fast Best Subset Selection
2023-09-19 alone Datasets from the Survival TV Series Alone
2023-09-19 apcluster Affinity Propagation Clustering
2023-09-19 BsMD Bayes Screening and Model Discrimination
2023-09-19 cauphy Trait Evolution on Phylogenies Using the Cauchy Process
2023-09-19 collin Visualization the Effects of Collinearity in Distributed Lag Models and Other Linear Models
2023-09-19 desk Didactic Econometrics Starter Kit
2023-09-19 editbl 'DT' Extension for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Applications in 'shiny'
2023-09-19 epidatr Client for Delphi's 'Epidata' API
2023-09-19 EpiStats Tools for Epidemiologists
2023-09-19 FastStepGraph Fast Step Graph: A Fast Sparse Precision Matrix Estimation Algorithm
2023-09-19 fude Utilities for Fude Polygon
2023-09-19 GenSA R Functions for Generalized Simulated Annealing
2023-09-19 ggblanket Simplify 'ggplot2' Visualisation
2023-09-19 gpbStat Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of Plant Breeding Experiments
2023-09-19 graphlayouts Additional Layout Algorithms for Network Visualizations
2023-09-19 htsr Hydro-Meteorology Time-Series
2023-09-19 IRTest Parameter Estimation of Item Response Theory with Estimation of Latent Distribution
2023-09-19 jlmerclusterperm Cluster-Based Permutation Analysis for Densely Sampled Time Data
2023-09-19 LDATS Latent Dirichlet Allocation Coupled with Time Series Analyses
2023-09-19 LearnSL Learn Supervised Classification Methods Through Examples and Code
2023-09-19 markophylo Markov Chain Models for Phylogenetic Trees
2023-09-19 mtsta Accessing the Red List of Montane Tree Species of the Tropical Andes
2023-09-19 mvQuad Methods for Multivariate Quadrature
2023-09-19 netplot Beautiful Graph Drawing
2023-09-19 Nmix Bayesian Inference on Univariate Normal Mixtures
2023-09-19 nser Bhavcopy and Live Market Data from National Stock Exchange (NSE) & Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) India
2023-09-19 PEPBVS Bayesian Variable Selection using Power-Expected-Posterior Prior
2023-09-19 PRSim Stochastic Simulation of Streamflow Time Series using Phase Randomization
2023-09-19 puniform Meta-Analysis Methods Correcting for Publication Bias
2023-09-19 quarto R Interface to 'Quarto' Markdown Publishing System
2023-09-19 r2redux R2 Statistic
2023-09-19 r3PG Simulating Forest Growth using the 3-PG Model
2023-09-19 RcppHNSW 'Rcpp' Bindings for 'hnswlib', a Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
2023-09-19 RcppInt64 'Rcpp'-Based Helper Functions to Pass 'Int64' and 'nanotime' Values Between 'R' and 'C++'
2023-09-19 renv Project Environments
2023-09-19 restatapi Search and Retrieve Data from Eurostat Database
2023-09-19 RFCCA Random Forest with Canonical Correlation Analysis
2023-09-19 rio A Swiss-Army Knife for Data I/O
2023-09-19 rngSetSeed Seeding the Default RNG with a Numeric Vector
2023-09-19 sctransform Variance Stabilizing Transformations for Single Cell UMI Data
2023-09-19 selection.index Analysis of Selection Index in Plant Breeding
2023-09-19 sfhotspot Hot-Spot Analysis with Simple Features
2023-09-19 SimSurvey Test Surveys by Simulating Spatially-Correlated Populations
2023-09-19 skilljaR Connect to Your 'Skilljar' Data
2023-09-19 SpatEntropy Spatial Entropy Measures
2023-09-19 ThurMod Thurstonian CFA and Thurstonian IRT Modeling
2023-09-19 updater Utilities for Updating R
2023-09-19 VGAM Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models
2023-09-19 volesti Volume Approximation and Sampling of Convex Polytopes
2023-09-18 abctools Tools for ABC Analyses
2023-09-18 admiralophtha ADaM in R Asset Library - Ophthalmology
2023-09-18 appsheet An Interface to the 'AppSheet' API
2023-09-18 archeoViz Visualisation, Exploration, and Web Communication of Archaeological Spatial Data
2023-09-18 archive Multi-Format Archive and Compression Support
2023-09-18 baldur Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling for Label-Free Proteomics
2023-09-18 BeeGUTS General Unified Threshold Model of Survival for Bees using Bayesian Inference
2023-09-18 BiodiversityR Package for Community Ecology and Suitability Analysis
2023-09-18 bpmnVisualizationR Visualize Process Execution Data on 'BPMN' Diagrams
2023-09-18 BSDA Basic Statistics and Data Analysis
2023-09-18 CICI Causal Inference with Continuous (Multiple Time Point) Interventions
2023-09-18 cmsafops Tools for CM SAF NetCDF Data
2023-09-18 common Solutions for Common Problems in Base R
2023-09-18 coveffectsplot Produce Forest Plots to Visualize Covariate Effects
2023-09-18 crew A Distributed Worker Launcher Framework
2023-09-18 crossnma Cross-Design & Cross-Format Network Meta-Analysis and Regression
2023-09-18 DEPONS2R Read, Plot and Analyse Output from the DEPONS Model
2023-09-18 DIZtools Lightweight Utilities for 'DIZ' R Package Development
2023-09-18 drape Doubly Robust Average Partial Effects
2023-09-18 EcoEnsemble A General Framework for Combining Ecosystem Models
2023-09-18 eventPred Event Prediction
2023-09-18 GD Geographical Detectors for Assessing Spatial Factors
2023-09-18 gllvm Generalized Linear Latent Variable Models
2023-09-18 GPSeqClus Sequential Clustering Algorithm for Location Data
2023-09-18 hereR 'sf'-Based Interface to the 'HERE' REST APIs
2023-09-18 iccTraj Estimates the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient for Trajectory Data
2023-09-18 ICSNP Tools for Multivariate Nonparametrics
2023-09-18 ICSOutlier Outlier Detection Using Invariant Coordinate Selection
2023-09-18 intrinsicFRP Oracle Estimation and Inference for Tradable Factor Risk Premia
2023-09-18 kmBlock k-Means Like Blockmodeling of One-Mode and Linked Networks
2023-09-18 MachineShop Machine Learning Models and Tools
2023-09-18 mark Miscellaneous, Analytic R Kernels
2023-09-18 Matrix Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
2023-09-18 MBMethPred Medulloblastoma Subgroups Prediction
2023-09-18 mixKernel Omics Data Integration Using Kernel Methods
2023-09-18 nflplotR NFL Logo Plots in 'ggplot2'
2023-09-18 NiLeDAM Monazite Dating for the NiLeDAM Team
2023-09-18 nlmixr2est Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models in Population PK/PD, Estimation Routines
2023-09-18 NPP Normalized Power Prior Bayesian Analysis
2023-09-18 numOSL Numeric Routines for Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating
2023-09-18 pawscore Pain Assessment at Withdrawal Speeds (PAWS)
2023-09-18 pdfetch Fetch Economic and Financial Time Series Data from Public Sources
2023-09-18 QCA Qualitative Comparative Analysis
2023-09-18 qMRI Methods for Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging ('qMRI')
2023-09-18 randomizeR Randomization for Clinical Trials
2023-09-18 receptiviti Text Analysis Through the 'Receptiviti' API
2023-09-18 rgeopat2 Additional Functions for 'GeoPAT' 2
2023-09-18 rmarkdown Dynamic Documents for R
2023-09-18 SQMtools Analyze Results Generated by the 'SqueezeMeta' Pipeline
2023-09-18 staplr A Toolkit for PDF Files
2023-09-18 stUPscales Spatio-Temporal Uncertainty Propagation Across Multiple Scales
2023-09-18 tauProcess Tau Measure with Right-Censored Data
2023-09-18 tipsae Tools for Handling Indices and Proportions in Small Area Estimation
2023-09-18 TraMineR Trajectory Miner: a Sequence Analysis Toolkit
2023-09-18 tseriesTARMA Analysis of Nonlinear Time Series Through TARMA Models
2023-09-18 valr Genome Interval Arithmetic
2023-09-18 VGAMdata Data Supporting the 'VGAM' Package
2023-09-18 webSDM Including Known Interactions in Species Distribution Models
2023-09-18 WH Enhanced Implementation of Whittaker-Henderson Smoothing
2023-09-18 wxgenR A Stochastic Weather Generator with Seasonality
2023-09-17 anthro Computation of the WHO Child Growth Standards
2023-09-17 atable Create Tables for Reporting Clinical Trials
2023-09-17 crfsuite Conditional Random Fields for Labelling Sequential Data in Natural Language Processing
2023-09-17 ctrdata Retrieve and Analyze Clinical Trials in Public Registers
2023-09-17 cvcrand Efficient Design and Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trials
2023-09-17 duckplyr A 'DuckDB'-Backed Version of 'dplyr'
2023-09-17 eggCounts Hierarchical Modelling of Faecal Egg Counts
2023-09-17 geeCRT Bias-Corrected GEE for Cluster Randomized Trials
2023-09-17 ivDiag Estimation and Diagnostic Tools for Instrumental Variables Designs
2023-09-17 JADE Blind Source Separation Methods Based on Joint Diagonalization and Some BSS Performance Criteria
2023-09-17 kutils Project Management Tools
2023-09-17 LDRTools Tools for Linear Dimension Reduction
2023-09-17 leafem 'leaflet' Extensions for 'mapview'
2023-09-17 liftLRD Wavelet Lifting Estimators of the Hurst Exponent for Regularly and Irregularly Sampled Time Series
2023-09-17 LS2Wstat A Multiscale Test of Spatial Stationarity for LS2W Processes
2023-09-17 manynet Many Ways to Make, Manipulate, and Map Myriad Networks
2023-09-17 marginaleffects Predictions, Comparisons, Slopes, Marginal Means, and Hypothesis Tests
2023-09-17 matsbyname An Implementation of Matrix Mathematics that Respects Row and Column Names
2023-09-17 maxlike Model Species Distributions by Estimating the Probability of Occurrence Using Presence-Only Data
2023-09-17 misty Miscellaneous Functions 'T. Yanagida'
2023-09-17 MKclass Statistical Classification
2023-09-17 MODISTools Interface to the 'MODIS Land Products Subsets' Web Services
2023-09-17 NVCSSL Nonparametric Varying Coefficient Spike-and-Slab Lasso
2023-09-17 PRANA Pseudo-Value Regression Approach for Network Analysis (PRANA)
2023-09-17 proteus Multiform Seq2Seq Model for Time-Feature Analysis
2023-09-17 rcompanion Functions to Support Extension Education Program Evaluation
2023-09-17 rgoogleads Loading Data from 'Google Ads API'
2023-09-17 S7 An Object Oriented System Meant to Become a Successor to S3 and S4
2023-09-17 semhelpinghands Helper Functions for Structural Equation Modeling
2023-09-17 smooth Forecasting Using State Space Models
2023-09-17 usefun A Collection of Useful Functions by John
2023-09-16 bayesLife Bayesian Projection of Life Expectancy
2023-09-16 BFpack Flexible Bayes Factor Testing of Scientific Expectations
2023-09-16 clevr Clustering and Link Prediction Evaluation in R
2023-09-16 elections.dtree Ranked Voting Election Audits with Dirichlet-Trees
2023-09-16 gnm Generalized Nonlinear Models
2023-09-16 greybox Toolbox for Model Building and Forecasting
2023-09-16 hwsdr Interface to the 'HWSD' Web Services
2023-09-16 metamedian Meta-Analysis of Medians
2023-09-16 MIIVefa Exploratory Factor Analysis Using Model Implied Instrumental Variables
2023-09-16 mirai Minimalist Async Evaluation Framework for R
2023-09-16 OptionPricing Option Pricing with Efficient Simulation Algorithms
2023-09-16 parameters Processing of Model Parameters
2023-09-16 pencal Penalized Regression Calibration (PRC) for the Dynamic Prediction of Survival
2023-09-16 planr Tools for Supply Chain Management, Demand and Supply Planning
2023-09-16 rdflib Tools to Manipulate and Query Semantic Data
2023-09-16 riskSimul Risk Quantification for Stock Portfolios under the T-Copula Model
2023-09-16 snotelr Calculate and Visualize 'SNOTEL' Snow Data and Seasonality
2023-09-16 spork Generalized Label Formatting
2023-09-15 actxps Create Actuarial Experience Studies: Prepare Data, Summarize Results, and Create Reports
2023-09-15 aplot Decorate a 'ggplot' with Associated Information
2023-09-15 appeears Interface to 'AppEEARS' NASA Web Services
2023-09-15 argus Random Variate Generator for the Argus Distribution
2023-09-15 asnipe Animal Social Network Inference and Permutations for Ecologists
2023-09-15 AutoTransQF A Novel Automatic Shifted Log Transformation
2023-09-15 bayesTFR Bayesian Fertility Projection
2023-09-15 BeeBDC Occurrence Data Cleaning
2023-09-15 cmsaf A Toolbox for CM SAF NetCDF Data
2023-09-15 cmsafvis Tools to Visualize CM SAF NetCDF Data
2023-09-15 Compositional Compositional Data Analysis
2023-09-15 datawizard Easy Data Wrangling and Statistical Transformations
2023-09-15 daymetr Interface to the 'Daymet' Web Services
2023-09-15 ds4psy Data Science for Psychologists
2023-09-15 engression Engression Modelling
2023-09-15 eph Argentina's Permanent Household Survey Data and Manipulation Utilities
2023-09-15 eyetrackingR Eye-Tracking Data Analysis
2023-09-15 fdaSP Sparse Functional Data Analysis Methods
2023-09-15 GeoAdjust Accounting for Random Displacements of True GPS Coordinates of Data
2023-09-15 ggfun Miscellaneous Functions for 'ggplot2'
2023-09-15 ggRtsy Add Some Van Gogh Colors and Overlay Colors on Your 'ggplot()'
2023-09-15 gtExtras Extending 'gt' for Beautiful HTML Tables
2023-09-15 indelmiss Insertion Deletion Analysis While Accounting for Possible Missing Data
2023-09-15 manta Multivariate Asymptotic Non-Parametric Test of Association
2023-09-15 MultiObjMatch Multi-Objective Matching Algorithm
2023-09-15 MultiscaleDTM Multi-Scale Geomorphometric Terrain Attributes
2023-09-15 nodeSub Simulate DNA Alignments Using Node Substitutions
2023-09-15 paws Amazon Web Services Software Development Kit
2023-09-15 PNAR Poisson Network Autoregressive Models
2023-09-15 PupillometryR A Unified Pipeline for Pupillometry Data
2023-09-15 remotePARTS Spatiotemporal Autoregression Analyses for Large Data Sets
2023-09-15 Rlgt Bayesian Exponential Smoothing Models with Trend Modifications
2023-09-15 rolap Obtaining Star Databases from Flat Tables
2023-09-15 simmr A Stable Isotope Mixing Model
2023-09-15 SiMRiv Simulating Multistate Movements in River/Heterogeneous Landscapes
2023-09-15 SOP Generalised Additive P-Spline Regression Models Estimation
2023-09-15 stplanr Sustainable Transport Planning
2023-09-15 tablet Tabulate Descriptive Statistics in Multiple Formats
2023-09-15 testCompareR Comparing Two Diagnostic Tests with Dichotomous Results using Paired Data
2023-09-15 tokenizers.bpe Byte Pair Encoding Text Tokenization
2023-09-15 TreatmentPatterns Analyzes Real-World Treatment Patterns of a Study Population of Interest
2023-09-15 unicol The Colors of your University
2023-09-14 accucor Natural Abundance Correction of Mass Spectrometer Data
2023-09-14 admiralonco Oncology Extension Package for ADaM in 'R' Asset Library
2023-09-14 avidaR A Computational Biologist’s Toolkit To Get Data From 'avidaDB'
2023-09-14 bennu Bayesian Estimation of Naloxone Kit Number Under-Reporting
2023-09-14 blindreview Blind Review Using Forward Search Procedures
2023-09-14 cartography Thematic Cartography
2023-09-14 cauchypca Robust Principal Component Analysis Using the Cauchy Distribution
2023-09-14 clustlearn Learn Clustering Techniques Through Examples and Code
2023-09-14 crctStepdown Univariate Analysis of Cluster Trials with Multiple Outcomes
2023-09-14 ctsem Continuous Time Structural Equation Modelling
2023-09-14 datasetjson Read and Write CDISC Dataset JSON Files
2023-09-14 DCLEAR Distance Based Cell Lineage Reconstruction
2023-09-14 ddtlcm Latent Class Analysis with Dirichlet Diffusion Tree Process Prior
2023-09-14 DebiasInfer Efficient Inference on High-Dimensional Linear Model with Missing Outcomes
2023-09-14 effectsize Indices of Effect Size
2023-09-14 EMDANNhybrid Empirical Mode Decomposition Based Artificial Neural Network Model
2023-09-14 etasFLP Mixed FLP and ML Estimation of ETAS Space-Time Point Processes for Earthquake Description
2023-09-14 FactoClass Combination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis
2023-09-14 fflr Retrieve ESPN Fantasy Football Data
2023-09-14 flattabler Obtaining a Flat Table from Pivot Tables
2023-09-14 glmmrBase Generalised Linear Mixed Models in R
2023-09-14 greeks Sensitivities of Prices of Financial Options and Implied Volatilites
2023-09-14 GUniFrac Generalized UniFrac Distances, Distance-Based Multivariate Methods and Feature-Based Univariate Methods for Microbiome Data Analysis
2023-09-14 hddplot Use Known Groups in High-Dimensional Data to Derive Scores for Plots
2023-09-14 hypervolume High Dimensional Geometry, Set Operations, Projection, and Inference Using Kernel Density Estimation, Support Vector Machines, and Convex Hulls
2023-09-14 hypr Hypothesis Matrix Translation
2023-09-14 likelihoodR Likelihood Analyses for Common Statistical Tests
2023-09-14 Matching Multivariate and Propensity Score Matching with Balance Optimization
2023-09-14 memoiR R Markdown and Bookdown Templates to Publish Documents
2023-09-14 metaumbrella Umbrella Review Package for R
2023-09-14 ocf Ordered Correlation Forest
2023-09-14 openEBGM EBGM Disproportionality Scores for Adverse Event Data Mining
2023-09-14 ordgam Additive Model for Ordinal Data using Laplace P-Splines
2023-09-14 pasteAsComment 'RStudio' Addin to Paste the Clipboard as a Comment Block or a 'roxygen' Block
2023-09-14 pqrBayes Bayesian Penalized Quantile Regression
2023-09-14 prettifyAddins 'RStudio' Addins to Prettify 'JavaScript', 'C++', 'Python', and More
2023-09-14 ProjectManagement Management of Deterministic and Stochastic Projects
2023-09-14 PSIndependenceTest Independence Tests for Two-Way, Three-Way and Four-Way Contingency Tables
2023-09-14 PWEXP Piecewise Exponential Distribution Prediction Model
2023-09-14 RKEEL Using 'KEEL' in R Code
2023-09-14 RMSS Robust Multi-Model Subset Selection
2023-09-14 rtrek Data Analysis Relating to Star Trek
2023-09-14 rworkflows Test, Document, Containerise, and Deploy R Packages
2023-09-14 seasonalityPlot Seasonality Variation Plots of Stock Prices and Cryptocurrencies
2023-09-14 spant MR Spectroscopy Analysis Tools
2023-09-14 SpatialPosition Spatial Position Models
2023-09-14 splithalfr Estimate Split-Half Reliabilities
2023-09-14 starschemar Obtaining Stars from Flat Tables
2023-09-14 text.alignment Text Alignment with Smith-Waterman
2023-09-14 TOSTER Two One-Sided Tests (TOST) Equivalence Testing
2023-09-14 xportr Utilities to Output CDISC SDTM/ADaM XPT Files
2023-09-14 xQTLbiolinks An R Package for Integrative Analysis of Quantitative Trait Locus Data of 'xQTL'
2023-09-14 YTAnalytics Wrapper for 'YouTube Analytics' API
2023-09-13 AgroR Experimental Statistics and Graphics for Agricultural Sciences
2023-09-13 AID Box-Cox Power Transformation
2023-09-13 anticlust Subset Partitioning via Anticlustering
2023-09-13 AQLSchemes Retrieving Acceptance Sampling Schemes
2023-09-13 Bergm Bayesian Exponential Random Graph Models
2023-09-13 biosampleR Biodiversity Index Calculation and Bootstrap Confidence Interval Estimation
2023-09-13 bistablehistory Cumulative History Analysis for Bistable Perception Time Series
2023-09-13 charlatan Make Fake Data
2023-09-13 CNID Get Basic Information from Chinese ID Number
2023-09-13 cognitoR Authentication for 'Shiny' Apps with 'Amazon Cognito'
2023-09-13 CohortAlgebra Use of Interval Algebra to Create New Cohort(s) from Existing Cohorts
2023-09-13 deepRstudio Seamless Language Translation in 'RStudio' using 'DeepL' API and 'Rstudioapi'
2023-09-13 fdaMixed Functional Data Analysis in a Mixed Model Framework
2023-09-13 gcplyr Manipulate and Analyze Growth Curve Data
2023-09-13 hwwntest Tests of White Noise using Wavelets
2023-09-13 ibr Iterative Bias Reduction
2023-09-13 IFC Tools for Imaging Flow Cytometry
2023-09-13 insight Easy Access to Model Information for Various Model Objects
2023-09-13 KeyboardSimulator Keyboard and Mouse Input Simulation for Windows OS
2023-09-13 lpSolve Interface to 'Lp_solve' v. 5.5 to Solve Linear/Integer Programs
2023-09-13 maptiles Download and Display Map Tiles
2023-09-13 mergingTools Tools to Merge Hardware Event Monitors (HEMs) Coming from Separate Subexperiments into One Single Dataframe
2023-09-13 metaBMA Bayesian Model Averaging for Random and Fixed Effects Meta-Analysis
2023-09-13 microeco Microbial Community Ecology Data Analysis
2023-09-13 mlr3oml Connector Between 'mlr3' and 'OpenML'
2023-09-13 mmeln Estimation of Multinormal Mixture Distribution
2023-09-13 MSoutcomes CORe Multiple Sclerosis Outcomes Toolkit
2023-09-13 nametagger Named Entity Recognition in Texts using 'NameTag'
2023-09-13 OpenSpecy Analyze, Process, Identify, and Share Raman and (FT)IR Spectra
2023-09-13 ormPlot Advanced Plotting of Ordinal Regression Models
2023-09-13 pcFactorStan Stan Models for the Paired Comparison Factor Model
2023-09-13 PreProcessRecordLinkage Preprocessing Record Linkage
2023-09-13 PSDistr Distributions Derived from Normal Distribution
2023-09-13 qualpalr Automatic Generation of Qualitative Color Palettes
2023-09-13 ReIns Functions from "Reinsurance: Actuarial and Statistical Aspects"
2023-09-13 rempsyc Convenience Functions for Psychology
2023-09-13 rgnoisefilt Elimination of Noisy Samples in Regression Datasets using Noise Filters
2023-09-13 rsleep Analysis of Sleep Data
2023-09-13 rstanarm Bayesian Applied Regression Modeling via Stan
2023-09-13 rsurveycto Interact with Data on 'SurveyCTO'
2023-09-13 SteppedPower Power Calculation for Stepped Wedge Designs
2023-09-13 survPen Multidimensional Penalized Splines for Survival and Net Survival Models
2023-09-13 tfrmtbuilder 'shiny' App Companion to the 'tfrmt' Package
2023-09-13 this.path Get Executing Script's Path
2023-09-13 topr Create Custom Plots for Viewing Genetic Association Results
2023-09-13 TrenchR Tools for Microclimate and Biophysical Ecology
2023-09-13 TriDimRegression Bayesian Statistics for 2D/3D Transformations
2023-09-13 units Measurement Units for R Vectors
2023-09-13 ura Monitoring Rater Reliability
2023-09-13 viralx Explainers for Regression Models in HIV Research
2023-09-13 worcs Workflow for Open Reproducible Code in Science
2023-09-13 xgrove Explanation Groves
2023-09-12 bayesZIB Bayesian Zero-Inflated Bernoulli Regression Model
2023-09-12 BlockMissingData Integrating Multi-Source Block-Wise Missing Data in Model Selection
2023-09-12 bmgarch Bayesian Multivariate GARCH Models
2023-09-12 chatAI4R Chat-Based Interactive Artificial Intelligence for R
2023-09-12 checkthat Intuitive Unit Testing Tools for Data Manipulation
2023-09-12 CircNNTSRmult Multivariate Circular Data using MNNTS Models
2023-09-12 CohortExplorer Explorer of Profiles of Patients in a Cohort
2023-09-12 elevatr Access Elevation Data from Various APIs
2023-09-12 eufmdis.adapt Analyse 'EuFMDiS' Output Files via a Shiny App
2023-09-12 forsearch Diagnostic Analysis Using Forward Search Procedure for Various Models
2023-09-12 FuzzyPovertyR Estimation of Fuzzy Poverty Measures
2023-09-12 fy Utilities for Financial Years
2023-09-12 geocmeans Implementing Methods for Spatial Fuzzy Unsupervised Classification
2023-09-12 greencrab.toolkit Run 'Stan' Models to Interpret Green Crab Monitoring Assessments
2023-09-12 Hmisc Harrell Miscellaneous
2023-09-12 ImHD Artificial Intelligence Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Height Diameter Relationships of Conifer Trees
2023-09-12 inTextSummaryTable Creation of in-Text Summary Table
2023-09-12 JNplots Visualize Outputs from the 'Johnson-Neyman' Technique
2023-09-12 mand Multivariate Analysis for Neuroimaging Data
2023-09-12 moodlequizR Easily Create Fully Randomized 'Moodle' Test Questions
2023-09-12 mpindex Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)
2023-09-12 nimbleHMC Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and Other Gradient-Based MCMC Sampling Algorithms for 'nimble'
2023-09-12 nlpsem Linear and Nonlinear Longitudinal Process in Structural Equation Modeling Framework
2023-09-12 performance Assessment of Regression Models Performance
2023-09-12 PK Basic Non-Compartmental Pharmacokinetics
2023-09-12 prome Patient-Reported Outcome Data Analysis with Stan
2023-09-12 qreport Statistical Reporting with 'Quarto'
2023-09-12 QuickJSR Interface for the 'QuickJS' Lightweight 'JavaScript' Engine
2023-09-12 RAINBOWR Genome-Wide Association Study with SNP-Set Methods
2023-09-12 RColorConesa Conesa Colors Palette
2023-09-12 redcapAPI Interface to 'REDCap'
2023-09-12 rms Regression Modeling Strategies
2023-09-12 Rrepest An Analyzer of International Large Scale Assessments in Education
2023-09-12 rstanemax Emax Model Analysis with 'Stan'
2023-09-12 safetensors Safetensors File Format
2023-09-12 startR Automatically Retrieve Multidimensional Distributed Data Sets
2023-09-12 statsExpressions Tidy Dataframes and Expressions with Statistical Details
2023-09-12 teal.code Code Storage and Execution Class for 'teal' Applications
2023-09-12 tmap Thematic Maps
2023-09-12 tTOlr Likelihood Ratio Statistics for One or Two Sample T-Tests
2023-09-12 vDiveR Visualization of Viral Protein Sequence Diversity Dynamics
2023-09-12 vetiver Version, Share, Deploy, and Monitor Models
2023-09-12 voiceR Voice Analytics for Social Scientists
2023-09-11 admiraldev Utility Functions and Development Tools for the Admiral Package Family
2023-09-11 anyflights Query 'nycflights13'-Like Air Travel Data for Given Years and Airports
2023-09-11 BISdata Download Data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
2023-09-11 buildmer Stepwise Elimination and Term Reordering for Mixed-Effects Regression
2023-09-11 censobr Download Data from Brazil's Population Census
2023-09-11 colorhex Colors and Palettes from Color-Hex
2023-09-11 dropout Handling Incomplete Responses in Survey Data Analysis
2023-09-11 epiCleanr A Tidy Solution for Epidemiological Data
2023-09-11 FORTLS Automatic Processing of Terrestrial-Based Technologies Point Cloud Data for Forestry Purposes
2023-09-11 ftsa Functional Time Series Analysis
2023-09-11 glmmrOptim Approximate Optimal Experimental Designs Using Generalised Linear Mixed Models
2023-09-11 historicalborrowlong Longitudinal Bayesian Historical Borrowing Models
2023-09-11 IAPWS95 Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam
2023-09-11 jmastats Download Weather Data from Japan Meteorological Agency Website
2023-09-11 knitr A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R
2023-09-11 maczic Mediation Analysis for Count and Zero-Inflated Count Data
2023-09-11 magickGUI GUI Tools for Interactive Image Processing with 'magick'
2023-09-11 metaGE Meta-Analysis for Detecting Genotype x Environment Associations
2023-09-11 minpack.lm R Interface to the Levenberg-Marquardt Nonlinear Least-Squares Algorithm Found in MINPACK, Plus Support for Bounds
2023-09-11 minqa Derivative-Free Optimization Algorithms by Quadratic Approximation
2023-09-11 natmanager Install the 'Natverse' Packages from Scratch
2023-09-11 nnls The Lawson-Hanson Algorithm for Non-Negative Least Squares (NNLS)
2023-09-11 novelqualcodes Visualise the Path to a Stopping Point in Qualitative Interviews Based on Novel Codes
2023-09-11 oceanmap A Plotting Toolbox for 2D Oceanographic Data
2023-09-11 OptimalGoldstandardDesigns Design Parameter Optimization for Gold-Standard Non-Inferiority Trials
2023-09-11 paws.analytics 'Amazon Web Services' Analytics Services
2023-09-11 paws.application.integration 'Amazon Web Services' Application Integration Services
2023-09-11 paws.compute 'Amazon Web Services' Compute Services
2023-09-11 paws.cost.management 'Amazon Web Services' Cost Management Services
2023-09-11 paws.customer.engagement 'Amazon Web Services' Customer Engagement Services
2023-09-11 paws.database 'Amazon Web Services' Database Services
2023-09-11 paws.developer.tools 'Amazon Web Services' Developer Tools Services
2023-09-11 paws.end.user.computing 'Amazon Web Services' End User Computing Services
2023-09-11 paws.machine.learning 'Amazon Web Services' Machine Learning Services
2023-09-11 paws.management 'Amazon Web Services' Management & Governance Services
2023-09-11 paws.networking 'Amazon Web Services' Networking & Content Delivery Services
2023-09-11 paws.security.identity 'Amazon Web Services' Security, Identity, & Compliance Services
2023-09-11 paws.storage 'Amazon Web Services' Storage Services
2023-09-11 periscope Enterprise Streamlined 'Shiny' Application Framework
2023-09-11 permutes Permutation Tests for Time Series Data
2023-09-11 pliman Tools for Plant Image Analysis
2023-09-11 radiant Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2023-09-11 rater Statistical Models of Repeated Categorical Rating Data
2023-09-11 reticulate Interface to 'Python'
2023-09-11 rgbif Interface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API
2023-09-11 RNOmni Rank Normal Transformation Omnibus Test
2023-09-11 ROOPSD R Object Oriented Programming for Statistical Distribution
2023-09-11 rPBK Inference and Prediction of Generic Physiologically-Based Kinetic Models
2023-09-11 SBCK Statistical Bias Correction Kit
2023-09-11 smoots Nonparametric Estimation of the Trend and Its Derivatives in TS
2023-09-11 stars Spatiotemporal Arrays, Raster and Vector Data Cubes
2023-09-11 stdmod Standardized Moderation Effect and Its Confidence Interval
2023-09-11 SurvivalClusteringTree Clustering Analysis Using Survival Tree and Forest Algorithms
2023-09-11 targets Dynamic Function-Oriented 'Make'-Like Declarative Pipelines
2023-09-11 TestAnaAPP The 'shiny' App for Test Analysis and Visualization
2023-09-11 tidier Enhanced 'mutate'
2023-09-11 ubms Bayesian Models for Data from Unmarked Animals using 'Stan'
2023-09-11 walker Bayesian Generalized Linear Models with Time-Varying Coefficients
2023-09-11 waspr Wasserstein Barycenters of Subset Posteriors
2023-09-11 xLLiM High Dimensional Locally-Linear Mapping
2023-09-11 zoid Bayesian Zero-and-One Inflated Dirichlet Regression Modelling
2023-09-10 acopula Modelling Dependence with Multivariate Archimax (or any User-Defined Continuous) Copulas
2023-09-10 admiral.test Test Data for the 'admiral' Package
2023-09-10 BACCO Bayesian Analysis of Computer Code Output (BACCO)
2023-09-10 bayespm Bayesian Statistical Process Monitoring
2023-09-10 concrete Continuous-Time Competing Risks Estimation using Targeted Minimum Loss-Based Estimation (TMLE)
2023-09-10 ecoregime Analysis of Ecological Dynamic Regimes
2023-09-10 epubr Read EPUB File Metadata and Text
2023-09-10 exdex Estimation of the Extremal Index
2023-09-10 fmtr Easily Apply Formats to Data
2023-09-10 gamlss.cens Fitting an Interval Response Variable Using ‘gamlss.family’ Distributions
2023-09-10 glmnetUtils Utilities for 'Glmnet'
2023-09-10 GPFDA Gaussian Process for Functional Data Analysis
2023-09-10 HIMA High-Dimensional Mediation Analysis
2023-09-10 imgpalr Create Color Palettes from Images
2023-09-10 lcars LCARS Aesthetic for Shiny
2023-09-10 maq Multi-Armed Qini
2023-09-10 mecoturn Decipher Microbial Turnover along a Gradient
2023-09-10 memery Internet Memes for Data Analysts
2023-09-10 nimbleSMC Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for 'nimble'
2023-09-10 pbdMPI R Interface to MPI for HPC Clusters (Programming with Big Data Project)
2023-09-10 QuadRoot Quadratic Root for any Quadratic Equation
2023-09-10 radiant.model Model Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2023-09-10 rbcb R Interface to Brazilian Central Bank Web Services
2023-09-10 RcppArmadillo 'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Armadillo' Templated Linear Algebra Library
2023-09-10 readODS Read and Write ODS Files
2023-09-10 revdbayes Ratio-of-Uniforms Sampling for Bayesian Extreme Value Analysis
2023-09-10 rgrass Interface Between 'GRASS' Geographical Information System and 'R'
2023-09-10 tdaunif Uniform Manifold Samplers for Topological Data Analysis
2023-09-10 tdsa Time-Dependent Sensitivity Analysis
2023-09-10 tiler Create Geographic and Non-Geographic Map Tiles
2023-09-09 BayesDLMfMRI Statistical Analysis for Task-Based Fmri Data
2023-09-09 bcROCsurface Bias-Corrected Methods for Estimating the ROC Surface of Continuous Diagnostic Tests
2023-09-09 bundle Serialize Model Objects with a Consistent Interface
2023-09-09 cmstatr Statistical Methods for Composite Material Data
2023-09-09 cpsR Load CPS Microdata into R Using the 'Census Bureau Data' API
2023-09-09 crimCV Group-Based Modelling of Longitudinal Data
2023-09-09 daewr Design and Analysis of Experiments with R
2023-09-09 disbayes Bayesian Multi-State Modelling of Chronic Disease Burden Data
2023-09-09 fetch Fetch Data from Various Data Sources
2023-09-09 foreign Read Data Stored by 'Minitab', 'S', 'SAS', 'SPSS', 'Stata', 'Systat', 'Weka', 'dBase', ...
2023-09-09 glmertree Generalized Linear Mixed Model Trees
2023-09-09 ipkg Install R Packages or Download File from GitHub via the Proxy Site Https://Ghproxy.com
2023-09-09 leptokurticMixture Implements Parsimonious Finite Mixtures of Multivariate Elliptical Leptokurtic-Normals
2023-09-09 ntdr Retrieve Data from the National Transit Database
2023-09-09 ompr Model and Solve Mixed Integer Linear Programs
2023-09-09 ompr.roi A Solver for 'ompr' that Uses the R Optimization Infrastructure ('ROI')
2023-09-09 pins Pin, Discover and Share Resources
2023-09-09 RcppFarmHash Interface to the Google 'FarmHash' Family of Hash Functions
2023-09-09 serpstatr 'Serpstat' API Wrapper
2023-09-09 snpsettest A Set-Based Association Test using GWAS Summary Statistics
2023-09-09 spatstat.random Random Generation Functionality for the 'spatstat' Family
2023-09-09 svrep Tools for Creating, Updating, and Analyzing Survey Replicate Weights
2023-09-08 askgpt Asking GPT About R Stuff
2023-09-08 bayesQR Bayesian Quantile Regression
2023-09-08 cookiecutter Generate Project Files from a Template
2023-09-08 CorrectOverloadedPeaks Correct Overloaded Peaks from GC-APCI-MS Data
2023-09-08 czechrates Czech Interest & Foreign Exchange Rates
2023-09-08 enmSdmX Species Distribution Modeling and Ecological Niche Modeling
2023-09-08 epiworldR Fast Agent-Based Epi Models
2023-09-08 eurlex Retrieve Data on European Union Law
2023-09-08 GGUM Generalized Graded Unfolding Model
2023-09-08 grpnet Group Elastic Net Regularized GLM
2023-09-08 HSAUR2 A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (2nd Edition)
2023-09-08 irtpwr Power Analysis for IRT Models Using the Wald, LR, Score, and Gradient Statistics
2023-09-08 isopam Clustering of Sites with Species Data
2023-09-08 mousetRajectory Mouse Trajectory Analyses for Behavioural Scientists
2023-09-08 NormData Derivation of Regression-Based Normative Data
2023-09-08 packcircles Circle Packing
2023-09-08 penppml Penalized Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Regression
2023-09-08 politeness Detecting Politeness Features in Text
2023-09-08 pomdp Infrastructure for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP)
2023-09-08 pspatreg Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Semiparametric Regression Models with Spatial Lags
2023-09-08 QUALYPSO Partitioning Uncertainty Components of an Incomplete Ensemble of Climate Projections
2023-09-08 rasterpic Create a Spatial Raster from Plain Images
2023-09-08 rebib Convert and Aggregate Bibliographies
2023-09-08 red IUCN Redlisting Tools
2023-09-08 Rfit Rank-Based Estimation for Linear Models
2023-09-08 RGremlinsConjoint Estimate the "Gremlins in the Data" Model for Conjoint Studies
2023-09-08 rsgeo An Interface to Rust's 'geo' Library
2023-09-08 rstan R Interface to Stan
2023-09-08 rusquant Quantitative Trading Framework
2023-09-08 scITD Single-Cell Interpretable Tensor Decomposition
2023-09-08 SequenceSpikeSlab Exact Bayesian Model Selection Methods for the Sparse Normal Sequence Model
2023-09-08 signnet Methods to Analyse Signed Networks
2023-09-08 SurveyCC Canonical Correlation for Survey Data
2023-09-08 swdpwr Power Calculation for Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trials
2023-09-08 swfscMisc Miscellaneous Functions for Southwest Fisheries Science Center
2023-09-08 teal.logger Logging Setup for the 'teal' Family of Packages
2023-09-08 teal.reporter Reporting Tools for 'shiny' Modules
2023-09-08 tgcd Thermoluminescence Glow Curve Deconvolution
2023-09-08 Vdgraph Variance Dispersion Graphs and Fraction of Design Space Plots for Response Surface Designs
2023-09-08 W4MRUtils Utils List for W4M - Workflow for Metabolomics
2023-09-08 whomds Calculate Results from WHO Model Disability Survey Data
2023-09-08 zlib Compression and Decompression
2023-09-07 aphylo Statistical Inference and Prediction of Annotations in Phylogenetic Trees
2023-09-07 bnlearn Bayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference
2023-09-07 cancerGI Analyses of Cancer Gene Interaction
2023-09-07 cpfa Classification with Parallel Factor Analysis
2023-09-07 daiR Interface with Google Cloud Document AI API
2023-09-07 DatabaseConnector Connecting to Various Database Platforms
2023-09-07 defm Estimation and Simulation of Multi-Binary Response Models
2023-09-07 DIRECT Bayesian Clustering of Multivariate Data Under the Dirichlet-Process Prior
2023-09-07 Directional A Collection of Functions for Directional Data Analysis
2023-09-07 disaggregation Disaggregation Modelling
2023-09-07 DPQ Density, Probability, Quantile ('DPQ') Computations
2023-09-07 EFA.dimensions Exploratory Factor Analysis Functions for Assessing Dimensionality
2023-09-07 emplik Empirical Likelihood Ratio for Censored/Truncated Data
2023-09-07 flextable Functions for Tabular Reporting
2023-09-07 gdi Volumetric Analysis using Graphic Double Integration
2023-09-07 genekitr Gene Analysis Toolkit
2023-09-07 HOasso Higher Order Assortativity for Complex Networks
2023-09-07 ineptR Wrapper for Statistics Portugal API
2023-09-07 jointCalib A Joint Calibration of Totals and Quantiles
2023-09-07 karyotapR DNA Copy Number Analysis for Genome-Wide Tapestri Panels
2023-09-07 LDM Testing Hypotheses About the Microbiome using the Linear Decomposition Model
2023-09-07 lidR Airborne LiDAR Data Manipulation and Visualization for Forestry Applications
2023-09-07 maldipickr Dereplicate and Cherry-Pick Mass Spectrometry Spectra
2023-09-07 mFD Compute and Illustrate the Multiple Facets of Functional Diversity
2023-09-07 modelSSE Modelling Infectious Disease Superspreading from Contact Tracing Data
2023-09-07 MTA Multiscalar Territorial Analysis
2023-09-07 NMdata Preparation, Checking and Post-Processing Data for PK/PD Modeling
2023-09-07 obfuscatoR Obfuscation Game Designs
2023-09-07 phantSEM Create Phantom Variables in Structural Equation Models for Sensitivity Analyses
2023-09-07 prefio Structures for Preference Data
2023-09-07 qgg Statistical Tools for Quantitative Genetic Analyses
2023-09-07 qspray Multivariate Polynomials with Rational Coefficients
2023-09-07 radiant.basics Basics Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2023-09-07 radiant.data Data Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2023-09-07 radiant.design Design Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2023-09-07 rcontroll Individual-Based Forest Growth Simulator 'TROLL'
2023-09-07 RegCombin Partially Linear Regression under Data Combination
2023-09-07 riskRegression Risk Regression Models and Prediction Scores for Survival Analysis with Competing Risks
2023-09-07 RobustCalibration Robust Calibration of Imperfect Mathematical Models
2023-09-07 sasLM 'SAS' Linear Model
2023-09-07 sassy Makes 'R' Easier for Everyone
2023-09-07 shinySbm 'shiny' Application to Use the Stochastic Block Model
2023-09-07 spatsoc Group Animal Relocation Data by Spatial and Temporal Relationship
2023-09-07 spatstat.explore Exploratory Data Analysis for the 'spatstat' Family
2023-09-07 spatstat.model Parametric Statistical Modelling and Inference for the 'spatstat' Family
2023-09-07 spdesign Designing Stated Preference Experiments
2023-09-07 ssdtools Species Sensitivity Distributions
2023-09-07 StanHeaders C++ Header Files for Stan
2023-09-07 stranslate Simple Translation Between Different Languages
2023-09-07 stRoke Clinical Stroke Research
2023-09-07 thunder Computation and Visualisation of Atmospheric Convective Parameters
2023-09-07 treespace Statistical Exploration of Landscapes of Phylogenetic Trees
2023-09-07 washi Washington Soil Health Initiative Branding
2023-09-07 x13binary Provide the 'x13ashtml' Seasonal Adjustment Binary
2023-09-07 xmeta A Toolbox for Multivariate Meta-Analysis
2023-09-06 abn Modelling Multivariate Data with Additive Bayesian Networks
2023-09-06 adimpro Adaptive Smoothing of Digital Images
2023-09-06 afcolours Government Analysis Function Recommended Accessible Colour Palette
2023-09-06 APIS Auto-Adaptive Parentage Inference Software Tolerant to Missing Parents
2023-09-06 apisensr Interface to 'episensr' for Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemiological Results
2023-09-06 aqp Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology
2023-09-06 AzureGraph Simple Interface to 'Microsoft Graph'
2023-09-06 BayesMortalityPlus Bayesian Mortality Modelling
2023-09-06 bigBits Perform Boolean Operations on Large Numbers
2023-09-06 binsegRcpp Efficient Implementation of Binary Segmentation
2023-09-06 bioRad Biological Analysis and Visualization of Weather Radar Data
2023-09-06 calidad Assesses the Quality of Estimates Made by Complex Sample Designs
2023-09-06 cjbart Heterogeneous Effects Analysis of Conjoint Experiments
2023-09-06 corclass Correlational Class Analysis
2023-09-06 costat Time Series Costationarity Determination
2023-09-06 credentials Tools for Managing SSH and Git Credentials
2023-09-06 DescTools Tools for Descriptive Statistics
2023-09-06 diversitree Comparative 'Phylogenetic' Analyses of Diversification
2023-09-06 dti Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) Data
2023-09-06 duckdbfs High Performance Remote File System Access Using 'duckdb'
2023-09-06 eha Event History Analysis
2023-09-06 eyelinkReader Import Gaze Data for EyeLink Eye Tracker
2023-09-06 fdaconcur Concurrent Regression and History Index Models for Functional Data
2023-09-06 fmri Analysis of fMRI Experiments
2023-09-06 GenoTriplo Genotyping Triploids (or Diploids) from Luminescence Data
2023-09-06 geojsonio Convert Data from and to 'GeoJSON' or 'TopoJSON'
2023-09-06 glmmML Generalized Linear Models with Clustering
2023-09-06 hagis Analysis of Plant Pathogen Pathotype Complexities, Distributions and Diversity
2023-09-06 hSDM Hierarchical Bayesian Species Distribution Models
2023-09-06 HWEintrinsic Objective Bayesian Testing for the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Problem
2023-09-06 IASD Model Selection for Index of Asymmetry Distribution
2023-09-06 ImML Machine Learning Algorithms Fitting and Validation for Forestry
2023-09-06 infer Tidy Statistical Inference
2023-09-06 IPEDSuploadables Transforms Institutional Data into Text Files for IPEDS Automated Import/Upload
2023-09-06 konya R Wrapper for Konya Municipality Open Data Portal
2023-09-06 leidenAlg Implements the Leiden Algorithm via an R Interface
2023-09-06 maraca The Maraca Plot: Visualization of Hierarchical Composite Endpoints in Clinical Trials
2023-09-06 MazamaLocationUtils Manage Spatial Metadata for Known Locations
2023-09-06 MazamaSpatialUtils Spatial Data Download and Utility Functions
2023-09-06 mboost Model-Based Boosting
2023-09-06 mmcards Playing Cards Utility Functions
2023-09-06 monochromeR Easily Create, View and Use Monochrome Colour Palettes
2023-09-06 MQMF Modelling and Quantitative Methods in Fisheries
2023-09-06 netSEM Network Structural Equation Modeling
2023-09-06 optimall Allocate Samples Among Strata
2023-09-06 pchc Bayesian Network Learning with the PCHC and Related Algorithms
2023-09-06 pcsstools Tools for Regression Using Pre-Computed Summary Statistics
2023-09-06 PeakError Compute the Label Error of Peak Calls
2023-09-06 PeakSegDisk Disk-Based Constrained Change-Point Detection
2023-09-06 penaltyLearning Penalty Learning
2023-09-06 phyclust Phylogenetic Clustering (Phyloclustering)
2023-09-06 pmcalibration Calibration Curves for Clinical Prediction Models
2023-09-06 poolfstat Computing f-Statistics and Building Admixture Graphs Based on Allele Count or Pool-Seq Read Count Data
2023-09-06 prettyglm Pretty Summaries of Generalized Linear Model Coefficients
2023-09-06 ProPublicaR Access Functions for ProPublica's APIs
2023-09-06 PSGoft Modified Lilliefors Goodness-of-Fit Normality Test
2023-09-06 RcppNumerical 'Rcpp' Integration for Numerical Computing Libraries
2023-09-06 RFOC Graphics for Spherical Distributions and Earthquake Focal Mechanisms
2023-09-06 rgplates R Interface for the GPlates Web Service and Desktop Application
2023-09-06 rhino A Framework for Enterprise Shiny Applications
2023-09-06 ripc Download and Tidy IPC and CH Data
2023-09-06 rKIN (Kernel) Isotope Niche Estimation
2023-09-06 saccadr Extract Saccades via an Ensemble of Methods Approach
2023-09-06 sequoia Pedigree Inference from SNPs
2023-09-06 ShapeChange Change-Point Estimation using Shape-Restricted Splines
2023-09-06 simrec Simulation of Recurrent Event Data for Non-Constant Baseline Hazard
2023-09-06 survex Explainable Machine Learning in Survival Analysis
2023-09-06 tastypie Easy Pie Charts
2023-09-06 tempR Temporal Sensory Data Analysis
2023-09-06 terra Spatial Data Analysis
2023-09-06 unitquantreg Parametric Quantile Regression Models for Bounded Data
2023-09-06 WaverideR Extracting Signals from Wavelet Spectra
2023-09-06 wdnet Weighted and Directed Networks
2023-09-06 wikiprofiler 'WikiPathway' Based Data Integration and Visualization
2023-09-05 aspace Functions for Estimating Centrographic Statistics
2023-09-05 bqtl Bayesian QTL Mapping Toolkit
2023-09-05 carat Covariate-Adaptive Randomization for Clinical Trials
2023-09-05 causact Fast, Easy, and Visual Bayesian Inference
2023-09-05 CCA Canonical Correlation Analysis
2023-09-05 circular Circular Statistics
2023-09-05 classInt Choose Univariate Class Intervals
2023-09-05 CooRTweet Coordinated Networks Detection on Social Media
2023-09-05 cpsurvsim Simulating Survival Data from Change-Point Hazard Distributions
2023-09-05 deSolve Solvers for Initial Value Problems of Differential Equations ('ODE', 'DAE', 'DDE')
2023-09-05 diagis Diagnostic Plot and Multivariate Summary Statistics of Weighted Samples from Importance Sampling
2023-09-05 EMCluster EM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture Gaussian Distribution
2023-09-05 FLightR Reconstruct Animal Paths from Solar Geolocation Loggers Data
2023-09-05 ForeComp Size-Power Tradeoff Visualization for Equal Predictive Ability of Two Forecasts
2023-09-05 funcharts Functional Control Charts
2023-09-05 furniture Furniture for Quantitative Scientists
2023-09-05 GAGBLUP Genetic Algorithm Assisted Genomic Best Liner Unbiased Prediction
2023-09-05 gdim Estimate Graph Dimension using Cross-Validated Eigenvalues
2023-09-05 ggcorrplot Visualization of a Correlation Matrix using 'ggplot2'
2023-09-05 ggeffects Create Tidy Data Frames of Marginal Effects for 'ggplot' from Model Outputs
2023-09-05 ggfittext Fit Text Inside a Box in 'ggplot2'
2023-09-05 gggenes Draw Gene Arrow Maps in 'ggplot2'
2023-09-05 googlePolylines Encoding Coordinates into 'Google' Polylines
2023-09-05 harmonydata R Library for 'Harmony'
2023-09-05 heplots Visualizing Hypothesis Tests in Multivariate Linear Models
2023-09-05 HTSCluster Clustering High-Throughput Transcriptome Sequencing (HTS) Data
2023-09-05 i2dash Iterative and Interactive Dashboards
2023-09-05 JOPS Practical Smoothing with P-Splines
2023-09-05 juicedown 'juice' + 'markdown': Convert 'R Markdown' into 'HTML' with Inline Styles
2023-09-05 kairos Analysis of Chronological Patterns from Archaeological Count Data
2023-09-05 KFAS Kalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models
2023-09-05 KnockoffHybrid Hybrid Analysis of Population and Trio Data with Knockoff Statistics for FDR Control
2023-09-05 locits Test of Stationarity and Localized Autocovariance
2023-09-05 mapsf Thematic Cartography
2023-09-05 mederrRank Bayesian Methods for Identifying the Most Harmful Medication Errors
2023-09-05 meta.shrinkage Meta-Analyses for Simultaneously Estimating Individual Means
2023-09-05 mgm Estimating Time-Varying k-Order Mixed Graphical Models
2023-09-05 minimaxApprox Implementation of Remez Algorithm for Polynomial and Rational Function Approximation
2023-09-05 mispitools Missing Person Identification Tools
2023-09-05 MixSim Simulating Data to Study Performance of Clustering Algorithms
2023-09-05 MPV Data Sets from Montgomery, Peck and Vining
2023-09-05 NCA Necessary Condition Analysis
2023-09-05 nflreadr Download 'nflverse' Data
2023-09-05 nlsr Functions for Nonlinear Least Squares Solutions - Updated 2022
2023-09-05 onsvplot National Road Safety Observatory (ONSV) Style for 'ggplot2' Graphics
2023-09-05 otuSummary Summarizing OTU Table Regarding the Composition, Abundance and Beta Diversity of Abundant and Rare Biospheres
2023-09-05 packrat A Dependency Management System for Projects and their R Package Dependencies
2023-09-05 pbdZMQ Programming with Big Data – Interface to 'ZeroMQ'
2023-09-05 permPATH Permutation Based Gene Expression Pathway Analysis
2023-09-05 pharmaversesdtm Test Data for the Pharmaverse Family of Packages
2023-09-05 plotHMM Plot Hidden Markov Models
2023-09-05 procs Recreates Some 'SAS®' Procedures in 'R'
2023-09-05 r2country Country Data with Names, Capitals, Currencies, Populations, Time, Languages and so on
2023-09-05 RcppHungarian Solves Minimum Cost Bipartite Matching Problems
2023-09-05 REndo Fitting Linear Models with Endogenous Regressors using Latent Instrumental Variables
2023-09-05 representr Create Representative Records After Entity Resolution
2023-09-05 rjstat Handle 'JSON-stat' Format in R
2023-09-05 Rlibeemd Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD) and Its Complete Variant (CEEMDAN)
2023-09-05 rsconnect Deploy Docs, Apps, and APIs to 'Posit Connect', 'shinyapps.io', and 'RPubs'
2023-09-05 sgof Multiple Hypothesis Testing
2023-09-05 spatstat.geom Geometrical Functionality of the 'spatstat' Family
2023-09-05 springer Sparse Group Variable Selection for Gene-Environment Interactions in the Longitudinal Study
2023-09-05 states Create Panels of Independent States
2023-09-05 toscutil Utility Functions
2023-09-05 VisCollin Visualizing Collinearity Diagnostics
2023-09-05 warbleR Streamline Bioacoustic Analysis
2023-09-04 altair Interface to 'Altair'
2023-09-04 AteMeVs Average Treatment Effects with Measurement Error and Variable Selection for Confounders
2023-09-04 ATNr Run Allometric Trophic Networks Models
2023-09-04 DGLMExtPois Double Generalized Linear Models Extending Poisson Regression
2023-09-04 dtrackr Track your Data Pipelines
2023-09-04 ebdbNet Empirical Bayes Estimation of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
2023-09-04 FLOPART Functional Labeled Optimal Partitioning
2023-09-04 grattan Australian Tax Policy Analysis
2023-09-04 Grouphmap 'Grouphmap' is an Automated One-Step Common Analysis of Batch Expression Profile
2023-09-04 h3lib Exposes the 'Uber' 'H3' Library to R Packages
2023-09-04 interep Interaction Analysis of Repeated Measure Data
2023-09-04 MixfMRI Mixture fMRI Clustering Analysis
2023-09-04 mort Identifying Potential Mortalities and Expelled Tags in Aquatic Acoustic Telemetry Arrays
2023-09-04 NetOrigin Origin Estimation for Propagation Processes on Complex Networks
2023-09-04 neuroblastoma Neuroblastoma Copy Number Profiles
2023-09-04 nnlib2Rcpp A Tool for Creating Custom Neural Networks in C++ and using Them in R
2023-09-04 NSM3 Functions and Datasets to Accompany Hollander, Wolfe, and Chicken - Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Third Edition
2023-09-04 PPMiss Copula-Based Estimator for Long-Range Dependent Processes under Missing Data
2023-09-04 QZ Generalized Eigenvalues and QZ Decomposition
2023-09-04 Racmacs Antigenic Cartography Macros
2023-09-04 RegAssure Streamlined Integration of Regression Assumption
2023-09-04 regfilter Elimination of Noisy Samples in Regression Datasets using Noise Filters
2023-09-04 ricu Intensive Care Unit Data with R
2023-09-04 RZooRoH Partitioning of Individual Autozygosity into Multiple Homozygous-by-Descent Classes
2023-09-04 saotd Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data
2023-09-04 testdat Data Unit Testing for R
2023-09-04 tsfknn Time Series Forecasting Using Nearest Neighbors
2023-09-04 tsPI Improved Prediction Intervals for ARIMA Processes and Structural Time Series
2023-09-04 TSTutorial Fitting and Predict Time Series Interactive Laboratory
2023-09-04 varoc Value Added Receiver Operating Characteristics Curve
2023-09-03 askpass Password Entry Utilities for R, Git, and SSH
2023-09-03 BGPhazard Markov Beta and Gamma Processes for Modeling Hazard Rates
2023-09-03 bWGR Bayesian Whole-Genome Regression
2023-09-03 cat Analysis and Imputation of Categorical-Variable Datasets with Missing Values
2023-09-03 cdfquantreg Quantile Regression for Random Variables on the Unit Interval
2023-09-03 dateback Collect and Install R Packages on a Specified Date with Dependencies
2023-09-03 datefixR Standardize Dates in Different Formats or with Missing Data
2023-09-03 DateTimeRangePicker A Datetime Range Picker Widget for Usage in 'Shiny' Applications
2023-09-03 DCluster Functions for the Detection of Spatial Clusters of Diseases
2023-09-03 dgpsi Interface to 'dgpsi' for Deep and Linked Gaussian Process Emulations
2023-09-03 domir Tools to Support Relative Importance Analysis
2023-09-03 dplyr A Grammar of Data Manipulation
2023-09-03 edibble Designing Comparative Experiments
2023-09-03 esback Expected Shortfall Backtesting
2023-09-03 gamselBayes Bayesian Generalized Additive Model Selection
2023-09-03 gorica Evaluation of Inequality Constrained Hypotheses Using GORICA
2023-09-03 guiplot User-Friendly GUI Plotting Tools
2023-09-03 hstats Interaction Statistics
2023-09-03 ichimoku Visualization and Tools for Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Strategies
2023-09-03 kerastuneR Interface to 'Keras Tuner'
2023-09-03 LambertW Probabilistic Models to Analyze and Gaussianize Heavy-Tailed, Skewed Data
2023-09-03 lpSolveAPI R Interface to 'lp_solve' Version
2023-09-03 mas Membership Association Studies
2023-09-03 MGSDA Multi-Group Sparse Discriminant Analysis
2023-09-03 mvpd Multivariate Product Distributions for Elliptically Contoured Distributions
2023-09-03 nevada Network-Valued Data Analysis
2023-09-03 onetime Run Code Only Once
2023-09-03 origin Explicitly Qualifying Namespaces by Automatically Adding 'pkg::' to Functions
2023-09-03 Qtools Utilities for Quantiles
2023-09-03 Sieve Nonparametric Estimation by the Method of Sieves
2023-09-03 sqlHelpers Collection of 'SQL' Utilities for 'T-SQL' and 'Postgresql'
2023-09-03 SynthETIC Synthetic Experience Tracking Insurance Claims
2023-09-03 tagr Tagging and Organizing Objects in R
2023-09-03 TML Tropical Geometry Tools for Machine Learning
2023-09-03 vegawidget 'Htmlwidget' for 'Vega' and 'Vega-Lite'
2023-09-02 bang Bayesian Analysis, No Gibbs
2023-09-02 bootstrapFP Bootstrap Algorithms for Finite Population Inference
2023-09-02 clockify A Wrapper for the 'Clockify' API
2023-09-02 diagL1 Routines for Fit, Inference and Diagnostics in Linear L1 Models
2023-09-02 donut Nearest Neighbour Search with Variables on a Torus
2023-09-02 ecce Translate English Words into Chinese, or Translate Chinese Words into English
2023-09-02 elitism Equipment for Logarithmic and Linear Time Stepwise Multiple Hypothesis Testing
2023-09-02 filebin Wrapper for the Filebin File Sharing API
2023-09-02 greport Graphical Reporting for Clinical Trials
2023-09-02 HDJM Penalized High-Dimensional Joint Model
2023-09-02 inti Tools and Statistical Procedures in Plant Science
2023-09-02 isoSurv Isotonic Regression on Survival Analysis
2023-09-02 Kira Machine Learning
2023-09-02 lax Loglikelihood Adjustment for Extreme Value Models
2023-09-02 ltsk Local Time Space Kriging
2023-09-02 minioclient Interface to the 'MinIO' Client
2023-09-02 modeltime The Tidymodels Extension for Time Series Modeling
2023-09-02 multgee GEE Solver for Correlated Nominal or Ordinal Multinomial Responses
2023-09-02 mvgb Multivariate Probabilities of Scale Mixtures of Multivariate Normal Distributions via the Genz and Bretz (2002) QRSVN Method
2023-09-02 officedown Enhanced 'R Markdown' Format for 'Word' and 'PowerPoint'
2023-09-02 quickcode A Compilation of Some Frequently Used R Functions
2023-09-02 Rcompadre Utilities for using the 'COM(P)ADRE' Matrix Model Database
2023-09-02 readsdmx Read SDMX-XML Data
2023-09-02 reghelper Helper Functions for Regression Analysis
2023-09-02 rust Ratio-of-Uniforms Simulation with Transformation
2023-09-02 seqminer Efficiently Read Sequence Data (VCF Format, BCF Format, METAL Format and BGEN Format) into R
2023-09-02 smovie Some Movies to Illustrate Concepts in Statistics
2023-09-02 sparklyr R Interface to Apache Spark
2023-09-02 threshr Threshold Selection and Uncertainty for Extreme Value Analysis
2023-09-02 tinylabels Lightweight Variable Labels
2023-09-02 VBJM Variational Inference for Joint Model
2023-09-02 viralmodels Viral Load and CD4 Lymphocytes Regression Models
2023-09-01 arkhe Tools for Cleaning Rectangular Data
2023-09-01 assignR Infer Geographic Origin from Isotopic Data
2023-09-01 bgms Bayesian Variable Selection for Networks of Binary and/or Ordinal Variables
2023-09-01 CircNNTSR Statistical Analysis of Circular Data using Nonnegative Trigonometric Sums (NNTS) Models
2023-09-01 cleangeo Cleaning Geometries from Spatial Objects
2023-09-01 corehunter Multi-Purpose Core Subset Selection
2023-09-01 CRMetrics Cell Ranger Output Filtering and Metrics Visualization
2023-09-01 directlabels Direct Labels for Multicolor Plots
2023-09-01 DRIP Discontinuous Regression and Image Processing
2023-09-01 dsmmR Estimation and Simulation of Drifting Semi-Markov Models
2023-09-01 duckdb DBI Package for the DuckDB Database Management System
2023-09-01 gamlss Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
2023-09-01 gbm.auto Automated Boosted Regression Tree Modelling and Mapping Suite
2023-09-01 GEOmap Topographic and Geologic Mapping
2023-09-01 geosapi GeoServer REST API R Interface
2023-09-01 haarfisz Software to Perform Haar Fisz Transforms
2023-09-01 hibayes Individual-Level, Summary-Level and Single-Step Bayesian Regression Model
2023-09-01 IP Classes and Methods for 'IP' Addresses
2023-09-01 ipumsr An R Interface for Downloading, Reading, and Handling IPUMS Data
2023-09-01 libstable4u Stable Distribution Functions...For You
2023-09-01 lpcde Boundary Adaptive Local Polynomial Conditional Density Estimator
2023-09-01 nanoarrow Interface to the 'nanoarrow' 'C' Library
2023-09-01 NetworkComparisonTest Statistical Comparison of Two Networks Based on Several Invariance Measures
2023-09-01 ows4R Interface to OGC Web-Services (OWS)
2023-09-01 PrometheeTools PROMETHEE and GLNF for Ranking and Sorting Problems
2023-09-01 rankinma Ranking in Network Meta-Analysis
2023-09-01 ReviewR A Light-Weight, Portable Tool for Reviewing Individual Patient Records
2023-09-01 rMVP Memory-Efficient, Visualize-Enhanced, Parallel-Accelerated GWAS Tool
2023-09-01 rsatscan Tools, Classes, and Methods for Interfacing with 'SaTScan' Stand-Alone Software
2023-09-01 seqtrie Radix Tree and Trie-Based String Distances
2023-09-01 SIDES Subgroup Identification Based on Differential Effect Search
2023-09-01 SpaDES.tools Additional Tools for Developing Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation (SpaDES) Models
2023-09-01 stacking Building Predictive Models with Stacking
2023-09-01 stoppingrule Create and Evaluate Stopping Rules for Safety Monitoring
2023-09-01 tarchetypes Archetypes for Targets
2023-09-01 tern Create Common TLGs Used in Clinical Trials
2023-09-01 thredds Crawler for Navigating THREDDS Catalogs
2023-09-01 tvReg Time-Varying Coefficient for Single and Multi-Equation Regressions
2023-09-01 webmap Create Interactive Web Maps Using 'The National Map' Services
2023-08-31 aopdata Data from the 'Access to Opportunities Project (AOP)'
2023-08-31 benchden 28 Benchmark Densities from Berlinet/Devroye (1994)
2023-08-31 biplotEZ EZ-to-Use Biplots
2023-08-31 BootPR Bootstrap Prediction Intervals and Bias-Corrected Forecasting
2023-08-31 BranchGLM Efficient Branch and Bound Variable Selection for GLMs using 'RcppArmadillo'
2023-08-31 chisquare Chi-Square and G-Square Test of Independence, Residual Analysis, and Measures of Categorical Association
2023-08-31 ClusBoot Bootstrap a Clustering Solution to Establish the Stability of the Clusters
2023-08-31 corncob Count Regression for Correlated Observations with the Beta-Binomial
2023-08-31 eiCompare Compares Different Ecological Inference Methods
2023-08-31 footBayes Fitting Bayesian and MLE Football Models
2023-08-31 forecast Forecasting Functions for Time Series and Linear Models
2023-08-31 gecko Geographical Ecology and Conservation Knowledge Online
2023-08-31 genepi Genetic Epidemiology Design and Inference
2023-08-31 geomorph Geometric Morphometric Analyses of 2D and 3D Landmark Data
2023-08-31 GGMselect Gaussian Graphs Models Selection
2023-08-31 GSED Group Sequential Enrichment Design
2023-08-31 hypergate Machine Learning of Hyperrectangular Gating Strategies for High-Dimensional Cytometry
2023-08-31 leaflet Create Interactive Web Maps with the JavaScript 'Leaflet' Library
2023-08-31 nc Named Capture to Data Tables
2023-08-31 nhdplusTools NHDPlus Tools
2023-08-31 nlsem Fitting Structural Equation Mixture Models
2023-08-31 npROCRegression Kernel-Based Nonparametric ROC Regression Modelling
2023-08-31 optimLanduse Robust Land-Use Optimization
2023-08-31 perms Fast Permutation Computation
2023-08-31 PGRdup Discover Probable Duplicates in Plant Genetic Resources Collections
2023-08-31 pomdpSolve Interface to 'pomdp-solve' for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
2023-08-31 prompt Dynamic 'R' Prompt
2023-08-31 Rage Life History Metrics from Matrix Population Models
2023-08-31 RBF Robust Backfitting
2023-08-31 riskmetric Risk Metrics to Evaluating R Packages
2023-08-31 RSocrata Download or Upload 'Socrata' Data Sets
2023-08-31 sensitivity Global Sensitivity Analysis of Model Outputs
2023-08-31 shinyHugePlot Efficient Plotting of Large-Sized Data
2023-08-31 simplecolors Access Color Names Using a Standardized Nomenclature
2023-08-31 simplegraph Simple Graph Data Types and Basic Algorithms
2023-08-31 simts Time Series Analysis Tools
2023-08-31 spMaps Europe SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Builder
2023-08-31 spOccupancy Single-Species, Multi-Species, and Integrated Spatial Occupancy Models
2023-08-31 TELP Social Representation Theory Application: The Free Evocation of Words Technique
2023-08-31 TFactSR Enrichment Approach to Predict Which Transcription Factors are Regulated
2023-08-31 tidytlg Create TLGs using the 'tidyverse'
2023-08-31 truncAIPW Doubly Robust Estimation under Covariate-Induced Dependent Left Truncation
2023-08-31 TukeyC Conventional Tukey Test
2023-08-31 VAR.etp VAR Modelling: Estimation, Testing, and Prediction
2023-08-31 vrtest Variance Ratio Tests and Other Tests for Martingale Difference Hypothesis
2023-08-31 webtrackR Preprocessing and Analyzing Web Tracking Data
2023-08-31 wv Wavelet Variance
2023-08-30 adbcsqlite 'Arrow' Database Connectivity ('ADBC') 'SQLite' Driver
2023-08-30 antaresRead Import, Manipulate and Explore the Results of an 'Antares' Simulation
2023-08-30 bvartools Bayesian Inference of Vector Autoregressive and Error Correction Models
2023-08-30 ccml Consensus Clustering for Different Sample Coverage Data
2023-08-30 climaemet Climate AEMET Tools
2023-08-30 ClustBlock Clustering of Datasets
2023-08-30 condensr Academic Group Website Generator
2023-08-30 config Manage Environment Specific Configuration Values
2023-08-30 copcor Correlates of Protection and Correlates of Risk Functions
2023-08-30 cosmicsig Mutational Signatures from COSMIC (Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer)
2023-08-30 crunch Crunch.io Data Tools
2023-08-30 cyclocomp Cyclomatic Complexity of R Code
2023-08-30 dad Three-Way / Multigroup Data Analysis Through Densities
2023-08-30 datardis Data from the Doctor Who Series
2023-08-30 DGEAR Differential Gene Expression Analysis with R
2023-08-30 dplR Dendrochronology Program Library in R
2023-08-30 DQAgui Graphical User Interface for Data Quality Assessment
2023-08-30 dqrng Fast Pseudo Random Number Generators
2023-08-30 emayili Send Email Messages
2023-08-30 EpiLPS A Fast and Flexible Bayesian Tool for Estimating Epidemiological Parameters
2023-08-30 episensr Basic Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemiological Results
2023-08-30 ggh4x Hacks for 'ggplot2'
2023-08-30 ggOceanMaps Plot Data on Oceanographic Maps using 'ggplot2'
2023-08-30 hmer History Matching and Emulation Package
2023-08-30 iheatmapr Interactive, Complex Heatmaps
2023-08-30 keyperm Keyword Analysis Using Permutation Tests
2023-08-30 KLINK Kinship Analysis with Linked Markers
2023-08-30 lba Latent Budget Analysis for Compositional Data
2023-08-30 LearningRlab Statistical Learning Functions
2023-08-30 LINselect Selection of Linear Estimators
2023-08-30 lmomco L-Moments, Censored L-Moments, Trimmed L-Moments, L-Comoments, and Many Distributions
2023-08-30 mase Model-Assisted Survey Estimators
2023-08-30 mlearning Machine Learning Algorithms with Unified Interface and Confusion Matrices
2023-08-30 MultNonParam Multivariate Nonparametric Methods
2023-08-30 netdiffuseR Analysis of Diffusion and Contagion Processes on Networks
2023-08-30 nlmixr2data Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models in Population PK/PD, Data
2023-08-30 NMA Network Meta-Analysis Based on Multivariate Meta-Analysis Models
2023-08-30 ohsome An 'ohsome API' Client
2023-08-30 PCRA Companion to Portfolio Construction and Risk Analysis
2023-08-30 pipebind Flexible Binding for Complex Function Evaluation with the Base R |> Pipe
2023-08-30 r4ds.tutorials Tutorials for "R for Data Science"
2023-08-30 rematch Match Regular Expressions with a Nicer 'API'
2023-08-30 rnpn Interface to the National 'Phenology' Network 'API'
2023-08-30 rshift Paleoecology Functions for Regime Shift Analysis
2023-08-30 rstack Stack Data Type as an 'R6' Class
2023-08-30 rtables Reporting Tables
2023-08-30 RTSA 'Trial Sequential Analysis' for Error Control and Inference in Sequential Meta-Analyses
2023-08-30 ScottKnott The ScottKnott Clustering Algorithm
2023-08-30 SegEnvIneq Environmental Inequality Indices Based on Segregation Measures
2023-08-30 shinytoastr Notifications from 'Shiny'
2023-08-30 shinyWidgets Custom Inputs Widgets for Shiny
2023-08-30 slurmR A Lightweight Wrapper for 'Slurm'
2023-08-30 SpectralClMixed Spectral Clustering for Mixed Type Data
2023-08-30 statgenIBD Calculation of IBD Probabilities
2023-08-30 tvm Time Value of Money Functions
2023-08-30 URooTab Tabular Reporting of 'EViews' Unit Root Tests
2023-08-29 airr AIRR Data Representation Reference Library
2023-08-29 ale Interpretable Machine Learning and Statistical Inference with Accumulated Local Effects (ALE)
2023-08-29 ARCensReg Fitting Univariate Censored Linear Regression Model with Autoregressive Errors
2023-08-29 avar Allan Variance
2023-08-29 bursa R Wrapper for Bursa Municipality Open Data Portal
2023-08-29 CausalQueries Make, Update, and Query Binary Causal Models
2023-08-29 cricketdata International Cricket Data
2023-08-29 cycloids Tools for Calculating Hypocycloids, Epicycloids, Hypotrochoids, and Epitrochoids
2023-08-29 ddml Double/Debiased Machine Learning
2023-08-29 designmatch Matched Samples that are Balanced and Representative by Design
2023-08-29 DT A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'
2023-08-29 DynTxRegime Methods for Estimating Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes
2023-08-29 ELT Experience Life Tables
2023-08-29 ESG A Package for Asset Projection
2023-08-29 exactamente Explore the Exact Bootstrap Method
2023-08-29 extremeStat Extreme Value Statistics and Quantile Estimation
2023-08-29 fmcmc A friendly MCMC framework
2023-08-29 gasmodel Generalized Autoregressive Score Models
2023-08-29 gimme Group Iterative Multiple Model Estimation
2023-08-29 go2bigq Convert Large Numbers to Bigq Format
2023-08-29 hgnc Download and Import the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee ('HGNC') Data Set into R
2023-08-29 highriskzone Determining and Evaluating High-Risk Zones
2023-08-29 IDEATools Individual and Group Farm Sustainability Assessments using the IDEA4 Method
2023-08-29 ktsolve Configurable Function for Solving Families of Nonlinear Equations
2023-08-29 labeling Axis Labeling
2023-08-29 litterfitter Fit a Collection of Curves to Single Cohort Decomposition Data
2023-08-29 lmom L-Moments
2023-08-29 lmomRFA Regional Frequency Analysis using L-Moments
2023-08-29 MazamaCoreUtils Utility Functions for Production R Code
2023-08-29 medfate Mediterranean Forest Simulation
2023-08-29 merror Accuracy and Precision of Measurements
2023-08-29 mlma Multilevel Mediation Analysis
2023-08-29 mma Multiple Mediation Analysis
2023-08-29 mmabig Multiple Mediation Analysis for Big Data Sets
2023-08-29 MoNAn Mobility Network Analysis
2023-08-29 OasisR Outright Tool for the Analysis of Spatial Inequalities and Segregation
2023-08-29 oscar Optimal Subset Cardinality Regression (OSCAR) Models Using the L0-Pseudonorm
2023-08-29 pak Another Approach to Package Installation
2023-08-29 pcadapt Fast Principal Component Analysis for Outlier Detection
2023-08-29 phrases Phrasal Verbs in English Club Website
2023-08-29 povmap Extension to the 'emdi' Package
2023-08-29 quadtree Region Quadtrees for Spatial Data
2023-08-29 relSim Relative Simulator
2023-08-29 Renext Renewal Method for Extreme Values Extrapolation
2023-08-29 RFishBC Back-Calculation of Fish Length
2023-08-29 Rfractran A 'FRACTRAN' Interpreter and Some Helper Functions
2023-08-29 rphylopic Get Silhouettes of Organisms from PhyloPic
2023-08-29 RSSthemes RSS Palettes and Themes
2023-08-29 ruminate A Pharmacometrics Data Transformation and Analysis Tool
2023-08-29 semfindr Influential Cases in Structural Equation Modeling
2023-08-29 shar Species-Habitat Associations
2023-08-29 SMDIC Identification of Somatic Mutation-Driven Immune Cells
2023-08-29 soilDB Soil Database Interface
2023-08-29 spaMM Mixed-Effect Models, with or without Spatial Random Effects
2023-08-29 styler Non-Invasive Pretty Printing of R Code
2023-08-29 ThresholdROC Optimum Threshold Estimation
2023-08-29 timetools Seasonal/Sequential (Instants/Durations, Even or not) Time Series
2023-08-29 tqk Get Financial Data in Korea
2023-08-28 adace Estimator of the Adherer Average Causal Effect
2023-08-28 BayesSUR Bayesian Seemingly Unrelated Regression
2023-08-28 boussinesq Analytic Solutions for (Ground-Water) Boussinesq Equation
2023-08-28 condor Interact with 'Condor' from R via SSH
2023-08-28 DEoptimR Differential Evolution Optimization in Pure R
2023-08-28 diffcor Fisher's z-Tests Concerning Difference of Correlations
2023-08-28 DistributionUtils Distribution Utilities
2023-08-28 ecosim Toolbox for Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling
2023-08-28 ECTSVR Cointegration Based Support Vector Regression Model
2023-08-28 einsum Einstein Summation
2023-08-28 espadon Easy Study of Patient DICOM Data in Oncology
2023-08-28 fastbeta Fast Estimation of Time-Varying Infectious Disease Transmission Rates
2023-08-28 finbif Interface for the 'Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility' API
2023-08-28 fitConic Fit Data to Any Conic Section
2023-08-28 FunWithNumbers Fun with Fractions and Number Sequences
2023-08-28 ggsurvfit Flexible Time-to-Event Figures
2023-08-28 gratis Generating Time Series with Diverse and Controllable Characteristics
2023-08-28 GWRLASSO A Hybrid Model for Spatial Prediction Through Local Regression
2023-08-28 idmc Load and Wrangle IDMC Displacement Data
2023-08-28 ifctools Italian Fiscal Code ('Codice Fiscale') Utilities
2023-08-28 inlabru Bayesian Latent Gaussian Modelling using INLA and Extensions
2023-08-28 IsoplotR Statistical Toolbox for Radiometric Geochronology
2023-08-28 IsoplotRgui Web Interface to 'IsoplotR'
2023-08-28 JFE Tools and GUI for Analyzing Time Series Data of Just Finance and Econometrics
2023-08-28 landform Topographic Position Index-Based Landform Classification
2023-08-28 lingmatch Linguistic Matching and Accommodation
2023-08-28 mapme.biodiversity Efficient Monitoring of Global Biodiversity Portfolios
2023-08-28 mbbefd Maxwell Boltzmann Bose Einstein Fermi Dirac Distribution and Destruction Rate Modelling
2023-08-28 MedianaDesigner Power and Sample Size Calculations for Clinical Trials
2023-08-28 mlt.docreg Most Likely Transformations: Documentation and Regression Tests
2023-08-28 mRc Multi-Visit Closed Population Mark-Recapture Estimates
2023-08-28 mseapca Metabolite Set Enrichment Analysis for Loadings
2023-08-28 pamm Power Analysis for Random Effects in Mixed Models
2023-08-28 pkmon Least-Squares Estimator under k-Monotony Constraint for Discrete Functions
2023-08-28 prodlim Product-Limit Estimation for Censored Event History Analysis
2023-08-28 provenance Statistical Toolbox for Sedimentary Provenance Analysis
2023-08-28 redbookperu Access and Analyze the Data from the Red Book of Endemic Plants of Peru
2023-08-28 rivernet Read, Analyze and Plot River Networks
2023-08-28 RPPanalyzer Reads, Annotates, and Normalizes Reverse Phase Protein Array Data
2023-08-28 rsdmx Tools for Reading SDMX Data and Metadata
2023-08-28 SAScii Import ASCII Files Directly into R using Only a 'SAS' Input Script
2023-08-28 shinyCohortBuilder Modular Cohort-Building Framework for Analytical Dashboards
2023-08-28 simDAG Simulate Data from a DAG and Associated Node Information
2023-08-28 ssfa Spatial Stochastic Frontier Analysis
2023-08-28 stoichcalc R Functions for Solving Stoichiometric Equations
2023-08-28 stosim Stochastic Simulator for Reliability Modeling of Repairable Systems
2023-08-28 stringmagic Character String Operations and Interpolation, Magic Edition
2023-08-28 svgViewR 3D Animated Interactive Visualizations Using SVG and WebGL
2023-08-28 timedeppar Infer Constant and Stochastic, Time-Dependent Model Parameters
2023-08-28 TOmicsVis Transcriptome Visualization Process Scheme
2023-08-28 tsfeatures Time Series Feature Extraction
2023-08-28 vecsets Like Set Tools in 'Base' Package but Keeps Duplicate Elements
2023-08-28 vimp Perform Inference on Algorithm-Agnostic Variable Importance
2023-08-27 abmR Agent-Based Models in R
2023-08-27 AmigaFFH Commodore Amiga File Format Handler
2023-08-27 bmem Mediation Analysis with Missing Data Using Bootstrap
2023-08-27 coefficientalpha Robust Coefficient Alpha and Omega with Missing and Non-Normal Data
2023-08-27 Counternull Randomization-Based Inference
2023-08-27 EcoNetGen Simulate and Sample from Ecological Interaction Networks
2023-08-27 ginormal Generalized Inverse Normal Distribution Density and Generation
2023-08-27 INLAspacetime Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Models using 'INLA'
2023-08-27 Julia Fractal Image Data Generator
2023-08-27 LMest Generalized Latent Markov Models
2023-08-27 mortAAR Analysis of Archaeological Mortality Data
2023-08-27 NADA2 Data Analysis for Censored Environmental Data
2023-08-27 R1magic Compressive Sampling: Sparse Signal Recovery Utilities
2023-08-27 r2resize In-Text Resizer for Images, Tables and Fancy Resizable Containers in 'Shiny', 'Rmarkdown' and 'Quarto' Documents
2023-08-27 RAMpath Structural Equation Modeling Using the Reticular Action Model (RAM) Notation
2023-08-27 ridgetorus PCA on the Torus via Density Ridges
2023-08-27 rosm Plot Raster Map Tiles from Open Street Map and Other Sources
2023-08-27 sharp Stability-enHanced Approaches using Resampling Procedures
2023-08-27 snakecase Convert Strings into any Case
2023-08-27 SSDforR Functions to Analyze Single System Data
2023-08-27 SuperRanker Sequential Rank Agreement
2023-08-27 trelloR Access the Trello API
2023-08-27 UniprotR Retrieving Information of Proteins from Uniprot
2023-08-27 UPSvarApprox Approximate the Variance of the Horvitz-Thompson Total Estimator
2023-08-27 utility Construct, Evaluate and Plot Value and Utility Functions
2023-08-27 VMDML Variational Mode Decomposition Based Machine Learning Models
2023-08-27 zfit Fit Models in a Pipe
2023-08-26 astrochron A Computational Tool for Astrochronology
2023-08-26 beezdemand Behavioral Economic Easy Demand
2023-08-26 bravo Bayesian Screening and Variable Selection
2023-08-26 FaultTree Fault Trees for Risk and Reliability Analysis
2023-08-26 forestplot Advanced Forest Plot Using 'grid' Graphics
2023-08-26 FSA Simple Fisheries Stock Assessment Methods
2023-08-26 gap Genetic Analysis Package
2023-08-26 gasper Graph Signal Processing
2023-08-26 GPLTR Generalized Partially Linear Tree-Based Regression Model
2023-08-26 HealthCal Health Calculator
2023-08-26 jipApprox Approximate Inclusion Probabilities for Survey Sampling
2023-08-26 KMunicate KMunicate-Style Kaplan–Meier Plots
2023-08-26 landpred Landmark Prediction of a Survival Outcome
2023-08-26 NNS Nonlinear Nonparametric Statistics
2023-08-26 PReMiuM Dirichlet Process Bayesian Clustering, Profile Regression
2023-08-26 rlistings Clinical Trial Style Data Readout Listings
2023-08-26 rsem Robust Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data and Auxiliary Variables
2023-08-26 shinytest2 Testing for Shiny Applications
2023-08-26 swipeR Carousels using the 'JavaScript' Library 'Swiper'
2023-08-26 timeSeries Financial Time Series Objects (Rmetrics)
2023-08-26 tmbstan MCMC Sampling from 'TMB' Model Object using 'Stan'
2023-08-26 TreeSearch Phylogenetic Analysis with Discrete Character Data
2023-08-25 agridat Agricultural Datasets
2023-08-25 AirMonitor Air Quality Data Analysis
2023-08-25 aplotExtra Creating Composite Plots using 'aplot'
2023-08-25 ARPobservation Tools for Simulating Direct Behavioral Observation Recording Procedures Based on Alternating Renewal Processes
2023-08-25 baffle Make Waffle Plots with Base Graphics
2023-08-25 chandwich Chandler-Bate Sandwich Loglikelihood Adjustment
2023-08-25 chemometrics Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
2023-08-25 comparison Multivariate Likelihood Ratio Calculation and Evaluation
2023-08-25 crov Constrained Regression Model for an Ordinal Response and Ordinal Predictors
2023-08-25 deepNN Deep Learning
2023-08-25 DescribeDisplay An Interface to the 'DescribeDisplay' 'GGobi' Plugin
2023-08-25 DiffCorr Analyzing and Visualizing Differential Correlation Networks in Biological Data
2023-08-25 dirichletprocess Build Dirichlet Process Objects for Bayesian Modelling
2023-08-25 easyanova Analysis of Variance and Other Important Complementary Analyses
2023-08-25 eatGADS Data Management of Large Hierarchical Data
2023-08-25 envirem Generation of ENVIREM Variables
2023-08-25 eplusr A Toolkit for Using Whole Building Simulation Program 'EnergyPlus'
2023-08-25 evalITR Evaluating Individualized Treatment Rules
2023-08-25 findSVI Calculate Social Vulnerability Index for Communities
2023-08-25 fmesher Triangle Meshes and Related Geometry Tools
2023-08-25 formatters ASCII Formatting for Values and Tables
2023-08-25 gap.datasets Datasets for 'gap'
2023-08-25 Gmisc Descriptive Statistics, Transition Plots, and More
2023-08-25 GxEprs Genotype-by-Environment Interaction in Polygenic Score Models
2023-08-25 hdd Easy Manipulation of Out of Memory Data Sets
2023-08-25 holodeck A Tidy Interface for Simulating Multivariate Data
2023-08-25 lamle Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Latent Variable Models
2023-08-25 landest Landmark Estimation of Survival and Treatment Effect
2023-08-25 lavaanExtra Convenience Functions for Package 'lavaan'
2023-08-25 LDATree Classification Trees with Linear Discriminant Analysis at Terminal Nodes
2023-08-25 lettervalue Computing Letter Values
2023-08-25 MANOVA.RM Resampling-Based Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs
2023-08-25 mapplots Data Visualisation on Maps
2023-08-25 modeldatatoo More Data Sets Useful for Modeling Examples
2023-08-25 modelsummary Summary Tables and Plots for Statistical Models and Data: Beautiful, Customizable, and Publication-Ready
2023-08-25 modules Self Contained Units of Source Code
2023-08-25 msma Multiblock Sparse Multivariable Analysis
2023-08-25 mulgar Functions for Pre-Processing Data for Multivariate Data Visualisation using Tours
2023-08-25 mvtnorm Multivariate Normal and t Distributions
2023-08-25 nat NeuroAnatomy Toolbox for Analysis of 3D Image Data
2023-08-25 normfluodbf Cleans and Normalizes 'FLUOstar' 'DBF' Files
2023-08-25 ntsDists Neutrosophic Distributions
2023-08-25 OmicNavigator Open-Source Software for 'Omic' Data Analysis and Visualization
2023-08-25 oolong Create Validation Tests for Automated Content Analysis
2023-08-25 openxlsx2 Read, Write and Edit 'xlsx' Files
2023-08-25 PatientProfiles Identify Characteristics of Patients in the OMOP Common Data Model
2023-08-25 pbr Find a Cold One Near You
2023-08-25 ProfileLikelihood Profile Likelihood for a Parameter in Commonly Used Statistical Models
2023-08-25 profoc Probabilistic Forecast Combination Using CRPS Learning
2023-08-25 prolific.api A User-Friendly Interface for Accessing the Prolific API
2023-08-25 rBahadur Assortative Mating Simulation and Multivariate Bernoulli Variates
2023-08-25 recipes Preprocessing and Feature Engineering Steps for Modeling
2023-08-25 rmp Rounded Mixture Package
2023-08-25 rmzqc Creation, Reading and Validation of 'mzqc' Files
2023-08-25 robCompositions Compositional Data Analysis
2023-08-25 rrnni Manipulate with RNNI Tree Space
2023-08-25 RTLknitr Right to Left Dynamic Documents Using 'knitr'
2023-08-25 swCRTdesign Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial (SW CRT) Design
2023-08-25 tram Transformation Models
2023-08-25 TreeDist Calculate and Map Distances Between Phylogenetic Trees
2023-08-25 TrialEmulation Causal Analysis of Observational Time-to-Event Data
2023-08-25 UNCOVER Utilising Normalisation Constant Optimisation via Edge Removal (UNCOVER)
2023-08-25 ursa Non-Interactive Spatial Tools for Raster Processing and Visualization
2023-08-25 vivainsights Analyze and Visualize Data from 'Microsoft Viva Insights'
2023-08-25 wk Lightweight Well-Known Geometry Parsing
2023-08-25 zebu Local Association Measures
2023-08-25 zenplots Zigzag Expanded Navigation Plots
2023-08-24 allelematch Identifying Unique Multilocus Genotypes where Genotyping Error and Missing Data may be Present
2023-08-24 approximator Bayesian Prediction of Complex Computer Codes
2023-08-24 artpack Creates Generative Art Data
2023-08-24 asht Applied Statistical Hypothesis Tests
2023-08-24 asremlPlus Augments 'ASReml-R' in Fitting Mixed Models and Packages Generally in Exploring Prediction Differences
2023-08-24 asus Adaptive SURE Thresholding Using Side Information
2023-08-24 asylum Data on Asylum and Resettlement for the UK
2023-08-24 BayesMallows Bayesian Preference Learning with the Mallows Rank Model
2023-08-24 bayesRecon Probabilistic Reconciliation via Conditioning
2023-08-24 BetaBit Mini Games from Adventures of Beta and Bit
2023-08-24 binseqtest Exact Binary Sequential Designs and Analysis
2023-08-24 bsgof Birnbaum-Saunders Goodness-of-Fit Test
2023-08-24 countsplit Splitting a Count Matrix into Independent Folds
2023-08-24 Covid19Wastewater Prepare, Analyze, and Visualize Covid-19 Wastewater Data
2023-08-24 devRate Quantify the Relationship Between Development Rate and Temperature in Ectotherms
2023-08-24 disk.frame Larger-than-RAM Disk-Based Data Manipulation Framework
2023-08-24 ecopower Power Estimates and Equivalence Testing for Multivariate Data
2023-08-24 eurocordexr Makes it Easier to Work with Daily 'netCDF' from EURO-CORDEX RCMs
2023-08-24 exactci Exact P-Values and Matching Confidence Intervals for Simple Discrete Parametric Cases
2023-08-24 forams Foraminifera and Community Ecology Analyses
2023-08-24 fplot Automatic Distribution Graphs Using Formulas
2023-08-24 FRACTION Numeric Number into Fraction
2023-08-24 FSAdata Data to Support Fish Stock Assessment ('FSA') Package
2023-08-24 gadget3 Globally-Applicable Area Disaggregated General Ecosystem Toolbox V3
2023-08-24 ggDoubleHeat A Heatmap-Like Visualization Tool
2023-08-24 gitgadget 'Rstudio' Addin for Version Control and Assignment Management using Git
2023-08-24 glinvci Phylogenetic Comparative Methods with Uncertainty Estimates
2023-08-24 GLMMselect Bayesian Model Selection for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
2023-08-24 h0 A Robust Bayesian Meta-Analysis for Estimating the Hubble Constant via Time Delay Cosmography
2023-08-24 hbim Hill/Bliss Independence Model for Combination Vaccines
2023-08-24 heritability Marker-Based Estimation of Heritability Using Individual Plant or Plot Data
2023-08-24 HYPEtools Tools for Processing and Analyzing Files from the Hydrological Catchment Model HYPE
2023-08-24 inpdfr Analyse Text Documents Using Ecological Tools
2023-08-24 interval Weighted Logrank Tests and NPMLE for Interval Censored Data
2023-08-24 landsat Radiometric and Topographic Correction of Satellite Imagery
2023-08-24 LifemapR Data Visualisation on 'Lifemap' Tree
2023-08-24 mable Maximum Approximate Bernstein/Beta Likelihood Estimation
2023-08-24 nlstools Tools for Nonlinear Regression Analysis
2023-08-24 oceCens Ordered Composite Endpoints with Censoring
2023-08-24 optimStrat Choosing the Sample Strategy
2023-08-24 optistock Determine Optimum Stocking Times Used in Fishery Enhancements
2023-08-24 OralOpioids Retrieving Oral Opioid Information
2023-08-24 pandoc Manage and Run Universal Converter 'Pandoc' from 'R'
2023-08-24 PDFEstimator Multivariate Nonparametric Probability Density Estimator
2023-08-24 pedtools Creating and Working with Pedigrees and Marker Data
2023-08-24 periscope2 Enterprise Streamlined 'shiny' Application Framework Using 'bs4Dash'
2023-08-24 perm Exact or Asymptotic Permutation Tests
2023-08-24 phylter Detect and Remove Outliers in Phylogenomics Datasets
2023-08-24 plasso Cross-Validated (Post-) Lasso
2023-08-24 PLNmodels Poisson Lognormal Models
2023-08-24 pressuRe Imports, Processes, and Visualizes Biomechanical Pressure Data
2023-08-24 qbr Access the 'Quickbase' JSON API
2023-08-24 rbi.helpers 'rbi' Helper Functions
2023-08-24 rcarbon Calibration and Analysis of Radiocarbon Dates
2023-08-24 Rcmdr R Commander
2023-08-24 rim Interface to 'Maxima', Enabling Symbolic Computation
2023-08-24 ROI.plugin.clarabel 'clarabel' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-08-24 rqPen Penalized Quantile Regression
2023-08-24 rucrdtw R Bindings for the UCR Suite
2023-08-24 segregation Entropy-Based Segregation Indices
2023-08-24 setartree SETAR-Tree - A Novel and Accurate Tree Algorithm for Global Time Series Forecasting
2023-08-24 sharpshootR A Soil Survey Toolkit
2023-08-24 SoundShape Sound Waves Onto Morphometric Data
2023-08-24 spectralR Obtain and Visualize Spectral Reflectance Data for Earth Surface Polygons
2023-08-24 spNetwork Spatial Analysis on Network
2023-08-24 syllogi Collection of Data Sets for Teaching Purposes
2023-08-24 tidymodels Easily Install and Load the 'Tidymodels' Packages
2023-08-24 tourr Tour Methods for Multivariate Data Visualisation
2023-08-24 trendsegmentR Linear Trend Segmentation
2023-08-24 ttservice A Service for Tidy Transcriptomics Software Suite
2023-08-24 umx Structural Equation Modeling and Twin Modeling in R
2023-08-24 windex Analysing Convergent Evolution using the Wheatsheaf Index
2023-08-24 wrangle A Systematic Data Wrangling Idiom
2023-08-24 yamlet Versatile Curation of Table Metadata
2023-08-23 AHMbook Functions and Data for the Book 'Applied Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology' Vols 1 and 2
2023-08-23 bcmaps Map Layers and Spatial Utilities for British Columbia
2023-08-23 betaMC Monte Carlo for Regression Effect Sizes
2023-08-23 blockmodeling Generalized and Classical Blockmodeling of Valued Networks
2023-08-23 blsBandit Data Viewer for Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
2023-08-23 butcher Model Butcher
2023-08-23 CDMConnector Connect to an OMOP Common Data Model
2023-08-23 CoMiRe Convex Mixture Regression
2023-08-23 cxxfunplus Extend 'cxxfunction' by Saving the Dynamic Shared Objects
2023-08-23 dBlockmodeling Deterministic Blockmodeling of Signed, One-Mode and Two-Mode Networks
2023-08-23 dfoptim Derivative-Free Optimization
2023-08-23 dimensio Multivariate Data Analysis
2023-08-23 dreamerr Error Handling Made Easy
2023-08-23 DSAIDE Dynamical Systems Approach to Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Ecology/Evolution)
2023-08-23 DSAIRM Dynamical Systems Approach to Immune Response Modeling
2023-08-23 dynamite Bayesian Modeling and Causal Inference for Multivariate Longitudinal Data
2023-08-23 dynaTree Dynamic Trees for Learning and Design
2023-08-23 EEAaq Handle Air Quality Data from the European Environment Agency Data Portal
2023-08-23 EGAnet Exploratory Graph Analysis – a Framework for Estimating the Number of Dimensions in Multivariate Data using Network Psychometrics
2023-08-23 elo Ranking Teams by Elo Rating and Comparable Methods
2023-08-23 flipr Flexible Inference via Permutations in R
2023-08-23 fplyr Apply Functions to Blocks of Files
2023-08-23 gamlss.dist Distributions for Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
2023-08-23 geouy Geographic Information of Uruguay
2023-08-23 glmmLasso Variable Selection for Generalized Linear Mixed Models by L1-Penalized Estimation
2023-08-23 grattanInflators Inflators for Australian Policy Analysis
2023-08-23 gsDesign2 Group Sequential Design with Non-Constant Effect
2023-08-23 HDclassif High Dimensional Supervised Classification and Clustering
2023-08-23 isobxr Stable Isotope Box Modelling in R
2023-08-23 jrc Exchange Commands Between R and 'JavaScript'
2023-08-23 lingtypology Linguistic Typology and Mapping
2023-08-23 madrat May All Data be Reproducible and Transparent (MADRaT) *
2023-08-23 markdown Render Markdown with 'commonmark'
2023-08-23 MCMCvis Tools to Visualize, Manipulate, and Summarize MCMC Output
2023-08-23 mhsmm Inference for Hidden Markov and Semi-Markov Models
2023-08-23 msBP Multiscale Bernstein Polynomials for Densities
2023-08-23 MultiATSM Multicountry Term Structure of Interest Rates Models
2023-08-23 multibiasmeta Sensitivity Analysis for Multiple Biases in Meta-Analyses
2023-08-23 OOR Optimistic Optimization in R
2023-08-23 pals Color Palettes, Colormaps, and Tools to Evaluate Them
2023-08-23 partitionComparison Implements Measures for the Comparison of Two Partitions
2023-08-23 pGPx Pseudo-Realizations for Gaussian Process Excursions
2023-08-23 pisaRT Small Example Response and Response Time Data from PISA 2018
2023-08-23 PLmixed Estimate (Generalized) Linear Mixed Models with Factor Structures
2023-08-23 popEpi Functions for Epidemiological Analysis using Population Data
2023-08-23 portalr Create Useful Summaries of the Portal Data
2023-08-23 potions Easy Options Management
2023-08-23 ProTrackR Manipulate and Play 'ProTracker' Modules
2023-08-23 qqman Q-Q and Manhattan Plots for GWAS Data
2023-08-23 rdwplus An Implementation of IDW-PLUS
2023-08-23 reproducible Enhance Reproducibility of R Code
2023-08-23 rerddap General Purpose Client for 'ERDDAP' Servers
2023-08-23 rfPermute Estimate Permutation p-Values for Random Forest Importance Metrics
2023-08-23 rhoneycomb Analysis of Honeycomb Selection Designs
2023-08-23 rMIDAS Multiple Imputation with Denoising Autoencoders
2023-08-23 rsample General Resampling Infrastructure
2023-08-23 sae2 Small Area Estimation: Time-Series Models
2023-08-23 SampleSizeMeans Sample Size Calculations for Normal Means
2023-08-23 SampleSizeProportions Calculating Sample Size Requirements when Estimating the Difference Between Two Binomial Proportions
2023-08-23 SAMtool Stock Assessment Methods Toolkit
2023-08-23 sanic Solving Ax = b Nimbly in C++
2023-08-23 sdmpredictors Species Distribution Modelling Predictor Datasets
2023-08-23 SentimentAnalysis Dictionary-Based Sentiment Analysis
2023-08-23 shinyCox Create 'shiny' Applications for Cox Proportional Hazards Models
2023-08-23 simplace Interface to Use the Modelling Framework 'SIMPLACE'
2023-08-23 socialranking Social Ranking Solutions for Power Relations on Coalitions
2023-08-23 stppSim Spatiotemporal Point Patterns Simulation
2023-08-23 supernova Judd, McClelland, & Ryan Formatting for ANOVA Output
2023-08-23 supportR Support Functions for Wrangling and Visualization
2023-08-23 switchSelection Endogenous Switching and Sample Selection Regression Models
2023-08-23 testequavar Bootstrap Tests for Equality of 2, 3, or 4 Population Variances
2023-08-23 TestGardener Optimal Analysis of Test and Rating Scale Data
2023-08-23 Tmisc Turner Miscellaneous
2023-08-23 truncnormbayes Estimates Moments for a Truncated Normal Distribution using 'Stan'
2023-08-23 tune Tidy Tuning Tools
2023-08-23 ukbnmr Removal of Unwanted Technical Variation from UK Biobank NMR Metabolomics Biomarker Data
2023-08-23 vec2dtransf 2D Cartesian Coordinate Transformation
2023-08-23 workflowr A Framework for Reproducible and Collaborative Data Science
2023-08-23 zCompositions Treatment of Zeros, Left-Censored and Missing Values in Compositional Data Sets
2023-08-22 acepack ACE and AVAS for Selecting Multiple Regression Transformations
2023-08-22 activatr Utilities for Parsing and Plotting Activities
2023-08-22 aggutils Utilities for Aggregating Probabilistic Forecasts
2023-08-22 aion Archaeological Time Series
2023-08-22 alabama Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
2023-08-22 anMC Compute High Dimensional Orthant Probabilities
2023-08-22 assist A Suite of R Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques
2023-08-22 BaseSet Working with Sets the Tidy Way
2023-08-22 BayesianPlatformDesignTimeTrend Simulate and Analyse Bayesian Platform Trial with Time Trend
2023-08-22 blaster Native R Implementation of an Efficient BLAST-Like Algorithm
2023-08-22 bootnet Bootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines
2023-08-22 bspm Bridge to System Package Manager
2023-08-22 CarletonStats Functions for Statistics Classes at Carleton College
2023-08-22 circumplex Analysis and Visualization of Circular Data
2023-08-22 cjoint AMCE Estimator for Conjoint Experiments
2023-08-22 compareGroups Descriptive Analysis by Groups
2023-08-22 Compind Composite Indicators Functions
2023-08-22 crrstep Stepwise Covariate Selection for the Fine & Gray Competing Risks Regression Model
2023-08-22 dartRverse Install and Load the 'dartRverse' Suits of Packages
2023-08-22 diffeR Metrics of Difference for Comparing Pairs of Maps or Pairs of Variables
2023-08-22 ecm Build Error Correction Models
2023-08-22 EFDR Wavelet-Based Enhanced FDR for Detecting Signals from Complete or Incomplete Spatially Aggregated Data
2023-08-22 EnvStats Package for Environmental Statistics, Including US EPA Guidance
2023-08-22 FENmlm Fixed Effects Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Models
2023-08-22 foodquotient Food Quotient and Nutrient Analysis for HSFFQ
2023-08-22 FSelector Selecting Attributes
2023-08-22 genderstat Quantitative Analysis Tools for Gender Studies
2023-08-22 glmnet Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
2023-08-22 googleway Accesses Google Maps APIs to Retrieve Data and Plot Maps
2023-08-22 growthPheno Functional Analysis of Phenotypic Growth Data to Smooth and Extract Traits
2023-08-22 GSODR Global Surface Summary of the Day ('GSOD') Weather Data Client
2023-08-22 gTestsMulti New Graph-Based Multi-Sample Tests
2023-08-22 hbmem Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Recognition Memory
2023-08-22 healthyR.ts The Time Series Modeling Companion to 'healthyR'
2023-08-22 idiogramFISH Shiny App. Idiograms with Marks and Karyotype Indices
2023-08-22 imageData Aids in Processing and Plotting Data from a Lemna-Tec Scananalyzer
2023-08-22 IPEC Root Mean Square Curvature Calculation
2023-08-22 IRISMustangMetrics Statistics and Metrics for Seismic Data
2023-08-22 itcSegment Individual Tree Crowns Segmentation
2023-08-22 kantorovich Kantorovich Distance Between Probability Measures
2023-08-22 kerDAA New Kernel-Based Test for Differential Association Analysis
2023-08-22 kerSeg New Kernel-Based Change-Point Detection
2023-08-22 kerTests Generalized Kernel Two-Sample Tests
2023-08-22 logcondens Estimate a Log-Concave Probability Density from Iid Observations
2023-08-22 lsasim Functions to Facilitate the Simulation of Large Scale Assessment Data
2023-08-22 meboot Maximum Entropy Bootstrap for Time Series
2023-08-22 mldr.resampling Resampling Algorithms for Multi-Label Datasets
2023-08-22 MM The Multiplicative Multinomial Distribution
2023-08-22 mnorm Multivariate Normal Distribution
2023-08-22 mSimCC Micro Simulation Model for Cervical Cancer Prevention
2023-08-22 multivator A Multivariate Emulator
2023-08-22 muRL Mailmerge using R, LaTeX, and the Web
2023-08-22 nestedcv Nested Cross-Validation with 'glmnet' and 'caret'
2023-08-22 networktools Tools for Identifying Important Nodes in Networks
2023-08-22 openmeteo Retrieve Weather Data from the Open-Meteo API
2023-08-22 panelr Regression Models and Utilities for Repeated Measures and Panel Data
2023-08-22 ParallelLogger Support for Parallel Computation, Logging, and Function Automation
2023-08-22 PartialNetwork Estimating Peer Effects Using Partial Network Data
2023-08-22 patternize Quantification of Color Pattern Variation
2023-08-22 pedbuildr Pedigree Reconstruction
2023-08-22 plotdap Easily Visualize Data from 'ERDDAP' Servers via the 'rerddap' Package
2023-08-22 quantmod Quantitative Financial Modelling Framework
2023-08-22 RBesT R Bayesian Evidence Synthesis Tools
2023-08-22 ref.ICAR Objective Bayes Intrinsic Conditional Autoregressive Model for Areal Data
2023-08-22 resilience Predictors of Resilience to a Stressor in a Single-Arm Study
2023-08-22 RESTK An Implementation of the RESTK Algorithm
2023-08-22 riverdist River Network Distance Computation and Applications
2023-08-22 robeth R Functions for Robust Statistics
2023-08-22 rpdo Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index Data
2023-08-22 rpymat Easy to Configure an Isolated 'Python' Environment
2023-08-22 seismicRoll Fast Rolling Functions for Seismology using 'Rcpp'
2023-08-22 sgs Sparse-Group SLOPE: Adaptive Bi-Level Selection with FDR Control
2023-08-22 ShapePattern Tools for Analyzing Shapes and Patterns
2023-08-22 SIBER Stable Isotope Bayesian Ellipses in R
2023-08-22 simmer Discrete-Event Simulation for R
2023-08-22 SixSigma Six Sigma Tools for Quality Control and Improvement
2023-08-22 smoothic Variable Selection Using a Smooth Information Criterion
2023-08-22 sorvi Functions for Finnish Open Data
2023-08-22 sparsenet Fit Sparse Linear Regression Models via Nonconvex Optimization
2023-08-22 spatialprobit Spatial Probit Models
2023-08-22 sps Sequential Poisson Sampling
2023-08-22 tabbycat Tabulate and Summarise Categorical Data
2023-08-22 tabula Analysis and Visualization of Archaeological Count Data
2023-08-22 thurstonianIRT Thurstonian IRT Models
2023-08-22 tmle Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2023-08-22 TruncExpFam Truncated Exponential Family
2023-08-22 vcdExtra 'vcd' Extensions and Additions
2023-08-22 XiMpLe A Simple XML Tree Parser and Generator
2023-08-22 zmisc Vector Look-Ups and Safer Sampling
2023-08-21 adaptr Adaptive Trial Simulator
2023-08-21 aftR2 R-Squared Measure under Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) Models
2023-08-21 ARDL ARDL, ECM and Bounds-Test for Cointegration
2023-08-21 aRtsy Generative Art with 'ggplot2'
2023-08-21 ashr Methods for Adaptive Shrinkage, using Empirical Bayes
2023-08-21 bigtime Sparse Estimation of Large Time Series Models
2023-08-21 biolink Create Hyperlinks to Biological Databases and Resources
2023-08-21 bootwar Nonparametric Bootstrap Test with Pooled Resampling Card Game
2023-08-21 CaseCohortCoxSurvival Case-Cohort Cox Survival Inference
2023-08-21 ClamR Time Series Modeling for Climate Change Proxies
2023-08-21 classGraph Construct Graphs of S4 Class Hierarchies
2023-08-21 clintools Tools for Clinical Research
2023-08-21 colourpicker A Colour Picker Tool for Shiny and for Selecting Colours in Plots
2023-08-21 CompositeReliability Determine the Composite Reliability of a Naturalistic, Unbalanced Dataset
2023-08-21 contingencytables Statistical Analysis of Contingency Tables
2023-08-21 CopernicusMarine Search Download and Handle Data from Copernicus Marine Service Information
2023-08-21 DelayedEffect.Design Sample Size and Power Calculations using the APPLE, SEPPLE, APPLE+ and SEPPLE+ Methods
2023-08-21 divraster Diversity Metrics Calculations for Rasterized Data
2023-08-21 DoE.MIParray Creation of Arrays by Mixed Integer Programming
2023-08-21 DoE.wrapper Wrapper Package for Design of Experiments Functionality
2023-08-21 dogesr Work with the Doges/Dogaresse Dataset
2023-08-21 ECOTOXr Download and Extract Data from US EPA's ECOTOX Database
2023-08-21 eive An Algorithm for Reducing Errors-in-Variable Bias in Simple and Multiple Linear Regressions
2023-08-21 elastes Elastic Full Procrustes Means for Sparse and Irregular Planar Curves
2023-08-21 endogeneity Recursive Two-Stage Models to Address Endogeneity
2023-08-21 ERSA Exploratory Regression 'Shiny' App
2023-08-21 ExceedanceTools Confidence/Credible Regions for Exceedance Sets and Contour Lines
2023-08-21 ExtDist Extending the Range of Functions for Probability Distributions
2023-08-21 fastRG Sample Generalized Random Dot Product Graphs in Linear Time
2023-08-21 gamclass Functions and Data for a Course on Modern Regression and Classification
2023-08-21 geoBayes Analysis of Geostatistical Data using Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods
2023-08-21 gge Genotype Plus Genotype-by-Environment Biplots
2023-08-21 ggExtra Add Marginal Histograms to 'ggplot2', and More 'ggplot2' Enhancements
2023-08-21 ghyp Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution and Its Special Cases
2023-08-21 glassoFast Fast Graphical LASSO
2023-08-21 GLDEX Fitting Single and Mixture of Generalised Lambda Distributions
2023-08-21 GPArotation Gradient Projection Factor Rotation
2023-08-21 groundhog Version-Control for CRAN, GitHub, and GitLab Packages
2023-08-21 gtable Arrange 'Grobs' in Tables
2023-08-21 GUILDS Implementation of Sampling Formulas for the Unified Neutral Model of Biodiversity and Biogeography, with or without Guild Structure
2023-08-21 Holomics An User-Friendly R 'shiny' Application for Multi-Omics Data Integration and Analysis
2023-08-21 hwde Models and Tests for Departure from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium and Independence Between Loci
2023-08-21 hyd1d 1d Water Level Interpolation along the Rivers Elbe and Rhine
2023-08-21 incase Pipe-Friendly Vector Replacement with Case Statements
2023-08-21 incubate Parametric Time-to-Event Analysis with Variable Incubation Phases
2023-08-21 install.load Check, Install and Load CRAN Packages
2023-08-21 InvStablePrior Inverse Stable Prior for Widely-Used Exponential Models
2023-08-21 IPMbook Functions and Data for the Book 'Integrated Population Models'
2023-08-21 IsingSampler Sampling Methods and Distribution Functions for the Ising Model
2023-08-21 khroma Colour Schemes for Scientific Data Visualization
2023-08-21 leaflet.extras2 Extra Functionality for 'leaflet' Package
2023-08-21 lightsout Implementation of the 'Lights Out' Puzzle Game
2023-08-21 LTAR Tensor Forecasting Functions
2023-08-21 madness Automatic Differentiation of Multivariate Operations
2023-08-21 manymome Mediation, Moderation and Moderated-Mediation After Model Fitting
2023-08-21 MarkowitzR Statistical Significance of the Markowitz Portfolio
2023-08-21 MCAvariants Multiple Correspondence Analysis Variants
2023-08-21 meteoland Landscape Meteorology Tools
2023-08-21 mfpp 'Matrix-Based Flexible Project Planning'
2023-08-21 microseq Basic Biological Sequence Handling
2023-08-21 mikropml User-Friendly R Package for Supervised Machine Learning Pipelines
2023-08-21 MKLE Maximum Kernel Likelihood Estimation
2023-08-21 mlt Most Likely Transformations
2023-08-21 monomvn Estimation for MVN and Student-t Data with Monotone Missingness
2023-08-21 multipol Multivariate Polynomials
2023-08-21 NegativeControlOutcomeAdjustment Estimation of Vaccine Efficacy using Negative Control Outcomes
2023-08-21 nfl4th Functions to Calculate Optimal Fourth Down Decisions in the National Football League
2023-08-21 nLTT Calculate the NLTT Statistic
2023-08-21 nodiv Compares the Distribution of Sister Clades Through a Phylogeny
2023-08-21 omnibus Helper Tools for Managing Data, Dates, Missing Values, and Text
2023-08-21 OPI Open Perimetry Interface
2023-08-21 pa Performance Attribution for Equity Portfolios
2023-08-21 pan Multiple Imputation for Multivariate Panel or Clustered Data
2023-08-21 PanelCount Random Effects and/or Sample Selection Models for Panel Count Data
2023-08-21 pathfindR Enrichment Analysis Utilizing Active Subnetworks
2023-08-21 pdR Threshold Model and Unit Root Tests in Cross-Section and Time Series Data
2023-08-21 PEIP Geophysical Inverse Theory and Optimization
2023-08-21 peruflorads43 Reviewed Official Classification of Endangered Wild Flora Species in Peru
2023-08-21 ProfessR Grades Setting and Exam Maker
2023-08-21 qape Quantile of Absolute Prediction Errors
2023-08-21 qfa Quantile-Frequency Analysis (QFA) of Time Series
2023-08-21 qicharts2 Quality Improvement Charts
2023-08-21 Rarity Calculation of Rarity Indices for Species and Assemblages of Species
2023-08-21 rbibutils Read 'Bibtex' Files and Convert Between Bibliography Formats
2023-08-21 RClickhouse 'Yandex Clickhouse' Interface for R with Basic 'dplyr' Support
2023-08-21 RcmdrPlugin.survival R Commander Plug-in for the 'survival' Package
2023-08-21 Rdpack Update and Manipulate Rd Documentation Objects
2023-08-21 rnaturalearth World Map Data from Natural Earth
2023-08-21 robcbi Conditionally Unbiased Bounded Influence Estimates
2023-08-21 RobustAFT Truncated Maximum Likelihood Fit and Robust Accelerated Failure Time Regression for Gaussian and Log-Weibull Case
2023-08-21 roxyglobals 'Roxygen2' Global Variable Declarations
2023-08-21 rpf Response Probability Functions
2023-08-21 rqdatatable 'rquery' for 'data.table'
2023-08-21 rr2 R2s for Regression Models
2023-08-21 rTableICC Random Generation of Contingency Tables
2023-08-21 runjags Interface Utilities, Model Templates, Parallel Computing Methods and Additional Distributions for MCMC Models in JAGS
2023-08-21 RVCompare Compare Real Valued Random Variables
2023-08-21 s20x Functions for University of Auckland Course STATS 201/208 Data Analysis
2023-08-21 sadists Some Additional Distributions
2023-08-21 saeHB.ME Small Area Estimation with Measurement Error using Hierarchical Bayesian Method
2023-08-21 saeME Small Area Estimation with Measurement Error
2023-08-21 samplesizelogisticcasecontrol Sample Size and Power Calculations for Case-Control Studies
2023-08-21 schoolmath Functions and Datasets for Math Used in School
2023-08-21 schtools Schloss Lab Tools for Reproducible Microbiome Research
2023-08-21 segclust2d Bivariate Segmentation/Clustering Methods and Tools
2023-08-21 shinydisconnect Show a Nice Message When a 'Shiny' App Disconnects or Errors
2023-08-21 shinyscreenshot Capture Screenshots of Entire Pages or Parts of Pages in 'Shiny'
2023-08-21 sigminer Extract, Analyze and Visualize Mutational Signatures for Genomic Variations
2023-08-21 smam Statistical Modeling of Animal Movements
2023-08-21 sphunif Uniformity Tests on the Circle, Sphere, and Hypersphere
2023-08-21 splancs Spatial and Space-Time Point Pattern Analysis
2023-08-21 spotoroo Spatiotemporal Clustering of Satellite Hot Spot Data
2023-08-21 statisfactory Statistical and Geometrical Tools
2023-08-21 stcos Space-Time Change of Support
2023-08-21 stm Estimation of the Structural Topic Model
2023-08-21 streamDAG Analytical Methods for Stream DAGs
2023-08-21 sumR Approximate Summation of Series
2023-08-21 tglkmeans Efficient Implementation of K-Means++ Algorithm
2023-08-21 tidyestimate A Tidy Implementation of 'ESTIMATE'
2023-08-21 tipa Tau-Independent Phase Analysis for Circadian Time-Course Data
2023-08-21 treeDbalance Computation of 3D Tree Imbalance
2023-08-21 ustfd API Client for US Treasury Fiscal Data
2023-08-21 vip Variable Importance Plots
2023-08-21 vMF Sampling from the von Mises-Fisher Distribution
2023-08-21 wpa Tools for Analysing and Visualising Viva Insights Data
2023-08-20 asbio A Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists
2023-08-20 cdata Fluid Data Transformations
2023-08-20 cgwtools Miscellaneous Tools
2023-08-20 coga Convolution of Gamma Distributions
2023-08-20 corpora Statistics and Data Sets for Corpus Frequency Data
2023-08-20 correctR Corrected Test Statistics for Comparing Machine Learning Models on Correlated Samples
2023-08-20 DAAGbio Data Sets and Functions, for Demonstrations with Expression Arrays and Gene Sequences
2023-08-20 ddpcr Analysis and Visualization of Droplet Digital PCR in R and on the Web
2023-08-20 demoKde Kernel Density Estimation for Demonstration Purposes
2023-08-20 designer 'Shiny' UI Prototype Builder
2023-08-20 DTComPair Comparison of Binary Diagnostic Tests in a Paired Study Design
2023-08-20 ezknitr Avoid the Typical Working Directory Pain When Using 'knitr'
2023-08-20 fbRads Analyzing and Managing Facebook Ads from R
2023-08-20 FuzzyLP Fuzzy Linear Programming
2023-08-20 galts Genetic Algorithms and C-Steps Based LTS (Least Trimmed Squares) Estimation
2023-08-20 gatepoints Easily Gate or Select Points on a Scatter Plot
2023-08-20 gellipsoid Generalized Ellipsoids
2023-08-20 gkmSVM Gapped-Kmer Support Vector Machine
2023-08-20 hopkins Calculate Hopkins Statistic for Clustering
2023-08-20 ie2miscdata Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous USGS Data Collection
2023-08-20 intergraph Coercion Routines for Network Data Objects
2023-08-20 MatrixExtra Extra Methods for Sparse Matrices
2023-08-20 mcga Machine Coded Genetic Algorithms for Real-Valued Optimization Problems
2023-08-20 MESS Miscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts
2023-08-20 minimax The Minimax Distribution Family
2023-08-20 MLDS Maximum Likelihood Difference Scaling
2023-08-20 netrankr Analyzing Partial Rankings in Networks
2023-08-20 pbcc Percentile-Based Control Chart
2023-08-20 PCGSE Principal Component Gene Set Enrichment
2023-08-20 PogromcyDanych DataCrunchers (PogromcyDanych) is the Massive Online Open Course that Brings R and Statistics to the People
2023-08-20 RcppDynProg 'Rcpp' Dynamic Programming
2023-08-20 RDS Respondent-Driven Sampling
2023-08-20 RESET Reconstruction Set Test
2023-08-20 rquery Relational Query Generator for Data Manipulation at Scale
2023-08-20 sdetorus Statistical Tools for Toroidal Diffusions
2023-08-20 sigr Succinct and Correct Statistical Summaries for Reports
2023-08-20 SimVitD Simulation Tools for Planning Vitamin D Studies
2023-08-20 SmarterPoland Tools for Accessing Various Datasets Developed by the Foundation SmarterPoland.pl
2023-08-20 SPECIES Statistical Package for Species Richness Estimation
2023-08-20 timeordered Time-Ordered and Time-Aggregated Network Analyses
2023-08-20 untb Ecological Drift under the UNTB
2023-08-20 WVPlots Common Plots for Analysis
2023-08-19 augmentedRCBD Analysis of Augmented Randomised Complete Block Designs
2023-08-19 AWR.Kinesis Amazon 'Kinesis' Consumer Application for Stream Processing
2023-08-19 BayesianLaterality Predict Brain Asymmetry Based on Handedness and Dichotic Listening
2023-08-19 BiasedUrn Biased Urn Model Distributions
2023-08-19 biogrowth Modelling of Population Growth
2023-08-19 Blendstat Joint Analysis of Experiments with Mixtures and Random Effects
2023-08-19 BT (Adaptive) Boosting Trees Algorithm
2023-08-19 Ckmeans.1d.dp Optimal, Fast, and Reproducible Univariate Clustering
2023-08-19 clugenr Multidimensional Cluster Generation Using Support Lines
2023-08-19 clustertend Check the Clustering Tendency
2023-08-19 coconots Convolution-Closed Models for Count Time Series
2023-08-19 contFracR Continued Fraction Generators and Evaluators
2023-08-19 CVrisk Compute Risk Scores for Cardiovascular Diseases
2023-08-19 driveR Prioritizing Cancer Driver Genes Using Genomics Data
2023-08-19 dynsurv Dynamic Models for Survival Data
2023-08-19 eummd Efficient Univariate Maximum Mean Discrepancy
2023-08-19 figir Check Validity of FIGI, CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL
2023-08-19 fontawesome Easily Work with 'Font Awesome' Icons
2023-08-19 fractalRegression Performs Fractal Analysis and Fractal Regression
2023-08-19 garma Fitting and Forecasting Gegenbauer ARMA Time Series Models
2023-08-19 geogrid Turn Geospatial Polygons into Regular or Hexagonal Grids
2023-08-19 geomapdata Data for Topographic and Geologic Mapping
2023-08-19 GMMBoost Likelihood-Based Boosting for Generalized Mixed Models
2023-08-19 gmvarkit Estimate Gaussian and Student's t Mixture Vector Autoregressive Models
2023-08-19 hash Full Featured Implementation of Hash Tables/Associative Arrays/Dictionaries
2023-08-19 hettx Fisherian and Neymanian Methods for Detecting and Measuring Treatment Effect Variation
2023-08-19 hillR Diversity Through Hill Numbers
2023-08-19 interpretR Binary Classifier and Regression Model Interpretation Functions
2023-08-19 isdals Datasets for Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences
2023-08-19 leaflegend Add Custom Legends to 'leaflet' Maps
2023-08-19 lmm Linear Mixed Models
2023-08-19 logconcens Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Log-Concave Density Based on Censored Data
2023-08-19 MFAg Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA)
2023-08-19 micompr Multivariate Independent Comparison of Observations
2023-08-19 MPDiR Data Sets and Scripts for Modeling Psychophysical Data in R
2023-08-19 MVar Multivariate Analysis
2023-08-19 MVar.pt Analise multivariada (brazilian portuguese)
2023-08-19 NameNeedle Using Needleman-Wunsch to Match Sample Names
2023-08-19 nasapower NASA POWER API Client
2023-08-19 nbpMatching Functions for Optimal Non-Bipartite Matching
2023-08-19 NetRep Permutation Testing Network Module Preservation Across Datasets
2023-08-19 pacs Supplementary Tools for R Packages Developers
2023-08-19 PANACEA Personalized Network-Based Anti-Cancer Therapy Evaluation
2023-08-19 parsec Partial Orders in Socio-Economics
2023-08-19 plan Tools for Project Planning
2023-08-19 PLRModels Statistical Inference in Partial Linear Regression Models
2023-08-19 poisson.glm.mix Fit High Dimensional Mixtures of Poisson GLMs
2023-08-19 psyphy Functions for Analyzing Psychophysical Data in R
2023-08-19 Pursuit Projection Pursuit
2023-08-19 quantreg Quantile Regression
2023-08-19 randomizeBE Create a Random List for Crossover Studies
2023-08-19 raters A Modification of Fleiss' Kappa in Case of Nominal and Ordinal Variables
2023-08-19 RcppRedis 'Rcpp' Bindings for 'Redis' using the 'hiredis' Library
2023-08-19 readMzXmlData Reads Mass Spectrometry Data in mzXML Format
2023-08-19 REBayes Empirical Bayes Estimation and Inference
2023-08-19 rerddapXtracto Extracts Environmental Data from 'ERDDAP' Web Services
2023-08-19 RMaCzek Czekanowski's Diagrams
2023-08-19 RODBC ODBC Database Access
2023-08-19 rotasym Tests for Rotational Symmetry on the Hypersphere
2023-08-19 RPMG Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Interactive R Analysis Sessions
2023-08-19 rpql Regularized PQL for Joint Selection in GLMMs
2023-08-19 RSEIS Seismic Time Series Analysis Tools
2023-08-19 RSQL Database Agnostic Package to Generate and Process 'SQL' Queries in R
2023-08-19 ShapeSelectForest Shape Selection for Landsat Time Series of Forest Dynamics
2023-08-19 SightabilityModel Wildlife Sightability Modeling
2023-08-19 simET Tools for Simulation of Evapotranspiration of Field Crops and Soil Water Balance
2023-08-19 splines2 Regression Spline Functions and Classes
2023-08-19 statar Tools Inspired by 'Stata' to Manipulate Tabular Data
2023-08-19 stokes The Exterior Calculus
2023-08-19 tidyEmoji Discovers Emoji from Text
2023-08-19 TreeTools Create, Modify and Analyse Phylogenetic Trees
2023-08-19 uGMAR Estimate Univariate Gaussian and Student's t Mixture Autoregressive Models
2023-08-19 usincometaxes Calculate Federal and State Income Taxes in the United States
2023-08-19 verbalisr Describe Pedigree Relationships in Words
2023-08-19 vtreat A Statistically Sound 'data.frame' Processor/Conditioner
2023-08-19 wCorr Weighted Correlations
2023-08-19 wrapr Wrap R Tools for Debugging and Parametric Programming
2023-08-19 zoeppritz Seismic Reflection and Scattering Coefficients
2023-08-18 audio Audio Interface for R
2023-08-18 bestNormalize Normalizing Transformation Functions
2023-08-18 blaise Read and Write FWF Files in the 'Blaise' Format
2023-08-18 brms.mmrm Bayesian MMRMs using 'brms'
2023-08-18 Cairo R Graphics Device using Cairo Graphics Library for Creating High-Quality Bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), Vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and Display (X11 and Win32) Output
2023-08-18 CMplot Circle Manhattan Plot
2023-08-18 countprop Calculate Model-Based Metrics of Proportionality on Count-Based Compositional Data
2023-08-18 crandep Network Analysis of Dependencies of CRAN Packages
2023-08-18 dplbnDE Discriminative Parameter Learning of Bayesian Networks by Differential Evolution
2023-08-18 DSAM Data Splitting Algorithms for Model Developments
2023-08-18 ecocbo Calculating Optimum Sampling Effort in Community Ecology
2023-08-18 emdist Earth Mover's Distance
2023-08-18 fastmatch Fast 'match()' Function
2023-08-18 FSAtools Fragment Analysis and Capillary Sequencing Tool Kit
2023-08-18 germinationmetrics Seed Germination Indices and Curve Fitting
2023-08-18 gghdx HDX Theme, Scales, and Other Conveniences for 'ggplot2'
2023-08-18 GoodFibes Detection and Reconstruction of Muscle Fibers from diceCT Image Data
2023-08-18 HDSinRdata Data for the 'Health Data Science in R' Online Textbook
2023-08-18 hfhub Hugging Face Hub Interface
2023-08-18 invgamstochvol Obtains the Log Likelihood for an Inverse Gamma Stochastic Volatility Model
2023-08-18 isoWater Discovery, Retrieval, and Analysis of Water Isotope Data
2023-08-18 languageserver Language Server Protocol
2023-08-18 logistf Firth's Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression
2023-08-18 matsindf Matrices in Data Frames
2023-08-18 metabias Meta-Analysis for Within-Study and/or Across-Study Biases
2023-08-18 MetabolicSyndrome Diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome
2023-08-18 MRMCsamplesize Sample Size Estimations for Planning Multi-Reader Multi-Case (MRMC) Studies Without Pilot Data
2023-08-18 nomclust Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Nominal Data
2023-08-18 PublicationBias Sensitivity Analysis for Publication Bias in Meta-Analyses
2023-08-18 ranktreeEnsemble Ensemble Models of Rank-Based Trees with Extracted Decision Rules
2023-08-18 restoptr Ecological Restoration Planning
2023-08-18 Rgb The R Genome Browser
2023-08-18 rgrass7 Deprecated Interface Between GRASS Geographical Information System and R
2023-08-18 Rlabkey Data Exchange Between R and 'LabKey' Server
2023-08-18 Rmodule Automated Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Arbitrarily Structured Correlation Matrices
2023-08-18 robustlmm Robust Linear Mixed Effects Models
2023-08-18 RPPASPACE Reverse-Phase Protein Array Super Position and Concentration Evaluation
2023-08-18 sEparaTe Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Likelihood Ratio Test Functions for Separable Variance-Covariance Structures
2023-08-18 SoftClustering Soft Clustering Algorithms
2023-08-18 stepR Multiscale Change-Point Inference
2023-08-18 tinyarray Expression Data Analysis and Visualization
2023-08-18 uniswappeR Interact with the Uniswap Platform
2023-08-18 wrProteo Proteomics Data Analysis Functions
2023-08-17 arc Association Rule Classification
2023-08-17 autoMrP Improving MrP with Ensemble Learning
2023-08-17 BCgee Bias-Corrected Estimates for Generalized Linear Models for Dependent Data
2023-08-17 castor Efficient Phylogenetics on Large Trees
2023-08-17 chemodiv Analysing Chemodiversity of Phytochemical Data
2023-08-17 chronosphere Evolving Earth System Variables
2023-08-17 commonsMath JAR Files of the Apache Commons Mathematics Library
2023-08-17 dartR.spatial Applying Landscape Genomic Methods on 'SNP' and 'Silicodart' Data
2023-08-17 DEET Differential Expression Enrichment Tool
2023-08-17 DominoDataR 'Domino Data R SDK'
2023-08-17 efdm Simulate Forest Resources with the European Forestry Dynamics Model
2023-08-17 embed Extra Recipes for Encoding Predictors
2023-08-17 emmeans Estimated Marginal Means, aka Least-Squares Means
2023-08-17 epo Enhanced Portfolio Optimization (EPO)
2023-08-17 f1dataR Access Formula 1 Data
2023-08-17 fields Tools for Spatial Data
2023-08-17 formods 'Shiny' Modules for General Tasks
2023-08-17 fusen Build a Package from Rmarkdown Files
2023-08-17 FuzzyClass Fuzzy and Non-Fuzzy Classifiers
2023-08-17 GE General Equilibrium Modeling
2023-08-17 ggspatial Spatial Data Framework for ggplot2
2023-08-17 giacR Interface to the Computer Algebra System 'Giac'
2023-08-17 GIFT Access to the Global Inventory of Floras and Traits (GIFT)
2023-08-17 graposas Graphical Approach Optimal Sample Size
2023-08-17 GWalkR Interactive Exploratory Data Analysis Tool
2023-08-17 hce Design and Analysis of Hierarchical Composite Endpoints
2023-08-17 hdbinseg Change-Point Analysis of High-Dimensional Time Series via Binary Segmentation
2023-08-17 heterogen Spatial Functions for Heterogeneity and Climate Variability
2023-08-17 hockeystick Download and Visualize Essential Climate Change Data
2023-08-17 ibdsim2 Simulation of Chromosomal Regions Shared by Family Members
2023-08-17 intSDM Reproducible Integrated Species Distribution Models Across Norway using 'INLA'
2023-08-17 Inventorymodel Inventory Models
2023-08-17 isocir Isotonic Inference for Circular Data
2023-08-17 itscalledsoccer American Soccer Analysis API Client
2023-08-17 latcontrol Evaluation of the Role of Control Variables in Structural Equation Models
2023-08-17 lrstat Power and Sample Size Calculation for Non-Proportional Hazards
2023-08-17 mhazard Nonparametric and Semiparametric Methods for Multivariate Failure Time Data
2023-08-17 micromodal Create Simple and Elegant Modal Dialogs in 'shiny'
2023-08-17 mrct Outlier Detection of Functional Data Based on the Minimum Regularized Covariance Trace Estimator
2023-08-17 naryn Native Access Medical Record Retriever for High Yield Analytics
2023-08-17 osmclass Classify Open Street Map Features
2023-08-17 palaeoverse Prepare and Explore Data for Palaeobiological Analyses
2023-08-17 parsnip A Common API to Modeling and Analysis Functions
2023-08-17 proj4 A simple interface to the PROJ.4 cartographic projections library
2023-08-17 qgisprocess Use 'QGIS' Processing Algorithms
2023-08-17 rankrate Joint Statistical Models for Preference Learning with Rankings and Ratings
2023-08-17 rasterList A Raster Where Cells are Generic Objects
2023-08-17 rgeedim Search, Composite, and Download 'Google Earth Engine' Imagery with the 'Python' Module 'geedim'
2023-08-17 rTPC Fitting and Analysing Thermal Performance Curves
2023-08-17 scriptloc Get the Location of the R Script that is Being Sourced/Executed
2023-08-17 shiny.emptystate Empty State Components for 'Shiny'
2023-08-17 sjPlot Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
2023-08-17 smacofx Flexible Multidimensional Scaling and 'smacof' Extensions
2023-08-17 SPEV Unsmoothed and Smoothed Penalized PCA using Nesterov Smoothing
2023-08-17 statcanR Client for Statistics Canada's Open Economic Data
2023-08-17 StReg Student's t Regression Models
2023-08-17 textrecipes Extra 'Recipes' for Text Processing
2023-08-17 tikzDevice R Graphics Output in LaTeX Format
2023-08-17 tok Fast Text Tokenization
2023-08-17 TP.idm Estimation of Transition Probabilities for the Illness-Death Model
2023-08-17 uuid Tools for Generating and Handling of UUIDs
2023-08-17 wqtrends Assess Water Quality Trends with Generalized Additive Models
2023-08-16 AGHmatrix Relationship Matrices for Diploid and Autopolyploid Species
2023-08-16 BASiNETEntropy Classification of RNA Sequences using Complex Network and Information Theory
2023-08-16 CIfinder Estimate the Confidence Intervals for Predictive Values
2023-08-16 clusterGeneration Random Cluster Generation (with Specified Degree of Separation)
2023-08-16 CodelistGenerator Generate Code Lists for the OMOP Common Data Model
2023-08-16 DirStats Nonparametric Methods for Directional Data
2023-08-16 DrugExposureDiagnostics Diagnostics for OMOP Common Data Model Drug Records
2023-08-16 expertsurv Incorporate Expert Opinion with Parametric Survival Models
2023-08-16 frab How to Add Two Tables
2023-08-16 generalCorr Generalized Correlations, Causal Paths and Portfolio Selection
2023-08-16 geneSLOPE Genome-Wide Association Study with SLOPE
2023-08-16 ggordiplots Make 'ggplot2' Versions of Vegan's Ordiplots
2023-08-16 gss General Smoothing Splines
2023-08-16 hyfo Hydrology and Climate Forecasting
2023-08-16 jmvReadWrite Read and Write 'jamovi' Files ('.omv')
2023-08-16 jstor Read Data from JSTOR/DfR
2023-08-16 ltable Easy to Make (Lazy) Tables
2023-08-16 micss Modified Iterative Cumulative Sum of Squares Algorithm
2023-08-16 mMARCH.AC Processing of Accelerometry Data with 'GGIR' in mMARCH
2023-08-16 mrgsolve Simulate from ODE-Based Models
2023-08-16 MRZero Diet Mendelian Randomization
2023-08-16 mtscr Multidimensional Top Scoring for Creativity Research
2023-08-16 packager Create, Build and Maintain Packages
2023-08-16 PAMmisc Miscellaneous Functions for Passive Acoustic Analysis
2023-08-16 panelsummary Create Publication-Ready Regression Tables with Panels
2023-08-16 persDx Personalized Diagnostics Rules for Subgroup Identification and Personalized Biomarker Discovery
2023-08-16 piglet Program for Inferring Ig Allele Similarity Clusters and Genotypes
2023-08-16 PopGenHelpR Streamline Population Genomic and Genetic Analyses
2023-08-16 psp Parameter Space Partitioning MCMC for Global Model Evaluation
2023-08-16 purgeR Inbreeding-Purging Estimation in Pedigreed Populations
2023-08-16 RcmdrPlugin.NMBU R Commander Plug-in for University Level Applied Statistics
2023-08-16 RcppBigIntAlgos Factor Big Integers with the Parallel Quadratic Sieve
2023-08-16 refugees UNHCR Refugee Population Statistics Database
2023-08-16 shinyChatR R Shiny Chat Module
2023-08-16 TapeR Flexible Tree Taper Curves Based on Semiparametric Mixed Models
2023-08-15 aifeducation Artificial Intelligence for Education
2023-08-15 bnma Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis using 'JAGS'
2023-08-15 businessPlanR Simple Modelling Tools for Business Plans
2023-08-15 CARRoT Predicting Categorical and Continuous Outcomes Using One in Ten Rule
2023-08-15 cata Analysis of Check-All-that-Apply (CATA) Data
2023-08-15 ciftiTools Tools for Reading, Writing, Viewing and Manipulating CIFTI Files
2023-08-15 contsurvplot Visualize the Effect of a Continuous Variable on a Time-to-Event Outcome
2023-08-15 cureplots CURE (Cumulative Residual) Plots
2023-08-15 cyclestreets Cycle Routing and Data for Cycling Advocacy
2023-08-15 easyVerification Ensemble Forecast Verification for Large Data Sets
2023-08-15 epiR Tools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data
2023-08-15 fakemake Mock the Unix Make Utility
2023-08-15 FRESA.CAD Feature Selection Algorithms for Computer Aided Diagnosis
2023-08-15 fritools Utilities for the Forest Research Institute of the State Baden-Wuerttemberg
2023-08-15 glmtoolbox Set of Tools to Data Analysis using Generalized Linear Models
2023-08-15 httr Tools for Working with URLs and HTTP
2023-08-15 jmvcore Dependencies for the 'jamovi' Framework
2023-08-15 jqbr 'jQuery QueryBuilder' Input for 'Shiny'
2023-08-15 keras R Interface to 'Keras'
2023-08-15 lit Latent Interaction Testing for Genome-Wide Studies
2023-08-15 lmomPi (Precipitation) Frequency Analysis and Variability with L-Moments from 'lmom'
2023-08-15 mvs Methods for High-Dimensional Multi-View Learning
2023-08-15 nanostringr Performs Quality Control, Data Normalization, and Batch Effect Correction for 'NanoString nCounter' Data
2023-08-15 nls.multstart Robust Non-Linear Regression using AIC Scores
2023-08-15 nominatimlite Interface with 'Nominatim' API Service
2023-08-15 norgeo Tracking Geo Code Change of Regional Granularity in Norway
2023-08-15 PakPC2023 Pakistan Population Census 2023
2023-08-15 pedigreeTools Versatile Functions for Working with Pedigrees
2023-08-15 pfr Interface to the 'C++' Library 'Pf'
2023-08-15 photosynthesis Tools for Plant Ecophysiology & Modeling
2023-08-15 phyloregion Biogeographic Regionalization and Macroecology
2023-08-15 ppendemic A Glimpse at the Diversity of Peru's Endemic Plants
2023-08-15 QTLEMM QTL Mapping and Hotspots Detection
2023-08-15 r.proxy Set Proxy in R Console
2023-08-15 rasciidoc Create Reports Using R and 'asciidoc'
2023-08-15 rbi Interface to 'LibBi'
2023-08-15 RDSsamplesize RDS Sample Size Estimation and Power Calculation
2023-08-15 REDCapTidieR Extract 'REDCap' Databases into Tidy 'Tibble's
2023-08-15 responsePatterns Screening for Careless Responding Patterns
2023-08-15 RHclust Vector in Partition
2023-08-15 RRPP Linear Model Evaluation with Randomized Residuals in a Permutation Procedure
2023-08-15 STAREG An Empirical Bayes Approach for Replicability Analysis Across Two Studies
2023-08-15 stpphawkes Missing Data for Marked Hawkes Process
2023-08-15 tensorflow R Interface to 'TensorFlow'
2023-08-14 curl A Modern and Flexible Web Client for R
2023-08-14 evclass Evidential Distance-Based Classification
2023-08-14 ggplot2 Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics
2023-08-14 ggVennDiagram A 'ggplot2' Implement of Venn Diagram
2023-08-14 IBRtools Integrating Biomarker-Based Assessments and Radarchart Creation
2023-08-14 lterdatasampler Educational Dataset Examples from the Long Term Ecological Research Program
2023-08-14 M3JF Multi-Modal Matrix Joint Factorization for Integrative Multi-Omics Data Analysis
2023-08-14 mapsPERU Maps of Peru
2023-08-14 mcmsupply Estimating Public and Private Sector Contraceptive Market Supply Shares
2023-08-14 nflverse Easily Install and Load the 'nflverse'
2023-08-14 nimbleCarbon Bayesian Analyses of Radiocarbon Dates with NIMBLE
2023-08-14 optimx Expanded Replacement and Extension of the 'optim' Function
2023-08-14 osmdata Import 'OpenStreetMap' Data as Simple Features or Spatial Objects
2023-08-14 packagepal Guidelines and Checklists for Building CRAN-Worthy Packages
2023-08-14 patchwork The Composer of Plots
2023-08-14 piqp R Interface to Proximal Interior Point Quadratic Programming Solver
2023-08-14 portn Portfolio Analysis for Nature
2023-08-14 RcppAlgos High Performance Tools for Combinatorics and Computational Mathematics
2023-08-14 rgTest Robust Graph-Based Two-Sample Test
2023-08-14 SAGM Spatial Autoregressive Graphical Model
2023-08-14 scico Colour Palettes Based on the Scientific Colour-Maps
2023-08-14 screenshot Take Screenshots (Screen Capture) from R Command
2023-08-14 spiro Manage Data from Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
2023-08-14 survival Survival Analysis
2023-08-14 themis Extra Recipes Steps for Dealing with Unbalanced Data
2023-08-14 tidyhte Tidy Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
2023-08-14 tipmap Tipping Point Analysis for Bayesian Dynamic Borrowing
2023-08-14 tuneR Analysis of Music and Speech
2023-08-13 dittodb A Test Environment for Database Requests
2023-08-13 EIAapi Query Data from the 'EIA' API
2023-08-13 frailtySurv General Semiparametric Shared Frailty Model
2023-08-13 ggpicrust2 Make 'PICRUSt2' Output Analysis and Visualization Easier
2023-08-13 ggpmisc Miscellaneous Extensions to 'ggplot2'
2023-08-13 ggstats Extension to 'ggplot2' for Plotting Stats
2023-08-13 multilevelcoda Estimate Bayesian Multilevel Models for Compositional Data
2023-08-13 nonnest2 Tests of Non-Nested Models
2023-08-13 prioriactions Multi-Action Conservation Planning
2023-08-13 ptspotter Helper Functions for Use with "ProjectTemplate"
2023-08-13 readrba Download and Tidy Data from the Reserve Bank of Australia
2023-08-13 SCpubr Generate Publication Ready Visualizations of Single Cell Transcriptomics Data
2023-08-13 tvem Time-Varying Effect Models
2023-08-12 CDatanet Modeling Count Data with Peer Effects
2023-08-12 copent Estimating Copula Entropy and Transfer Entropy
2023-08-12 dartR.base Analysing 'SNP' and 'Silicodart' Data - Basic Functions
2023-08-12 dPCP Automated Analysis of Multiplex Digital PCR Data
2023-08-12 FDboost Boosting Functional Regression Models
2023-08-12 ggpp Grammar Extensions to 'ggplot2'
2023-08-12 gifski Highest Quality GIF Encoder
2023-08-12 gips Gaussian Model Invariant by Permutation Symmetry
2023-08-12 gRain Graphical Independence Networks
2023-08-12 hellorust Minimal Examples of Using Rust Code in R
2023-08-12 htetree Causal Inference with Tree-Based Machine Learning Algorithms
2023-08-12 kit Data Manipulation Functions Implemented in C
2023-08-12 mdatools Multivariate Data Analysis for Chemometrics
2023-08-12 mlsurvlrnrs R6-Based ML Survival Learners for 'mlexperiments'
2023-08-12 nhdR Tools for Working with the National Hydrography Dataset
2023-08-12 pcv Procrustes Cross-Validation
2023-08-12 PearsonDS Pearson Distribution System
2023-08-12 semmcci Monte Carlo Confidence Intervals in Structural Equation Modeling
2023-08-12 SemNeT Methods and Measures for Semantic Network Analysis
2023-08-12 shiny Web Application Framework for R
2023-08-12 SingleCaseES A Calculator for Single-Case Effect Sizes
2023-08-12 slcm Sparse Latent Class Model for Cognitive Diagnosis
2023-08-12 tidybayes Tidy Data and 'Geoms' for Bayesian Models
2023-08-11 ActivePathways Integrative Pathway Enrichment Analysis of Multivariate Omics Data
2023-08-11 aides Additive Information & Details of Evidence Synthesis
2023-08-11 appRiori Code and Obtain Customized Planned Comparisons with 'appRiori'
2023-08-11 binomCI Confidence Intervals for a Binomial Proportion
2023-08-11 bsicons Easily Work with 'Bootstrap' Icons
2023-08-11 bslib Custom 'Bootstrap' 'Sass' Themes for 'shiny' and 'rmarkdown'
2023-08-11 caracas Computer Algebra
2023-08-11 CFtime Using CF-Compliant Calendars with Climate Projection Data
2023-08-11 chillR Statistical Methods for Phenology Analysis in Temperate Fruit Trees
2023-08-11 chromote Headless Chrome Web Browser Interface
2023-08-11 cornet Elastic Net with Dichotomised Outcomes
2023-08-11 coxphf Cox Regression with Firth's Penalized Likelihood
2023-08-11 csodata Download Data from the CSO 'PxStat' API
2023-08-11 DRquality Quality Measurements for Dimensionality Reduction
2023-08-11 flexdashboard R Markdown Format for Flexible Dashboards
2023-08-11 FMAT The Fill-Mask Association Test
2023-08-11 GFM Generalized Factor Model
2023-08-11 gRim Graphical Interaction Models
2023-08-11 instantiate Pre-Compiled 'CmdStan' Models in R Packages
2023-08-11 iSTATS A Graphical Interface to Perform STOCSY Analyses on NMR Data
2023-08-11 MALDIquantForeign Import/Export Routines for 'MALDIquant'
2023-08-11 mxsem Specify 'OpenMx' Models with a 'lavaan'-Style Syntax
2023-08-11 NetworkComparr Statistical Comparison of Networks
2023-08-11 PAMpal Load and Process Passive Acoustic Data
2023-08-11 PaRe A Way to Perform Code Review or QA on Other Packages
2023-08-11 regressinator Simulate and Diagnose (Generalized) Linear Models
2023-08-11 sdcTable Methods for Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data
2023-08-11 sirt Supplementary Item Response Theory Models
2023-08-11 smoothy Automatic Estimation of the Most Likely Drug Combination using Smooth Algorithm
2023-08-11 support.CEs Basic Functions for Supporting an Implementation of Choice Experiments
2023-08-11 syuzhet Extracts Sentiment and Sentiment-Derived Plot Arcs from Text
2023-08-11 theft Tools for Handling Extraction of Features from Time Series
2023-08-11 thematic Unified and Automatic 'Theming' of 'ggplot2', 'lattice', and 'base' R Graphics
2023-08-11 TMB Template Model Builder: A General Random Effect Tool Inspired by 'ADMB'
2023-08-11 webshot2 Take Screenshots of Web Pages
2023-08-11 wrGraph Graphics in the Context of Analyzing High-Throughput Data
2023-08-10 anomaly Detecting Anomalies in Data
2023-08-10 apollo Tools for Choice Model Estimation and Application
2023-08-10 baizer Useful Functions for Data Processing
2023-08-10 BAT Biodiversity Assessment Tools
2023-08-10 biogeom Biological Geometries
2023-08-10 boodist Some Distributions from the 'Boost' Library and More
2023-08-10 c2z A Reference Manager
2023-08-10 cgam Constrained Generalized Additive Model
2023-08-10 cna Causal Modeling with Coincidence Analysis
2023-08-10 CorMID Correct Mass Isotopologue Distribution Vectors
2023-08-10 cpp11 A C++11 Interface for R's C Interface
2023-08-10 Delaporte Statistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
2023-08-10 DrugSim2DR Predict Drug Functional Similarity to Drug Repurposing
2023-08-10 edgar Tool for the U.S. SEC EDGAR Retrieval and Parsing of Corporate Filings
2023-08-10 eseis Environmental Seismology Toolbox
2023-08-10 faviconPlease Find the URL to the 'Favicon' for a Website
2023-08-10 FinNet Quickly Build and Manipulate Financial Networks
2023-08-10 flsa Path Algorithm for the General Fused Lasso Signal Approximator
2023-08-10 FuzzySimRes Simulation and Resampling Methods for Epistemic Fuzzy Data
2023-08-10 GABB Facilitation of Data Preparation and Plotting Procedures for RDA and PCA Analyses
2023-08-10 gdalUtilities Wrappers for 'GDAL' Utilities Executables
2023-08-10 GGIR Raw Accelerometer Data Analysis
2023-08-10 gk g-and-k and g-and-h Distribution Functions
2023-08-10 glmnetr Nested Cross Validation for the Relaxed Lasso and Other Machine Learning Models
2023-08-10 gmapsdistance Distance and Travel Time Between Two Points from Google Maps
2023-08-10 htmltools Tools for HTML
2023-08-10 igraph Network Analysis and Visualization
2023-08-10 ks Kernel Smoothing
2023-08-10 leaflet.providers Leaflet Providers
2023-08-10 lindia Automated Linear Regression Diagnostic
2023-08-10 LowRankQP Low Rank Quadratic Programming
2023-08-10 metalite ADaM Metadata Structure
2023-08-10 micromapST Linked Micromap Plots for U. S. and Other Geographic Areas
2023-08-10 mirt Multidimensional Item Response Theory
2023-08-10 MMOC Multi-Omic Spectral Clustering using the Flag Manifold
2023-08-10 ordbetareg Ordered Beta Regression Models with 'brms'
2023-08-10 osmextract Download and Import Open Street Map Data Extracts
2023-08-10 piar Price Index Aggregation
2023-08-10 progressr An Inclusive, Unifying API for Progress Updates
2023-08-10 promises Abstractions for Promise-Based Asynchronous Programming
2023-08-10 purrr Functional Programming Tools
2023-08-10 qgcomp Quantile G-Computation
2023-08-10 RaceID Identification of Cell Types, Inference of Lineage Trees, and Prediction of Noise Dynamics from Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data
2023-08-10 randomizr Easy-to-Use Tools for Common Forms of Random Assignment and Sampling
2023-08-10 ribd Pedigree-based Relatedness Coefficients
2023-08-10 RTMB 'R' Bindings for 'TMB'
2023-08-10 Rtrack Spatial Navigation Strategy Analysis
2023-08-10 sdcHierarchies Create and (Interactively) Modify Nested Hierarchies
2023-08-10 SESraster Raster Randomization for Null Hypothesis Testing
2023-08-10 sfsmisc Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich
2023-08-10 SOAs Creation of Stratum Orthogonal Arrays
2023-08-10 sommer Solving Mixed Model Equations in R
2023-08-10 spray Sparse Arrays and Multivariate Polynomials
2023-08-10 stR STR Decomposition
2023-08-10 striprtf Extract Text from RTF File
2023-08-10 summclust Module to Compute Influence and Leverage Statistics for Regression Models with Clustered Errors
2023-08-10 swfscDAS Southwest Fisheries Science Center Shipboard DAS Data Processing
2023-08-10 tidytree A Tidy Tool for Phylogenetic Tree Data Manipulation
2023-08-10 Tri.Hierarchical.IBDs Tri-Hierarchical IBDs (Tri- Hierarchical Incomplete Block Designs)
2023-08-10 unikn Graphical Elements of the University of Konstanz's Corporate Design
2023-08-10 wdm Weighted Dependence Measures
2023-08-10 wrMisc Analyze Experimental High-Throughput (Omics) Data
2023-08-10 xefun X-Engineering or Supporting Functions
2023-08-09 basemodels Baseline Models for Classification and Regression
2023-08-09 bayesPop Probabilistic Population Projection
2023-08-09 Bayesrel Bayesian Reliability Estimation
2023-08-09 beanz Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect
2023-08-09 bookdown Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown
2023-08-09 canvasXpress Visualization Package for CanvasXpress in R
2023-08-09 CARBayes Spatial Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
2023-08-09 clinDR Simulation and Analysis Tools for Clinical Dose Response Modeling
2023-08-09 cmm Categorical Marginal Models
2023-08-09 complexlm Linear Fitting for Complex Valued Data
2023-08-09 CPC Implementation of Cluster-Polarization Coefficient
2023-08-09 dfoliatR Detection and Analysis of Insect Defoliation Signals in Tree Rings
2023-08-09 DR.SC Joint Dimension Reduction and Spatial Clustering
2023-08-09 eudract Creates Safety Results Summary in XML to Upload to EudraCT, or ClinicalTrials.gov
2023-08-09 FAIRmaterials Make Materials Data FAIR
2023-08-09 fec16 Data Package for the 2016 United States Federal Elections
2023-08-09 finnts Microsoft Finance Time Series Forecasting Framework
2023-08-09 ForestTools Tools for Analyzing Remote Sensing Forest Data
2023-08-09 funkycells Functional Data Analysis for Multiplexed Cell Images
2023-08-09 future.callr A Future API for Parallel Processing using 'callr'
2023-08-09 geotopbricks An R Plug-in for the Distributed Hydrological Model GEOtop
2023-08-09 GetLattesData Reading Bibliometric Data from Lattes Platform
2023-08-09 ggplotify Convert Plot to 'grob' or 'ggplot' Object
2023-08-09 gimms Download and Process GIMMS NDVI3g Data
2023-08-09 h2o R Interface for the 'H2O' Scalable Machine Learning Platform
2023-08-09 handcodeR Text Annotation App
2023-08-09 HistData Data Sets from the History of Statistics and Data Visualization
2023-08-09 idem Inference in Randomized Controlled Trials with Death and Missingness
2023-08-09 jskm Kaplan-Meier Plot with 'ggplot2'
2023-08-09 metaSEM Meta-Analysis using Structural Equation Modeling
2023-08-09 mkin Kinetic Evaluation of Chemical Degradation Data
2023-08-09 modeldata Data Sets Useful for Modeling Examples
2023-08-09 MSclassifR Automated Classification of Mass Spectra
2023-08-09 MultiGroupSequential Group-Sequential Procedures with Multiple Hypotheses
2023-08-09 nlme Linear and Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
2023-08-09 ordinalpattern Tests Based on Ordinal Patterns
2023-08-09 phenopix Process Digital Images of a Vegetation Cover
2023-08-09 PlaneGeometry Plane Geometry
2023-08-09 PLEXI Multiplex Network Analysis
2023-08-09 PointedSDMs Fit Models Derived from Point Processes to Species Distributions using 'inlabru'
2023-08-09 PRECAST Embedding and Clustering with Alignment for Spatial Datasets
2023-08-09 psSubpathway Flexible Identification of Phenotype-Specific Subpathways
2023-08-09 PWEALL Design and Monitoring of Survival Trials Accounting for Complex Situations
2023-08-09 quanteda.textstats Textual Statistics for the Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
2023-08-09 rang Reconstructing Reproducible R Computational Environments
2023-08-09 RCTrep Validation of Estimates of Treatment Effects in Observational Data
2023-08-09 rego Automatic Time Series Forecasting and Missing Value Imputation
2023-08-09 rgho Access WHO Global Health Observatory Data from R
2023-08-09 rgoogleclassroom API Wrapper for Google Classroom and Google Forms
2023-08-09 rmcorr Repeated Measures Correlation
2023-08-09 rpaleoclim Download Paleoclimate Data from 'PaleoClim'
2023-08-09 rprofile Load Both User-Global and Project-Specific R Profile Configurations
2023-08-09 rtry Preprocessing Plant Trait Data
2023-08-09 sparseSEM Elastic Net Penalized Maximum Likelihood for Structural Equation Models with Network GPT Framework
2023-08-09 spatPomp Inference for Spatiotemporal Partially Observed Markov Processes
2023-08-09 survivalREC Nonparametric Estimation of the Distribution of Gap Times for Recurrent Events
2023-08-09 text Analyses of Text using Transformers Models from HuggingFace, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
2023-08-09 tinytex Helper Functions to Install and Maintain TeX Live, and Compile LaTeX Documents
2023-08-09 tosr Create the Tree of Science from WoS and Scopus
2023-08-09 tseriesEntropy Entropy Based Analysis and Tests for Time Series
2023-08-09 TSstudio Functions for Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
2023-08-09 visit Vaccine Phase I Design with Simultaneous Evaluation of Immunogenicity and Toxicity
2023-08-09 windows.pls Segmentation Approaches in Chemometrics
2023-08-09 WLreg Regression Analysis Based on Win Loss Endpoints
2023-08-09 xfun Supporting Functions for Packages Maintained by 'Yihui Xie'
2023-08-09 yahoofinancer Fetch Data from Yahoo Finance API
2023-08-08 AHPtools Consistency in the Analytic Hierarchy Process
2023-08-08 airt Evaluation of Algorithm Collections Using Item Response Theory
2023-08-08 AnthropMMD An R Package for the Mean Measure of Divergence (MMD)
2023-08-08 atRisk At-Risk
2023-08-08 BayesMultiMode Bayesian Mode Inference
2023-08-08 BCClong Bayesian Consensus Clustering for Multiple Longitudinal Features
2023-08-08 BiocManager Access the Bioconductor Project Package Repository
2023-08-08 bvpa Bivariate Pareto Distribution
2023-08-08 ChineseNames Chinese Name Database 1930-2008
2023-08-08 CINNA Deciphering Central Informative Nodes in Network Analysis
2023-08-08 cities Clinical Trials with Intercurrent Events Simulator
2023-08-08 D3mirt Descriptive 3D Multidimensional Item Response Theory Modeling
2023-08-08 DeclareDesign Declare and Diagnose Research Designs
2023-08-08 dLagM Time Series Regression Models with Distributed Lag Models
2023-08-08 dtts 'data.table' Time-Series
2023-08-08 EgoCor Simple Presentation of Estimated Exponential Semi-Variograms
2023-08-08 eventTrack Event Prediction for Time-to-Event Endpoints
2023-08-08 evolqg Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics
2023-08-08 fastLogisticRegressionWrap Fast Logistic Regression Wrapper
2023-08-08 frailtyMMpen Efficient Algorithm for High-Dimensional Frailty Model
2023-08-08 genridge Generalized Ridge Trace Plots for Ridge Regression
2023-08-08 geojson Classes for 'GeoJSON'
2023-08-08 gpindex Generalized Price and Quantity Indexes
2023-08-08 hhsmm Hidden Hybrid Markov/Semi-Markov Model Fitting
2023-08-08 iGasso Statistical Tests and Utilities for Genetic Association
2023-08-08 iRepro Reproducibility for Interval-Censored Data
2023-08-08 jsmodule 'RStudio' Addins and 'Shiny' Modules for Medical Research
2023-08-08 kosis Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS)
2023-08-08 latenetwork Inference on LATEs under Network Interference of Unknown Form
2023-08-08 LCMSQA Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) Quality Assessment
2023-08-08 LogicReg Logic Regression
2023-08-08 matchingMarkets Analysis of Stable Matchings
2023-08-08 matrixdist Statistics for Matrix Distributions
2023-08-08 MBNMAdose Dose-Response MBNMA Models
2023-08-08 meconetcomp Compare Microbial Networks of 'trans_network' Class of 'microeco' Package
2023-08-08 MendelianRandomization Mendelian Randomization Package
2023-08-08 MGMM Missingness Aware Gaussian Mixture Models
2023-08-08 minSNPs Resolution-Optimised SNPs Searcher
2023-08-08 mixlm Mixed Model ANOVA and Statistics for Education
2023-08-08 MortalityLaws Parametric Mortality Models, Life Tables and HMD
2023-08-08 naijR Operations to Ease Data Analyses Specific to Nigeria
2023-08-08 neojags Neo-Normal Distributions Family for Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Models in 'JAGS'
2023-08-08 noctua Connect to 'AWS Athena' using R 'AWS SDK' 'paws' ('DBI' Interface)
2023-08-08 npboottprm Nonparametric Bootstrap Test with Pooled Resampling
2023-08-08 odr Optimal Design and Statistical Power for Experimental Studies Investigating Main, Mediation, and Moderation Effects
2023-08-08 OlinkAnalyze Facilitate Analysis of Proteomic Data from Olink
2023-08-08 optic Simulation Tool for Causal Inference Using Longitudinal Data
2023-08-08 packagefinder Comfortable Search for R Packages on CRAN, Either Directly from the R Console or with an R Studio Add-in
2023-08-08 pagoda2 Single Cell Analysis and Differential Expression
2023-08-08 PELVIS Probabilistic Sex Estimate using Logistic Regression, Based on VISual Traits of the Human Os Coxae
2023-08-08 pkgndep Analyze Dependency Heaviness of R Packages
2023-08-08 polyglotr Translate Text
2023-08-08 poolABC Approximate Bayesian Computation with Pooled Sequencing Data
2023-08-08 prioritizr Systematic Conservation Prioritization in R
2023-08-08 ProjectionBasedClustering Projection Based Clustering
2023-08-08 QTLRel Tools for Mapping of Quantitative Traits of Genetically Related Individuals and Calculating Identity Coefficients from Pedigrees
2023-08-08 r5r Rapid Realistic Routing with 'R5'
2023-08-08 rCNV Detect Copy Number Variants from SNPs Data
2023-08-08 readabs Download and Tidy Time Series Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics
2023-08-08 repeated Non-Normal Repeated Measurements Models
2023-08-08 rintcal Radiocarbon Calibration Curves
2023-08-08 RKorAPClient 'KorAP' Web Service Client Package
2023-08-08 Rmpfr R MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable
2023-08-08 s3 Download Files from 'AWS S3'
2023-08-08 scan Single-Case Data Analyses for Single and Multiple Baseline Designs
2023-08-08 scapGNN Graph Neural Network-Based Framework for Single Cell Active Pathways and Gene Modules Analysis
2023-08-08 scorecard Credit Risk Scorecard
2023-08-08 scrutiny Error Detection in Science
2023-08-08 siren Hybrid FA-CFA for Controlling Acquiescence in Restricted Factorial Solutions
2023-08-08 slendr A Simulation Framework for Spatiotemporal Population Genetics
2023-08-08 SpatialRDD Conduct Multiple Types of Geographic Regression Discontinuity Designs
2023-08-08 sspse Estimating Hidden Population Size using Respondent Driven Sampling Data
2023-08-08 suggests Declare when Suggested Packages are Needed
2023-08-08 SVDNF Discrete Nonlinear Filtering for Stochastic Volatility Models
2023-08-08 swfscAirDAS Southwest Fisheries Science Center Aerial DAS Data Processing
2023-08-08 tempdisagg Methods for Temporal Disaggregation and Interpolation of Time Series
2023-08-08 twdtw Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping
2023-08-08 weibullness Goodness-of-Fit Test for Weibull Distribution (Weibullness)
2023-08-08 WordPools Word Pools Used in Studies of Learning and Memory
2023-08-07 bitmexr R Client for BitMEX
2023-08-07 broom.helpers Helpers for Model Coefficients Tibbles
2023-08-07 clickR Semi-Automatic Preprocessing of Messy Data with Change Tracking for Dataset Cleaning
2023-08-07 CohensdpLibrary Cohen's D_p Computation with Confidence Intervals
2023-08-07 dae Functions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments
2023-08-07 dataclass Easily Create Structured Lists or Data Frames with Input Validation
2023-08-07 datarobot 'DataRobot' Predictive Modeling API
2023-08-07 deepgp Bayesian Deep Gaussian Processes using MCMC
2023-08-07 DMRnet Delete or Merge Regressors Algorithms for Linear and Logistic Model Selection and High-Dimensional Data
2023-08-07 dndR Dungeons & Dragons Functions for Players and Dungeon Masters
2023-08-07 doBy Groupwise Statistics, LSmeans, Linear Estimates, Utilities
2023-08-07 economiccomplexity Computational Methods for Economic Complexity
2023-08-07 ecos Economic Statistics System of the Bank of Korea
2023-08-07 emBayes Robust Bayesian Variable Selection via Expectation-Maximization
2023-08-07 forstringr String Manipulation Package for Those Familiar with 'Microsoft Excel'
2023-08-07 GGIRread Wearable Accelerometer Data File Readers
2023-08-07 ggmice Visualizations for 'mice' with 'ggplot2'
2023-08-07 gyro Hyperbolic Geometry
2023-08-07 happign R Interface to 'IGN' Web Services
2023-08-07 hclust1d Hierarchical Clustering of Univariate (1d) Data
2023-08-07 hdImpute A Batch Process for High Dimensional Imputation
2023-08-07 ISCO08ConveRsions Converts ISCO-08 to Job Prestige Scores, ISCO-88 and Job Name
2023-08-07 isotree Isolation-Based Outlier Detection
2023-08-07 lamW Lambert-W Function
2023-08-07 ldt Automated Uncertainty Analysis
2023-08-07 lillies Estimation of Life Years Lost
2023-08-07 Luminescence Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis
2023-08-07 maybe The Maybe Monad
2023-08-07 mlpwr A Power Analysis Toolbox to Find Cost-Efficient Study Designs
2023-08-07 msentropy Spectral Entropy for Mass Spectrometry Data
2023-08-07 NACHO NanoString Quality Control Dashboard
2023-08-07 netgwas Network-Based Genome Wide Association Studies
2023-08-07 opencpu Producing and Reproducing Results
2023-08-07 options Simple, Consistent Package Options
2023-08-07 pomp Statistical Inference for Partially Observed Markov Processes
2023-08-07 RecordTest Inference Tools in Time Series Based on Record Statistics
2023-08-07 Rfast2 A Collection of Efficient and Extremely Fast R Functions II
2023-08-07 rmapzen Client for 'Mapzen' and Related Map APIs
2023-08-07 RQuantLib R Interface to the 'QuantLib' Library
2023-08-07 rspiro Implementation of Spirometry Equations
2023-08-07 RXshrink Maximum Likelihood Shrinkage using Generalized Ridge or Least Angle Regression
2023-08-07 SCORPIUS Inferring Developmental Chronologies from Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data
2023-08-07 shinyDatetimePickers Some Datetime Pickers for 'Shiny'
2023-08-07 shinyTree jsTree Bindings for Shiny
2023-08-07 UPG Efficient Bayesian Algorithms for Binary and Categorical Data Regression Models
2023-08-07 vvtermtime Interface for 'Semestry TermTime' Services
2023-08-07 waterquality Satellite Derived Water Quality Detection Algorithms
2023-07-25 ROI.plugin.deoptim 'DEoptim' and 'DEoptimR' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Interface
2023-07-23 refund Regression with Functional Data
2023-07-23 svd Interfaces to Various State-of-Art SVD and Eigensolvers
2023-07-22 daltoolbox Leveraging Experiment Lines to Data Analytics
2023-07-22 jSDM Joint Species Distribution Models
2023-07-22 pg Polya Gamma Distribution Sampler
2023-07-22 sped Multi-Gene Descent Probabilities
2023-07-22 viridis Colorblind-Friendly Color Maps for R
2023-07-21 BET Binary Expansion Testing
2023-07-21 concordancer An 'Rcpp' Implementation of Lin's Concordance Correlation Coefficient (CCC)
2023-07-21 dm Relational Data Models
2023-07-21 DSWE Data Science for Wind Energy
2023-07-21 mapsapi 'sf'-Compatible Interface to 'Google Maps' APIs
2023-07-21 MultiClassROC ROC Curves for Multi-Class Analysis
2023-07-21 reclin2 Record Linkage Toolkit
2023-07-20 agricolaeplotr Visualization of Design of Experiments from the 'agricolae' Package
2023-07-20 bigDM Scalable Bayesian Disease Mapping Models for High-Dimensional Data
2023-07-20 clubSandwich Cluster-Robust (Sandwich) Variance Estimators with Small-Sample Corrections
2023-07-20 dataRetrieval Retrieval Functions for USGS and EPA Hydrology and Water Quality Data
2023-07-20 DQAstats Core Functions for Data Quality Assessment
2023-07-20 ellipse Functions for Drawing Ellipses and Ellipse-Like Confidence Regions
2023-07-20 forrel Forensic Pedigree Analysis and Relatedness Inference
2023-07-20 fs Cross-Platform File System Operations Based on 'libuv'
2023-07-20 gargle Utilities for Working with Google APIs
2023-07-20 GDPuc Easily Convert GDP Data
2023-07-20 hypothesis Wrapper for 'hypothes.is'
2023-07-20 indicspecies Relationship Between Species and Groups of Sites
2023-07-20 ipolygrowth Individual Growth Curve Parameter Calculation using Polynomial Functions
2023-07-20 L2hdchange L2 Inference for Change Points in High-Dimensional Time Series
2023-07-20 migraph Multimodal Network Analysis and More
2023-07-20 multitaper Spectral Analysis Tools using the Multitaper Method
2023-07-20 OncoBayes2 Bayesian Logistic Regression for Oncology Dose-Escalation Trials
2023-07-20 onmaRg Import Public Health Ontario's Ontario Marginalization Index
2023-07-20 penalizedclr Integrative Penalized Conditional Logistic Regression
2023-07-20 Phi2rho Owen's T Function and Bivariate Normal Integral
2023-07-20 photobiologyInOut Read Spectral and Logged Data from Foreign Files
2023-07-20 PMA Penalized Multivariate Analysis
2023-07-20 psgp Projected Spatial Gaussian Process Methods
2023-07-20 QRISK3 10-Year Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator (QRISK3 2017)
2023-07-20 r2mlm R-Squared Measures for Multilevel Models
2023-07-20 R2ROC AUC Statistics
2023-07-20 ROpenCVLite Helper Package for Installing OpenCV with R
2023-07-20 roperators Additional Operators to Help you Write Cleaner R Code
2023-07-20 runMCMCbtadjust Runs Monte Carlo Markov Chain - With Either 'JAGS', 'nimble' or 'greta' - While Adjusting Burn-in and Thinning Parameters
2023-07-20 seriation Infrastructure for Ordering Objects Using Seriation
2023-07-20 smosr Acquire and Explore BEC-SMOS L4 Soil Moisture Data in R
2023-07-20 snowquery Query 'Snowflake' Databases with 'SQL'
2023-07-20 SpaceTimeBSS Blind Source Separation for Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Data
2023-07-20 spatial Functions for Kriging and Point Pattern Analysis
2023-07-20 SpatialBSS Blind Source Separation for Multivariate Spatial Data
2023-07-20 splm Econometric Models for Spatial Panel Data
2023-07-20 UpDown Detecting Group Disturbances from Longitudinal Observations
2023-07-20 waywiser Ergonomic Methods for Assessing Spatial Models
2023-07-19 AQuadtree Confidentiality of Spatial Point Data
2023-07-19 badgen Fast and Simple Badge Generator
2023-07-19 biometryassist Functions to Assist Design and Analysis of Agronomic Experiments
2023-07-19 cmR Analysis of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images
2023-07-19 cocktailApp 'shiny' App to Discover Cocktails
2023-07-19 cooltools Practical Tools for Scientific Computations and Visualizations
2023-07-19 ctmva Continuous-Time Multivariate Analysis
2023-07-19 dataquieR Data Quality in Epidemiological Research
2023-07-19 discourseGT Analyze Group Patterns using Graph Theory in Educational Settings
2023-07-19 dsfa Distributional Stochastic Frontier Analysis
2023-07-19 dynwrap Representing and Inferring Single-Cell Trajectories
2023-07-19 EXPARMA Fitting of Exponential Autoregressive Moving Average (EXPARMA) Model
2023-07-19 forestly Interactive Forest Plot
2023-07-19 fPASS Power and Sample Size for Projection Test under Repeated Measures
2023-07-19 genesysr Genesys PGR Client
2023-07-19 greatR Gene Registration from Expression and Time-Courses in R
2023-07-19 gsDesign Group Sequential Design
2023-07-19 landsepi Landscape Epidemiology and Evolution
2023-07-19 lavaan Latent Variable Analysis
2023-07-19 leidenbase R and C/C++ Wrappers to Run the Leiden find_partition() Function
2023-07-19 lintr A 'Linter' for R Code
2023-07-19 litRiddle Dataset and Tools to Research the Riddle of Literary Quality
2023-07-19 lmtp Non-Parametric Causal Effects of Feasible Interventions Based on Modified Treatment Policies
2023-07-19 mfp Multivariable Fractional Polynomials
2023-07-19 microsimulation Discrete Event Simulation in R and C++, with Tools for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
2023-07-19 missoNet Missingness in Multi-Task Regression with Network Estimation
2023-07-19 MSEtool Management Strategy Evaluation Toolkit
2023-07-19 nzilbb.labbcat Accessing Data Stored in 'LaBB-CAT' Instances
2023-07-19 ottr An R Autograding Extension for Otter-Grader
2023-07-19 ProteoBayes Bayesian Statistical Tools for Quantitative Proteomics
2023-07-19 pseudohouseholds Generate Pseudohouseholds on Road Networks in Regions
2023-07-19 PSinference Inference for Released Plug-in Sampling Single Synthetic Dataset
2023-07-19 qlcal R Bindings to the Calendaring Functionality of 'QuantLib'
2023-07-19 randomForestVIP Tune Random Forests Based on Variable Importance & Plot Results
2023-07-19 remmy API Client for 'Lemmy'
2023-07-19 RxnSim Functions to Compute Chemical and Chemical Reaction Similarity
2023-07-19 scCustomize Custom Visualizations & Functions for Streamlined Analyses of Single Cell Sequencing
2023-07-19 SEMID Identifiability of Linear Structural Equation Models
2023-07-19 shroomDK Accessing the Flipside Crypto ShroomDK API
2023-07-19 siftr Fuzzily Search a Dataframe to Find Relevant Columns
2023-07-19 signatureSurvival Signature Survival Analysis
2023-07-19 snSMART Small N Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial Methods
2023-07-19 streamDepletr Estimate Streamflow Depletion Due to Groundwater Pumping
2023-07-19 text2speech Text to Speech Conversion
2023-07-19 tspredit Time Series Prediction Integrated Tuning
2023-07-19 vvshiny Create Complex Shiny Apps More Easily
2023-07-18 CAvariants Correspondence Analysis Variants
2023-07-18 daiquiri Data Quality Reporting for Temporal Datasets
2023-07-18 DataVisualizations Visualizations of High-Dimensional Data
2023-07-18 foodwebWrapper Enhanced Wrapper to Show Which Functions Call What
2023-07-18 heemod Markov Models for Health Economic Evaluations
2023-07-18 hosm High Order Spatial Matrix
2023-07-18 itraxR Itrax Data Analysis Tools
2023-07-18 maptools Tools for Handling Spatial Objects
2023-07-18 mllrnrs R6-Based ML Learners for 'mlexperiments'
2023-07-18 pkgcache Cache 'CRAN'-Like Metadata and R Packages
2023-07-18 pkgdepends Package Dependency Resolution and Downloads
2023-07-18 powerindexR Measuring the Power in Voting Systems
2023-07-18 remotes R Package Installation from Remote Repositories, Including 'GitHub'
2023-07-18 rgeos Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source ('GEOS')
2023-07-18 RNiftyReg Image Registration Using the 'NiftyReg' Library
2023-07-18 RoBMA Robust Bayesian Meta-Analyses
2023-07-18 RSiena Siena - Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis
2023-07-18 rstantools Tools for Developing R Packages Interfacing with 'Stan'
2023-07-18 ScatterDensity Density Estimation and Visualization of 2D Scatter Plots
2023-07-18 shapviz SHAP Visualizations
2023-07-18 SpatialTools Tools for Spatial Data Analysis
2023-07-18 sperich Auxiliary Functions to Estimate Centers of Biodiversity
2023-07-18 SuperLearner Super Learner Prediction
2023-07-18 tagtools Work with Data from High-Resolution Biologging Tags
2023-07-18 tidyfst Tidy Verbs for Fast Data Manipulation
2023-07-18 uniformly Uniform Sampling
2023-07-18 V8 Embedded JavaScript and WebAssembly Engine for R
2023-07-17 albatross PARAFAC Analysis of Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices
2023-07-17 AtlasMaker Make Multiple 'leaflet' Maps in 'Shiny'
2023-07-17 cargo Develop R Packages using Rust
2023-07-17 caviarpd Cluster Analysis via Random Partition Distributions
2023-07-17 chem16S Chemical Metrics of Community Reference Proteomes
2023-07-17 CICA Clusterwise Independent Component Analysis
2023-07-17 cubar Codon Usage Bias Analysis
2023-07-17 datos Traduce al Español Varios Conjuntos de Datos de Práctica
2023-07-17 dendroTools Linear and Nonlinear Methods for Analyzing Daily and Monthly Dendroclimatological Data
2023-07-17 Distance Distance Sampling Detection Function and Abundance Estimation
2023-07-17 dmm Dyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data
2023-07-17 dslabs Data Science Labs
2023-07-17 eq5d Methods for Analysing 'EQ-5D' Data and Calculating 'EQ-5D' Index Scores
2023-07-17 fangs Feature Allocation Neighborhood Greedy Search Algorithm
2023-07-17 fnets Factor-Adjusted Network Estimation and Forecasting for High-Dimensional Time Series
2023-07-17 harbinger An Unified Time Series Event Detection Framework
2023-07-17 idcnrba Interactive Application for Analyzing Representativeness and Nonresponse Bias
2023-07-17 kayadata Kaya Identity Data for Nations and Regions
2023-07-17 LongDat A Tool for 'Covariate'-Sensitive Longitudinal Analysis on 'omics' Data
2023-07-17 mapbayr MAP-Bayesian Estimation of PK Parameters
2023-07-17 mc2d Tools for Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo Simulations
2023-07-17 MCARtest Optimal Nonparametric Testing of Missing Completely at Random
2023-07-17 multinomialLogitMix Clustering Multinomial Count Data under the Presence of Covariates
2023-07-17 NBtsVarSel Variable Selection in a Specific Regression Time Series of Counts
2023-07-17 nrba Methods for Conducting Nonresponse Bias Analysis (NRBA)
2023-07-17 phacking Sensitivity Analysis for p-Hacking in Meta-Analyses
2023-07-17 promor Proteomics Data Analysis and Modeling Tools
2023-07-17 r2dictionary A Mini-Dictionary for 'R', 'Shiny' and 'Rmarkdown' Documents
2023-07-17 salso Search Algorithms and Loss Functions for Bayesian Clustering
2023-07-17 simmer.plot Plotting Methods for 'simmer'
2023-07-17 smdi Perform Structural Missing Data Investigations
2023-07-17 srlars Split Robust Least Angle Regression
2023-07-17 TITEgBOIN Time-to-Event Dose-Finding Design for Multiple Toxicity Grades
2023-07-17 vvcanvas 'Canvas' LMS API Integration
2023-07-17 vvtableau R Interface for 'Tableau' Services
2023-07-17 WLogit Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Logistic Regression Models using a Whitening Approach
2023-07-16 AMR Antimicrobial Resistance Data Analysis
2023-07-16 ASMap Linkage Map Construction using the MSTmap Algorithm
2023-07-16 conf Visualization and Analysis of Statistical Measures of Confidence
2023-07-16 disordR Non-Ordered Vectors
2023-07-16 DRHotNet Differential Risk Hotspots in a Linear Network
2023-07-16 ediblecity Modeling Urban Agriculture at City Scale
2023-07-16 fDMA Dynamic Model Averaging and Dynamic Model Selection for Continuous Outcomes
2023-07-16 gpboost Combining Tree-Boosting with Gaussian Process and Mixed Effects Models
2023-07-16 ijtiff Comprehensive TIFF I/O with Full Support for 'ImageJ' TIFF Files
2023-07-16 jfa Statistical Methods for Auditing
2023-07-16 MassWateR Quality Control and Analysis of Massachusetts Water Quality Data
2023-07-16 meteor Meteorological Data Manipulation
2023-07-16 move2 Processing and Analysing Animal Trajectories
2023-07-16 nhanesA NHANES Data Retrieval
2023-07-16 onbrand Templated Reporting Workflows in Word and PowerPoint
2023-07-16 pivotea Create Pivot Table Easily
2023-07-16 pk4adi PK for Anesthetic Depth Indicators
2023-07-16 ppmSuite A Collection of Models that Employ Product Partition Distributions as a Prior on Partitions
2023-07-16 raveio File-System Toolbox for RAVE Project
2023-07-16 ravetools Signal and Image Processing Toolbox for Analyzing Intracranial 'Electroencephalography' Data
2023-07-16 rebmix Finite Mixture Modeling, Clustering & Classification
2023-07-16 rpyANTs An Alternative Advanced Normalization Tools ('ANTs')
2023-07-16 seewave Sound Analysis and Synthesis
2023-07-16 strata.MaxCombo Stratified Max-Combo Test
2023-07-16 strvalidator Process Control and Validation of Forensic STR Kits
2023-07-16 SWMPr Retrieving, Organizing, and Analyzing Estuary Monitoring Data
2023-07-15 cyclotomic The Field of Cyclotomic Numbers
2023-07-15 expss Tables, Labels and Some Useful Functions from Spreadsheets and 'SPSS' Statistics
2023-07-15 gtsummary Presentation-Ready Data Summary and Analytic Result Tables
2023-07-15 haplotypes Manipulating DNA Sequences and Estimating Unambiguous Haplotype Network with Statistical Parsimony
2023-07-15 hero Spatio-Temporal (Hero) Sandwich Smoother
2023-07-15 jpstat Tools for Easy Use of 'e-Stat', 'RESAS' API, Etc
2023-07-15 jsTreeR A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'jsTree'
2023-07-15 MapGAM Mapping Smoothed Effect Estimates from Individual-Level Data
2023-07-15 mathml Translate R Expressions to 'MathML' and 'LaTeX'/'MathJax'
2023-07-15 mvrsquared Compute the Coefficient of Determination for Vector or Matrix Outcomes
2023-07-15 random.polychor.pa A Parallel Analysis with Polychoric Correlation Matrices
2023-07-15 rbacon Age-Depth Modelling using Bayesian Statistics
2023-07-15 sass Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets ('Sass')
2023-07-15 simmer.bricks Helper Methods for 'simmer' Trajectories
2023-07-15 smerc Statistical Methods for Regional Counts
2023-07-14 abasequence Coding 'ABA' Patterns for Sequence Data
2023-07-14 babelwhale Talking to 'Docker' and 'Singularity' Containers
2023-07-14 coffee Chronological Ordering for Fossils and Environmental Events
2023-07-14 lefko3 Historical and Ahistorical Population Projection Matrix Analysis
2023-07-14 midas2 Bayesian Platform Design with Subgroup Efficacy Exploration(MIDAS-2)
2023-07-14 phytools Phylogenetic Tools for Comparative Biology (and Other Things)
2023-07-14 port4me Get the Same, Personal, Free 'TCP' Port over and over
2023-07-14 PSS.Health Power and Sample Size for Health Researchers via Shiny
2023-07-14 tidylda Latent Dirichlet Allocation Using 'tidyverse' Conventions
2023-07-13 bgw Bunch-Gay-Welsch Statistical Estimation
2023-07-13 clinfun Clinical Trial Design and Data Analysis Functions
2023-07-13 IADT Interaction Difference Test for Prediction Models
2023-07-13 Isinglandr Landscape Construction and Simulation for Ising Networks
2023-07-13 literanger Random Forests for Multiple Imputation Based on 'ranger'
2023-07-13 messi Mediation Analysis with External Summary-Level Information on Total Effect
2023-07-13 pammtools Piece-Wise Exponential Additive Mixed Modeling Tools for Survival Analysis
2023-07-13 peptoolkit A Toolkit for Using Peptide Sequences in Machine Learning
2023-07-13 phenolocrop Time-Series Models to the Crop Phenology
2023-07-13 QuantBondCurves Calculates Bond Values and Interest Rate Curves for Finance
2023-07-13 RCPA Consensus Pathway Analysis
2023-07-13 shinyRatings An Intuitive Way of Providing Star Rating in a 'shiny' App
2023-07-12 admix Package Admix for Admixture (aka Contamination) Models
2023-07-12 airGRdatasets Hydro-Meteorological Catchments Datasets for the 'airGR' Packages
2023-07-12 airGRteaching Teaching Hydrological Modelling with the GR Rainfall-Runoff Models ('Shiny' Interface Included)
2023-07-12 cbcTools Choice-Based Conjoint Experiment Design Generation and Power Evaluation in R
2023-07-12 covidcast Client for Delphi's 'COVIDcast Epidata' API
2023-07-12 DDIwR DDI with R
2023-07-12 GreedyExperimentalDesign Greedy Experimental Design Construction
2023-07-12 maketools Exploring and Testing the Toolchain and System Libraries
2023-07-12 mapSpain Administrative Boundaries of Spain
2023-07-12 radsafer Radiation Safety
2023-07-12 Rborist Extensible, Parallelizable Implementation of the Random Forest Algorithm
2023-07-12 ROI.plugin.quadprog 'quadprog' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-12 sccore Core Utilities for Single-Cell RNA-Seq
2023-07-12 spsComps 'systemPipeShiny' UI and Server Components
2023-07-12 stringstatic Dependency-Free String Operations
2023-07-11 binsreg Binscatter Estimation and Inference
2023-07-11 CGManalyzer Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data Analyzer
2023-07-11 coat Conditional Method Agreement Trees (COAT)
2023-07-11 diemr Diagnostic Index Expectation Maximisation in R
2023-07-11 easyclimate Easy Access to High-Resolution Daily Climate Data for Europe
2023-07-11 eunis.habitats EUNIS Habitat Classification
2023-07-11 fMultivar Rmetrics - Modeling of Multivariate Financial Return Distributions
2023-07-11 GB5mcPred Gradient Boosting Algorithm for Predicting Methylation States
2023-07-11 gptstudio Use Large Language Models Directly in your Development Environment
2023-07-11 IncidencePrevalence Estimate Incidence and Prevalence using the OMOP Common Data Model
2023-07-11 jtools Analysis and Presentation of Social Scientific Data
2023-07-11 metathis HTML Metadata Tags for 'R Markdown' and 'Shiny'
2023-07-11 mgcv Mixed GAM Computation Vehicle with Automatic Smoothness Estimation
2023-07-11 multiplex Algebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks
2023-07-11 plainview Plot Raster Images Interactively on a Plain HTML Canvas
2023-07-11 sf Simple Features for R
2023-07-11 SimCorMultRes Simulates Correlated Multinomial Responses
2023-07-11 SticsRFiles Read and Modify 'STICS' Input/Output Files
2023-07-11 string2path Rendering Font into 'data.frame'
2023-07-10 BayesTools Tools for Bayesian Analyses
2023-07-10 BrailleR Improved Access for Blind Users
2023-07-10 canadianmaps Effortlessly Create Stunning Canadian Maps
2023-07-10 compound.Cox Univariate Feature Selection and Compound Covariate for Predicting Survival
2023-07-10 cthist Clinical Trial Registry History
2023-07-10 DCchoice Analyzing Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Data
2023-07-10 DDD Diversity-Dependent Diversification
2023-07-10 declared Functions for Declared Missing Values
2023-07-10 epca Exploratory Principal Component Analysis
2023-07-10 FIESTAutils Utility Functions for Forest Inventory Estimation and Analysis
2023-07-10 geonapi 'GeoNetwork' API R Interface
2023-07-10 KernSmooth Functions for Kernel Smoothing Supporting Wand & Jones (1995)
2023-07-10 KSgeneral Computing P-Values of the K-S Test for (Dis)Continuous Null Distribution
2023-07-10 MatrixModels Modelling with Sparse and Dense Matrices
2023-07-10 mixvlmc Variable Length Markov Chains with Covariates
2023-07-10 NutrienTrackeR Food Composition Information and Dietary Assessment
2023-07-10 piggyback Managing Larger Data on a GitHub Repository
2023-07-10 PolarCAP Access the Polarization in Comparative Attitudes Project
2023-07-10 PTXQC Quality Report Generation for MaxQuant and mzTab Results
2023-07-10 r2rtf Easily Create Production-Ready Rich Text Format (RTF) Table and Figure
2023-07-10 RAFS Robust Aggregative Feature Selection
2023-07-10 RcppSpdlog R and C++ Interfaces to 'spdlog' C++ Header Library for Logging
2023-07-10 secr Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
2023-07-10 sleev Semiparametric Likelihood Estimation with Errors in Variables
2023-07-10 stevedore Docker Client
2023-07-10 subselect Selecting Variable Subsets
2023-07-10 TCGAretriever Retrieve Genomic and Clinical Data from CBioPortal Including TCGA Data
2023-07-10 VineCopula Statistical Inference of Vine Copulas
2023-07-10 vivid Variable Importance and Variable Interaction Displays
2023-07-09 afttest Model Diagnostics for Accelerated Failure Time Models
2023-07-09 betaDelta Confidence Intervals for Standardized Regression Coefficients
2023-07-09 betaNB Bootstrap for Regression Effect Sizes
2023-07-09 gibasa An Alternative 'Rcpp' Wrapper of 'MeCab'
2023-07-09 kfa K-Fold Cross Validation for Factor Analysis
2023-07-09 multipleNCC Weighted Cox-Regression for Nested Case-Control Data
2023-07-09 squat Statistics for Quaternion Temporal Data
2023-07-09 WINS The R WINS Package
2023-07-08 aldvmm Adjusted Limited Dependent Variable Mixture Models
2023-07-08 AutoAds Advertisement Metrics Calculation
2023-07-08 baygel Bayesian Estimators for Gaussian Graphical Models
2023-07-08 betaSandwich Robust Confidence Intervals for Standardized Regression Coefficients
2023-07-08 cryptography Encrypts and Decrypts Text Ciphers
2023-07-08 GaussianHMM1d Inference, Goodness-of-Fit and Forecast for Univariate Gaussian Hidden Markov Models
2023-07-08 geessbin Modified Generalized Estimating Equations for Binary Outcome
2023-07-08 ISAR Introduction to Sports Analytics using R (ISAR) Data
2023-07-08 matrixset Creating, Manipulating and Annotating Matrix Ensemble
2023-07-08 MHCtools Analysis of MHC Data in Non-Model Species
2023-07-08 midfieldr Tools and Methods for Working with MIDFIELD Data in 'R'
2023-07-08 MMAD MM Algorithm Based on the Assembly-Decomposition Technology
2023-07-08 OpenImageR An Image Processing Toolkit
2023-07-08 rbcc Risk-Based Control Charts
2023-07-08 reproducer Reproduce Statistical Analyses and Meta-Analyses
2023-07-08 ResourceSelection Resource Selection (Probability) Functions for Use-Availability Data
2023-07-08 RespirAnalyzer Analysis Functions of Respiratory Data
2023-07-08 saeHB.ME.beta SAE with Measurement Error using HB under Beta Distribution
2023-07-08 soilassessment Assessment Models for Agriculture Soil Conditions and Crop Suitability
2023-07-08 survML Flexible Estimation of Conditional Survival Functions Using Machine Learning
2023-07-08 TempStable A Collection of Methods to Estimate Parameters of Different Tempered Stable Distributions
2023-07-08 unmarked Models for Data from Unmarked Animals
2023-07-08 vaccine Statistical Tools for Immune Correlates Analysis of Vaccine Clinical Trial Data
2023-07-07 AMIM Compute the Adjusted Market Inefficiency Measure
2023-07-07 dcTensor Discrete Matrix/Tensor Decomposition
2023-07-07 digest Create Compact Hash Digests of R Objects
2023-07-07 ecan Ecological Analysis and Visualization
2023-07-07 factReg Multi-Environment Genomic Prediction with Penalized Factorial Regression
2023-07-07 firebase Integrates 'Google Firebase' Authentication Storage, and 'Analytics' with 'Shiny'
2023-07-07 InterpretMSSpectrum Interpreting High Resolution Mass Spectra
2023-07-07 longke Nonparametric Predictive Model for Sparse and Irregular Longitudinal Data
2023-07-07 mzipmed Mediation using MZIP Model
2023-07-07 optDesignSlopeInt Optimal Designs for Estimating the Slope Divided by the Intercept
2023-07-07 pks Probabilistic Knowledge Structures
2023-07-07 ProbBreed Probability Theory for Selecting Candidates in Plant Breeding
2023-07-07 RcppThread R-Friendly Threading in C++
2023-07-07 retrosheet Import Professional Baseball Data from 'Retrosheet'
2023-07-07 ROI.plugin.alabama 'alabama' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-07 ROI.plugin.lpsolve 'lp_solve' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-07 ROI.plugin.msbinlp 'Multi-Solution' Binary Linear Problem Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Interface
2023-07-07 ROI.plugin.qpoases 'qpOASES' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-07 ROI.plugin.scs 'SCS' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-07 rstudioapi Safely Access the RStudio API
2023-07-07 SimDesign Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs
2023-07-07 spectacles Storing, Manipulating and Analysis Spectroscopy and Associated Data
2023-07-07 usdm Uncertainty Analysis for Species Distribution Models
2023-07-07 vistla Detecting Influence Paths with Information Theory
2023-07-07 WeightedCluster Clustering of Weighted Data
2023-07-06 ACE.CoCo Analysis of Correlated High-Dimensional Expression (ACE) Data
2023-07-06 AFFECT Accelerated Functional Failure Time Model with Error-Contaminated Survival Times
2023-07-06 bartMachine Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2023-07-06 bbmix Bayesian Model for Genotyping using RNA-Seq
2023-07-06 cbass Classification – Bayesian Adaptive Smoothing Splines
2023-07-06 CEOdata Datasets of the CEO (Centre d'Estudis d'Opinio) for Opinion Polls in Catalonia
2023-07-06 choroplethr Simplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
2023-07-06 cleanTS Testbench for Univariate Time Series Cleaning
2023-07-06 cocosoR CoCoSo - Combined Compromise Solution Method for MCDA
2023-07-06 combiroc Selection and Ranking of Omics Biomarkers Combinations Made Easy
2023-07-06 EzGP Easy-to-Interpret Gaussian Process Models for Computer Experiments
2023-07-06 fastDummies Fast Creation of Dummy (Binary) Columns and Rows from Categorical Variables
2023-07-06 feltr Access the Felt API
2023-07-06 gcTensor Generalized Coupled Tensor Factorization
2023-07-06 geoknife Web-Processing of Large Gridded Datasets
2023-07-06 ggDoE Modern Graphs for Design of Experiments with 'ggplot2'
2023-07-06 gmvjoint Joint Models of Survival and Multivariate Longitudinal Data
2023-07-06 irtQ Unidimensional Item Response Theory Modeling
2023-07-06 ISS Isotonic Subgroup Selection
2023-07-06 jrSiCKLSNMF Multimodal Single-Cell Omics Dimensionality Reduction
2023-07-06 lareshiny Lares 'shiny' Modules
2023-07-06 lpirfs Local Projections Impulse Response Functions
2023-07-06 MetChem Chemical Structural Similarity Analysis
2023-07-06 MissCP Change Point Detection with Missing Values
2023-07-06 move Visualizing and Analyzing Animal Track Data
2023-07-06 mrds Mark-Recapture Distance Sampling
2023-07-06 mrfDepth Depth Measures in Multivariate, Regression and Functional Settings
2023-07-06 multiFANOVA Multiple Contrast Tests for Functional Data
2023-07-06 mwTensor Multi-Way Component Analysis
2023-07-06 nbconv Evaluate Arbitrary Negative Binomial Convolutions
2023-07-06 neonUtilities Utilities for Working with NEON Data
2023-07-06 otrKM Optimal Treatment Regimes in Survival Contexts with Kaplan-Meier-Like Estimators
2023-07-06 PMCMRplus Calculate Pairwise Multiple Comparisons of Mean Rank Sums Extended
2023-07-06 polle Policy Learning
2023-07-06 pROC Display and Analyze ROC Curves
2023-07-06 quantregGrowth Non-Crossing Additive Regression Quantiles and Non-Parametric Growth Charts
2023-07-06 Rcpp Seamless R and C++ Integration
2023-07-06 readxl Read Excel Files
2023-07-06 ReDaMoR Relational Data Modeler
2023-07-06 rEDM Empirical Dynamic Modeling ('EDM')
2023-07-06 respirometry Tools for Conducting and Analyzing Respirometry Experiments
2023-07-06 rgl 3D Visualization Using OpenGL
2023-07-06 ROI.plugin.ecos 'ECOS' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-06 ROI.plugin.highs 'HiGHS' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-06 ROI.plugin.neos 'NEOS' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Interface
2023-07-06 ROI.plugin.nloptr 'nloptr' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-06 ROI.plugin.optimx 'optimx' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-06 ROI.plugin.osqp 'osqp' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2023-07-06 rsprite2 Identify Distributions that Match Reported Sample Parameters (SPRITE)
2023-07-06 secsse Several Examined and Concealed States-Dependent Speciation and Extinction
2023-07-06 seqHMM Mixture Hidden Markov Models for Social Sequence Data and Other Multivariate, Multichannel Categorical Time Series
2023-07-06 SNSeg Self-Normalization(SN) Based Change-Point Estimation for Time Series
2023-07-06 SpaDES.core Core Utilities for Developing and Running Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Models
2023-07-06 spData Datasets for Spatial Analysis
2023-07-06 sprtt Sequential Probability Ratio Tests Toolbox
2023-07-06 StratigrapheR Integrated Stratigraphy
2023-07-06 suntools Calculate Sun Position, Sunrise, Sunset, Solar Noon and Twilight
2023-07-06 sweep Tidy Tools for Forecasting
2023-07-06 testthat Unit Testing for R
2023-07-06 usethis Automate Package and Project Setup
2023-07-06 vstdct Nonparametric Estimation of Toeplitz Covariance Matrices
2023-07-06 xml2 Parse XML
2023-07-05 asciiSetupReader Reads Fixed-Width ASCII Data Files (.txt or .dat) that Have Accompanying Setup Files (.sps or .sas)
2023-07-05 blsR Make Requests from the Bureau of Labor Statistics API
2023-07-05 crosstalkr Analysis of Graph-Structured Data with a Focus on Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
2023-07-05 epe4md EPE's 4MD Model to Forecast the Adoption of Distributed Generation
2023-07-05 esem Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling ESEM
2023-07-05 FLORAL Fit Log-Ratio Lasso Regression for Compositional Data
2023-07-05 FME A Flexible Modelling Environment for Inverse Modelling, Sensitivity, Identifiability and Monte Carlo Analysis
2023-07-05 forestat Forest Carbon Sequestration and Potential Productivity Calculation
2023-07-05 gatoRs Geographic and Taxonomic Occurrence R-Based Scrubbing
2023-07-05 googletraffic Google Traffic
2023-07-05 GWmodel Geographically-Weighted Models
2023-07-05 hystar Fit the Hysteretic Threshold Autoregressive Model
2023-07-05 ipsRdbs Introduction to Probability, Statistics and R for Data Based Sciences
2023-07-05 ismtchile Calculating Socio Material Territorial Index
2023-07-05 LexisNexisTools Working with Files from 'LexisNexis'
2023-07-05 mpmi Mixed-Pair Mutual Information Estimators
2023-07-05 nebula Negative Binomial Mixed Models Using Large-Sample Approximation for Differential Expression Analysis of ScRNA-Seq Data
2023-07-05 nutriNetwork Structure Learning with Copula Graphical Model
2023-07-05 oHMMed HMMs with Ordered Hidden States and Emission Densities
2023-07-05 pcds.ugraph Underlying Graphs of Proximity Catch Digraphs and Their Applications
2023-07-05 predictrace Predict the Race and Gender of a Given Name Using Census and Social Security Administration Data
2023-07-05 protHMM Protein Feature Extraction from Profile Hidden Markov Models
2023-07-05 RDP The Ramer-Douglas-Peucker Algorithm
2023-07-05 spectator Interface to the 'Spectator Earth' API
2023-07-05 TSSS Time Series Analysis with State Space Model
2023-07-05 VectorCodeR Easily Analyze Your Gait Patterns Using Vector Coding Technique
2023-07-05 YPmodelPhreg The Short-Term and Long-Term Hazard Ratio Model with Proportional Adjustment
2023-07-05 ZooID Load, Segment and Classify Zooplankton Images
2023-07-04 bamlss Bayesian Additive Models for Location, Scale, and Shape (and Beyond)
2023-07-04 BASS Bayesian Adaptive Spline Surfaces
2023-07-04 causalCmprsk Nonparametric and Cox-Based Estimation of Average Treatment Effects in Competing Risks
2023-07-04 ClickHouseHTTP A Simple HTTP Database Interface to 'ClickHouse'
2023-07-04 cmaRs Implementation of the Conic Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines in R
2023-07-04 dataPreparation Automated Data Preparation
2023-07-04 dcmle Hierarchical Models Made Easy with Data Cloning
2023-07-04 eoa3 Wildlife Mortality Estimator for Low Fatality Rates and Imperfect Detection
2023-07-04 fdacluster Joint Clustering and Alignment of Functional Data
2023-07-04 fsr Handling Fuzzy Spatial Data
2023-07-04 gsrsb Group Sequential Refined Secondary Boundary
2023-07-04 huito Reproducible and Flexible Label Design
2023-07-04 icpsrdata Reproducible Data Retrieval from the ICPSR Archive
2023-07-04 jack Jack, Zonal, and Schur Polynomials
2023-07-04 lme4 Linear Mixed-Effects Models using 'Eigen' and S4
2023-07-04 magclass Data Class and Tools for Handling Spatial-Temporal Data
2023-07-04 MetricGraph Random Fields on Metric Graphs
2023-07-04 overdisp Overdispersion in Count Data Multiple Regression Analysis
2023-07-04 quincunx REST API Client for the 'PGS' Catalog
2023-07-04 QurvE Robust and User-Friendly Analysis of Growth and Fluorescence Curves
2023-07-04 raster Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling
2023-07-04 RcmdrPlugin.DCE R Commander Plug-in for Discrete Choice Experiments
2023-07-04 REDCapCAST REDCap Castellated Data Handling
2023-07-04 saeHB.panel.beta Small Area Estimation using HB for Rao Yu Model under Beta Distribution
2023-07-04 sfaR Stochastic Frontier Analysis Routines
2023-07-04 SOHPIE Statistical Approach via Pseudo-Value Information and Estimation
2023-07-04 triggerstrategy Trigger Strategy in Clinical Trials
2023-07-04 WienR Derivatives of the First-Passage Time Density and Cumulative Distribution Function, and Random Sampling from the (Truncated) First-Passage Time Distribution
2023-07-03 arealDB Harmonise and Integrate Heterogeneous Areal Data
2023-07-03 ausplotsR TERN AusPlots Australian Ecosystem Monitoring Data
2023-07-03 conrad Client for the Microsoft's 'Cognitive Services Text to Speech REST' API
2023-07-03 covatest Tests on Properties of Space-Time Covariance Functions
2023-07-03 cuRe Parametric Cure Model Estimation
2023-07-03 dclone Data Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods
2023-07-03 dipsaus A Dipping Sauce for Data Analysis and Visualizations
2023-07-03 disclosuR Text Conversion from Nexis Uni PDFs to R Data Frames
2023-07-03 dispeRse Simulation of Demic Diffusion with Environmental Constraints
2023-07-03 Elja Linear, Logistic and Generalized Linear Models Regressions for the EnvWAS/EWAS Approach
2023-07-03 emdbook Support Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"
2023-07-03 gesisdata Reproducible Data Retrieval from the GESIS Data Archive
2023-07-03 jacobi Jacobi Theta Functions and Related Functions
2023-07-03 nonmem2rx 'nonmem2rx' Converts 'NONMEM' Models to 'rxode2'
2023-07-03 omicsTools Omics Data Process Toolbox
2023-07-03 Rfast A Collection of Efficient and Extremely Fast R Functions
2023-07-03 rpact Confirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design and Analysis
2023-07-03 SDMtune Species Distribution Model Selection
2023-07-03 SeBR Semiparametric Bayesian Regression Analysis
2023-07-03 stopp Spatio-Temporal Point Pattern Methods, Model Fitting, Diagnostics, Simulation, Local Tests
2023-07-03 threeBrain 3D Brain Visualization
2023-07-02 CASCORE Covariate Assisted Spectral Clustering on Ratios of Eigenvectors
2023-07-02 plac A Pairwise Likelihood Augmented Cox Estimator for Left-Truncated Data
2023-07-02 qualV Qualitative Validation Methods
2023-07-02 quickPlot A System of Plotting Optimized for Speed and Modularity
2023-07-02 RcppAnnoy 'Rcpp' Bindings for 'Annoy', a Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
2023-07-02 ropercenter Reproducible Data Retrieval from the Roper Center Data Archive
2023-07-02 rSPDE Rational Approximations of Fractional Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
2023-07-02 taskscheduleR Schedule R Scripts and Processes with the Windows Task Scheduler
2023-07-02 transport Computation of Optimal Transport Plans and Wasserstein Distances
2023-07-01 cvap Citizen Voting Age Population
2023-07-01 decor Retrieve Code Decorations
2023-07-01 dlookr Tools for Data Diagnosis, Exploration, Transformation
2023-07-01 dwp Density-Weighted Proportion
2023-07-01 ecp Non-Parametric Multiple Change-Point Analysis of Multivariate Data
2023-07-01 fbnet Forensic Bayesian Networks
2023-07-01 future Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone
2023-07-01 galah Download Biodiversity Data from the GBIF Node Network
2023-07-01 GDINA The Generalized DINA Model Framework
2023-07-01 gmp Multiple Precision Arithmetic
2023-07-01 iForecast Machine Learning Time Series Forecasting
2023-07-01 mkde 2D and 3D Movement-Based Kernel Density Estimates (MKDEs)
2023-07-01 mombf Model Selection with Bayesian Methods and Information Criteria
2023-07-01 MRTAnalysis Primary and Secondary Analyses for Micro-Randomized Trials
2023-07-01 netseg Measures of Network Segregation and Homophily
2023-07-01 rcdk Interface to the 'CDK' Libraries
2023-07-01 ReMFPCA Regularized Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis
2023-07-01 rgeoda R Library for Spatial Data Analysis
2023-07-01 seededlda Seeded Sequential LDA for Topic Modeling
2023-06-30 admisc Adrian Dusa's Miscellaneous
2023-06-30 agricolae Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
2023-06-30 bfsMaps Plot Maps from Switzerland by Swiss Federal Statistical Office
2023-06-30 cdgd Causal Decomposition of Group Disparities
2023-06-30 convevol Analysis of Convergent Evolution
2023-06-30 corrViz Visualise Correlations
2023-06-30 countSTAR Flexible Modeling of Count Data
2023-06-30 cubble A Vector Spatio-Temporal Data Structure for Data Analysis
2023-06-30 dprop Computation of Some Important Distributional Properties
2023-06-30 dvir Disaster Victim Identification
2023-06-30 fixedincome Fixed Income Models, Calculations, Data Structures and Instruments
2023-06-30 giscoR Download Map Data from GISCO API - Eurostat
2023-06-30 gmailr Access the 'Gmail' 'RESTful' API
2023-06-30 haven Import and Export 'SPSS', 'Stata' and 'SAS' Files
2023-06-30 IndGenErrors Tests of Independence Between Innovations of Generalized Error Models
2023-06-30 LNPar Estimation and Testing for a Lognormal-Pareto Mixture
2023-06-30 MCMCglmm MCMC Generalised Linear Mixed Models
2023-06-30 microsynth Synthetic Control Methods with Micro- And Meso-Level Data
2023-06-30 mvMonitoring Multi-State Adaptive Dynamic Principal Component Analysis for Multivariate Process Monitoring
2023-06-30 PNADcIBGE Downloading, Reading and Analyzing PNADC Microdata
2023-06-30 polite Be Nice on the Web
2023-06-30 processx Execute and Control System Processes
2023-06-30 rbmn Handling Linear Gaussian Bayesian Networks
2023-06-30 ReAD Powerful Replicability Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies
2023-06-30 ResIN Response Item Networks ('ResIN')
2023-06-30 restatis Web API Client for the German Federal Statistical Office Database
2023-06-30 rflashtext FlashText Algorithm for Finding and Replacing Words
2023-06-30 rirods R Client for 'iRODS'
2023-06-30 rwisp WISP Multiple Criteria Sorting Method
2023-06-30 scMappR Single Cell Mapper
2023-06-30 skewlmm Scale Mixture of Skew-Normal Linear Mixed Models
2023-06-30 spatialEco Spatial Analysis and Modelling Utilities
2023-06-29 bakR Analyze and Compare Nucleotide Recoding RNA Sequencing Datasets
2023-06-29 BayesRep Bayesian Analysis of Replication Studies
2023-06-29 COVIDIBGE Downloading, Reading and Analyzing PNAD COVID19 Microdata
2023-06-29 cvms Cross-Validation for Model Selection
2023-06-29 dbacf Autocovariance Estimation via Difference-Based Methods
2023-06-29 deFit Fitting Differential Equations to Time Series Data
2023-06-29 desla Desparsified Lasso Inference for Time Series
2023-06-29 devEMF EMF Graphics Output Device
2023-06-29 DFA.CANCOR Linear Discriminant Function and Canonical Correlation Analysis
2023-06-29 doudpackage Create Elegant Table 1 in HTML for Bio-Statistics
2023-06-29 downlit Syntax Highlighting and Automatic Linking
2023-06-29 flightsbr Download Flight and Airport Data from Brazil
2023-06-29 fMRItools Routines for Common fMRI Processing Tasks
2023-06-29 heteromixgm Copula Graphical Models for Heterogeneous Mixed Data
2023-06-29 IDSL.CSA Composite Spectra Analysis (CSA) for High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Analyses
2023-06-29 IDSL.FSA Fragmentation Spectra Analysis (FSA)
2023-06-29 IDSL.NPA Nominal Peak Analysis (NPA)
2023-06-29 intervals Tools for Working with Points and Intervals
2023-06-29 jsonlite A Simple and Robust JSON Parser and Generator for R
2023-06-29 logspline Routines for Logspline Density Estimation
2023-06-29 mcmcsae Markov Chain Monte Carlo Small Area Estimation
2023-06-29 mlr3data Collection of Machine Learning Data Sets for 'mlr3'
2023-06-29 motif Local Pattern Analysis
2023-06-29 neotoma2 Working with the Neotoma Paleoecology Database
2023-06-29 netUtils A Collection of Tools for Network Analysis
2023-06-29 nomnoml Sassy 'UML' Diagrams
2023-06-29 oce Analysis of Oceanographic Data
2023-06-29 odbc Connect to ODBC Compatible Databases (using the DBI Interface)
2023-06-29 PNSIBGE Downloading, Reading and Analyzing PNS Microdata
2023-06-29 polspline Polynomial Spline Routines
2023-06-29 poolHelper Simulates Pooled Sequencing Genetic Data
2023-06-29 predictoR Predictive Data Analysis System
2023-06-29 probably Tools for Post-Processing Class Probability Estimates
2023-06-29 rcheology Data on Base Packages for Current and Previous Versions of R
2023-06-29 RcppCWB 'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'Corpus Workbench' ('CWB')
2023-06-29 rDEA Robust Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for R
2023-06-29 readysignal 'Ready Signal' API Wrapper
2023-06-29 regressoR Regression Data Analysis System
2023-06-29 RepeatedHighDim Methods for High-Dimensional Repeated Measures Data
2023-06-29 respR Import, Process, Analyse, and Calculate Rates from Respirometry Data
2023-06-29 rKOMICS Minicircle Sequence Classes (MSC) Analyses
2023-06-29 robStepSplitReg Robust Stepwise Split Regularized Regression
2023-06-29 rolog Query 'SWI'-'Prolog' from R
2023-06-29 rsmatch Matching Methods for Time-Varying Observational Studies
2023-06-29 rtoot Collecting and Analyzing Mastodon Data
2023-06-29 SEARS Seamless Dose Escalation/Expansion with Adaptive Randomization Scheme
2023-06-29 SIPDIBGE Collection of Household Survey Packages Conducted by IBGE
2023-06-29 tdata Prepare Your Time-Series Data for Further Analysis
2023-06-29 Ternary Create Ternary and Holdridge Plots
2023-06-29 TPCselect Variable Selection via Threshold Partial Correlation
2023-06-29 tradestatistics Open Trade Statistics API Wrapper and Utility Program
2023-06-29 tramME Transformation Models with Mixed Effects
2023-06-29 trip Tracking Data
2023-06-29 uwot The Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP) Method for Dimensionality Reduction
2023-06-29 vcmeta Varying Coefficient Meta-Analysis
2023-06-29 xpose Diagnostics for Pharmacometric Models
2023-06-28 BoundaryStats Boundary Overlap Statistics
2023-06-28 RiskScorescvd Cardiovascular Risk Scores Calculator
2023-06-28 script Identify Script Name
2023-06-28 smetlite Read and Write SMET Files
2023-06-27 admiralvaccine Vaccine Extension Package for ADaM in 'R' Asset Library
2023-06-27 BayesianNetwork Bayesian Network Modeling and Analysis
2023-06-27 bayesmeta Bayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
2023-06-27 Carlson Carlson Elliptic Integrals and Incomplete Elliptic Integrals
2023-06-27 ChainLadder Statistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance
2023-06-27 CureDepCens Dependent Censoring Regression Models with Cure Fraction
2023-06-27 deps Dependency Management with 'roxygen'-Style Comments
2023-06-27 DoseFinding Planning and Analyzing Dose Finding Experiments
2023-06-27 dynConfiR Dynamic Models for Confidence and Response Time Distributions
2023-06-27 gwbr Local and Global Beta Regression
2023-06-27 holiglm Holistic Generalized Linear Models
2023-06-27 pbapply Adding Progress Bar to '*apply' Functions
2023-06-27 pedsuite Easy Installation of the 'ped suite' Packages for Pedigree Analysis
2023-06-27 rconfig Manage R Configuration at the Command Line
2023-06-27 rMultiNet Multi-Layer Networks Analysis
2023-06-27 saemix Stochastic Approximation Expectation Maximization (SAEM) Algorithm
2023-06-27 seqmagick Sequence Manipulation Utilities
2023-06-27 SSGL Spike-and-Slab Group Lasso for Group-Regularized Generalized Linear Models
2023-06-27 tgstat Amos Tanay's Group High Performance Statistical Utilities
2023-06-26 bread Analyze Big Files Without Loading Them in Memory
2023-06-26 coxerr Cox Regression with Dependent Error in Covariates
2023-06-26 eAnalytics Dynamic Web-Based Analytics for the Energy Industry
2023-06-26 EconGeo Computing Key Indicators of the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activities
2023-06-26 familial Statistical Tests of Familial Hypotheses
2023-06-26 fsbrain Managing and Visualizing Brain Surface Data
2023-06-26 ggbreak Set Axis Break for 'ggplot2'
2023-06-26 GRCRegression Modified Poisson Regression of Grouped and Right-Censored Counts
2023-06-26 inlpubs USGS INL Project Office Publications
2023-06-26 JMbayes2 Extended Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data
2023-06-26 Mapinguari Process-Based Biogeographical Analysis
2023-06-26 mlr3tuning Hyperparameter Optimization for 'mlr3'
2023-06-26 mokken Conducts Mokken Scale Analysis
2023-06-26 nlsic Non Linear Least Squares with Inequality Constraints
2023-06-26 orders Sampling from k-th Order Statistics of New Families of Distributions
2023-06-26 pkgbuild Find Tools Needed to Build R Packages
2023-06-26 PriceIndices Calculating Bilateral and Multilateral Price Indexes
2023-06-26 samplingR Sampling and Estimation Methods
2023-06-26 segregatr Segregation Analysis for Variant Interpretation
2023-06-26 typetracer Trace Function Parameter Types
2023-06-26 webshot Take Screenshots of Web Pages
2023-06-25 ACNE Affymetrix SNP Probe-Summarization using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
2023-06-25 bujar Buckley-James Regression for Survival Data with High-Dimensional Covariates
2023-06-25 cepreader Read 'CEP' and Legacy 'CANOCO' Files
2023-06-25 irboost Iteratively Reweighted Boosting for Robust Analysis
2023-06-25 lessSEM Non-Smooth Regularization for Structural Equation Models
2023-06-25 logr Creates Log Files
2023-06-25 orsk Converting Odds Ratio to Relative Risk in Cohort Studies with Partial Data Information
2023-06-25 spatstat.sparse Sparse Three-Dimensional Arrays and Linear Algebra Utilities
2023-06-25 survivalSL Super Learner for Survival Prediction from Censored Data
2023-06-25 vcr Record 'HTTP' Calls to Disk
2023-06-25 WebAnalytics Web Server Log Analysis
2023-06-24 apache.sedona R Interface for Apache Sedona
2023-06-24 clarabel Interior Point Conic Optimization Solver
2023-06-24 ggplot2.utils Selected Utilities Extending 'ggplot2'
2023-06-24 isoorbi Process Orbitrap Isotopocule Data
2023-06-24 metavcov Computing Variances and Covariances, Visualization and Missing Data Solution for Multivariate Meta-Analysis
2023-06-24 R.huge Methods for Accessing Huge Amounts of Data [deprecated]
2023-06-24 roads Road Network Projection
2023-06-24 rrcov Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
2023-06-24 rrcov3way Robust Methods for Multiway Data Analysis, Applicable also for Compositional Data
2023-06-24 scellpam Applying Partitioning Around Medoids to Single Cell Data with High Number of Cells
2023-06-24 stratallo Optimum Sample Allocation in Stratified Sampling Schemes
2023-06-24 trajr Animal Trajectory Analysis
2023-06-23 aroma.apd A Probe-Level Data File Format Used by 'aroma.affymetrix' [deprecated]
2023-06-23 cvCovEst Cross-Validated Covariance Matrix Estimation
2023-06-23 filearray File-Backed Array for Out-of-Memory Computation
2023-06-23 FitDynMix Estimation of Dynamic Mixtures
2023-06-23 flexmsm A General Framework for Flexible Multi-State Survival Modelling
2023-06-23 gamma Dose Rate Estimation from in-Situ Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Measurements
2023-06-23 intsvy International Assessment Data Manager
2023-06-23 itdr Integral Transformation Methods for SDR in Regression
2023-06-23 mda Mixture and Flexible Discriminant Analysis
2023-06-23 mgpStreamingSDK Interact with the Maxar MGP Streaming API
2023-06-23 multigraph Plot and Manipulate Multigraphs
2023-06-23 otargen Access Open Target Genetics
2023-06-23 parallelpam Parallel Partitioning-Around-Medoids (PAM) for Big Sets of Data
2023-06-23 paropt Parameter Optimizing of ODE-Systems
2023-06-23 pcatsAPIclientR 'PCATS' API Client
2023-06-23 planningML A Sample Size Calculator for Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare
2023-06-23 policytree Policy Learning via Doubly Robust Empirical Welfare Maximization over Trees
2023-06-23 QRAGadget A 'Shiny' Gadget for Interactive 'QRA' Visualizations
2023-06-23 RALSA R Analyzer for Large-Scale Assessments
2023-06-23 rlibkriging Kriging Models using the 'libKriging' Library
2023-06-23 robust Port of the S+ "Robust Library"
2023-06-23 rrcovNA Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point for Incomplete Data
2023-06-23 SEAHORS Spatial Exploration of ArcHaeological Objects in R Shiny
2023-06-23 sitar Super Imposition by Translation and Rotation Growth Curve Analysis
2023-06-23 SSBtools Statistics Norway's Miscellaneous Tools
2023-06-23 tidytransit Read, Validate, Analyze, and Map GTFS Feeds
2023-06-23 tree3d 3D Tree Models
2023-06-23 twosamples Fast Permutation Based Two Sample Tests
2023-06-23 voteSim Generate Simulated Data for Voting Rules using Evaluations
2023-06-22 AMAPVox LiDAR Data Voxelisation
2023-06-22 bifurcatingr Bifurcating Autoregressive Models
2023-06-22 cequre Censored Quantile Regression & Monotonicity-Respecting Restoring
2023-06-22 echor Access EPA 'ECHO' Data
2023-06-22 ERPeq Probabilistic Hazard Assessment
2023-06-22 fastAFT Fast Regression for the Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) Model
2023-06-22 forensIT Information Theory Tools for Forensic Analysis
2023-06-22 gadget2 Gadget is the Globally-Applicable Area Disaggregated General Ecosystem Toolbox
2023-06-22 geometries Convert Between R Objects and Geometric Structures
2023-06-22 GLMMadaptive Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Adaptive Gaussian Quadrature
2023-06-22 imputeREE Impute Missing Rare Earth Element Data in Zircon
2023-06-22 jmatrix Read from/Write to Disk Matrices with any Data Type in a Binary Format
2023-06-22 landscapemetrics Landscape Metrics for Categorical Map Patterns
2023-06-22 lsirm12pl Latent Space Item Response Model
2023-06-22 medflex Flexible Mediation Analysis Using Natural Effect Models
2023-06-22 nestedLogit Nested Dichotomy Logistic Regression Models
2023-06-22 netmediate Micro-Macro Analysis for Social Networks
2023-06-22 nnTensor Non-Negative Tensor Decomposition
2023-06-22 randomLCA Random Effects Latent Class Analysis
2023-06-22 Seurat Tools for Single Cell Genomics
2023-06-22 sfheaders Converts Between R Objects and Simple Feature Objects
2023-06-22 sp Classes and Methods for Spatial Data
2023-06-22 tfrmt Applies Display Metadata to Analysis Results Datasets
2023-06-22 tufte Tufte's Styles for R Markdown Documents
2023-06-21 agfh Agnostic Fay-Herriot Model for Small Area Statistics
2023-06-21 aws Adaptive Weights Smoothing
2023-06-21 C443 See a Forest for the Trees
2023-06-21 checkhelper Deal with Check Outputs
2023-06-21 dSTEM Multiple Testing of Local Extrema for Detection of Change Points
2023-06-21 dynamicSDM Species Distribution and Abundance Modelling at High Spatio-Temporal Resolution
2023-06-21 formatdown Formatting Tools for 'rmarkdown' Documents
2023-06-21 gemtc Network Meta-Analysis Using Bayesian Methods
2023-06-21 gexp Generator of Experiments
2023-06-21 GJRM Generalised Joint Regression Modelling
2023-06-21 ImpShrinkage Improved Shrinkage Estimations for Multiple Linear Regression
2023-06-21 jds.rmd R Markdown Templates for Journal of Data Science
2023-06-21 labelled Manipulating Labelled Data
2023-06-21 lincom Linear Biomarker Combination: Empirical Performance Optimization
2023-06-21 NPRED Predictor Identifier: Nonparametric Prediction
2023-06-21 readNSx Read 'Blackrock-Microsystems' Files ('NEV', 'NSx')
2023-06-21 remaCor Random Effects Meta-Analysis for Correlated Test Statistics
2023-06-21 rexpokit R Wrappers for EXPOKIT; Other Matrix Functions
2023-06-21 Rsagacmd Linking R with the Open-Source 'SAGA-GIS' Software
2023-06-21 SenSpe Estimating Specificity at Controlled Sensitivity, or Vice Versa
2023-06-21 simulariatools Simularia Tools for the Analysis of Air Pollution Data
2023-06-21 topChef Top Chef Data
2023-06-20 biomartr Genomic Data Retrieval
2023-06-20 datana Data and Functions to Accompany Analisis De Datos Con R
2023-06-20 EpiModel Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics
2023-06-20 etwfe Extended Two-Way Fixed Effects
2023-06-20 ExtremeBounds Extreme Bounds Analysis (EBA)
2023-06-20 HMDHFDplus Read Human Mortality Database and Human Fertility Database Data from the Web
2023-06-20 madshapR Support Technical Processes Following 'Maelstrom Research' Standards
2023-06-20 mem The Moving Epidemic Method
2023-06-20 memapp The Moving Epidemic Method Web Application
2023-06-20 mlbplotR Create 'ggplot2' and 'gt' Visuals with Major League Baseball Logos
2023-06-20 multcomp Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models
2023-06-20 naive Empirical Extrapolation of Time Feature Patterns
2023-06-20 rdmulti Analysis of RD Designs with Multiple Cutoffs or Scores
2023-06-20 rextendr Call Rust Code from R using the 'extendr' Crate
2023-06-20 SeedMatchR Find Matches to Canonical SiRNA Seeds in Genomic Features
2023-06-20 survivoR Data from all Seasons of Survivor (US) TV Series in Tidy Format
2023-06-20 tensorregress Supervised Tensor Decomposition with Side Information
2023-06-20 text2map R Tools for Text Matrices, Embeddings, and Networks
2023-06-20 toastui Interactive Tables, Calendars and Charts for the Web
2023-06-20 TSEtools Manage Data from Stock Exchange Markets
2023-06-20 twn Taxa Waterbeheer Nederland voor R
2023-06-20 VicmapR Access Victorian Spatial Data Through Web File Services (WFS)
2023-06-20 worrms World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Client
2023-06-19 blogdown Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown
2023-06-19 BMRMM An Implementation of the Bayesian Markov (Renewal) Mixed Models
2023-06-19 copBasic General Bivariate Copula Theory and Many Utility Functions
2023-06-19 d3po Fast and Beautiful Interactive Visualization for 'Markdown' and 'Shiny'
2023-06-19 dataSDA Data Sets for Symbolic Data Analysis
2023-06-19 datelife Scientific Data on Time of Lineage Divergence for Your Taxa
2023-06-19 dfphase1 Phase I Control Charts (with Emphasis on Distribution-Free Methods)
2023-06-19 ecocomDP Tools to Create, Use, and Convert ecocomDP Data
2023-06-19 fable.ata 'ATAforecasting' Modelling Interface for 'fable' Framework
2023-06-19 forecasteR Time Series Forecast System
2023-06-19 gdistance Distances and Routes on Geographical Grids
2023-06-19 ggimage Use Image in 'ggplot2'
2023-06-19 LobsterCatch Models the Capture Processes in American Lobster Trap Fishery
2023-06-19 mlmpower Power Analysis and Data Simulation for Multilevel Models
2023-06-19 OLStrajr Ordinary Least Squares Trajectory Analysis
2023-06-19 OSFD Output Space-Filling Design
2023-06-19 RankAggSIgFUR Polynomially Bounded Rank Aggregation under Kemeny's Axiomatic Approach
2023-06-19 SCOR Spherically Constrained Optimization Routine
2023-06-19 tidyEdSurvey Integration of 'dplyr' and 'ggplot2' with 'EdSurvey'
2023-06-19 WoodburyMatrix Fast Matrix Operations via the Woodbury Matrix Identity
2023-06-18 bda Binned Data Analysis
2023-06-18 dTBM Multi-Way Spherical Clustering via Degree-Corrected Tensor Block Models
2023-06-18 EffectLiteR Average and Conditional Effects
2023-06-18 groupdata2 Creating Groups from Data
2023-06-18 lifecontingencies Financial and Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingencies
2023-06-18 norm Analysis of Multivariate Normal Datasets with Missing Values
2023-06-18 portes Portmanteau Tests for Time Series Models
2023-06-18 pracpac Practical 'R' Packaging in 'Docker'
2023-06-18 RMixtComp Mixture Models with Heterogeneous and (Partially) Missing Data
2023-06-18 spdl Easier Use of 'RcppSpdlog' Functions via Wrapper
2023-06-18 xtune Regularized Regression with Feature-Specific Penalties Integrating External Information
2023-06-17 DCEtool Efficient and Accessible Discrete Choice Experiments
2023-06-17 ezplot Functions for Common Chart Types
2023-06-17 FBN FISH Based Normalization and Copy Number Inference of SNP Microarray Data
2023-06-17 fledge Smoother Change Tracking and Versioning for R Packages
2023-06-17 iGraphMatch Tools for Graph Matching
2023-06-17 mlr3 Machine Learning in R - Next Generation
2023-06-17 NeuralSens Sensitivity Analysis of Neural Networks
2023-06-17 numbat Haplotype-Aware CNV Analysis from scRNA-Seq
2023-06-17 pm3 Propensity Score Matching for Unordered 3-Group Data
2023-06-17 psfmi Prediction Model Pooling, Selection and Performance Evaluation Across Multiply Imputed Datasets
2023-06-17 rdwd Select and Download Climate Data from 'DWD' (German Weather Service)
2023-06-17 sjSDM Scalable Joint Species Distribution Modeling
2023-06-17 tdsc Time Domain Signal Coding
2023-06-16 beadplexr Analysis of Multiplex Cytometric Bead Assays
2023-06-16 biomod2 Ensemble Platform for Species Distribution Modeling
2023-06-16 BoundEdgeworth Bound on the Error of the First-Order Edgeworth Expansion
2023-06-16 cleanr Helps You to Code Cleaner
2023-06-16 corx Create and Format Correlation Matrices
2023-06-16 echarts4r Create Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 5
2023-06-16 epmrob Robust Estimation of Probit Models with Endogeneity
2023-06-16 ggPMX 'ggplot2' Based Tool to Facilitate Diagnostic Plots for NLME Models
2023-06-16 GPoM Generalized Polynomial Modelling
2023-06-16 IndexWizard Constructing and Analyzing Complex Selection Indices
2023-06-16 LAGOSNE Interface to the Lake Multi-Scaled Geospatial and Temporal Database
2023-06-16 logrx A Logging Utility Focus on Clinical Trial Programming Workflows
2023-06-16 octopus A Database Management Tool
2023-06-16 PlackettLuce Plackett-Luce Models for Rankings
2023-06-16 ppRep Analysis of Replication Studies using Power Priors
2023-06-16 robmed (Robust) Mediation Analysis
2023-06-16 robustbase Basic Robust Statistics
2023-06-16 robustX 'eXtra' / 'eXperimental' Functionality for Robust Statistics
2023-06-16 sen2r Find, Download and Process Sentinel-2 Data
2023-06-16 skpr Design of Experiments Suite: Generate and Evaluate Optimal Designs
2023-06-16 staRdom PARAFAC Analysis of EEMs from DOM
2023-06-16 visachartR Wrapper for 'Visa Chart Components'
2023-06-16 wcep Survival Analysis for Weighted Composite Endpoints
2023-06-15 bibliometrix Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
2023-06-15 bs4Dash A 'Bootstrap 4' Version of 'shinydashboard'
2023-06-15 caresid Correspondence Analysis Plot and Associations Visualisation
2023-06-15 cascadeSelect A Cascade Select Input for 'Shiny'
2023-06-15 Certara.NLME8 Utilities for Certara's Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling Engine
2023-06-15 csalert Alerts from Public Health Surveillance Data
2023-06-15 DDPM Data Sets for Discrete Probability Models
2023-06-15 ebTobit Empirical Bayesian Tobit Matrix Estimation
2023-06-15 ecospat Spatial Ecology Miscellaneous Methods
2023-06-15 exvatools Value Added in Exports and Other Input-Output Table Analysis Tools
2023-06-15 facmodCS Cross-Section Factor Models
2023-06-15 faersquarterlydata FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Quarterly Data Extracting Tool
2023-06-15 funpca Functional Principal Component Analysis
2023-06-15 GeNetIt Spatial Graph-Theoretic Genetic Gravity Modelling
2023-06-15 JMH Joint Model of Heterogeneous Repeated Measures and Survival Data
2023-06-15 loon Interactive Statistical Data Visualization
2023-06-15 manydata A Portal for Global Governance Data
2023-06-15 mvDFA Multivariate Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
2023-06-15 nimble MCMC, Particle Filtering, and Programmable Hierarchical Modeling
2023-06-15 nlraa Nonlinear Regression for Agricultural Applications
2023-06-15 npde Normalised Prediction Distribution Errors for Nonlinear Mixed-Effect Models
2023-06-15 pcds Proximity Catch Digraphs and Their Applications
2023-06-15 pharmr Interface to the 'Pharmpy' 'Pharmacometrics' Library
2023-06-15 popbayes Bayesian Model to Estimate Population Trends from Counts Series
2023-06-15 read.dbc Read Data Stored in DBC (Compressed DBF) Files
2023-06-15 reslr Modelling Relative Sea Level Data
2023-06-15 rotl Interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' API
2023-06-15 scistreer Maximum-Likelihood Perfect Phylogeny Inference at Scale
2023-06-15 sportyR Plot Scaled 'ggplot' Representations of Sports Playing Surfaces
2023-06-15 TestDimorph Analysis of the Interpopulation Difference in Degree of Sexual Dimorphism Using Summary Statistics
2023-06-15 usedthese Summarises Package & Function Usage
2023-06-14 AHPGaussian New Multicriteria Method: AHPGaussian
2023-06-14 animint2 Animated Interactive Grammar of Graphics
2023-06-14 apexcharter Create Interactive Chart with the JavaScript 'ApexCharts' Library
2023-06-14 AssetAllocation Backtesting Simple Asset Allocation Strategies
2023-06-14 aum Area Under Minimum of False Positives and Negatives
2023-06-14 boxly Interactive Box Plot
2023-06-14 ConfZIC Confidence Envelopes for Model Selection Criteria Based on Minimum ZIC
2023-06-14 CRE Interpretable Discovery and Inference of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
2023-06-14 document Run 'roxygen2' on (Chunks of) Single Code Files
2023-06-14 Durga Effect Size Estimation and Visualisation
2023-06-14 EdSurvey Analysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data
2023-06-14 emdi Estimating and Mapping Disaggregated Indicators
2023-06-14 ergmito Exponential Random Graph Models for Small Networks
2023-06-14 ExposR Models Topographic Exposure to Hurricane Winds
2023-06-14 ggaligner Visualizing Sequence Alignment by Generating Publication-Ready Plots
2023-06-14 glmpathcr Fit a Penalized Continuation Ratio Model for Predicting an Ordinal Response
2023-06-14 gprofiler2 Interface to the 'g:Profiler' Toolset
2023-06-14 HelpersMG Tools for Environmental Analyses, Ecotoxicology and Various R Functions
2023-06-14 MatchIt Nonparametric Preprocessing for Parametric Causal Inference
2023-06-14 MatchThem Matching and Weighting Multiply Imputed Datasets
2023-06-14 MTPS Multi-Task Prediction using Stacking Algorithms
2023-06-14 nat.nblast NeuroAnatomy Toolbox ('nat') Extension for Assessing Neuron Similarity and Clustering
2023-06-14 nat.templatebrains NeuroAnatomy Toolbox ('nat') Extension for Handling Template Brains
2023-06-14 remap Regional Spatial Modeling with Continuous Borders
2023-06-14 Rsmlx R Speaks 'Monolix'
2023-06-14 rstac Client Library for SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog
2023-06-14 spgwr Geographically Weighted Regression
2023-06-14 statpsych Statistical Methods for Psychologists
2023-06-14 Umatrix Visualization of Structures in High-Dimensional Data
2023-06-14 vctrs Vector Helpers
2023-06-13 alkahest Pre-Processing XY Data from Experimental Methods
2023-06-13 appler 'Apple App Store' and 'iTunes' Data Extraction
2023-06-13 autoScorecard Fully Automatic Generation of Scorecards
2023-06-13 AzureAppInsights Include Azure Application Insights in Shiny Apps
2023-06-13 BIGL Biochemically Intuitive Generalized Loewe Model
2023-06-13 CptNonPar Nonparametric Change Point Detection for Multivariate Time Series
2023-06-13 dynmix Estimation of Dynamic Finite Mixtures
2023-06-13 fixedpointproperty Determine and Test the Fixed-Point Property in Binary Mixture Data
2023-06-13 GeneScape Simulation of Single Cell RNA-Seq Data with Complex Structure
2023-06-13 goeveg Functions for Community Data and Ordinations
2023-06-13 gps.track GPS Track Point Information Extractor
2023-06-13 hdflex High-Dimensional Aggregate Density Forecasts
2023-06-13 HurreconR Models Hurricane Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and Wind Damage
2023-06-13 iai Interface to 'Interpretable AI' Modules
2023-06-13 incidence2 Compute, Handle and Plot Incidence of Dated Events
2023-06-13 jewel Graphical Models Estimation from Multiple Sources
2023-06-13 MG1StationaryProbability Computes Stationary Distribution for M/G/1 Queuing System
2023-06-13 pcutils Some Useful Functions for Statistics and Visualization
2023-06-13 rayshader Create Maps and Visualize Data in 2D and 3D
2023-06-13 Rdistance Distance-Sampling Analyses for Density and Abundance Estimation
2023-06-13 risks Estimate Risk Ratios and Risk Differences using Regression
2023-06-13 sgsR Structurally Guided Sampling
2023-06-13 stoRy Download, Explore, and Analyze Literary Theme Ontology Data
2023-06-13 ThermalSampleR Calculate Sample Sizes Required for Critical Thermal Limits Experiments
2023-06-13 tidyBdE Download Data from Bank of Spain
2023-06-13 TNRS Taxonomic Name Resolution Service
2023-06-13 treePlotArea Correction Factors for Tree Plot Areas Intersected by Stand Boundaries
2023-06-13 TrumpetPlots Visualization of Genetic Association Studies
2023-06-13 twopexp The Two Parameter Exponential Distribution
2023-06-13 usmap US Maps Including Alaska and Hawaii
2023-06-12 aPEAR Advanced Pathway Enrichment Analysis Representation
2023-06-12 ATAforecasting Automatic Time Series Analysis and Forecasting using the Ata Method
2023-06-12 drcarlate Improving Estimation Efficiency in CAR with Imperfect Compliance
2023-06-12 ergmgp Tools for Modeling ERGM Generating Processes
2023-06-12 fdm2id Data Mining and R Programming for Beginners
2023-06-12 gnrprod Estimates Gross Output Functions
2023-06-12 Hassani.SACF Computing Lower Bound of Ljung-Box Test
2023-06-12 hemispheR Processing Hemispherical Canopy Images
2023-06-12 httptest A Test Environment for HTTP Requests
2023-06-12 MOCHA Modeling for Single-Cell Open Chromatin Analysis
2023-06-12 MODIStsp Find, Download and Process MODIS Land Products Data
2023-06-12 mop Mobility Oriented-Parity Metric
2023-06-12 morestopwords All Stop Words in One Place
2023-06-12 MSCquartets Analyzing Gene Tree Quartets under the Multi-Species Coalescent
2023-06-12 MultiStatM Multivariate Statistical Methods
2023-06-12 pgenlibr PLINK 2 Binary (.pgen) Reader
2023-06-12 posologyr Individual Dose Optimization using Population Pharmacokinetics
2023-06-12 R6causal R6 Class for Structural Causal Models
2023-06-12 scattermore Scatterplots with More Points
2023-06-12 scoringfunctions A Collection of Scoring Functions for Assessing Point Forecasts
2023-06-12 sits Satellite Image Time Series Analysis for Earth Observation Data Cubes
2023-06-12 tinytest2JUnit Convert 'tinytest' Output to JUnit XML
2023-06-12 WeibullR.shiny A 'Shiny' App for Weibull Analysis from 'WeibullR'
2023-06-11 cubature Adaptive Multivariate Integration over Hypercubes
2023-06-11 discursive Measuring Discursive Sophistication in Open-Ended Survey Responses
2023-06-11 exampletestr Help for Writing Unit Tests Based on Function Examples
2023-06-11 googledrive An Interface to Google Drive
2023-06-11 googlesheets4 Access Google Sheets using the Sheets API V4
2023-06-11 HeckmanEM Fit Normal or Student-t Heckman Selection Models
2023-06-11 implied Convert Between Bookmaker Odds and Probabilities
2023-06-11 itsdm Isolation Forest-Based Presence-Only Species Distribution Modeling
2023-06-11 LAD Derive Leaf Angle Distribution (LAD) from Measured Leaf Inclination Angles
2023-06-11 locfit Local Regression, Likelihood and Density Estimation
2023-06-11 sanitizers C/C++ Source Code to Trigger Address and Undefined Behaviour Sanitizers
2023-06-11 sherlock Graphical Displays for Structured Problem Solving and Diagnosis
2023-06-11 singleRcapture Single-Source Capture-Recapture Models
2023-06-10 AlteredPQR Detection of Altered Protein Quantitative Relationships
2023-06-10 clusterSim Searching for Optimal Clustering Procedure for a Data Set
2023-06-10 fitPS Fit Zeta Distributions to Forensic Data
2023-06-10 iraceplot Plots for Visualizing the Data Produced by the 'irace' Package
2023-06-10 mlexperiments Machine Learning Experiments
2023-06-10 rmfanova Repeated Measures Functional Analysis of Variance
2023-06-09 broom Convert Statistical Objects into Tidy Tibbles
2023-06-09 cereal Serialize 'vctrs' Objects to 'JSON'
2023-06-09 cvmaPLFAM Cross-Validation Model Averaging for Partial Linear Functional Additive Models
2023-06-09 dhlabR National Library of Norway Quantitative Text Data API Tools
2023-06-09 fritools2 Utilities for the Forest Research Institute of the State Baden-Wuerttemberg
2023-06-09 GGoutlieR Identify Individuals with Unusual Geo-Genetic Patterns
2023-06-09 kohonen Supervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps
2023-06-09 movementsync Analysis and Visualisation of Musical Audio and Video Movement Synchrony Data
2023-06-09 multilink Multifile Record Linkage and Duplicate Detection
2023-06-09 nestcolor Colors for NEST Graphs
2023-06-09 OBRE Optimal B-Robust Estimator Tools
2023-06-09 octopusR Interact with the 'Octopus Energy' API
2023-06-09 psychotools Psychometric Modeling Infrastructure
2023-06-09 RESI Robust Effect Size Index (RESI) Estimation
2023-06-09 robotoolbox Client for the 'KoboToolbox' API
2023-06-09 SIRthresholded Sliced Inverse Regression with Thresholding
2023-06-09 snvecR Calculate Earth’s Obliquity and Precession in the Past
2023-06-09 ufs A Collection of Utilities
2023-06-09 webchem Chemical Information from the Web
2023-06-09 WeibullR.plotly Interactive Weibull Probability Plots with 'WeibullR'
2023-06-08 AGPRIS AGricultural PRoductivity in Space
2023-06-08 agriwater Evapotranspiration and Energy Fluxes Spatial Analysis
2023-06-08 altdoc Use 'Docsify.js', 'Docute', or 'Mkdocs' to Generate a Package Documentation
2023-06-08 api2lm Functions and Data Sets for the Book "A Progressive Introduction to Linear Models"
2023-06-08 BayesfMRI Spatial Bayesian Methods for Task Functional MRI Studies
2023-06-08 boinet Conduct Simulation Study of Bayesian Optimal Interval Design with BOIN-ET Family
2023-06-08 crossval Generic Functions for Cross Validation
2023-06-08 eventstudyr Estimation and Visualization of Linear Panel Event Studies
2023-06-08 grates Grouped Date Classes
2023-06-08 JBrowseR An R Interface to the JBrowse 2 Genome Browser
2023-06-08 ProFAST Probabilistic Factor Analysis for Spatially-Aware Dimension Reduction
2023-06-08 rayrender Build and Raytrace 3D Scenes
2023-06-08 rayvertex 3D Software Rasterizer
2023-06-08 RcppJagger An R Wrapper for Jagger
2023-06-08 Transform Statistical Transformations
2023-06-07 act Aligned Corpus Toolkit
2023-06-07 bndesr Access Data from the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)
2023-06-07 CARM Covariate-Adjusted Adaptive Randomization via Mahalanobis-Distance
2023-06-07 caseMatch Identify Similar Cases for Qualitative Case Studies
2023-06-07 ChemoSpec Exploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
2023-06-07 conTree Contrast Trees and Boosting
2023-06-07 CopulaGAMM Copula-Based Mixed Regression Models
2023-06-07 dartR Importing and Analysing 'SNP' and 'Silicodart' Data Generated by Genome-Wide Restriction Fragment Analysis
2023-06-07 fMRIscrub Scrubbing and Other Data Cleaning Routines for fMRI
2023-06-07 frbinom Fractional Binomial Distributions
2023-06-07 GaussSuppression Tabular Data Suppression using Gaussian Elimination
2023-06-07 glober Estimating Functions with Multivariate B-Splines
2023-06-07 graphclust Hierarchical Graph Clustering for a Collection of Networks
2023-06-07 GSSTDA Gene Structure Survival using Topological Data Analysis
2023-06-07 hsrecombi Estimation of Recombination Rate and Maternal LD in Half-Sibs
2023-06-07 IRexamples Collection of Practical Institutional Research Examples and Tutorials
2023-06-07 meta General Package for Meta-Analysis
2023-06-07 miscFuncs Miscellaneous Useful Functions Including LaTeX Tables, Kalman Filtering and Development Tools
2023-06-07 mnet Modeling Group Differences and Moderation Effects in Statistical Network Models
2023-06-07 moveWindSpeed Estimate Wind Speeds from Bird Trajectories
2023-06-07 MSigSeg Common Change Points Detection for Multiple Signals
2023-06-07 nat.utils File System Utility Functions for 'NeuroAnatomy Toolbox'
2023-06-07 REDI Robust Exponential Decreasing Index
2023-06-07 rwebstat Download Data from the Webstat API
2023-06-07 SARP.moodle XML Output Functions for Easy Creation of Moodle Questions
2023-06-07 scatterpie Scatter Pie Plot
2023-06-07 SHELF Tools to Support the Sheffield Elicitation Framework
2023-06-07 smdocker Build 'Docker Images' in 'Amazon SageMaker Studio' using 'Amazon Web Service CodeBuild'
2023-06-07 starter Starter Kit for New Projects
2023-06-07 tstools A Time Series Toolbox for Official Statistics
2023-06-07 upndown Utilities and Design Aids for Up-and-Down Dose-Finding Studies
2023-06-07 whitebox 'WhiteboxTools' R Frontend
2023-06-06 ami Checks for Various Computing Environments
2023-06-06 Bernadette Bayesian Inference and Model Selection for Stochastic Epidemics
2023-06-06 boxplotcluster Clustering Method Based on Boxplot Statistics
2023-06-06 brsim Brainerd-Robinson Similarity Coefficient Matrix
2023-06-06 caplot Correspondence Analysis with Geometric Frequency Interpretation
2023-06-06 constructive Display Idiomatic Code to Construct Most R Objects
2023-06-06 critpath Setting the Critical Path in Project Management
2023-06-06 CSTools Assessing Skill of Climate Forecasts on Seasonal-to-Decadal Timescales
2023-06-06 fastshap Fast Approximate Shapley Values
2023-06-06 flow View and Browse Code Using Flow Diagrams
2023-06-06 ggtern An Extension to 'ggplot2', for the Creation of Ternary Diagrams
2023-06-06 gmm Generalized Method of Moments and Generalized Empirical Likelihood
2023-06-06 IRTBEMM Family of Bayesian EMM Algorithm for Item Response Models
2023-06-06 lddmm Longitudinal Drift-Diffusion Mixed Models (LDDMM)
2023-06-06 locateip Locate IP Addresses with 'ip-api'
2023-06-06 moderate.mediation Causal Moderated Mediation Analysis
2023-06-06 nlmixr2rpt Templated Word and PowerPoint Reporting of 'nlmixr2' Fitting Results
2023-06-06 pdynmc Moment Condition Based Estimation of Linear Dynamic Panel Data Models
2023-06-06 rtms R Toolkit for Mass Spectrometry
2023-06-06 scicomptools Tools Developed by the NCEAS Scientific Computing Support Team
2023-06-06 SPARTAAS Statistical Pattern Recognition and daTing using Archaeological Artefacts assemblageS
2023-06-06 splitTools Tools for Data Splitting
2023-06-06 torch Tensors and Neural Networks with 'GPU' Acceleration
2023-06-06 torchopt Advanced Optimizers for Torch
2023-06-06 transform.hazards Transforms Cumulative Hazards to Parameter Specified by ODE System
2023-06-06 WeibullR.learnr An Interactive Introduction to Life Data Analysis
2023-06-05 BCEA Bayesian Cost Effectiveness Analysis
2023-06-05 DemoKin Estimate Population Kin Distribution
2023-06-05 eHDPrep Quality Control and Semantic Enrichment of Datasets
2023-06-05 FFTrees Generate, Visualise, and Evaluate Fast-and-Frugal Decision Trees
2023-06-05 golem A Framework for Robust Shiny Applications
2023-06-05 gptzeror Identify Text Written by Large Language Models using 'GPTZero'
2023-06-05 InformativeCensoring Multiple Imputation for Informative Censoring
2023-06-05 ino Initialization of Numerical Optimization
2023-06-05 MetricsWeighted Weighted Metrics and Performance Measures for Machine Learning
2023-06-05 mice Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations
2023-06-05 mlr3mbo Flexible Bayesian Optimization
2023-06-05 momentfit Methods of Moments
2023-06-05 PMwR Portfolio Management with R
2023-06-05 predtools Prediction Model Tools
2023-06-05 psychonetrics Structural Equation Modeling and Confirmatory Network Analysis
2023-06-05 queryup Query the 'UniProtKB' REST API
2023-06-05 see Model Visualisation Toolbox for 'easystats' and 'ggplot2'
2023-06-05 stuart Subtests Using Algorithmic Rummaging Techniques
2023-06-05 VIGoR Variational Bayesian Inference for Genome-Wide Regression
2023-06-05 worldmet Import Surface Meteorological Data from NOAA Integrated Surface Database (ISD)
2023-06-04 blockCV Spatial and Environmental Blocking for K-Fold and LOO Cross-Validation
2023-06-04 clustAnalytics Cluster Evaluation on Graphs
2023-06-04 confintr Confidence Intervals
2023-06-04 EpiSemble Ensemble Based Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Methylation States
2023-06-04 multiblock Multiblock Data Fusion in Statistics and Machine Learning
2023-06-04 RRphylo Phylogenetic Ridge Regression Methods for Comparative Studies
2023-06-04 s2dv A Set of Common Tools for Seasonal to Decadal Verification
2023-06-04 TFunHDDC Clustering of Functional Data via Mixtures of t-Distributions
2023-06-03 agua 'tidymodels' Integration with 'h2o'
2023-06-03 geostan Bayesian Spatial Analysis
2023-06-03 lifeR Identify Sites for Your Bird List
2023-06-03 plotly Create Interactive Web Graphics via 'plotly.js'
2023-06-03 predictNMB Evaluate Clinical Prediction Models by Net Monetary Benefit
2023-06-03 readtext Import and Handling for Plain and Formatted Text Files
2023-06-03 scplot Plot Function for Single-Case Data Frames
2023-06-03 waspasR Tool Kit to Implement a W.A.S.P.A.S. Based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Solution
2023-06-02 aghq Adaptive Gauss Hermite Quadrature for Bayesian Inference
2023-06-02 assertions Simple Assertions for Beautiful and Customisable Error Messages
2023-06-02 bnmonitor An Implementation of Sensitivity Analysis in Bayesian Networks
2023-06-02 checkglobals Static Analysis of R-Code Dependencies
2023-06-02 ClimProjDiags Set of Tools to Compute Various Climate Indices
2023-06-02 dodgr Distances on Directed Graphs
2023-06-02 easyNCDF Tools to Easily Read/Write NetCDF Files into/from Multidimensional R Arrays
2023-06-02 flexrsurv Flexible Relative Survival Analysis
2023-06-02 ineq.2d Two-Dimensional Decomposition of the Theil Index and the Squared Coefficient of Variation
2023-06-02 matrixStats Functions that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices (and to Vectors)
2023-06-02 mlmi Maximum Likelihood Multiple Imputation
2023-06-02 piecemaker Tools for Preparing Text for Tokenizers
2023-06-02 R2BayesX Estimate Structured Additive Regression Models with 'BayesX'
2023-06-02 REDCapDM 'REDCap' Data Management
2023-06-02 regsem Regularized Structural Equation Modeling
2023-06-02 rfishbase R Interface to 'FishBase'
2023-06-02 RJDemetra Interface to 'JDemetra+' Seasonal Adjustment Software
2023-06-02 robmedExtra Extra Functionality for (Robust) Mediation Analysis
2023-06-02 SAPP Statistical Analysis of Point Processes
2023-06-02 shoredate Shoreline Dating Coastal Stone Age Sites
2023-06-02 StatDA Statistical Analysis for Environmental Data
2023-06-02 Synth Synthetic Control Group Method for Comparative Case Studies
2023-06-01 BayesX R Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX
2023-06-01 bootImpute Bootstrap Inference for Multiple Imputation
2023-06-01 distanceto Calculate Distance to Features
2023-06-01 eeptools Convenience Functions for Education Data
2023-06-01 FunnelPlotR Funnel Plots for Comparing Institutional Performance
2023-06-01 ggrastr Rasterize Layers for 'ggplot2'
2023-06-01 intrinsicKappa Sample Size Planning Based on Intrinsic Kappa Value
2023-06-01 micemd Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations with Multilevel Data
2023-06-01 projpred Projection Predictive Feature Selection
2023-06-01 RelimpPCR Relative Importance PCA Regression
2023-06-01 RGAP Production Function Output Gap Estimation
2023-06-01 rsmatrix Matrices for Repeat-Sales Price Indexes
2023-06-01 simstudy Simulation of Study Data
2023-06-01 SpiceFP Sparse Method to Identify Joint Effects of Functional Predictors
2023-06-01 Statamarkdown 'Stata' Markdown
2023-06-01 watson Fitting and Simulating Mixtures of Watson Distributions
2023-06-01 WebGestaltR Gene Set Analysis Toolkit WebGestaltR
2023-06-01 WhatsR Parsing, Anonymizing and Visualizing Exported 'WhatsApp' Chat Logs
2023-05-31 adabag Applies Multiclass AdaBoost.M1, SAMME and Bagging
2023-05-31 attachment Deal with Dependencies
2023-05-31 beyondWhittle Bayesian Spectral Inference for Time Series
2023-05-31 Canek Batch Correction of Single Cell Transcriptome Data
2023-05-31 catdap Categorical Data Analysis Program Package
2023-05-31 dfrr Dichotomized Functional Response Regression
2023-05-31 downscale Downscaling Species Occupancy
2023-05-31 geos Open Source Geometry Engine ('GEOS') R API
2023-05-31 hubeau Get Data from the French National Database on Water 'Hub'Eau'
2023-05-31 IDSL.IPA Intrinsic Peak Analysis (IPA) for HRMS Data
2023-05-31 LDlinkR Calculating Linkage Disequilibrium (LD) in Human Population Groups of Interest
2023-05-31 multiocc Fits Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Occupancy Model
2023-05-31 peramo Permutation Tests for Randomization Model
2023-05-31 PortalHacienda Acceder Con R a Los Datos Del Portal De Hacienda
2023-05-31 r02pro R Programming: Zero to Pro
2023-05-31 rgdal Bindings for the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library
2023-05-31 semptools Customizing Structural Equation Modelling Plots
2023-05-31 symSEM Symbolic Computation for Structural Equation Models
2023-05-31 TITAN2 Threshold Indicator Taxa Analysis
2023-05-31 TSCI Tools for Causal Inference with Possibly Invalid Instrumental Variables
2023-05-31 varbvs Large-Scale Bayesian Variable Selection Using Variational Methods
2023-05-31 vaRiskScore VA CVD Risk Score
2023-05-31 zonohedra Compute and Plot Zonohedra from Vector Generators
2023-05-30 adapt4pv Adaptive Approaches for Signal Detection in Pharmacovigilance
2023-05-30 assertive.code Assertions to Check Properties of Code
2023-05-30 BoutrosLab.plotting.general Functions to Create Publication-Quality Plots
2023-05-30 CAST 'caret' Applications for Spatial-Temporal Models
2023-05-30 ChemoSpecUtils Functions Supporting Packages ChemoSpec and ChemoSpec2D
2023-05-30 ChernoffDist Chernoff's Distribution
2023-05-30 countrycode Convert Country Names and Country Codes
2023-05-30 ctv CRAN Task Views
2023-05-30 DatabionicSwarm Swarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering
2023-05-30 dmetatools Computational Tools for Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Test
2023-05-30 ergm.ego Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Random Graph Models to Egocentrically Sampled Network Data
2023-05-30 ergm.multi Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Multiple or Multilayer Networks
2023-05-30 FCPS Fundamental Clustering Problems Suite
2023-05-30 ffstream Forgetting Factor Methods for Change Detection in Streaming Data
2023-05-30 FIESTA Forest Inventory Estimation and Analysis
2023-05-30 GeneralizedUmatrix Credible Visualization for Two-Dimensional Projections of Data
2023-05-30 glossary Glossaries for Markdown and Quarto Documents
2023-05-30 halfmoon Techniques to Build Better Balance
2023-05-30 HDMFA High-Dimensional Matrix Factor Analysis
2023-05-30 LGDtoolkit Collection of Tools for LGD Rating Model Development
2023-05-30 MCPModPack Simulation-Based Design and Analysis of Dose-Finding Trials
2023-05-30 Microsoft365R Interface to the 'Microsoft 365' Suite of Cloud Services
2023-05-30 mlr3benchmark Analysis and Visualisation of Benchmark Experiments
2023-05-30 nopaco Non-Parametric Concordance Coefficient
2023-05-30 ontologyIndex Reading Ontologies into R
2023-05-30 panelhetero Panel Data Analysis with Heterogeneous Dynamics
2023-05-30 RoBSA Robust Bayesian Survival Analysis
2023-05-30 RTaxometrics Taxometric Analysis
2023-05-30 SDPDmod Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Modeling
2023-05-30 Signac Analysis of Single-Cell Chromatin Data
2023-05-30 stevedata Steve's Toy Data for Teaching About a Variety of Methodological, Social, and Political Topics
2023-05-30 stringfish Alt String Implementation
2023-05-30 survSens Sensitivity Analysis with Time-to-Event Outcomes
2023-05-30 tergm Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Models for Network Evolution Based on Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
2023-05-30 tessellation Delaunay and Voronoï Tessellations
2023-05-30 torchvisionlib Additional Operators for Image Models
2023-05-30 xlcutter Parse Batches of 'xlsx' Files Based on a Template
2023-05-29 criticality Modeling Fissile Material Operations in Nuclear Facilities
2023-05-29 curvHDR Filtering of Flow Cytometry Samples
2023-05-29 EBEN Empirical Bayesian Elastic Net
2023-05-29 EntropicStatistics Functions Based on Entropic Statistics
2023-05-29 escalation Modular Approach to Dose Finding Clinical Trials
2023-05-29 ftExtra Extensions for 'Flextable'
2023-05-29 jstable Create Tables from Different Types of Regression
2023-05-29 LRTesteR Likelihood Ratio Tests and Confidence Intervals
2023-05-29 MVPBT Publication Bias Tests for Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Test
2023-05-29 SHAPforxgboost SHAP Plots for 'XGBoost'
2023-05-29 tidyREDCap Helper Functions for Working with 'REDCap' Data
2023-05-29 ucminf General-Purpose Unconstrained Non-Linear Optimization
2023-05-28 collapse Advanced and Fast Data Transformation
2023-05-28 crosstable Crosstables for Descriptive Analyses
2023-05-28 ergm Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks
2023-05-28 ggdag Analyze and Create Elegant Directed Acyclic Graphs
2023-05-28 hpfilter The One- And Two-Sided Hodrick-Prescott Filter
2023-05-28 ODRF Oblique Decision Random Forest for Classification and Regression
2023-05-28 RcmdrPlugin.WorldFlora R Commander Plug-in for the 'WorldFlora' Package
2023-05-28 sentopics Tools for Joint Sentiment and Topic Analysis of Textual Data
2023-05-27 babelmixr2 Use 'nlmixr2' to Interact with Open Source and Commercial Software
2023-05-27 bartcs Bayesian Additive Regression Trees for Confounder Selection
2023-05-27 chk Check User-Supplied Function Arguments
2023-05-27 distreg.vis Framework for the Visualization of Distributional Regression Models
2023-05-27 icarus Calibrates and Reweights Units in Samples
2023-05-27 markovmix Mixture of Markov Chains with Support of Higher Orders and Multiple Sequences
2023-05-27 measr Bayesian Psychometric Measurement Using 'Stan'
2023-05-27 photobiology Photobiological Calculations
2023-05-27 treediff Testing Differences Between Families of Trees
2023-05-26 bioSNR Bioacoustic Basic Operations with Decibels and the Passive Sonar Equation
2023-05-26 bspline B-Spline Interpolation and Regression
2023-05-26 cartogram Create Cartograms with R
2023-05-26 covidnor Public COVID-19 Data for Norway
2023-05-26 DALEXtra Extension for 'DALEX' Package
2023-05-26 EFAutilities Utility Functions for Exploratory Factor Analysis
2023-05-26 gMOIP Tools for 2D and 3D Plots of Single and Multi-Objective Linear/Integer Programming Models
2023-05-26 hgwrr Hierarchical and Geographically Weighted Regression
2023-05-26 metevalue E-Value in the Omics Data Association Studies
2023-05-26 parallelly Enhancing the 'parallel' Package
2023-05-26 qvcalc Quasi Variances for Factor Effects in Statistical Models
2023-05-26 roclang Functions for Diffusing Function Documentations into 'Roxygen' Comments
2023-05-26 sos Search Contributed R Packages, Sort by Package
2023-05-26 spfa Semi-Parametric Factor Analysis
2023-05-26 spmodel Spatial Statistical Modeling and Prediction
2023-05-26 tidysmd Tidy Standardized Mean Differences
2023-05-26 voi Expected Value of Information
2023-05-26 WorldFlora Standardize Plant Names According to World Flora Online Taxonomic Backbone
2023-05-25 agghoo Aggregated Hold-Out Cross Validation
2023-05-25 arulesSequences Mining Frequent Sequences
2023-05-25 async Coroutines: Generators / Yield, Async / Await, and Streams
2023-05-25 baytrends Long Term Water Quality Trend Analysis
2023-05-25 BNSP Bayesian Non- And Semi-Parametric Model Fitting
2023-05-25 CausalGPS Matching on Generalized Propensity Scores with Continuous Exposures
2023-05-25 cotram Count Transformation Models
2023-05-25 countDM Estimation of Count Data Models
2023-05-25 covid19.analytics Load and Analyze Live Data from the COVID-19 Pandemic
2023-05-25 cropgrowdays Crop Growing Degree Days and Agrometeorological Calculations
2023-05-25 DIMORA Diffusion Models R Analysis
2023-05-25 EBglmnet Empirical Bayesian Lasso and Elastic Net Methods for Generalized Linear Models
2023-05-25 echo Echo Code Evaluations
2023-05-25 eks Tidy and Geospatial Kernel Smoothing
2023-05-25 FedData Functions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources
2023-05-25 FunChisq Model-Free Functional Chi-Squared and Exact Tests
2023-05-25 GenEst Generalized Mortality Estimator
2023-05-25 gFormulaMI G-Formula for Causal Inference via Multiple Imputation
2023-05-25 ggnewscale Multiple Fill and Colour Scales in 'ggplot2'
2023-05-25 HDSpatialScan Multivariate and Functional Spatial Scan Statistics
2023-05-25 HydroPortailStats 'HydroPortail' Statistical Functions
2023-05-25 jsonNormalize Normalization of 'JSON' Strings
2023-05-25 LKT Logistic Knowledge Tracing
2023-05-25 optical Optimal Item Calibration
2023-05-25 ORKM The Online Regularized K-Means Clustering Algorithm
2023-05-25 R2BEAT Multistage Sampling Allocation and Sample Selection
2023-05-25 RevGadgets Visualization and Post-Processing of 'RevBayes' Analyses
2023-05-25 Rwhois WHOIS Server Querying
2023-05-25 spatialreg Spatial Regression Analysis
2023-05-25 SQL Executes 'SQL' Statements
2023-05-25 treemap Treemap Visualization
2023-05-24 ammistability Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model Stability Parameters
2023-05-24 arcpullr Pull Data from an 'ArcGIS REST' API
2023-05-24 argo Accurate Estimation of Influenza Epidemics using Google Search Data
2023-05-24 Bayenet Bayesian Quantile Elastic Net for Genetic Study
2023-05-24 boxfilter Filter Noisy Data
2023-05-24 cstidy Helpful Functions for Cleaning Surveillance Data
2023-05-24 ctmcd Estimating the Parameters of a Continuous-Time Markov Chain from Discrete-Time Data
2023-05-24 dlstats Download Stats of R Packages
2023-05-24 ggautomap Create Maps from a Column of Place Names
2023-05-24 gginnards Explore the Innards of 'ggplot2' Objects
2023-05-24 grpSLOPE Group Sorted L1 Penalized Estimation
2023-05-24 ispdata Access Data from the Public Security Institute of the State of Rio De Janeiro
2023-05-24 JUMP Replicability Analysis of High-Throughput Experiments
2023-05-24 LCMCR Bayesian Non-Parametric Latent-Class Capture-Recapture
2023-05-24 mlr3spatiotempcv Spatiotemporal Resampling Methods for 'mlr3'
2023-05-24 multibreakeR Tests for a Structural Change in Multivariate Time Series
2023-05-24 multinma Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis of Individual and Aggregate Data
2023-05-24 RBE3 Estimation and Additional Tools for Quantile Generalized Beta Regression Model
2023-05-24 Rmalschains Continuous Optimization using Memetic Algorithms with Local Search Chains (MA-LS-Chains)
2023-05-24 rStrava Access the 'Strava' API
2023-05-24 sasr 'SAS' Interface
2023-05-24 standby Alerts, Notifications and Loading Screen in 'Shiny'
2023-05-24 statnet.common Common R Scripts and Utilities Used by the Statnet Project Software
2023-05-24 SWTools Helper Tools for Australian Hydrologists
2023-05-24 tactile New and Extended Plots, Methods, and Panel Functions for 'lattice'
2023-05-24 tldr T Loux Doing R: Functions to Simplify Data Analysis and Reporting
2023-05-24 WeightedPortTest Weighted Portmanteau Tests for Time Series Goodness-of-Fit
2023-05-23 ACEt Estimating Dynamic Heritability and Twin Model Comparison
2023-05-23 apaText Create R Markdown Text for Results in the Style of the American Psychological Association (APA)
2023-05-23 catdata Categorical Data
2023-05-23 csmaps Preformatted Maps of Norway that Don't Need Geolibraries
2023-05-23 eBsc "Empirical Bayes Smoothing Splines with Correlated Errors"
2023-05-23 ensemblQueryR Simple, Fast and Efficient Querying of the 'Ensembl' API
2023-05-23 fda Functional Data Analysis
2023-05-23 glmm.hp Hierarchical Partitioning of Marginal R2 for Generalized Mixed-Effect Models
2023-05-23 kanjistat A Statistical Framework for the Analysis of Japanese Kanji Characters
2023-05-23 lmtestrob Outlier Robust Specification Testing
2023-05-23 MagmaClustR Clustering and Prediction using Multi-Task Gaussian Processes with Common Mean
2023-05-23 melt Multiple Empirical Likelihood Tests
2023-05-23 permChacko Chacko Test for Order-Restriction with Permutation
2023-05-23 phylosamp Sample Size Calculations for Molecular and Phylogenetic Studies
2023-05-23 pmparser Create and Maintain a Relational Database of Data from PubMed/MEDLINE
2023-05-23 PracTools Tools for Designing and Weighting Survey Samples
2023-05-23 r2dii.plot Visualize the Climate Scenario Alignment of a Financial Portfolio
2023-05-23 randomForestSRC Fast Unified Random Forests for Survival, Regression, and Classification (RF-SRC)
2023-05-23 rdacca.hp Hierarchical and Variation Partitioning for Canonical Analysis
2023-05-23 redland RDF Library Bindings in R
2023-05-23 SDGdetector Detect SDGs and Targets in Text
2023-05-23 seeker Simplified Fetching and Processing of Microarray and RNA-Seq Data
2023-05-23 sys Powerful and Reliable Tools for Running System Commands in R
2023-05-23 TiPS Trajectories and Phylogenies Simulator
2023-05-23 WeightIt Weighting for Covariate Balance in Observational Studies
2023-05-23 wrappr A Collection of Helper and Wrapper Functions
2023-05-22 adw Angular Distance Weighting Interpolation
2023-05-22 BiCausality Binary Causality Inference Framework
2023-05-22 boutliers Outlier Detection and Influence Diagnostics for Meta-Analysis
2023-05-22 BrainCon Inference the Partial Correlations Based on Time Series Data
2023-05-22 cNORM Continuous Norming
2023-05-22 crossvalidationCP Cross-Validation for Change-Point Regression
2023-05-22 csdata Structural Data for Norway
2023-05-22 DImodels Diversity-Interactions (DI) Models
2023-05-22 fuj Functions and Utilities for Jordan
2023-05-22 future.tests Test Suite for 'Future API' Backends
2023-05-22 ggblend Blending and Compositing Algebra for 'ggplot2'
2023-05-22 growthmodels Nonlinear Growth Models
2023-05-22 intradayModel Modeling and Forecasting Financial Intraday Signals
2023-05-22 lwgeom Bindings to Selected 'liblwgeom' Functions for Simple Features
2023-05-22 mlr3pipelines Preprocessing Operators and Pipelines for 'mlr3'
2023-05-22 PEtests Power-Enhanced (PE) Tests for High-Dimensional Data
2023-05-22 PINMA Improved Methods for Constructing Prediction Intervals for Network Meta-Analysis
2023-05-22 PUMP Power Under Multiplicity Project
2023-05-22 Require Installing and Loading R Packages for Reproducible Workflows
2023-05-22 scribe Command Argument Parsing
2023-05-22 sewage A Light-Weight Data Pipelining Tool
2023-05-22 soundgen Sound Synthesis and Acoustic Analysis
2023-05-21 areaplot Plot Stacked Areas and Confidence Bands as Filled Polygons
2023-05-21 dbmss Distance-Based Measures of Spatial Structures
2023-05-21 dismo Species Distribution Modeling
2023-05-21 future.apply Apply Function to Elements in Parallel using Futures
2023-05-21 kidsides Download, Cache, and Connect to KidSIDES
2023-05-21 outForest Multivariate Outlier Detection and Replacement
2023-05-21 palinsol Insolation for Palaeoclimate Studies
2023-05-21 seacarb Seawater Carbonate Chemistry
2023-05-21 stringx Replacements for Base String Functions Powered by 'stringi'
2023-05-21 tidysynth A Tidy Implementation of the Synthetic Control Method
2023-05-21 TreeBUGS Hierarchical Multinomial Processing Tree Modeling
2023-05-21 tutorial.helpers Helper Functions for Creating Tutorials
2023-05-21 zoib Bayesian Inference for Beta Regression and Zero-or-One Inflated Beta Regression
2023-05-20 JGR Java GUI for R
2023-05-20 MARSS Multivariate Autoregressive State-Space Modeling
2023-05-20 modelfree Model-Free Estimation of a Psychometric Function
2023-05-20 NTSS Nonparametric Tests in Spatial Statistics
2023-05-20 randnet Random Network Model Estimation, Selection and Parameter Tuning
2023-05-20 scpi Prediction Intervals for Synthetic Control Methods with Multiple Treated Units and Staggered Adoption
2023-05-20 SecDim The Second Dimension of Spatial Association
2023-05-20 tidyfit Regularized Linear Modeling with Tidy Data
2023-05-20 UComp Automatic Unobserved Components and Other Time Series Models
2023-05-19 bcv Cross-Validation for the SVD (Bi-Cross-Validation)
2023-05-19 biclust BiCluster Algorithms
2023-05-19 CGNM Cluster Gauss-Newton Method
2023-05-19 cleanrmd Clean Class-Less 'R Markdown' HTML Documents
2023-05-19 clv Cluster Validation Techniques
2023-05-19 CP Conditional Power Calculations
2023-05-19 cxhull Convex Hull
2023-05-19 emoa Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms
2023-05-19 foundry 'Palantir Foundry' Software Development Kit
2023-05-19 L1pack Routines for L1 Estimation
2023-05-19 materialmodifier Apply Photo Editing Effects
2023-05-19 nonLinearDotPlot Non Linear Dot Plots
2023-05-19 pct Propensity to Cycle Tool
2023-05-19 PlotTools Add Continuous Legends to Plots
2023-05-19 pls Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression
2023-05-19 pmxcode Create Pharmacometric Models
2023-05-19 rcaiman CAnopy IMage ANalysis
2023-05-19 Rdsdp R Interface to DSDP Semidefinite Programming Library
2023-05-19 resde Estimation in Reducible Stochastic Differential Equations
2023-05-19 RIA Radiomics Image Analysis Toolbox for Medial Images
2023-05-19 secrlinear Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture for Linear Habitats
2023-05-19 surveillance Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Monitoring of Epidemic Phenomena
2023-05-19 TidyDensity Functions for Tidy Analysis and Generation of Random Data
2023-05-19 triact Analyzing the Lying Behavior of Cows from Accelerometer Data
2023-05-19 vol2birdR Vertical Profiles of Biological Signals in Weather Radar Data
2023-05-18 bootUR Bootstrap Unit Root Tests
2023-05-18 cases Stratified Evaluation of Subgroup Classification Accuracy
2023-05-18 CSIndicators Climate Services' Indicators Based on Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Predictions
2023-05-18 DiagrammeR Graph/Network Visualization
2023-05-18 DRDID Doubly Robust Difference-in-Differences Estimators
2023-05-18 eefAnalytics Robust Analytical Methods for Evaluating Educational Interventions using Randomised Controlled Trials Designs
2023-05-18 GaSP Train and Apply a Gaussian Stochastic Process Model
2023-05-18 gfoRmula Parametric G-Formula
2023-05-18 gpg GNU Privacy Guard for R
2023-05-18 idmact Interpreting Differences Between Mean ACT Scores
2023-05-18 IDSL.UFA United Formula Annotation (UFA) for HRMS Data Processing
2023-05-18 influenceR Software Tools to Quantify Structural Importance of Nodes in a Network
2023-05-18 iterors Fast, Compact Iterators and Tools
2023-05-18 lares Analytics & Machine Learning Sidekick
2023-05-18 Morphoscape Computation and Visualization of Adaptive Landscapes
2023-05-18 quanteda Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
2023-05-18 rcrimeanalysis An Implementation of Crime Analysis Methods
2023-05-18 RCTS Clustering Time Series While Resisting Outliers
2023-05-18 shiny.exe Launch a Shiny Application without Opening R or RStudio
2023-05-18 WebPower Basic and Advanced Statistical Power Analysis
2023-05-18 woylier Alternative Tour Frame Interpolation Method
2023-05-17 ChannelAttribution Markov Model for Online Multi-Channel Attribution
2023-05-17 chemdeg Analysis of Chemical Degradation Kinetic Data
2023-05-17 crul HTTP Client
2023-05-17 deldir Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation
2023-05-17 drhur Learning R with Dr. Hu
2023-05-17 ETASbootstrap Bootstrap Confidence Interval Estimation for 'ETAS' Model Parameters
2023-05-17 logitr Logit Models w/Preference & WTP Space Utility Parameterizations
2023-05-17 MBSP Multivariate Bayesian Model with Shrinkage Priors
2023-05-17 mmodely Modeling Multivariate Origins Determinants - Evolutionary Lineages in Ecology
2023-05-17 multid Multivariate Difference Between Two Groups
2023-05-17 OrdCD Ordinal Causal Discovery
2023-05-17 pheble Classifying High-Dimensional Phenotypes with Ensemble Learning
2023-05-17 phosphoricons 'Phosphor' Icons for R
2023-05-17 RNifti Fast R and C++ Access to NIfTI Images
2023-05-17 Robyn Semi-Automated Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) from Meta Marketing Science
2023-05-17 rotatogram A Non-Axis-Dominant Association Plotting Tool
2023-05-17 s2 Spherical Geometry Operators Using the S2 Geometry Library
2023-05-17 spatialsample Spatial Resampling Infrastructure
2023-05-17 spatstat Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests
2023-05-17 spBayesSurv Bayesian Modeling and Analysis of Spatially Correlated Survival Data
2023-05-17 stabiliser Stabilising Variable Selection
2023-05-17 symbol.equation.gpt Powerful User Interface to Build Equations and Add Symbols
2023-05-17 volcano3D 3D Volcano Plots and Polar Plots for Three-Class Data
2023-05-16 basefun Infrastructure for Computing with Basis Functions
2023-05-16 batchmix Semi-Supervised Bayesian Mixture Models Incorporating Batch Correction
2023-05-16 BiDAG Bayesian Inference for Directed Acyclic Graphs
2023-05-16 compindPCA Computation of Relative Weights of Variables and Composite Index Values Based on PCA
2023-05-16 drcSeedGerm Utilities for Data Analyses in Seed Germination/Emergence Assays
2023-05-16 FoReco Forecast Reconciliation
2023-05-16 gmmsslm Semi-Supervised Gaussian Mixture Model with a Missing-Data Mechanism
2023-05-16 graphicalVAR Graphical VAR for Experience Sampling Data
2023-05-16 hdme High-Dimensional Regression with Measurement Error
2023-05-16 highs 'HiGHS' Optimization Solver
2023-05-16 hightR HIGHT Algorithm
2023-05-16 hwep Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium in Polyploids
2023-05-16 influential Identification and Classification of the Most Influential Nodes
2023-05-16 isopleuros Ternary Plots
2023-05-16 mlVAR Multi-Level Vector Autoregression
2023-05-16 multilevLCA Estimates and Plots Single-Level and Multilevel Latent Class Models
2023-05-16 mwcsr Solvers for Maximum Weight Connected Subgraph Problem and Its Variants
2023-05-16 navigation Analyze the Impact of Sensor Error Modelling on Navigation Performance
2023-05-16 nlrx Setup, Run and Analyze 'NetLogo' Model Simulations from 'R' via 'XML'
2023-05-16 OpenRepGrid Tools to Analyze Repertory Grid Data
2023-05-16 orloca Operations Research LOCational Analysis Models
2023-05-16 parSim Parallel Simulation Studies
2023-05-16 qgraph Graph Plotting Methods, Psychometric Data Visualization and Graphical Model Estimation
2023-05-16 realtest Where Expectations Meet Reality: Realistic Unit Testing
2023-05-16 rfacebookstat Load Data from Facebook API Marketing
2023-05-16 semPower Power Analyses for SEM
2023-05-16 spsurvey Spatial Sampling Design and Analysis
2023-05-16 validateIt Validating Topic Coherence and Topic Labels
2023-05-16 via Virtual Arrays
2023-05-16 wcox Weights to Correct for Outcome Dependent Sampling in Time to Event Data
2023-05-16 webfakes Fake Web Apps for HTTP Testing
2023-05-15 ActuarialM Computation of Actuarial Measures Using Bell G Family
2023-05-15 addinslist Discover and Install Useful RStudio Addins
2023-05-15 bimets Time Series and Econometric Modeling
2023-05-15 boostingDEA A Boosting Approach to Data Envelopment Analysis
2023-05-15 BRugs Interface to the 'OpenBUGS' MCMC Software
2023-05-15 bubbleHeatmap Produces 'bubbleHeatmap' Plots for Visualising Metabolomics Data
2023-05-15 clock Date-Time Types and Tools
2023-05-15 ComRiskModel Fitting of Complementary Risk Models
2023-05-15 cstime Date and Time Functions for Public Health Purposes
2023-05-15 ddsPLS Data-Driven Sparse Partial Least Squares
2023-05-15 denguedatahub A Tidy Format Datasets of Dengue by Country
2023-05-15 ECOSolveR Embedded Conic Solver in R
2023-05-15 estadistica Fundamentos De Estadistica Descriptiva e Inferencial
2023-05-15 GetTDData Get Data for Brazilian Bonds (Tesouro Direto)
2023-05-15 iMRMC Multi-Reader, Multi-Case Analysis Methods (ROC, Agreement, and Other Metrics)
2023-05-15 islasso The Induced Smoothed Lasso
2023-05-15 MCPModBC Improved Inference in Multiple Comparison Procedure – Modelling
2023-05-15 OPC The Online Principal Component Estimation Method
2023-05-15 prevR Estimating Regional Trends of a Prevalence from a DHS and Similar Surveys
2023-05-15 pycno Pycnophylactic Interpolation
2023-05-15 rticles Article Formats for R Markdown
2023-05-15 samadb South Africa Macroeconomic Database API
2023-05-15 spatstat.linnet Linear Networks Functionality of the 'spatstat' Family
2023-05-15 ssMRCD Spatially Smoothed MRCD Estimator
2023-05-15 StepGWR A Hybrid Spatial Model for Prediction and Capturing Spatial Variation in the Data
2023-05-15 VarReg Semi-Parametric Variance Regression
2023-05-15 weatherindices Calculate Weather Indices
2023-05-15 webexercises Create Interactive Web Exercises in 'R Markdown' (Formerly 'webex')
2023-05-14 annmatrix Annotated Matrix: Matrices with Persistent Row and Column Annotations
2023-05-14 flimo Fixed Landscape Inference Method
2023-05-14 GInSARCorW GACOS InSAR Correction Workflow
2023-05-14 hdiVAR Statistical Inference for Noisy Vector Autoregression
2023-05-14 lessR Less Code, More Results
2023-05-14 pRepDesigns Partially Replicated (p-Rep) Designs
2023-05-14 Rbeast Bayesian Change-Point Detection and Time Series Decomposition
2023-05-14 RcppSimdJson 'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'simdjson' Header-Only Library for 'JSON' Parsing
2023-05-13 animl A Collection of ML Tools for Conservation Research
2023-05-13 bigstep Stepwise Selection for Large Data Sets
2023-05-13 colorblindcheck Check Color Palettes for Problems with Color Vision Deficiency
2023-05-13 esreg Joint Quantile and Expected Shortfall Regression
2023-05-13 ExtractTrainData Extract Values from Raster
2023-05-13 fairml Fair Models in Machine Learning
2023-05-13 fdasrvf Elastic Functional Data Analysis
2023-05-13 ggdist Visualizations of Distributions and Uncertainty
2023-05-13 rcartocolor 'CARTOColors' Palettes
2023-05-13 ReadDIM Read ESA SNAP Processed Raster Format in R
2023-05-13 VeryLargeIntegers Store and Operate with Arbitrarily Large Integers
2023-05-12 amapro Thin Wrapper for Mapping Library 'AMap'
2023-05-12 bandsfdp Compute Upper Prediction Bounds on the FDP in Competition-Based Setups
2023-05-12 coloc Colocalisation Tests of Two Genetic Traits
2023-05-12 genscore Generalized Score Matching Estimators
2023-05-12 guidedPLS Supervised Dimensional Reduction by Guided Partial Least Squares
2023-05-12 lpacf Local Partial Autocorrelation Function Estimation for Locally Stationary Wavelet Processes
2023-05-12 mapiso Create Contour Polygons from Regular Grids
2023-05-12 micEconDistRay Econometric Production Analysis with Ray-Based Distance Functions
2023-05-12 mnmer '(m,n)-mer' - A Simple Statistical Feature for Sequence Classification
2023-05-12 pdqr Work with Custom Distribution Functions
2023-05-12 photobiologyPlants Plant Photobiology Related Functions and Data
2023-05-12 pollster Calculate Crosstab and Topline Tables of Weighted Survey Data
2023-05-12 rchemo Dimension Reduction, Regression and Discrimination for Chemometrics
2023-05-12 reporter Creates Statistical Reports
2023-05-12 RMediation Mediation Analysis Confidence Intervals
2023-05-12 RVIpkg Regional Vulnerability Index
2023-05-12 softbib Software Bibliographies for R Projects
2023-05-12 ssifs Stochastic Search Inconsistency Factor Selection
2023-05-12 Tex4exams Generating 'Sweave' Code for 'R/exams' Questions in Mathematics
2023-05-12 traitstrap Bootstrap Trait Values to Calculate Moments
2023-05-12 tzdb Time Zone Database Information
2023-05-12 viking State-Space Models Inference by Kalman or Viking
2023-05-11 Achilles Achilles Data Source Characterization
2023-05-11 anabel Analysis of Binding Events + l
2023-05-11 crc32c Cyclic Redundancy Check with CPU-Specific Acceleration
2023-05-11 datetimeoffset Datetimes with Optional UTC Offsets and/or Heterogeneous Time Zones
2023-05-11 desirability2 Desirability Functions for Multiparameter Optimization
2023-05-11 dynatopGIS Algorithms for Helping Build Dynamic TOPMODEL Implementations from Spatial Data
2023-05-11 ech Downloading and Processing Microdata from ECH-INE (Uruguay)
2023-05-11 emailvalidation Client for the 'emailalvalidation.io' E-Mail Validation API
2023-05-11 fasano.franceschini.test Fasano-Franceschini Test: A Multidimensional Kolmogorov-Smirnov Two-Sample Test
2023-05-11 ggflowchart Flowcharts with 'ggplot2'
2023-05-11 ggrounded Rounded Bar Plots
2023-05-11 httpuv HTTP and WebSocket Server Library
2023-05-11 icesSAG Stock Assessment Graphs Database Web Services
2023-05-11 ipbase Client for the 'ipbase.com' IP Geolocation API
2023-05-11 iplookupapi Client for the 'iplookupapi.com' IP Lookup API
2023-05-11 keyATM Keyword Assisted Topic Models
2023-05-11 matchMulti Optimal Multilevel Matching using a Network Algorithm
2023-05-11 mmstat4 Access to Teaching Materials from a ZIP File or GitHub
2023-05-11 NLPutils Natural Language Processing Utilities
2023-05-11 OHCSpackage Prepare Housing Data for Analysis
2023-05-11 qdap Bridging the Gap Between Qualitative Data and Quantitative Analysis
2023-05-11 Qindex Continuous and Dichotomized Index Predictors Based on Distribution Quantiles
2023-05-11 rblt Bio-Logging Toolbox
2023-05-11 sigQC Quality Control Metrics for Gene Signatures
2023-05-11 tabnet Fit 'TabNet' Models for Classification and Regression
2023-05-10 DataSetsUni A Collection of Univariate Data Sets
2023-05-10 daterangepicker Create a Shiny Date-Range Input
2023-05-10 extras Helper Functions for Bayesian Analyses
2023-05-10 flashlight Shed Light on Black Box Machine Learning Models
2023-05-10 freecurrencyapi Client for the 'freecurrencyapi.com' Currency Conversion API
2023-05-10 ggtricks Create Sector and Other Charts Easily Using Grammar of Graphics
2023-05-10 grf Generalized Random Forests
2023-05-10 imager Image Processing Library Based on 'CImg'
2023-05-10 marble Robust Marginal Bayesian Variable Selection for Gene-Environment Interactions
2023-05-10 modACDC Association of Covariance for Detecting Differential Co-Expression
2023-05-10 nmrrr Binning and Visualizing NMR Spectra in Environmental Samples
2023-05-10 nmw Understanding Nonlinear Mixed Effects Modeling for Population Pharmacokinetics
2023-05-10 ontologics Code-Logics to Handle Ontologies
2023-05-10 parquetize Convert Files to Parquet Format
2023-05-10 Peptides Calculate Indices and Theoretical Physicochemical Properties of Protein Sequences
2023-05-10 PRIMME Eigenvalues and Singular Values and Vectors from Large Matrices
2023-05-10 pscl Political Science Computational Laboratory
2023-05-10 qdapTools Tools for the 'qdap' Package
2023-05-10 rvg R Graphics Devices for 'Office' Vector Graphics Output
2023-05-10 rviewgraph Animated Graph Layout Viewer
2023-05-10 scoringRules Scoring Rules for Parametric and Simulated Distribution Forecasts
2023-05-10 SheetReader Parse xlsx Files
2023-05-10 tidymv Tidy Model Visualisation for Generalised Additive Models
2023-05-10 tmsens Sensitivity Analysis Using the Trimmed Means Estimator
2023-05-10 vatcheckapi Client for the 'vatcheckapi.com' VAT Validation API
2023-05-09 autoEnsemble Automated Stacked Ensemble Classifier for Severe Class Imbalance
2023-05-09 BayesPPD Bayesian Power Prior Design
2023-05-09 DescribeDF Description of a Data Frame
2023-05-09 ebirdst Access and Analyze eBird Status and Trends Data
2023-05-09 finalsize Calculate the Final Size of an Epidemic
2023-05-09 MARSGWR A Hybrid Spatial Model for Capturing Spatially Varying Relationships Between Variables in the Data
2023-05-09 MDFS MultiDimensional Feature Selection
2023-05-09 oceanic Location Identify Tool
2023-05-09 PrInDT Prediction and Interpretation in Decision Trees for Classification and Regression
2023-05-09 rbioapi User-Friendly R Interface to Biologic Web Services' API
2023-05-09 RSNNS Neural Networks using the Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS)
2023-05-09 samc Spatial Absorbing Markov Chains
2023-05-09 simplevis Wrappers to Simplify 'leaflet' Visualisation
2023-05-09 soilfoodwebs Soil Food Web Analysis
2023-05-09 spatstat.utils Utility Functions for 'spatstat'
2023-05-09 StockDistFit Fit Stock Price Distributions
2023-05-09 SurfaceTortoise Find Optimal Sampling Locations Based on Spatial Covariate(s)
2023-05-09 tidygam Tidy Prediction and Plotting of Generalised Additive Models
2023-05-09 WCluster Clustering and PCA with Weights, and Data Nuggets Clustering
2023-05-09 ZIPG Zero-Inflated Poisson-Gamma Regression
2023-05-08 BRVM Retrieve Historical Data of Companies Listed on the 'BRVM' Stock Exchange
2023-05-08 cheem Interactively Explore Local Explanations with the Radial Tour
2023-05-08 corpustools Managing, Querying and Analyzing Tokenized Text
2023-05-08 currencyapi Client for the 'currencyapi.com' Currency Conversion API
2023-05-08 data.validator Automatic Data Validation and Reporting
2023-05-08 distr Object Oriented Implementation of Distributions
2023-05-08 DoE.base Full Factorials, Orthogonal Arrays and Base Utilities for DoE Packages
2023-05-08 drcte Statistical Approaches for Time-to-Event Data in Agriculture
2023-05-08 ergMargins Process Analysis for Exponential Random Graph Models
2023-05-08 EvidenceSynthesis Synthesizing Causal Evidence in a Distributed Research Network
2023-05-08 excel.link Convenient Data Exchange with Microsoft Excel
2023-05-08 ezcox Easily Process a Batch of Cox Models
2023-05-08 hermiter Efficient Sequential and Batch Estimation of Univariate and Bivariate Probability Density Functions and Cumulative Distribution Functions along with Quantiles (Univariate) and Nonparametric Correlation (Bivariate)
2023-05-08 httr2 Perform HTTP Requests and Process the Responses
2023-05-08 icesDatras DATRAS Trawl Survey Database Web Services
2023-05-08 jackknifeR Delete-d Jackknife for Point and Interval Estimation
2023-05-08 JICO Joint and Individual Regression
2023-05-08 klassR Classifications and Codelists for Statistics Norway
2023-05-08 moveHMM Animal Movement Modelling using Hidden Markov Models
2023-05-08 myClim Microclimatic Data Processing
2023-05-08 optiSel Optimum Contribution Selection and Population Genetics
2023-05-08 RGCCA Regularized and Sparse Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multiblock Data
2023-05-08 rsyslog Interface to the 'syslog' System Logger
2023-05-08 ShinyItemAnalysis Test and Item Analysis via Shiny
2023-05-08 SSplots Stock Status Plots (SSPs)
2023-05-08 swephR High Precision Swiss Ephemeris
2023-05-08 tsbox Class-Agnostic Time Series
2023-05-08 waldo Find Differences Between R Objects
2023-05-08 weightedRank Sensitivity Analysis Using Weighted Rank Statistics
2023-05-08 yorkr Analyze Cricket Performances Based on Data from Cricsheet
2023-05-07 ganDataModel Build a Metric Subspaces Data Model for a Data Source
2023-05-07 hpa Distributions Hermite Polynomial Approximation
2023-05-07 moder Mode Estimation
2023-05-07 npcurePK Mixture Cure Model Estimation with Cure Status Partially Known
2023-05-07 parabar Progress Bar for Parallel Tasks
2023-05-07 pmetar Processing METAR Weather Reports
2023-05-07 RMixtCompIO Minimal Interface of the C++ 'MixtComp' Library for Mixture Models with Heterogeneous and (Partially) Missing Data
2023-05-07 RNewsflow Tools for Comparing Text Messages Across Time and Media
2023-05-07 s3.resourcer S3 Resource Resolver
2023-05-07 semlbci Likelihood-Based Confidence Interval in Structural Equation Models
2023-05-07 SOPC The Sparse Online Principal Component Estimation Algorithm
2023-05-07 SpatialDDLS Deconvolution of Spatial Transcriptomics Data Based on Neural Networks
2023-05-07 tensorTS Factor and Autoregressive Models for Tensor Time Series
2023-05-06 bqror Bayesian Quantile Regression for Ordinal Models
2023-05-06 eurodata Fast and Easy Eurostat Data Import and Search
2023-05-06 netmeta Network Meta-Analysis using Frequentist Methods
2023-05-06 RobLoxBioC Infinitesimally Robust Estimators for Preprocessing -Omics Data
2023-05-06 rpostgis R Interface to a 'PostGIS' Database
2023-05-06 snapKrig Fast Kriging and Geostatistics on Grids with Kronecker Covariance
2023-05-06 speedglm Fitting Linear and Generalized Linear Models to Large Data Sets
2023-05-06 visvow Visible Vowels: Visualization of Vowel Variation
2023-05-05 cffr Generate Citation File Format ('cff') Metadata for R Packages
2023-05-05 chatgpt Interface to 'ChatGPT' from R
2023-05-05 clpm Constrained Estimation of Linear Probability Model
2023-05-05 ContaminatedMixt Clustering and Classification with the Contaminated Normal
2023-05-05 designr Balanced Factorial Designs
2023-05-05 eicm Explicit Interaction Community Models
2023-05-05 evaluate Parsing and Evaluation Tools that Provide More Details than the Default
2023-05-05 file2meco Transform Files to 'microtable' Object with 'microeco' Package
2023-05-05 flps Fully-Latent Principal Stratification
2023-05-05 gdata Various R Programming Tools for Data Manipulation
2023-05-05 geomod A Computer Program for Geotechnical Investigations
2023-05-05 getspanel General-to-Specific Modelling of Panel Data
2023-05-05 Guerry Maps, Data and Methods Related to Guerry (1833) "Moral Statistics of France"
2023-05-05 healthyR.data Data Only Package to 'healthyR'
2023-05-05 metagam Meta-Analysis of Generalized Additive Models
2023-05-05 MixedLevelRSDs Mixed Level Response Surface Designs
2023-05-05 mlbench Machine Learning Benchmark Problems
2023-05-05 mpwR Standardized Comparison of Workflows in Mass Spectrometry-Based Bottom-Up Proteomics
2023-05-05 nncc Nearest Neighbors Matching of Case-Control Data
2023-05-05 nswgeo Geospatial Data and Maps for New South Wales, Australia
2023-05-05 ordinalgmifs Ordinal Regression for High-Dimensional Data
2023-05-05 PHEindicatormethods Common Public Health Statistics and their Confidence Intervals
2023-05-05 plantTracker Extract Demographic and Competition Data from Fine-Scale Maps
2023-05-05 preregr Specify (Pre)Registrations and Export Them Human- And Machine-Readably
2023-05-05 recosystem Recommender System using Matrix Factorization
2023-05-05 rfars Download and Analyze Fatal Crash Data
2023-05-05 riverconn Fragmentation and Connectivity Indices for Riverscapes
2023-05-05 RPresto DBI Connector to Presto
2023-05-05 safedata Interface to Data from the SAFE Project
2023-05-05 scatterplot3d 3D Scatter Plot
2023-05-05 shiny.telemetry 'Shiny' App Usage Telemetry
2023-05-04 bench High Precision Timing of R Expressions
2023-05-04 bignum Arbitrary-Precision Integer and Floating-Point Mathematics
2023-05-04 canaper Categorical Analysis of Neo- And Paleo-Endemism
2023-05-04 causalweight Estimation Methods for Causal Inference Based on Inverse Probability Weighting
2023-05-04 gsMAMS Group Sequential Designs of Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Trials
2023-05-04 h2otools Machine Learning Model Evaluation for 'h2o' Package
2023-05-04 HMTL Heterogeneous Multi-Task Feature Learning
2023-05-04 HybridMicrobiomes Analysis of Host-Associated Microbiomes from Hybrid Organisms
2023-05-04 Lahman Sean 'Lahman' Baseball Database
2023-05-04 MASS Support Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley's MASS
2023-05-04 MDEI Implementing the Method of Direct Estimation and Inference
2023-05-04 mdgc Missing Data Imputation Using Gaussian Copulas
2023-05-04 mlr3fairness Fairness Auditing and Debiasing for 'mlr3'
2023-05-04 MSclust Multiple-Scaled Clustering
2023-05-04 pointRes Analyzing Pointer Years and Components of Resilience
2023-05-04 rtika R Interface to 'Apache Tika'
2023-05-04 SEMgraph Network Analysis and Causal Inference Through Structural Equation Modeling
2023-05-04 shapr Prediction Explanation with Dependence-Aware Shapley Values
2023-05-04 snplinkage Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Linkage Disequilibrium Visualizations
2023-05-04 tablaxlsx Write Formatted Tables in Excel Workbooks
2023-05-04 unittest TAP-Compliant Unit Testing
2023-05-03 baseq Basic Sequence Processing Tool for Biological Data
2023-05-03 BayesRepDesign Bayesian Design of Replication Studies
2023-05-03 bizicount Bivariate Zero-Inflated Count Models Using Copulas
2023-05-03 blackbox Black Box Optimization and Exploration of Parameter Space
2023-05-03 bpbounds Nonparametric Bounds for the Average Causal Effect Due to Balke and Pearl and Extensions
2023-05-03 class Functions for Classification
2023-05-03 CooccurrenceAffinity Affinity in Co-Occurrence Data
2023-05-03 difNLR DIF and DDF Detection by Non-Linear Regression Models
2023-05-03 dstabledist The Discrete Stable Distribution Functions
2023-05-03 fauxpas HTTP Error Helpers
2023-05-03 gawdis Multi-Trait Dissimilarity with more Uniform Contributions
2023-05-03 gor Algorithms for the Subject Graphs and Network Optimization
2023-05-03 GRShiny Graded Response Model
2023-05-03 Infusion Inference Using Simulation
2023-05-03 miscTools Miscellaneous Tools and Utilities
2023-05-03 mlr3spatial Support for Spatial Objects Within the 'mlr3' Ecosystem
2023-05-03 nnet Feed-Forward Neural Networks and Multinomial Log-Linear Models
2023-05-03 OneSampleMR One Sample Mendelian Randomization and Instrumental Variable Analyses
2023-05-03 opa An Implementation of Ordinal Pattern Analysis
2023-05-03 pkgmaker Development Utilities for R Packages
2023-05-03 showtext Using Fonts More Easily in R Graphs
2023-05-03 spMC Continuous-Lag Spatial Markov Chains
2023-05-03 survey Analysis of Complex Survey Samples
2023-05-03 wooldridge 115 Data Sets from "Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, 7e" by Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
2023-05-02 audubon Japanese Text Processing Tools
2023-05-02 bold Interface to Bold Systems API
2023-05-02 box Write Reusable, Composable and Modular R Code
2023-05-02 cartographer Turn Place Names into Map Data
2023-05-02 CaseBasedReasoning Case Based Reasoning
2023-05-02 cclust Convex Clustering Methods and Clustering Indexes
2023-05-02 chron Chronological Objects which Can Handle Dates and Times
2023-05-02 crosshap Local Haplotype Clustering and Visualization
2023-05-02 datanugget Create, and Refine Data Nuggets
2023-05-02 dataverifyr A Lightweight, Flexible, and Fast Data Validation Package that Can Handle All Sizes of Data
2023-05-02 deaR Conventional and Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis
2023-05-02 doRedis 'Foreach' Parallel Adapter Using the 'Redis' Database
2023-05-02 graphseg Segmentation of Graph-Based Signals
2023-05-02 gravity Estimation Methods for Gravity Models
2023-05-02 grec Gradient-Based Recognition of Spatial Patterns in Environmental Data
2023-05-02 ip2location Lookup for IP Address Information
2023-05-02 later Utilities for Scheduling Functions to Execute Later with Event Loops
2023-05-02 longitudinalcascade Longitudinal Cascade
2023-05-02 matrisk Macroeconomic-at-Risk
2023-05-02 MBC Multivariate Bias Correction of Climate Model Outputs
2023-05-02 MiRNAQCD Micro-RNA Quality Control and Diagnosis
2023-05-02 MonteCarloSEM Monte Carlo Data Simulation Package
2023-05-02 openair Tools for the Analysis of Air Pollution Data
2023-05-02 profvis Interactive Visualizations for Profiling R Code
2023-05-02 RAC R Package for Aqua Culture
2023-05-02 rdss Companion Datasets and Functions for Research Design in the Social Sciences
2023-05-02 rMOST Estimates Pareto-Optimal Solution for Hiring with 3 Objectives
2023-05-02 Rpoppler PDF Tools Based on Poppler
2023-05-02 Rveg Digitization of Phytosociological Relevés
2023-05-02 sas7bdat sas7bdat Reverse Engineering Documentation
2023-05-02 SCIBER Single-Cell Integrator and Batch Effect Remover
2023-05-02 servr A Simple HTTP Server to Serve Static Files or Dynamic Documents
2023-05-02 tables Formula-Driven Table Generation
2023-05-02 tcl Testing in Conditional Likelihood Context
2023-05-02 tseries Time Series Analysis and Computational Finance
2023-05-02 viridisLite Colorblind-Friendly Color Maps (Lite Version)
2023-05-02 zdeskR Connect to Your 'Zendesk' Data
2023-05-01 AllelicSeries Allelic Series Test
2023-05-01 cachem Cache R Objects with Automatic Pruning
2023-05-01 cheatsheet Download R Cheat Sheets Locally
2023-05-01 CHEMIST Causal Inference with High-Dimensional Error-Prone Covariates and Misclassified Treatments
2023-05-01 comorbidity Computing Comorbidity Scores
2023-05-01 eda4treeR Experimental Design and Analysis for Tree Improvement
2023-05-01 fitHeavyTail Mean and Covariance Matrix Estimation under Heavy Tails
2023-05-01 LTASR Functions to Replicate the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's 'LTAS' Software in R
2023-05-01 matrixTests Fast Statistical Hypothesis Tests on Rows and Columns of Matrices
2023-05-01 mxnorm Apply Normalization Methods to Multiplexed Images
2023-05-01 relevance Calculate Relevance and Significance Measures
2023-05-01 SyncRNG A Synchronized Tausworthe RNG for R and Python
2023-05-01 tidySEM Tidy Structural Equation Modeling
2023-05-01 votesmart Wrapper for the Project 'VoteSmart' API
2023-04-30 cropcircles Crops an Image to a Circle
2023-04-30 gps General P-Splines
2023-04-30 gRc Inference in Graphical Gaussian Models with Edge and Vertex Symmetries
2023-04-30 MatTransMix Clustering with Matrix Gaussian and Matrix Transformation Mixture Models
2023-04-30 MissingHandle Handles Missing Dates and Data and Converts into Weekly and Monthly from Daily
2023-04-30 monoreg Bayesian Monotonic Regression Using a Marked Point Process Construction
2023-04-30 nftbart Nonparametric Failure Time Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2023-04-30 odeGUTS Solve ODE for GUTS-RED-SD and GUTS-RED-IT Using Compiled Code
2023-04-30 orthoDr Semi-Parametric Dimension Reduction Models Using Orthogonality Constrained Optimization
2023-04-30 sbtools USGS ScienceBase Tools
2023-04-29 ClusterR Gaussian Mixture Models, K-Means, Mini-Batch-Kmeans, K-Medoids and Affinity Propagation Clustering
2023-04-29 explor Interactive Interfaces for Results Exploration
2023-04-29 ggbeeswarm Categorical Scatter (Violin Point) Plots
2023-04-29 grafify Easy Graphs for Data Visualisation and Linear Models for ANOVA
2023-04-29 ManlyMix Manly Mixture Modeling and Model-Based Clustering
2023-04-29 PKNCA Perform Pharmacokinetic Non-Compartmental Analysis
2023-04-29 ppcSpatial Spatial Analysis of Pakistan Population Census
2023-04-29 RmdConcord Concordances for 'R Markdown'
2023-04-29 timbr Forest/Tree Data Frames
2023-04-29 vein Vehicular Emissions Inventories
2023-04-28 carrier Isolate Functions for Remote Execution
2023-04-28 cobalt Covariate Balance Tables and Plots
2023-04-28 dde Solve Delay Differential Equations
2023-04-28 doctest Generate Tests from Examples Using 'roxygen' and 'testthat'
2023-04-28 frscore Functions for Calculating Fit-Robustness of CNA-Solutions
2023-04-28 FSelectorRcpp 'Rcpp' Implementation of 'FSelector' Entropy-Based Feature Selection Algorithms with a Sparse Matrix Support
2023-04-28 ggmapinset Add Inset Panels to Maps
2023-04-28 gtfs2gps Converting Transport Data from GTFS Format to GPS-Like Records
2023-04-28 hset Sets of Numbers Implemented with Hash Tables
2023-04-28 imbalanceDatRel Relocated Data Oversampling for Imbalanced Data Classification
2023-04-28 iTensor ICA-Based Matrix/Tensor Decomposition
2023-04-28 measurements Tools for Units of Measurement
2023-04-28 microbenchmark Accurate Timing Functions
2023-04-28 missRanger Fast Imputation of Missing Values
2023-04-28 ring Circular / Ring Buffers
2023-04-28 rlang Functions for Base Types and Core R and 'Tidyverse' Features
2023-04-28 RLT Reinforcement Learning Trees
2023-04-28 rscorecard A Method to Download Department of Education College Scorecard Data
2023-04-28 smaa Stochastic Multi-Criteria Acceptability Analysis
2023-04-28 somspace Spatial Analysis with Self-Organizing Maps
2023-04-28 spmoran Fast Spatial Regression using Moran Eigenvectors
2023-04-28 transformer Implementation of Transformer Deep Neural Network with Vignettes
2023-04-28 vroom Read and Write Rectangular Text Data Quickly
2023-04-28 vtable Variable Table for Variable Documentation
2023-04-28 withdots Put ... in a Function's Argument List
2023-04-27 adjclust Adjacency-Constrained Clustering of a Block-Diagonal Similarity Matrix
2023-04-27 checkmate Fast and Versatile Argument Checks
2023-04-27 cir Centered Isotonic Regression and Dose-Response Utilities
2023-04-27 deflist Deferred List - A Read-Only List-Like Object with Deferred Access
2023-04-27 edeaR Exploratory and Descriptive Event-Based Data Analysis
2023-04-27 fcaR Formal Concept Analysis
2023-04-27 fishmethods Fishery Science Methods and Models
2023-04-27 gaiah Genetic and Isotopic Assignment Accounting for Habitat Suitability
2023-04-27 GNAR Methods for Fitting Network Time Series Models
2023-04-27 imagine IMAGing engINEs, Tools for Application of Image Filters to Data Matrices
2023-04-27 JointAI Joint Analysis and Imputation of Incomplete Data
2023-04-27 mbmixture Microbiome Mixture Analysis
2023-04-27 mgee2 Marginal Analysis of Misclassified Longitudinal Ordinal Data
2023-04-27 mixedBayes Bayesian Longitudinal Regularized Quantile Mixed Model
2023-04-27 naturaList Classify Occurrences by Confidence Levels in the Species ID
2023-04-27 npcs Neyman-Pearson Classification via Cost-Sensitive Learning
2023-04-27 oldbailey For Accessing the Old Bailey Open Data
2023-04-27 pathfindR.data Data Package for 'pathfindR'
2023-04-27 predRupdate Prediction Model Validation and Updating
2023-04-27 qrnn Quantile Regression Neural Network
2023-04-27 rnoaa 'NOAA' Weather Data from R
2023-04-27 robslopes Fast Algorithms for Robust Slopes
2023-04-27 simsalapar Tools for Simulation Studies in Parallel
2023-04-27 stampr Spatial Temporal Analysis of Moving Polygons
2023-04-27 TheOpenAIR Integrate 'OpenAI' Large Language Models into Your 'R' Workflows
2023-04-27 TUFLOWR Helper Functions for 'TUFLOW FV' Models
2023-04-27 VARSELECTEXPOSURE Variable Selection Methods Including an Exposure Variable
2023-04-26 alpha.correction.bh Benjamini-Hochberg Alpha Correction
2023-04-26 CALANGO Comparative Analysis with Annotation-Based Genomic Components
2023-04-26 checker Checks 'R' Configuration Set Up Correctly Before Class
2023-04-26 ciCalibrate Calibration of Confidence Intervals to Support Intervals
2023-04-26 DMMF Daily Based Morgan-Morgan-Finney (DMMF) Soil Erosion Model
2023-04-26 gestate Generalised Survival Trial Assessment Tool Environment
2023-04-26 glca An R Package for Multiple-Group Latent Class Analysis
2023-04-26 intRinsic Likelihood-Based Intrinsic Dimension Estimators
2023-04-26 jmBIG Joint Longitudinal and Survival Model for Big Data
2023-04-26 jpcity Read and Convert Japanese Municipality Codes
2023-04-26 kronos Microbiome Oriented Circadian Rhythm Analysis Toolkit
2023-04-26 micromap Linked Micromap Plots
2023-04-26 mizer Dynamic Multi-Species Size Spectrum Modelling
2023-04-26 mlr3verse Easily Install and Load the 'mlr3' Package Family
2023-04-26 OssaNMA Optimal Sample Size and Allocation with a Network Meta-Analysis
2023-04-26 quantities Quantity Calculus for R Vectors
2023-04-26 sandwichr Spatial Prediction Based on Spatial Stratified Heterogeneity
2023-04-26 simpr Flexible 'Tidyverse'-Friendly Simulations
2023-04-26 spatgeom Geometric Spatial Point Analysis
2023-04-26 stockR Identifying Stocks in Genetic Data
2023-04-26 TrueSkillThroughTime Skill Estimation Based on a Single Bayesian Network
2023-04-26 vici Vaccine Induced Cellular Immunogenicity with Bivariate Modeling
2023-04-26 wnominate Roll Call Analysis Software
2023-04-25 bigGP Distributed Gaussian Process Calculations
2023-04-25 cemco Fit 'CemCO' Algorithm
2023-04-25 censo2017 Base de Datos de Facil Acceso del Censo 2017 de Chile (2017 Chilean Census Easy Access Database)
2023-04-25 csutil Common Base-R Problems Relating to Lists
2023-04-25 DAISIEprep Extracts Phylogenetic Island Community Data from Phylogenetic Trees
2023-04-25 devoid A Graphic Device that Does Nothing
2023-04-25 Epi Statistical Analysis in Epidemiology
2023-04-25 fitdistrplus Help to Fit of a Parametric Distribution to Non-Censored or Censored Data
2023-04-25 forecastLSW Forecasting Routines for Locally Stationary Wavelet Processes
2023-04-25 fPortfolio Rmetrics - Portfolio Selection and Optimization
2023-04-25 funGp Gaussian Process Models for Scalar and Functional Inputs
2023-04-25 fusedMGM Implementation of Fused MGM to Infer 2-Class Networks
2023-04-25 GetDFPData2 Reading Annual and Quarterly Financial Reports from B3
2023-04-25 ggdemetra 'ggplot2' Extension for Seasonal and Trading Day Adjustment with 'RJDemetra'
2023-04-25 ggrcs Draw Histograms and Restricted Cubic Splines (RCS)
2023-04-25 GLCMTextures GLCM Textures of Raster Layers
2023-04-25 gtranslate Translate Between Different Languages
2023-04-25 hydroMOPSO Multi-Objective Calibration of Hydrological Models using MOPSO
2023-04-25 magi MAnifold-Constrained Gaussian Process Inference
2023-04-25 mlr3batchmark Batch Experiments for 'mlr3'
2023-04-25 mmconvert Mouse Map Converter
2023-04-25 mRMRe Parallelized Minimum Redundancy, Maximum Relevance (mRMR)
2023-04-25 ncvreg Regularization Paths for SCAD and MCP Penalized Regression Models
2023-04-25 ouch Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Phylogenetic Comparative Hypotheses
2023-04-25 pastclim Manipulate Time Series of Palaeoclimate Reconstructions
2023-04-25 PeakSegJoint Joint Peak Detection in Several ChIP-Seq Samples
2023-04-25 pointblank Data Validation and Organization of Metadata for Local and Remote Tables
2023-04-25 rATTAINS Access EPA 'ATTAINS' Data
2023-04-25 RCLabels Manipulate Matrix Row and Column Labels with Ease
2023-04-25 reglogit Simulation-Based Regularized Logistic Regression
2023-04-25 resourcer Resource Resolver
2023-04-25 rjdmarkdown 'rmarkdown' Extension for Formatted 'RJDemetra' Outputs
2023-04-25 SnowballC Snowball Stemmers Based on the C 'libstemmer' UTF-8 Library
2023-04-25 sociome Operationalizing Social Determinants of Health Data for Researchers
2023-04-25 textab Create Highly-Customized 'LaTeX' Tables
2023-04-25 translated Simple and Robust Translation System
2023-04-25 USpopcenters United States Centers of Population (Centroids)
2023-04-25 wnl Minimization Tool for Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis
2023-04-25 zoomr Connect to Your 'Zoom' Data
2023-04-24 btergm Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models by Bootstrapped Pseudolikelihood
2023-04-24 campsis Generic PK/PD Simulation Platform CAMPSIS
2023-04-24 cml Conditional Manifold Learning
2023-04-24 convertbonds Use the Given Parameters to Calculate the European Option Value
2023-04-24 depigner A Utility Package to Help you Deal with "Pignas"
2023-04-24 fAssets Rmetrics - Analysing and Modelling Financial Assets
2023-04-24 fxl 'fxl' Single Case Design Charting Package
2023-04-24 grateful Facilitate Citation of R Packages
2023-04-24 hdnom Benchmarking and Visualization Toolkit for Penalized Cox Models
2023-04-24 hierarchicalSets Set Data Visualization Using Hierarchies
2023-04-24 jdenticon A Wrapper for the Node.js 'Jdenticon' Library
2023-04-24 mapsRinteractive Local Adaptation and Evaluation of Raster Maps
2023-04-24 MHD Metric Halfspace Depth
2023-04-24 ModelMap Modeling and Map Production using Random Forest and Related Stochastic Models
2023-04-24 nngeo k-Nearest Neighbor Join for Spatial Data
2023-04-24 PHInfiniteEstimates Tools for Inference in the Presence of a Monotone Likelihood
2023-04-24 PSGD Projected Subset Gradient Descent
2023-04-24 rcccd Class Cover Catch Digraph Classification
2023-04-24 rcdd Computational Geometry
2023-04-24 rcompendium Create a Package or Research Compendium Structure
2023-04-24 scclust Size-Constrained Clustering
2023-04-24 SpPOP Generation of Spatial Population under Different Levels of Relationships among Variables
2023-04-24 SurrogateRsq Goodness-of-Fit Analysis for Categorical Data using the Surrogate R-Squared
2023-04-24 Xplortext Statistical Analysis of Textual Data
2023-04-23 attention Self-Attention Algorithm
2023-04-23 classmap Visualizing Classification Results
2023-04-23 icr Compute Krippendorff's Alpha
2023-04-23 rjags Bayesian Graphical Models using MCMC
2023-04-23 scCATCH Single Cell Cluster-Based Annotation Toolkit for Cellular Heterogeneity
2023-04-23 tictoc Functions for Timing R Scripts, as Well as Implementations of "Stack" and "StackList" Structures
2023-04-22 AllMetrics Calculating Multiple Performance Metrics of a Prediction Model
2023-04-22 bayesDccGarch Methods and Tools for Bayesian Dynamic Conditional Correlation GARCH(1,1) Model
2023-04-22 ceramic Download Online Imagery Tiles
2023-04-22 jointPm Risk Estimation Using the Joint Probability Method
2023-04-22 lemna Lemna Ecotox Effect Model
2023-04-22 lsnstat 'La Societe Nouvelle' API Access
2023-04-22 MKpower Power Analysis and Sample Size Calculation
2023-04-22 okxAPI An Unofficial Wrapper for 'okx exchange v5' API
2023-04-22 overlapptest Test Overlapping of Polygons Against Random Rotation
2023-04-22 phylocomr Interface to 'Phylocom'
2023-04-22 POSSA Power Simulation for Sequential Analyses and Multiple Hypotheses
2023-04-22 PreciseSums Accurate Floating Point Sums and Products
2023-04-22 qtl2 Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping in Experimental Crosses
2023-04-22 rnn Recurrent Neural Network
2023-04-22 RSDA R to Symbolic Data Analysis
2023-04-22 rxode2 Facilities for Simulating from ODE-Based Models
2023-04-22 ssym Fitting Semi-Parametric log-Symmetric Regression Models
2023-04-22 VaRES Computes Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall for over 100 Parametric Distributions
2023-04-21 BaseTempSeed Estimation of Seed Germination Base Temperature in Thermal Modelling
2023-04-21 BMAmevt Multivariate Extremes: Bayesian Estimation of the Spectral Measure
2023-04-21 contentid An Interface for Content-Based Identifiers
2023-04-21 CopulaInference Estimation and Goodness-of-Fit of Copula-Based Models with Arbitrary Distributions
2023-04-21 CytobankAPI Cytobank API Wrapper for R
2023-04-21 datasets.load Graphical Interface for Loading Datasets
2023-04-21 evt0 Mean of Order P, Peaks over Random Threshold Hill and High Quantile Estimates
2023-04-21 gosset Tools for Data Analysis in Experimental Agriculture
2023-04-21 HaploCatcher A Predictive Haplotyping Package
2023-04-21 idarps Datasets and Functions for the Class "Modelling and Data Analysis for Pharmaceutical Sciences"
2023-04-21 KaradaColor Color Palettes Inspired by Japanese Landscape and Culture
2023-04-21 lcopula Liouville Copulas
2023-04-21 rpm Modeling of Revealed Preferences Matchings
2023-04-21 tripEstimation Metropolis Sampler and Supporting Functions for Estimating Animal Movement from Archival Tags and Satellite Fixes
2023-04-21 wINEQ Inequality Measures for Weighted Data
2023-04-21 XICOR Association Measurement Through Cross Rank Increments
2023-04-21 yardstick Tidy Characterizations of Model Performance
2023-04-20 adjustedCurves Confounder-Adjusted Survival Curves and Cumulative Incidence Functions
2023-04-20 allMT Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Maintenance Therapy Analysis
2023-04-20 batchtools Tools for Computation on Batch Systems
2023-04-20 bigrquery An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
2023-04-20 cellWise Analyzing Data with Cellwise Outliers
2023-04-20 climatol Climate Tools (Series Homogenization and Derived Products)
2023-04-20 ecb Programmatic Access to the European Central Bank's Statistical Data Warehouse
2023-04-20 faux Simulation for Factorial Designs
2023-04-20 FielDHub A Shiny App for Design of Experiments in Life Sciences
2023-04-20 fixr Fixing Data Made Easy for Statistical Analysis
2023-04-20 funStatTest Statistical Testing for Functional Data
2023-04-20 GET Global Envelopes
2023-04-20 ggragged Ragged Grids for 'ggplot2'
2023-04-20 gKRLS Generalized Kernel Regularized Least Squares
2023-04-20 GPUmatrix Basic Linear Algebra with GPU
2023-04-20 grainscape Landscape Connectivity, Habitat, and Protected Area Networks
2023-04-20 grandR Comprehensive Analysis of Nucleotide Conversion Sequencing Data
2023-04-20 itol.toolkit Helper Functions for 'Interactive Tree Of Life'
2023-04-20 mev Modelling of Extreme Values
2023-04-20 mlr3tuningspaces Search Spaces for 'mlr3'
2023-04-20 myCRAN Graph of Daily and Cumulative Downloads of your Packages
2023-04-20 qrng (Randomized) Quasi-Random Number Generators
2023-04-20 RawHummus Raw Data Quality Control Tool for LC-MS System
2023-04-20 resemble Memory-Based Learning in Spectral Chemometrics
2023-04-20 ROI R Optimization Infrastructure
2023-04-20 RsSimulx Extension of 'lixoftConnectors' for 'Simulx'
2023-04-20 SPARRAfairness Analysis of Differential Behaviour of SPARRA Score Across Demographic Groups
2023-04-20 SPAS Stratified-Petersen Analysis System
2023-04-20 stacks Tidy Model Stacking
2023-04-20 SWMPrExtension Functions for Analyzing and Plotting Estuary Monitoring Data
2023-04-20 tidyAML Automatic Machine Learning with 'tidymodels'
2023-04-20 tidytable Tidy Interface to 'data.table'
2023-04-20 timeperiodsR Simple Definition Of Time Intervals
2023-04-20 winch Portable Native and Joint Stack Traces
2023-04-19 analogsea Interface to 'DigitalOcean'
2023-04-19 COMBO Correcting Misclassified Binary Outcomes in Association Studies
2023-04-19 finetune Additional Functions for Model Tuning
2023-04-19 gMWT Generalized Mann-Whitney Type Tests
2023-04-19 InflectSSP Melt Curve Fitting and Melt Shift Analysis
2023-04-19 lfc Log Fold Change Distribution Tools for Working with Ratios of Counts
2023-04-19 lmDiallel Linear Fixed/Mixed Effects Models for Diallel Crosses
2023-04-19 multIntTestFunc Provides Test Functions for Multivariate Integration
2023-04-19 qlifetable Managing and Building of Quarterly Life Tables
2023-04-19 Renvlp Computing Envelope Estimators
2023-04-19 Rgof 1d Goodness of Fit Tests
2023-04-19 SMOTEWB Imbalanced Resampling using SMOTE with Boosting (SMOTEWB)
2023-04-19 voice Tools for Voice Analysis, Speaker Recognition and Mood Inference
2023-04-19 zctaCrosswalk Crosswalk Between 2020 Census ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs), States and Counties
2023-04-18 bark Bayesian Additive Regression Kernels
2023-04-18 cplm Compound Poisson Linear Models
2023-04-18 dual.spls Dual Sparse Partial Least Squares Regression
2023-04-18 EGRET Exploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends
2023-04-18 fastmatrix Fast Computation of some Matrices Useful in Statistics
2023-04-18 gghist Plot the Histogram of a Numeric Vector
2023-04-18 gmGeostats Geostatistics for Compositional Analysis
2023-04-18 healthyverse Easily Install and Load the 'healthyverse'
2023-04-18 hkevp Spatial Extreme Value Analysis with the Hierarchical Model of Reich and Shaby (2012)
2023-04-18 idopNetwork A Network Tool to Dissect Spatial Community Ecology
2023-04-18 incR Analysis of Incubation Data
2023-04-18 InteractionPoweR Power Analyses for Interaction Effects in Cross-Sectional Regressions
2023-04-18 kdry K's "Don't Repeat Yourself"-Collection
2023-04-18 kgrams Classical k-gram Language Models
2023-04-18 knitxl Generates a Spreadsheet Report from an 'rmarkdown' File
2023-04-18 lmerPerm Perform Permutation Test on General Linear and Mixed Linear Regression
2023-04-18 MAGEE Mixed Model Association Test for GEne-Environment Interaction
2023-04-18 MAMS Designing Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
2023-04-18 modeltime.ensemble Ensemble Algorithms for Time Series Forecasting with Modeltime
2023-04-18 mpmsim Simulation of Matrix Population Models with Defined Life History Characteristics
2023-04-18 multisite.accuracy Estimation of Accuracy in Multisite Machine-Learning Models
2023-04-18 nndiagram Generator of 'LaTeX' Code for Drawing Neural Network Diagrams with 'TikZ'
2023-04-18 optrefine Optimally Refine Strata
2023-04-18 parallelPlot 'Htmlwidget' for a Parallel Coordinates Plot
2023-04-18 Pareto The Pareto, Piecewise Pareto and Generalized Pareto Distribution
2023-04-18 penAFT Fit the Regularized Gehan Estimator with Elastic Net and Sparse Group Lasso Penalties
2023-04-18 ps List, Query, Manipulate System Processes
2023-04-18 QHScrnomo Construct Nomograms for Competing Risks Regression Models
2023-04-18 qtl Tools for Analyzing QTL Experiments
2023-04-18 Rdiagnosislist Manipulate SNOMED CT Diagnosis Lists
2023-04-18 repsd Root Expected Proportion Squared Difference for Detecting DIF
2023-04-18 rineq Concentration Index and Decomposition for Health Inequalities
2023-04-18 rts2 Real-Time Disease Surveillance
2023-04-18 shiny.router Basic Routing for Shiny Web Applications
2023-04-18 stminsights A 'Shiny' Application for Inspecting Structural Topic Models
2023-04-18 stopdetection Stop Detection in Timestamped Trajectory Data using Spatiotemporal Clustering
2023-04-17 afex Analysis of Factorial Experiments
2023-04-17 asmbPLS Predicting and Classifying Patient Phenotypes with Multi-Omics Data
2023-04-17 humanleague Synthetic Population Generator
2023-04-17 intmap Ordered Containers with Integer Keys
2023-04-17 kernscr Kernel Machine Score Test for Semi-Competing Risks
2023-04-17 lablaster Laser Ablation Blast Through Endpoint Detection
2023-04-17 lmeInfo Information Matrices for 'lmeStruct' and 'glsStruct' Objects
2023-04-17 luz Higher Level 'API' for 'torch'
2023-04-17 mgwrsar GWR and MGWR with Spatial Autocorrelation
2023-04-17 MKinfer Inferential Statistics
2023-04-17 MSCMT Multivariate Synthetic Control Method Using Time Series
2023-04-17 newsmd Creation of NEWS.md File
2023-04-17 oncomsm Bayesian Multi-State Models for Early Oncology
2023-04-17 pairwise Rasch Model Parameters by Pairwise Algorithm
2023-04-17 ppseq Design Clinical Trials using Sequential Predictive Probability Monitoring
2023-04-17 ROI.models.netlib 'ROI' Optimization Problems Based on 'NETLIB-LP'
2023-04-17 RSC Robust and Sparse Correlation Matrix
2023-04-17 SDLfilter Filtering and Assessing the Sample Size of Tracking Data
2023-04-17 swaprinc Swap Principal Components into Regression Models
2023-04-17 tableHTML A Tool to Create HTML Tables
2023-04-17 TH.data TH's Data Archive
2023-04-17 TukeyRegion Tukey Region and Median
2023-04-17 zip Cross-Platform 'zip' Compression
2023-04-16 EasyDescribe A Convenient Way of Descriptive Statistics
2023-04-16 gamlr Gamma Lasso Regression
2023-04-16 geofi Access Finnish Geospatial Data
2023-04-16 geomander Geographic Tools for Studying Gerrymandering
2023-04-16 innsight Get the Insights of your Neural Network
2023-04-16 lactater Tools for Analyzing Lactate Thresholds
2023-04-16 robustfa Object Oriented Solution for Robust Factor Analysis
2023-04-16 SPLICE Synthetic Paid Loss and Incurred Cost Experience (SPLICE) Simulator
2023-04-16 USgas The Demand for Natural Gas in the US
2023-04-16 xts eXtensible Time Series
2023-04-15 fabR Wrapper Functions Collection Used in Data Pipelines
2023-04-15 FKSUM Fast Kernel Sums
2023-04-15 HSAUR3 A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (3rd Edition)
2023-04-15 IntervalSurgeon Operating on Integer-Bounded Intervals
2023-04-15 jomo Multilevel Joint Modelling Multiple Imputation
2023-04-15 ltmle Longitudinal Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2023-04-15 vannstats Simplified Statistics for PA 606
2023-04-14 besthr Generating Bootstrap Estimation Distributions of HR Data
2023-04-14 bioregion Comparison of Bioregionalisation Methods
2023-04-14 CCMMR Minimization of the Convex Clustering Loss Function
2023-04-14 enrichR Provides an R Interface to 'Enrichr'
2023-04-14 fuzzySim Fuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions
2023-04-14 gdalcubes Earth Observation Data Cubes from Satellite Image Collections
2023-04-14 geodata Download Geographic Data
2023-04-14 geonetwork Geographic Networks
2023-04-14 GMMAT Generalized Linear Mixed Model Association Tests
2023-04-14 igoR Intergovernmental Organizations Database
2023-04-14 invacost Analyse Biological Invasion Costs with the 'InvaCost' Database
2023-04-14 kernelboot Smoothed Bootstrap and Random Generation from Kernel Densities
2023-04-14 LMMsolver Linear Mixed Model Solver
2023-04-14 metrica Prediction Performance Metrics
2023-04-14 modEvA Model Evaluation and Analysis
2023-04-14 nptest Nonparametric Bootstrap and Permutation Tests
2023-04-14 partykit A Toolkit for Recursive Partytioning
2023-04-14 pmc Phylogenetic Monte Carlo
2023-04-14 qqconf Creates Simultaneous Testing Bands for QQ-Plots
2023-04-14 raceland Pattern-Based Zoneless Method for Analysis and Visualization of Racial Topography
2023-04-14 rb3 Download and Parse Public Data Released by B3 Exchange
2023-04-14 Rediscover Identify Mutually Exclusive Mutations
2023-04-14 RGBM LS-TreeBoost and LAD-TreeBoost for Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction
2023-04-14 rspm 'RStudio' Package Manager
2023-04-14 scam Shape Constrained Additive Models
2023-04-14 SiPhyNetwork A Phylogenetic Simulator for Reticulate Evolution
2023-04-14 statgenHTP High Throughput Phenotyping (HTP) Data Analysis
2023-04-14 surrosurv Evaluation of Failure Time Surrogate Endpoints in Individual Patient Data Meta-Analyses
2023-04-14 TensorComplete Tensor Noise Reduction and Completion Methods
2023-04-14 TensorPreAve Rank and Factor Loadings Estimation in Time Series Tensor Factor Models
2023-04-14 torchvision Models, Datasets and Transformations for Images
2023-04-14 toxEval Exploring Biological Relevance of Environmental Chemistry Observations
2023-04-13 almanac Tools for Working with Recurrence Rules
2023-04-13 AriGaMyANNSVR Hybrid ARIMA-GARCH and Two Specially Designed ML-Based Models
2023-04-13 autonewsmd Auto-Generate Changelog using Conventional Commits
2023-04-13 bayesplay The Bayes Factor Playground
2023-04-13 BayLum Chronological Bayesian Models Integrating Optically Stimulated Luminescence and Radiocarbon Age Dating
2023-04-13 censored 'parsnip' Engines for Survival Models
2023-04-13 compositions Compositional Data Analysis
2023-04-13 CRediTas Generate CRediT Author Statements
2023-04-13 fake Flexible Data Simulation Using the Multivariate Normal Distribution
2023-04-13 fakir Generate Fake Datasets for Prototyping and Teaching
2023-04-13 jrt Item Response Theory Modeling and Scoring for Judgment Data
2023-04-13 MixtureMissing Robust Model-Based Clustering for Data Sets with Missing Values at Random
2023-04-13 pedprobr Probability Computations on Pedigrees
2023-04-13 quartets Datasets to Help Teach Statistics
2023-04-13 Rnmr1D Perform the Complete Processing of a Set of Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra
2023-04-13 segmented Regression Models with Break-Points / Change-Points (with Possibly Random Effects) Estimation
2023-04-13 simr Power Analysis for Generalised Linear Mixed Models by Simulation
2023-04-13 sjtable2df Convert 'sjPlot' HTML-Tables to R 'data.frame'
2023-04-13 stablelearner Stability Assessment of Statistical Learning Methods
2023-04-13 telemetR Filter and Analyze Generalised Telemetry Data from Organisms
2023-04-13 WaveletMLbestFL The Best Wavelet Filter-Level for Prepared Wavelet-Based Models
2023-04-13 zoo S3 Infrastructure for Regular and Irregular Time Series (Z's Ordered Observations)
2023-04-12 bayesmix Bayesian Mixture Models with JAGS
2023-04-12 berryFunctions Function Collection Related to Plotting and Hydrology
2023-04-12 BREADR Estimates Degrees of Relatedness (Up to the Second Degree) for Extreme Low-Coverage Data
2023-04-12 CompareMultipleModels Finding the Best Model Using Eight Metrics Values
2023-04-12 crispRdesignR Guide Sequence Design for CRISPR/Cas9
2023-04-12 disclapmix2 Mixtures of Discrete Laplace Distributions using Numerical Optimisation
2023-04-12 duke Creating a Color-Blind Friendly Duke Color Package
2023-04-12 fdicdata Accessing FDIC Bank Data
2023-04-12 FieldSimR Simulation of Plot Errors and Phenotypes in Plant Breeding Field Trials
2023-04-12 git2r Provides Access to Git Repositories
2023-04-12 grafzahl Supervised Machine Learning for Textual Data Using Transformers and 'Quanteda'
2023-04-12 hydrotoolbox Hydrological Tools for Handling Hydro-Meteorological Data Records
2023-04-12 MaximinInfer Inference for Maximin Effects in High-Dimensional Settings
2023-04-12 modeltime.resample Resampling Tools for Time Series Forecasting
2023-04-12 movecost Calculation of Slope-Dependant Accumulated Cost Surface, Least-Cost Paths, Least-Cost Corridors, Least-Cost Networks Related to Human Movement Across the Landscape
2023-04-12 nfer Event Stream Abstraction using Interval Logic
2023-04-12 npclust Nonparametric Tests for Incomplete Clustered Data
2023-04-12 pedmut Mutation Models for Pedigree Likelihood Computations
2023-04-12 predict3d Draw Three Dimensional Predict Plot Using Package 'rgl'
2023-04-12 RTL Risk Tool Library - Trading, Risk, 'Analytics' for Commodities
2023-04-12 simfinapi Accessing 'SimFin' Data
2023-04-12 traj Trajectory Analysis
2023-04-11 AICcPermanova Model Selection of PERMANOVA Models Using AICc
2023-04-11 airGR Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
2023-04-11 ast2ast Translates an R Function to a C++ Function
2023-04-11 autoReg Automatic Linear and Logistic Regression and Survival Analysis
2023-04-11 campsismod Generic Implementation of a PK/PD Model
2023-04-11 cmfrec Collective Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems
2023-04-11 colourvalues Assigns Colours to Values
2023-04-11 CrossCarry Analysis of Data from a Crossover Design with GEE
2023-04-11 CsChange Testing for Change in C-Statistic
2023-04-11 Cyclops Cyclic Coordinate Descent for Logistic, Poisson and Survival Analysis
2023-04-11 GauPro Gaussian Process Fitting
2023-04-11 ggformula Formula Interface to the Grammar of Graphics
2023-04-11 googleAuthR Authenticate and Create Google APIs
2023-04-11 hybridts Hybrid Time Series Forecasting Using Error Remodeling Approach
2023-04-11 intensitynet Intensity Analysis of Spatial Point Patterns on Complex Networks
2023-04-11 lavaSearch2 Tools for Model Specification in the Latent Variable Framework
2023-04-11 liver "Eating the Liver of Data Science"
2023-04-11 mapsFinland Maps of Finland
2023-04-11 mrbin Metabolomics Data Analysis Functions
2023-04-11 MTE Maximum Tangent Likelihood Estimation for Robust Linear Regression and Variable Selection
2023-04-11 nhstplot Plot Null Hypothesis Significance Tests
2023-04-11 nlstac An R Package for Fitting Separable Nonlinear Models
2023-04-11 oskeyring Raw System Credential Store Access from R
2023-04-11 OwenQ Owen Q-Function
2023-04-11 panstarrs Interface to the Pan-STARRS API
2023-04-11 pec Prediction Error Curves for Risk Prediction Models in Survival Analysis
2023-04-11 pwrss Statistical Power and Sample Size Calculation Tools
2023-04-11 rmapshaper Client for 'mapshaper' for 'Geospatial' Operations
2023-04-11 scs Splitting Conic Solver
2023-04-11 spcosa Spatial Coverage Sampling and Random Sampling from Compact Geographical Strata
2023-04-11 sregsurvey Semiparametric Model-Assisted Estimation in Finite Populations
2023-04-11 T4transport Tools for Computational Optimal Transport
2023-04-11 tinysnapshot Snapshots for Unit Tests using the 'tinytest' Framework
2023-04-11 trendeval Evaluate Trending Models
2023-04-11 vapour Access to the 'Geospatial Data Abstraction Library' ('GDAL')
2023-04-11 voluModel Modeling Species Distributions in Three Dimensions
2023-04-10 bootES Bootstrap Confidence Intervals on Effect Sizes
2023-04-10 filteRjsats Filter Raw JSATS Acoustic Telemetry Files from Lotek, ATS, Teknologic
2023-04-10 labdsv Ordination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology
2023-04-10 prioritylasso Analyzing Multiple Omics Data with an Offset Approach
2023-04-10 Rcsdp R Interface to the CSDP Semidefinite Programming Library
2023-04-10 RTFA Robust Factor Analysis for Tensor Time Series
2023-04-10 SQI Soil Quality Index
2023-04-10 WeightedEnsemble Weighted Ensemble for Hybrid Model
2023-04-09 DDL Doubly Debiased Lasso (DDL)
2023-04-09 epiflows Predicting Disease Spread from Flow Data
2023-04-09 geneHapR Gene Haplotype Statistics, Phenotype Association and Visualization
2023-04-09 ivmodel Statistical Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Instrumental Variables Model
2023-04-09 KinMixLite Inference About Relationships from DNA Mixtures
2023-04-09 multcompView Visualizations of Paired Comparisons
2023-04-09 plm Linear Models for Panel Data
2023-04-09 predicts Spatial Prediction Tools
2023-04-09 prt Tabular Data Backed by Partitioned 'fst' Files
2023-04-09 separationplot Separation Plots
2023-04-09 SIHR Statistical Inference in High Dimensional Regression
2023-04-08 DPpack Differentially Private Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning
2023-04-07 basetheme Themes for Base Graphics Plots
2023-04-07 bayestestR Understand and Describe Bayesian Models and Posterior Distributions
2023-04-07 BGFD Bell-G and Complementary Bell-G Family of Distributions
2023-04-07 BrokenAdaptiveRidge Broken Adaptive Ridge Regression with Cyclops
2023-04-07 CEEMDANML CEEMDAN Decomposition Based Hybrid Machine Learning Models
2023-04-07 dcmodify Modify Data Using Externally Defined Modification Rules
2023-04-07 did2s Two-Stage Difference-in-Differences Following Gardner (2021)
2023-04-07 GAparsimony Searching Parsimony Models with Genetic Algorithms
2023-04-07 IOLS Iterated Ordinary Least Squares Regression
2023-04-07 lidaRtRee Forest Analysis with Airborne Laser Scanning (LiDAR) Data
2023-04-07 mixhvg Mixture of Multiple Highly Variable Feature Selection Methods
2023-04-07 pgirmess Spatial Analysis and Data Mining for Field Ecologists
2023-04-07 PhaseType Inference for Phase-Type Distributions
2023-04-07 roundyh Round Dataframe
2023-04-07 soiltestcorr Soil Test Correlation and Calibration
2023-04-07 WaveletGBM Wavelet Based Gradient Boosting Method
2023-04-06 adehabitatHR Home Range Estimation
2023-04-06 adehabitatHS Analysis of Habitat Selection by Animals
2023-04-06 adehabitatLT Analysis of Animal Movements
2023-04-06 adehabitatMA Tools to Deal with Raster Maps
2023-04-06 antaresEditObject Edit an 'Antares' Simulation
2023-04-06 correlation Methods for Correlation Analysis
2023-04-06 gstat Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Modelling, Prediction and Simulation
2023-04-06 healthyR Hospital Data Analysis Workflow Tools
2023-04-06 IPLGP Identification of Parental Lines via Genomic Prediction
2023-04-06 mixtur Modelling Continuous Report Visual Short-Term Memory Studies
2023-04-06 Monte.Carlo.se Monte Carlo Standard Errors
2023-04-06 MRFcov Markov Random Fields with Additional Covariates
2023-04-06 omu A Metabolomics Analysis Tool for Intuitive Figures and Convenient Metadata Collection
2023-04-06 plotRCS Plot Restricted Cubic Splines Curves
2023-04-06 prioritizrdata Conservation Planning Datasets
2023-04-06 processmapR Construct Process Maps Using Event Data
2023-04-06 pureseqtmr Predict Transmembrane Protein Topology
2023-04-06 Rcplex R Interface to CPLEX
2023-04-06 rvMF Fast Generation of von Mises-Fisher Distributed Pseudo-Random Vectors
2023-04-06 sensobol Computation of Variance-Based Sensitivity Indices
2023-04-06 spm2 Spatial Predictive Modeling
2023-04-06 stelfi Hawkes and Log-Gaussian Cox Point Processes Using Template Model Builder
2023-04-06 tcplfit2 Concentration-Response Modeling of HTS or Transcriptomics Data
2023-04-06 WaveletLSTM Wavelet Based LSTM Model
2023-04-06 workflowsets Create a Collection of 'tidymodels' Workflows
2023-04-05 eCAR Eigenvalue CAR Models
2023-04-05 experDesign Design Experiments for Batches
2023-04-05 glmmTMB Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Template Model Builder
2023-04-05 glow Make Plots that Glow
2023-04-05 IDSL.UFAx Exhaustive Chemical Enumeration for United Formula Annotation
2023-04-05 lattice Trellis Graphics for R
2023-04-05 lawstat Tools for Biostatistics, Public Policy, and Law
2023-04-05 LogConcDEAD Log-Concave Density Estimation in Arbitrary Dimensions
2023-04-05 OpenMx Extended Structural Equation Modelling
2023-04-05 qrjoint Joint Estimation in Linear Quantile Regression
2023-04-05 quanteda.textplots Plots for the Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
2023-04-05 r2pmml Convert R Models to PMML
2023-04-05 rddapp Regression Discontinuity Design Application
2023-04-05 RobStatTM Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods
2023-04-05 Rtumblr Collecting and Analyzing 'Tumblr' Data
2023-04-05 seqinr Biological Sequences Retrieval and Analysis
2023-04-05 sgolay Efficient Savitzky-Golay Filtering
2023-04-05 shinyStorePlus Secure in-Browser Storage for 'Shiny' Inputs, Outputs and Variables
2023-04-05 spacetime Classes and Methods for Spatio-Temporal Data
2023-04-05 ssMousetrack Bayesian State-Space Modeling of Mouse-Tracking Experiments via Stan
2023-04-05 subrank Computes Copula using Ranks and Subsampling
2023-04-05 trajectories Classes and Methods for Trajectory Data
2023-04-05 WaveletETS Wavelet Based Error Trend Seasonality Model
2023-04-05 WaveletKNN Wavelet Based K-Nearest Neighbor Model
2023-04-05 WaveletML Wavelet Decomposition Based Hybrid Machine Learning Models
2023-04-05 weibulltools Statistical Methods for Life Data Analysis
2023-04-04 align A Modified DTW Algorithm for Stratigraphic Time Series Alignment
2023-04-04 area Calculate Area of Triangles and Polygons
2023-04-04 baguette Efficient Model Functions for Bagging
2023-04-04 Binarize Binarization of One-Dimensional Data
2023-04-04 bpmnR Support for BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) Models
2023-04-04 catlearn Formal Psychological Models of Categorization and Learning
2023-04-04 clptheory Compute Price of Production and Labor Values
2023-04-04 comat Creates Co-Occurrence Matrices of Spatial Data
2023-04-04 evreg Evidential Regression
2023-04-04 fabletools Core Tools for Packages in the 'fable' Framework
2023-04-04 ggip Data Visualization for IP Addresses and Networks
2023-04-04 gitGPT Automated Git Commit Messages using the 'OpenAI' 'GPT' Model
2023-04-04 heuristicsmineR Discovery of Process Models with the Heuristics Miner
2023-04-04 ipaddress Data Analysis for IP Addresses and Networks
2023-04-04 MADPop MHC Allele-Based Differencing Between Populations
2023-04-04 MAINT.Data Model and Analyse Interval Data
2023-04-04 metacoder Tools for Parsing, Manipulating, and Graphing Taxonomic Abundance Data
2023-04-04 PScr Estimation for the Power Series Cure Rate Model
2023-04-04 publipha Bayesian Meta-Analysis with Publications Bias and P-Hacking
2023-04-04 qmvs Queueing Model of Visual Search
2023-04-04 RARfreq Response Adaptive Randomization with 'Frequentist' Approaches
2023-04-04 reservoirnet Reservoir Computing and Echo State Networks
2023-04-04 Rglpk R/GNU Linear Programming Kit Interface
2023-04-04 rocbc Statistical Inference for Box-Cox Based Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves
2023-04-04 rtlr Print Right-to-Left Languages Correctly
2023-04-04 scDHA Single-Cell Decomposition using Hierarchical Autoencoder
2023-04-04 shidashi A Shiny Dashboard Template System
2023-04-04 sklarsomega Measuring Agreement Using Sklar's Omega Coefficient
2023-04-04 sn The Skew-Normal and Related Distributions Such as the Skew-t and the SUN
2023-04-04 stabm Stability Measures for Feature Selection
2023-04-04 statgenQTLxT Multi-Trait and Multi-Trial Genome Wide Association Studies
2023-04-04 stepgbm Stepwise Variable Selection for Generalized Boosted Regression Modeling
2023-04-04 tcgaViz Visualization Tool for the Cancer Genome Atlas Program (TCGA)
2023-04-04 tidyhydat Extract and Tidy Canadian 'Hydrometric' Data
2023-04-04 TSP Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)
2023-04-04 wrassp Interface to the 'ASSP' Library
2023-04-03 atime Asymptotic Timing
2023-04-03 dfms Dynamic Factor Models
2023-04-03 dials Tools for Creating Tuning Parameter Values
2023-04-03 DiDforBigData A Big Data Implementation of Difference-in-Differences Estimation with Staggered Treatment
2023-04-03 geiger Analysis of Evolutionary Diversification
2023-04-03 ggspectra Extensions to 'ggplot2' for Radiation Spectra
2023-04-03 glmmPen High Dimensional Penalized Generalized Linear Mixed Models (pGLMM)
2023-04-03 GREENeR Geospatial Regression Equation for European Nutrient Losses (GREEN)
2023-04-03 gto Insert 'gt' Tables into Word Documents
2023-04-03 healthyR.ai The Machine Learning and AI Modeling Companion to 'healthyR'
2023-04-03 listdown Create R Markdown from Lists
2023-04-03 modernVA An Implementation of Two Modern Education-Based Value-Added Models
2023-04-03 petrinetR Building, Visualizing, Exporting and Replaying Petri Nets
2023-04-03 PriorGen Generates Prior Distributions for Proportions
2023-04-03 ranger A Fast Implementation of Random Forests
2023-04-03 redist Simulation Methods for Legislative Redistricting
2023-04-03 ReplicationSuccess Design and Analysis of Replication Studies
2023-04-03 RSQLite SQLite Interface for R
2023-04-03 sim2Dpredictr Simulate Outcomes Using Spatially Dependent Design Matrices
2023-04-03 startup Friendly R Startup Configuration
2023-04-03 taxizedb Tools for Working with 'Taxonomic' Databases
2023-04-03 trending Model Temporal Trends
2023-04-03 TroublemakeR Generates Spatial Problems in R for 'AMPL'
2023-04-02 blocs Estimate and Visualize Voting Blocs' Partisan Contributions
2023-04-02 bupaR Business Process Analysis in R
2023-04-02 cbq Conditional Binary Quantile Models
2023-04-02 cmhc Access, Retrieve, and Work with CMHC Data
2023-04-02 compindexR Calculates Composite Index
2023-04-02 DAISIE Dynamical Assembly of Islands by Speciation, Immigration and Extinction
2023-04-02 dataresqc C3S Quality Control Tools for Historical Climate Data
2023-04-02 EpiContactTrace Epidemiological Tool for Contact Tracing
2023-04-02 frontiles Partial Frontier Efficiency Analysis
2023-04-02 qfratio Moments of Ratios of Quadratic Forms Using Recursion
2023-04-02 rairtable Efficient Wrapper for the 'Airtable' API
2023-04-02 seqhandbook Miscellaneous Tools for Sequence Analysis
2023-04-02 simulMGF Simulate SNP Matrix, Phenotype and Genotypic Effects
2023-04-02 table.express Build 'data.table' Expressions with Data Manipulation Verbs
2023-04-01 GDAtools Geometric Data Analysis
2023-04-01 insane INsulin Secretion ANalysEr
2023-04-01 mcemGLM Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
2023-04-01 phenology Tools to Manage a Parametric Function that Describes Phenology and More
2023-04-01 readBrukerFlexData Reads Mass Spectrometry Data in Bruker *flex Format
2023-04-01 rPAex Automatic Detection of Experimental Unit in Precision Agriculture
2023-04-01 tehtuner Fit and Tune Models to Detect Treatment Effect Heterogeneity
2023-04-01 textutils Utilities for Handling Strings and Text
2023-04-01 whitewater Parallel Processing Options for Package 'dataRetrieval'
2023-03-31 alphavantager Lightweight Interface to the Alpha Vantage API
2023-03-31 ao Alternating Optimization
2023-03-31 AquaBEHER Estimation of Rainy Season Calendar and Soil Water Balance for Agriculture
2023-03-31 blockForest Block Forests: Random Forests for Blocks of Clinical and Omics Covariate Data
2023-03-31 bmstdr Bayesian Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Data with R
2023-03-31 civis R Client for the 'Civis Platform API'
2023-03-31 CMLS Constrained Multivariate Least Squares
2023-03-31 datacutr SDTM Datacut
2023-03-31 densEstBayes Density Estimation via Bayesian Inference Engines
2023-03-31 DiallelAnalysisR Diallel Analysis with R
2023-03-31 DoubleML Double Machine Learning in R
2023-03-31 ecolRxC Ecological Inference of RxC Tables by Latent Structure Approaches
2023-03-31 EmissV Tools for Create Emissions for Air Quality Models
2023-03-31 ForestGapR Tropical Forest Canopy Gaps Analysis
2023-03-31 ggvenn Draw Venn Diagram by 'ggplot2'
2023-03-31 gt Easily Create Presentation-Ready Display Tables
2023-03-31 interp Interpolation Methods
2023-03-31 ITNr Analysis of the International Trade Network
2023-03-31 legislatoR Interface to the Comparative Legislators Database
2023-03-31 loo Efficient Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation and WAIC for Bayesian Models
2023-03-31 Mmcsd Modeling Complex Longitudinal Data in a Quick and Easy Way
2023-03-31 mongolite Fast and Simple 'MongoDB' Client for R
2023-03-31 multiview Cooperative Learning for Multi-View Analysis
2023-03-31 NetworkExtinction Extinction Simulation in Ecological Networks
2023-03-31 nscancor Non-Negative and Sparse CCA
2023-03-31 openairmaps Create Maps of Air Pollution Data
2023-03-31 optband 'surv' Object Confidence Bands Optimized by Area
2023-03-31 parseRPDR Parse and Manipulate Research Patient Data Registry ('RPDR') Text Queries
2023-03-31 rTLsDeep Post-Hurricane Damage Severity Classification from TLS and AI
2023-03-31 rtop Interpolation of Data with Variable Spatial Support
2023-03-31 SetMethods Functions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and Advanced QCA
2023-03-31 tidyquant Tidy Quantitative Financial Analysis
2023-03-31 tmod Feature Set Enrichment Analysis for Metabolomics and Transcriptomics
2023-03-31 topicmodels Topic Models
2023-03-31 twowaytests Two-Way Tests in Independent Groups Designs
2023-03-30 AFR Toolkit for Regression Analysis of Kazakhstan Banking Sector Data
2023-03-30 car Companion to Applied Regression
2023-03-30 cdmTools Useful Tools for Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling
2023-03-30 citation Software Citation Tools
2023-03-30 concstats Market Structure, Concentration and Inequality Measures
2023-03-30 descriptio Descriptive Statistical Analysis
2023-03-30 dynamAedes A Unified Mechanistic Model for the Population Dynamics of Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes
2023-03-30 FAOSTAT Download Data from the FAOSTAT Database
2023-03-30 fedstatAPIr Unofficial API for Fedstat (Rosstat EMISS System) for Automatic and Efficient Data Queries
2023-03-30 GAGAs Global Adaptive Generative Adjustment Algorithm for Generalized Linear Models
2023-03-30 GNE Computation of Generalized Nash Equilibria
2023-03-30 hardhat Construct Modeling Packages
2023-03-30 HDCurves Hierarchical Derivative Curve Estimation
2023-03-30 LDAandLDAS Linkage Disequilibrium of Ancestry (LDA) and LDA Score (LDAS)
2023-03-30 lenght Allow Misspellings of Length Function
2023-03-30 likelihood Methods for Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2023-03-30 osrm Interface Between R and the OpenStreetMap-Based Routing Service OSRM
2023-03-30 rmangal 'Mangal' Client
2023-03-30 rmdcev Kuhn-Tucker and Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value Models
2023-03-30 rrandvec Generate Random Vectors Whose Components Sum Up to One
2023-03-30 siland Spatial Influence of Landscape
2023-03-30 svyVGAM Design-Based Inference in Vector Generalised Linear Models
2023-03-30 vctsfr Visualizing Collections of Time Series Forecasts
2023-03-30 xgboost Extreme Gradient Boosting
2023-03-29 bayclumpr Bayesian Analysis of Clumped Isotope Datasets
2023-03-29 DChaos Chaotic Time Series Analysis
2023-03-29 DTAT Dose Titration Algorithm Tuning
2023-03-29 EMpeaksR Conducting the Peak Fitting Based on the EM Algorithm
2023-03-29 gameR Color Palettes Inspired by Video Games
2023-03-29 iq Protein Quantification in Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics
2023-03-29 lumberjack Track Changes in Data
2023-03-29 macrosyntR Draw Ordered Oxford Grids
2023-03-29 maotai Tools for Matrix Algebra, Optimization and Inference
2023-03-29 massiveGST Competitive Gene Sets Test with the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Test
2023-03-29 mbRes Exploration of Multiple Biomarker Responses using Effect Size
2023-03-29 nlmixr2lib A Model Library for 'nlmixr2'
2023-03-29 packageRank Computation and Visualization of Package Download Counts and Percentiles
2023-03-29 panelPomp Inference for Panel Partially Observed Markov Processes
2023-03-29 polmineR Verbs and Nouns for Corpus Analysis
2023-03-29 practicalSigni Practical Significance Ranking of Regressors
2023-03-29 RTIGER HMM-Based Model for Genotyping and Cross-Over Identification
2023-03-29 satdad Sensitivity Analysis Tools for Dependence and Asymptotic Dependence
2023-03-29 SIAmodules Modules for 'ShinyItemAnalysis'
2023-03-29 strawr Fast Implementation of Reading/Dump for .hic Files
2023-03-29 support.BWS Tools for Case 1 Best-Worst Scaling
2023-03-28 amt Animal Movement Tools
2023-03-28 bigsnpr Analysis of Massive SNP Arrays
2023-03-28 corto Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks
2023-03-28 cyjShiny Cytoscape.js Shiny Widget (cyjShiny)
2023-03-28 DSSAT A Comprehensive R Interface for the DSSAT Cropping Systems Model
2023-03-28 epicontacts Handling, Visualisation and Analysis of Epidemiological Contacts
2023-03-28 EventStudy Event Study Analysis
2023-03-28 flashr Create Flashcards of Terms and Definitions
2023-03-28 fspe Estimating the Number of Factors in EFA with Out-of-Sample Prediction Errors
2023-03-28 gam Generalized Additive Models
2023-03-28 ldbounds Lan-DeMets Method for Group Sequential Boundaries
2023-03-28 makeit Run R Scripts if Needed
2023-03-28 multiApply Apply Functions to Multiple Multidimensional Arrays or Vectors
2023-03-28 officer Manipulation of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Documents
2023-03-28 OneTwoSamples Deal with One and Two (Normal) Samples
2023-03-28 precondition Lightweight Precondition, Postcondition, and Sanity Checks
2023-03-28 QBMS Query the Breeding Management System(s)
2023-03-28 qmethod Analysis of Subjective Perspectives Using Q Methodology
2023-03-28 rainette The Reinert Method for Textual Data Clustering
2023-03-28 Ravages Rare Variant Analysis and Genetic Simulations
2023-03-28 RcausalEGM A General Causal Inference Framework by Encoding Generative Modeling
2023-03-28 rfieldclimate Client for the 'FieldClimate' API
2023-03-28 robumeta Robust Variance Meta-Regression
2023-03-28 ruler Tidy Data Validation Reports
2023-03-28 rxode2parse Parsing and Code Generation Functions for 'rxode2'
2023-03-28 rxode2random Random Number Generation Functions for 'rxode2'
2023-03-28 SherlockHolmes Building a Concordance of Terms in a Series of Texts
2023-03-28 SparseFunClust Sparse Functional Clustering
2023-03-28 sparseR Variable Selection under Ranked Sparsity Principles for Interactions and Polynomials
2023-03-28 survRM2adapt Flexible and Coherent Test/Estimation Procedure Based on Restricted Mean Survival Times
2023-03-28 ThresholdROCsurvival Diagnostic Ability Assessment with Right-Censored Data at a Fixed Time t
2023-03-28 tinkr Cast '(R)Markdown' Files to 'XML' and Back Again
2023-03-28 validate Data Validation Infrastructure
2023-03-27 AcademicThemes Colour Plots with Palettes from Academic Institutions
2023-03-27 AlphaSimR Breeding Program Simulations
2023-03-27 cenROC Estimating Time-Dependent ROC Curve and AUC for Censored Data
2023-03-27 crch Censored Regression with Conditional Heteroscedasticity
2023-03-27 dbparser Drugs Databases Parser
2023-03-27 FactoMineR Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining
2023-03-27 gdtools Utilities for Graphical Rendering and Fonts Management
2023-03-27 gfpop Graph-Constrained Functional Pruning Optimal Partitioning
2023-03-27 glmx Generalized Linear Models Extended
2023-03-27 loadeR Load Data for Analysis System
2023-03-27 MainExistingDatasets Main Existing Human Datasets
2023-03-27 mutualinf Computation and Decomposition of the Mutual Information Index
2023-03-27 RCurl General Network (HTTP/FTP/...) Client Interface for R
2023-03-27 xtranat Network Metrics Based on Random Walks
2023-03-26 allestimates Effect Estimates from All Models
2023-03-26 Andromeda Asynchronous Disk-Based Representation of Massive Data
2023-03-26 auth0 Authentication in Shiny with Auth0
2023-03-26 BEKKs Multivariate Conditional Volatility Modelling and Forecasting
2023-03-26 DepCens Dependent Censoring Regression Models
2023-03-26 eatRep Educational Assessment Tools for Replication Methods
2023-03-26 FastJM Semi-Parametric Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
2023-03-26 ggquickeda Quickly Explore Your Data Using 'ggplot2' and 'table1' Summary Tables
2023-03-26 globalKinhom Inhomogeneous K- And Pair Correlation Functions Using Global Estimators
2023-03-26 HTRX Haplotype Trend Regression with eXtra Flexibility (HTRX)
2023-03-26 HydroCode Hydrological Codes
2023-03-26 irtawsi Items Response Theory Analysis with Steps and Interpretation
2023-03-26 jpgrid Functions for the Grid Square Codes in Japan
2023-03-26 littler R at the Command-Line via 'r'
2023-03-26 navigatr Navigation Menu for Pipe-Friendly Data Processing
2023-03-26 phers Calculate Phenotype Risk Scores
2023-03-26 poismf Factorization of Sparse Counts Matrices Through Poisson Likelihood
2023-03-26 PxWebApiData PX-Web Data by API
2023-03-26 SISIR Select Intervals Suited for Functional Regression
2023-03-26 sortable Drag-and-Drop in 'shiny' Apps with 'SortableJS'
2023-03-26 spINAR (Semi)Parametric Estimation and Bootstrapping of INAR Models
2023-03-26 stickyr Data Frames with Persistent Columns and Attributes
2023-03-26 tatoo Combine and Export Data Frames
2023-03-26 trend Non-Parametric Trend Tests and Change-Point Detection
2023-03-25 BART Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2023-03-25 CARME CAR-MM Modelling in Stan
2023-03-25 covr Test Coverage for Packages
2023-03-25 dendextend Extending 'dendrogram' Functionality in R
2023-03-25 distillML Model Distillation and Interpretability Methods for Machine Learning Models
2023-03-25 fitbitr Interface with the 'Fitbit' API
2023-03-25 ganGenerativeData Generate Generative Data for a Data Source
2023-03-25 NScluster Simulation and Estimation of the Neyman-Scott Type Spatial Cluster Models
2023-03-25 PTAk Principal Tensor Analysis on k Modes
2023-03-25 readSX Read 'SurveyXact' Data
2023-03-25 Rforestry Random Forests, Linear Trees, and Gradient Boosting for Inference and Interpretability
2023-03-25 shinytest Test Shiny Apps
2023-03-25 TapeS Tree Taper Curves and Sorting Based on 'TapeR'
2023-03-25 trackdf Data Frame Class for Tracking Data
2023-03-25 usdoj For Accessing U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Open Data
2023-03-24 ABM Agent Based Model Simulation Framework
2023-03-24 BNPdensity Ferguson-Klass Type Algorithm for Posterior Normalized Random Measures
2023-03-24 brickset Interface with the Brickset API for Getting Data About LEGO Sets
2023-03-24 causaloptim An Interface to Specify Causal Graphs and Compute Bounds on Causal Effects
2023-03-24 doFuture Use Foreach to Parallelize via the Future Framework
2023-03-24 drake A Pipeline Toolkit for Reproducible Computation at Scale
2023-03-24 fido Bayesian Multinomial Logistic Normal Regression
2023-03-24 IDSL.MXP Parser for mzML, mzXML, and netCDF Files (Mass Spectrometry Data)
2023-03-24 leaderCluster Leader Clustering Algorithm
2023-03-24 marmap Import, Plot and Analyze Bathymetric and Topographic Data
2023-03-24 matrixcut Determines Clustering Threshold Based on Similarity Values
2023-03-24 ModStatR Statistical Modelling in Action with R
2023-03-24 ncdfgeom 'NetCDF' Geometry and Time Series
2023-03-24 peacesciencer Tools and Data for Quantitative Peace Science Research
2023-03-24 pgTools Functions for Generating PostgreSQL Statements/Scripts
2023-03-24 r2sundials Wrapper for 'SUNDIALS' Solving ODE and Sensitivity Problem
2023-03-24 rlecuyer R Interface to RNG with Multiple Streams
2023-03-24 simplermarkdown Simple Engine for Generating Reports using R
2023-03-24 SwimmeR Data Import, Cleaning, and Conversions for Swimming Results
2023-03-24 tclust Robust Trimmed Clustering
2023-03-24 tsfgrnn Time Series Forecasting Using GRNN
2023-03-24 TTAinterfaceTrendAnalysis Temporal Trend Analysis Graphical Interface
2023-03-24 VSOLassoBag Variable Selection Oriented LASSO Bagging Algorithm
2023-03-23 arules Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
2023-03-23 automap Automatic Interpolation Package
2023-03-23 c060 Extended Inference for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models
2023-03-23 chest Change-in-Estimate Approach to Assess Confounding Effects
2023-03-23 cli Helpers for Developing Command Line Interfaces
2023-03-23 ConsRank Compute the Median Ranking(s) According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic Approach
2023-03-23 counterfactuals Counterfactual Explanations
2023-03-23 crayons Color Palettes from Crayon Boxes
2023-03-23 CUFF Charles's Utility Function using Formula
2023-03-23 dataverse Client for Dataverse 4+ Repositories
2023-03-23 flintyR Simple and Flexible Tests of Sample Exchangeability
2023-03-23 groupr Groups with Inapplicable Values
2023-03-23 icosa Global Triangular and Penta-Hexagonal Grids Based on Tessellated Icosahedra
2023-03-23 IDSL.SUFA Simplified UFA
2023-03-23 isocalcR Isotope Calculations in R
2023-03-23 metR Tools for Easier Analysis of Meteorological Fields
2023-03-23 mi4p Multiple Imputation for Proteomics
2023-03-23 neatR Neat Data for Presentation
2023-03-23 netCoin Interactive Analytic Networks
2023-03-23 PCObw Bandwidth Selector with Penalized Comparison to Overfitting Criterion
2023-03-23 penalizedSVM Feature Selection SVM using Penalty Functions
2023-03-23 poppr Genetic Analysis of Populations with Mixed Reproduction
2023-03-23 projections Project Future Case Incidence
2023-03-23 sageR Applied Statistics for Economics and Management with R
2023-03-23 sivs Stable Iterative Variable Selection
2023-03-23 sparseDFM Estimate Dynamic Factor Models with Sparse Loadings
2023-03-23 spocc Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources
2023-03-23 stortingscrape Access Data from the Norwegian Parliament API
2023-03-23 tracee Easily Save Output and Trace it Back to Code
2023-03-23 Vicus Exploiting Local Structures to Improve Network-Based Analysis of Biological Data
2023-03-22 adlift An Adaptive Lifting Scheme Algorithm
2023-03-22 baggr Bayesian Aggregate Treatment Effects
2023-03-22 bayes4psy User Friendly Bayesian Data Analysis for Psychology
2023-03-22 BGData A Suite of Packages for Analysis of Big Genomic Data
2023-03-22 brokenstick Broken Stick Model for Irregular Longitudinal Data
2023-03-22 contactdata Social Contact Matrices for 177 Countries
2023-03-22 debkeepr Analysis of Non-Decimal Currencies and Double-Entry Bookkeeping
2023-03-22 descr Descriptive Statistics
2023-03-22 distributional Vectorised Probability Distributions
2023-03-22 dQTG.seq A BSA Software for Detecting All Types of QTLs in BC, DH, RIL and F2
2023-03-22 dtplyr Data Table Back-End for 'dplyr'
2023-03-22 DTRKernSmooth Estimate and Make Inference About Optimal Treatment Regimes via Smoothed Methods
2023-03-22 epicasting Ewnet: An Ensemble Wavelet Neural Network for Forecasting and Epicasting
2023-03-22 exuber Econometric Analysis of Explosive Time Series
2023-03-22 fable Forecasting Models for Tidy Time Series
2023-03-22 fasstr Analyze, Summarize, and Visualize Daily Streamflow Data
2023-03-22 feasts Feature Extraction and Statistics for Time Series
2023-03-22 GENEAclassify Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data
2023-03-22 ggFishPlots Visualise and Calculate Life History Parameters for Fisheries Science using 'ggplot2'
2023-03-22 ggperiodic Easy Plotting of Periodic Data with 'ggplot2'
2023-03-22 GIGrvg Random Variate Generator for the GIG Distribution
2023-03-22 granova Graphical Analysis of Variance
2023-03-22 HGraph Use Graph Structure to Travel
2023-03-22 ktweedie 'Tweedie' Compound Poisson Model in the Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
2023-03-22 marqLevAlg A Parallelized General-Purpose Optimization Based on Marquardt-Levenberg Algorithm
2023-03-22 matric Metrics for Similarity Matrices
2023-03-22 mcen Multivariate Cluster Elastic Net
2023-03-22 mcp Regression with Multiple Change Points
2023-03-22 meteospain Access to Spanish Meteorological Stations Services
2023-03-22 mggd Multivariate Generalised Gaussian Distribution; Kullback-Leibler Divergence
2023-03-22 modelr Modelling Functions that Work with the Pipe
2023-03-22 multidplyr A Multi-Process 'dplyr' Backend
2023-03-22 MuMIn Multi-Model Inference
2023-03-22 npbr Nonparametric Boundary Regression
2023-03-22 peperr Parallelised Estimation of Prediction Error
2023-03-22 pillar Coloured Formatting for Columns
2023-03-22 pokemon Pokemon Data in English and Brazilian Portuguese
2023-03-22 quanteda.textmodels Scaling Models and Classifiers for Textual Data
2023-03-22 RcppSMC Rcpp Bindings for Sequential Monte Carlo
2023-03-22 rD3plot Interactive Networks, Timelines, Barplots, Galleries with 'D3.js'
2023-03-22 report Automated Reporting of Results and Statistical Models
2023-03-22 RISCA Causal Inference and Prediction in Cohort-Based Analyses
2023-03-22 SAEval Small Area Estimation Evaluation
2023-03-22 sfnetworks Tidy Geospatial Networks
2023-03-22 smurf Sparse Multi-Type Regularized Feature Modeling
2023-03-22 sox Structured Learning in Time-Dependent Cox Models
2023-03-22 spatialTIME Spatial Analysis of Vectra Immunoflourescent Data
2023-03-22 spelling Tools for Spell Checking in R
2023-03-22 stepmixr Interface to 'Python' Package 'StepMix'
2023-03-22 stevemisc Steve's Miscellaneous Functions
2023-03-22 systemfit Estimating Systems of Simultaneous Equations
2023-03-22 vars VAR Modelling
2023-03-22 VBLPCM Variational Bayes Latent Position Cluster Model for Networks
2023-03-22 windAC Area Correction Methods
2023-03-22 wTO Computing Weighted Topological Overlaps (wTO) & Consensus wTO Network
2023-03-22 xgxr Exploratory Graphics for Pharmacometrics
2023-03-22 xoi Tools for Analyzing Crossover Interference
2023-03-22 zyp Zhang + Yue-Pilon Trends Package
2023-03-21 alfred Downloading Time Series from ALFRED Database for Various Vintages
2023-03-21 ards Creates Analysis Results Datasets
2023-03-21 baseballr Acquiring and Analyzing Baseball Data
2023-03-21 BioStatR Initiation à La Statistique Avec R
2023-03-21 caret Classification and Regression Training
2023-03-21 cdrcR Load 'CDRC' Data
2023-03-21 cosinor Tools for Estimating and Predicting the Cosinor Model
2023-03-21 crplyr A 'dplyr' Interface for Crunch
2023-03-21 dail Data from Access to Information Law
2023-03-21 dcm2 Calculating the M2 Model Fit Statistic for Diagnostic Classification Models
2023-03-21 funneljoin Time-Based Joins to Analyze Sequences of Events
2023-03-21 funtimes Functions for Time Series Analysis
2023-03-21 ggbrain Create Images of Volumetric Brain Data in NIfTI Format Using 'ggplot2' Syntax
2023-03-21 gglm Grammar of Graphics for Linear Model Diagnostic Plots
2023-03-21 hexbin Hexagonal Binning Routines
2023-03-21 hms Pretty Time of Day
2023-03-21 icesDatsuQC Run Quality Checks on Data Prior to Submission to ICES
2023-03-21 icesTAF Functions to Support the ICES Transparent Assessment Framework
2023-03-21 icesVMS Link to the ICES Vessel Monitoring System and Logbook Database Web Services
2023-03-21 missingHE Missing Outcome Data in Health Economic Evaluation
2023-03-21 PSAgraphics Propensity Score Analysis Graphics
2023-03-21 r3js 'WebGL'-Based 3D Plotting using the 'three.js' Library
2023-03-21 rbedrock Analysis and Manipulation of Data from Minecraft Bedrock Edition
2023-03-21 runner Running Operations for Vectors
2023-03-21 sc2sc Spatial Transfer of Statistics among Spanish Census Sections
2023-03-21 SparseChol Sparse Cholesky LDL Decomposition of Symmetric Matrices
2023-03-21 spBFA Spatial Bayesian Factor Analysis
2023-03-21 spinner An Implementation of Graph Net Architecture Based on 'torch'
2023-03-21 survAUC Estimators of Prediction Accuracy for Time-to-Event Data
2023-03-21 switchr Installing, Managing, and Switching Between Distinct Sets of Installed Packages
2023-03-21 TAF Transparent Assessment Framework for Reproducible Research
2023-03-21 Tinflex A Universal Non-Uniform Random Number Generator
2023-03-21 Visualize.CRAN.Downloads Visualize Downloads from 'CRAN' Packages
2023-03-21 vitae Curriculum Vitae for R Markdown
2023-03-21 vivaldi Viral Variant Location and Diversity
2023-03-21 WeMix Weighted Mixed-Effects Models Using Multilevel Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2023-03-20 actuaRE Handling Hierarchically Structured Risk Factors using Random Effects Models
2023-03-20 AICcmodavg Model Selection and Multimodel Inference Based on (Q)AIC(c)
2023-03-20 bonn Access INKAR Database
2023-03-20 BuyseTest Generalized Pairwise Comparisons
2023-03-20 coRanking Co-Ranking Matrix
2023-03-20 easycensus Quickly Find, Extract, and Marginalize U.S. Census Tables
2023-03-20 FNN Fast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms and Applications
2023-03-20 freealg The Free Algebra
2023-03-20 gde GBIF Dataset Explorer
2023-03-20 ggfortify Data Visualization Tools for Statistical Analysis Results
2023-03-20 gmwmx Estimate Functional and Stochastic Parameters of Linear Models with Correlated Residuals
2023-03-20 hmcdm Hidden Markov Cognitive Diagnosis Models for Learning
2023-03-20 inlcolor Color Schemes for the USGS Idaho National Laboratory Project Office
2023-03-20 lotri A Simple Way to Specify Symmetric, Block Diagonal Matrices
2023-03-20 MALDIquant Quantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data
2023-03-20 merTools Tools for Analyzing Mixed Effect Regression Models
2023-03-20 NMF Algorithms and Framework for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF)
2023-03-20 PINstimation Estimation of the Probability of Informed Trading
2023-03-20 Rapp Easily Build Command Line Applications
2023-03-20 reappraised Statistical Tools for Assessing Publication Integrity of Groups of Trials
2023-03-20 Rogue Identify Rogue Taxa in Sets of Phylogenetic Trees
2023-03-20 SUNGEO Sub-National Geospatial Data Archive: Geoprocessing Toolkit
2023-03-20 tibble Simple Data Frames
2023-03-20 truncnorm Truncated Normal Distribution
2023-03-20 unitizer Interactive R Unit Tests
2023-03-19 agriutilities Utilities for Data Analysis in Agriculture
2023-03-19 bdrc Bayesian Discharge Rating Curves
2023-03-19 coronavirus The 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Dataset
2023-03-19 fungible Psychometric Functions from the Waller Lab
2023-03-19 mvp Fast Symbolic Multivariate Polynomials
2023-03-19 oddsapiR Access Live Sports Odds from the Odds API
2023-03-19 survHE Survival Analysis in Health Economic Evaluation
2023-03-19 XML Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus
2023-03-18 bcdata Search and Retrieve Data from the BC Data Catalogue
2023-03-18 dataset Create Data Frames that are Easier to Exchange and Reuse
2023-03-18 EthSEQ Ethnicity Annotation from Whole-Exome and Targeted Sequencing Data
2023-03-18 glossr Use Interlinear Glosses in R Markdown
2023-03-18 openVA Automated Method for Verbal Autopsy
2023-03-18 Rmpi Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)
2023-03-17 anndata 'anndata' for R
2023-03-17 AzureKusto Interface to 'Kusto'/'Azure Data Explorer'
2023-03-17 blob A Simple S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS')
2023-03-17 cellKey Consistent Perturbation of Statistical Frequency- And Magnitude Tables
2023-03-17 ckanr Client for the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network ('CKAN') API
2023-03-17 cloudos R Client Library for CloudOS
2023-03-17 commonmark High Performance CommonMark and Github Markdown Rendering in R
2023-03-17 conStruct Models Spatially Continuous and Discrete Population Genetic Structure
2023-03-17 discAUC Linear and Non-Linear AUC for Discounting Data
2023-03-17 drda Dose-Response Data Analysis
2023-03-17 dsb Normalize & Denoise Droplet Single Cell Protein Data (CITE-Seq)
2023-03-17 evolMap Dynamic and Interactive Maps
2023-03-17 FCO Flexible Cutoffs for Model Fit Evaluation in Covariance-Based Structural Models
2023-03-17 fiery A Lightweight and Flexible Web Framework
2023-03-17 ggiraph Make 'ggplot2' Graphics Interactive
2023-03-17 htmlwidgets HTML Widgets for R
2023-03-17 i2extras Functions to Work with 'incidence2' Objects
2023-03-17 intamap Procedures for Automated Interpolation
2023-03-17 ivreg Instrumental-Variables Regression by '2SLS', '2SM', or '2SMM', with Diagnostics
2023-03-17 ivs Interval Vectors
2023-03-17 kgen A Tool for Calculating Stoichiometric Equilibrium Constants (Ks) for Seawater
2023-03-17 klaR Classification and Visualization
2023-03-17 latrend A Framework for Clustering Longitudinal Data
2023-03-17 match2C Match One Sample using Two Criteria
2023-03-17 MBNMAtime Run Time-Course Model-Based Network Meta-Analysis (MBNMA) Models
2023-03-17 Multiaovbay Classic, Nonparametric and Bayesian Two-Way Analysis of Variance Panel
2023-03-17 paradox Define and Work with Parameter Spaces for Complex Algorithms
2023-03-17 party A Laboratory for Recursive Partytioning
2023-03-17 qpdf Split, Combine and Compress PDF Files
2023-03-17 RedditExtractoR Reddit Data Extraction Toolkit
2023-03-17 rlas Read and Write 'las' and 'laz' Binary File Formats Used for Remote Sensing Data
2023-03-17 rxode2et Event Table Functions for 'rxode2'
2023-03-17 rxode2ll Log-Likelihood Functions for 'rxode2'
2023-03-17 ryandexdirect Load Data From 'Yandex Direct'
2023-03-17 rym R Interface to Yandex Metrica API
2023-03-17 SNPfiltR Interactively Filter SNP Datasets
2023-03-17 spFSR Feature Selection and Ranking via Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation
2023-03-17 TDLM Systematic Comparison of Trip Distribution Laws and Models
2023-03-17 text2sdg Detecting UN Sustainable Development Goals in Text
2023-03-17 text2sdgData Contains the Trained 'text2sdg' Ensemble Model Data
2023-03-17 tidyterra 'tidyverse' Methods and 'ggplot2' Helpers for 'terra' Objects
2023-03-17 TrafficBDE Traffic Predictions Using Neural Networks
2023-03-17 visxhclust A Shiny App for Visual Exploration of Hierarchical Clustering
2023-03-16 codebookr Create Codebooks from Data Frames
2023-03-16 DJL Distance Measure Based Judgment and Learning
2023-03-16 DNAmixturesLite Statistical Inference for Mixed Traces of DNA (Lite-Version)
2023-03-16 downsize A Tool to Downsize Large Analysis Projects for Testing
2023-03-16 dparser Port of 'Dparser' Package
2023-03-16 egor Import and Analyse Ego-Centered Network Data
2023-03-16 FACT Feature Attributions for ClusTering
2023-03-16 FertNet Process Data from the Social Networks and Fertility Survey
2023-03-16 FisPro Fuzzy Inference System Design and Optimization
2023-03-16 flexmix Flexible Mixture Modeling
2023-03-16 func2vis Clean and Visualize Over Expression Results from 'ConsensusPathDB'
2023-03-16 gsdensity Density-Based Gene Set Specificity Evaluation
2023-03-16 newsmap Semi-Supervised Model for Geographical Document Classification
2023-03-16 nieve Miscellaneous Utilities for Extreme Value Analysis
2023-03-16 pema Penalized Meta-Analysis
2023-03-16 PlotBivInvGaus Density Contour Plot for Bivariate Inverse Gaussian Distribution
2023-03-16 politicsR Calculating Political System Metrics
2023-03-16 ridgregextra Ridge Regression Parameter Estimation
2023-03-16 sfo San Francisco International Airport Monthly Air Passengers
2023-03-16 sftrack Modern Classes for Tracking and Movement Data
2023-03-16 singcar Comparing Single Cases to Small Samples
2023-03-16 textBoxPlacement Compute a Non-Overlapping Layout of Text Boxes to Label Multiple Overlain Plots
2023-03-16 tidyCDISC Quick Table Generation & Exploratory Analyses on ADaM-Ish Datasets
2023-03-15 banditpam Almost Linear-Time k-Medoids Clustering
2023-03-15 bracer Brace Expansions
2023-03-15 cookies Use Browser Cookies with 'shiny'
2023-03-15 demcon Interfacing with Popular Polity, Institutional, and Constitutional Datasets
2023-03-15 DGCA Differential Gene Correlation Analysis
2023-03-15 epiomics Analysis of Omics Data in Observational Studies
2023-03-15 genBaRcode Analysis and Visualization Tools for Genetic Barcode Data
2023-03-15 GPCERF Gaussian Processes for Estimating Causal Exposure Response Curves
2023-03-15 HCmodelSets Regression with a Large Number of Potential Explanatory Variables
2023-03-15 isogeochem Tools for Stable Isotope Geochemistry
2023-03-15 loa Lattice Options and Add-Ins
2023-03-15 MLGL Multi-Layer Group-Lasso
2023-03-15 openai R Wrapper for OpenAI API
2023-03-15 pharmaverse Navigate 'Pharmaverse'
2023-03-15 plsRbeta Partial Least Squares Regression for Beta Regression Models
2023-03-15 rciplot Plot Jacobson-Truax Reliable Change Indices
2023-03-15 shiny.blueprint Palantir's 'Blueprint' for 'Shiny' Apps
2023-03-15 SomaDataIO Input/Output 'SomaScan' Data
2023-03-15 toweranNA A Method for Handling Missing Values in Prediction Applications
2023-03-15 traveltimeR Interface to 'Travel Time' API
2023-03-14 brclimr Fetch Zonal Statistics of Weather Indicators for Brazilian Municipalities
2023-03-14 coder Deterministic Categorization of Items Based on External Code Data
2023-03-14 Crossover Analysis and Search of Crossover Designs
2023-03-14 eaf Plots of the Empirical Attainment Function
2023-03-14 eiExpand Utilities for Expanding Functionality of 'eiCompare'
2023-03-14 findpython Functions to Find an Acceptable Python Binary
2023-03-14 folders Standardized Folder Names
2023-03-14 funspace Creating and Representing Functional Trait Spaces
2023-03-14 GeSciLiVis Gene-Based Publication Activity Visualiser
2023-03-14 ggmap Spatial Visualization with ggplot2
2023-03-14 ggtikz Post-Process 'ggplot2' Plots with 'TikZ' Code Using Plot Coordinates
2023-03-14 laGP Local Approximate Gaussian Process Regression
2023-03-14 lmw Linear Model Weights
2023-03-14 MNP Fitting the Multinomial Probit Model
2023-03-14 modi Multivariate Outlier Detection and Imputation for Incomplete Survey Data
2023-03-14 mutoss Unified Multiple Testing Procedures
2023-03-14 mvMORPH Multivariate Comparative Tools for Fitting Evolutionary Models to Morphometric Data
2023-03-14 patchDVI Package to Patch '.dvi' or '.synctex' Files
2023-03-14 plsRglm Partial Least Squares Regression for Generalized Linear Models
2023-03-14 posterior Tools for Working with Posterior Distributions
2023-03-14 R2MLwiN Running 'MLwiN' from Within R
2023-03-14 raptr Representative and Adequate Prioritization Toolkit in R
2023-03-14 Ropj Import Origin(R) Project Files
2023-03-14 RSSL Implementations of Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches for Classification
2023-03-14 snha Creating Correlation Networks using St. Nicolas House Analysis
2023-03-14 vegtable Handling Vegetation Data Sets
2023-03-13 afpt Tools for Modelling of Animal Flight Performance
2023-03-13 ape Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution
2023-03-13 bdc Biodiversity Data Cleaning
2023-03-13 betapart Partitioning Beta Diversity into Turnover and Nestedness Components
2023-03-13 CHNOSZ Thermodynamic Calculations and Diagrams for Geochemistry
2023-03-13 cito Building and Training Neural Networks
2023-03-13 covid19srilanka The 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data in Sri Lanka
2023-03-13 hht The Hilbert-Huang Transform: Tools and Methods
2023-03-13 mcMST A Toolbox for the Multi-Criteria Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
2023-03-13 MedLEA Morphological and Structural Features of Medicinal Leaves
2023-03-13 metaSDTreg Regression Models for Meta Signal Detection Theory
2023-03-13 metatools Enable the Use of 'metacore' to Help Create and Check Dataset
2023-03-13 nic Nature Inspired Colours
2023-03-13 np Nonparametric Kernel Smoothing Methods for Mixed Data Types
2023-03-13 plasma Partial LeAst Squares for Multiomic Analysis
2023-03-13 plsdepot Partial Least Squares (PLS) Data Analysis Methods
2023-03-13 plspm Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM)
2023-03-13 polymapR Linkage Analysis in Outcrossing Polyploids
2023-03-13 populR Population Downscaling Using Areal Interpolation
2023-03-13 ramps Bayesian Geostatistical Modeling with RAMPS
2023-03-13 rethnicity Predicting Ethnic Group from Names
2023-03-13 RolWinWavCor Estimate Rolling Window Wavelet Correlation Between Two Time Series
2023-03-13 rplotengine R as a Plotting Engine
2023-03-13 shorts Short Sprints
2023-03-13 sparvaride Variance Identification in Sparse Factor Analysis
2023-03-13 toolStability Tool for Stability Indices Calculation
2023-03-13 walkscore A Tidy Interface to the 'Walk Score' API
2023-03-12 botor 'AWS Python SDK' ('boto3') for R
2023-03-12 conquestr An R Package to Extend 'ACER ConQuest'
2023-03-12 datadictionary Create a Data Dictionary
2023-03-12 echoice2 Choice Models with Economic Foundation
2023-03-12 fastai Interface to 'fastai'
2023-03-12 ggeasy Easy Access to 'ggplot2' Commands
2023-03-12 hablar Non-Astonishing Results in R
2023-03-12 HTT Hypothesis Testing Tree
2023-03-12 jaatha Simulation-Based Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation
2023-03-12 lm.beta Add Standardized Regression Coefficients to Linear-Model-Objects
2023-03-12 mlr3cluster Cluster Extension for 'mlr3'
2023-03-12 pacviz Pac-Man Visualization Package
2023-03-12 PosteriorBootstrap Non-Parametric Sampling with Parallel Monte Carlo
2023-03-12 prcbench Testing Workbench for Precision-Recall Curves
2023-03-12 precrec Calculate Accurate Precision-Recall and ROC (Receiver Operator Characteristics) Curves
2023-03-12 reactable Interactive Data Tables for R
2023-03-12 scdhlm Estimating Hierarchical Linear Models for Single-Case Designs
2023-03-12 spatstat.data Datasets for 'spatstat' Family
2023-03-12 spbabel Convert Spatial Data Using Tidy Tables
2023-03-12 surveydata Tools to Work with Survey Data
2023-03-12 taxlist Handling Taxonomic Lists
2023-03-12 trialr Clinical Trial Designs in 'rstan'
2023-03-11 actilifecounts Generate Activity Counts from Raw Accelerometer Data
2023-03-11 basecamb Utilities for Streamlined Data Import, Imputation and Modelling
2023-03-11 biblio Interacting with BibTeX Databases
2023-03-11 CPE Concordance Probability Estimates in Survival Analysis
2023-03-11 diceR Diverse Cluster Ensemble in R
2023-03-11 keyholder Store Data About Rows
2023-03-11 nestedmodels Tidy Modelling for Nested Data
2023-03-11 pkgKitten Create Simple Packages Which Do not Upset R Package Checks
2023-03-11 qtl2ggplot Data Visualization for QTL Experiments
2023-03-11 qtl2pattern Pattern Support for 'qtl2' Package
2023-03-11 r2symbols Symbols for 'Markdown' and 'Shiny' Application
2023-03-11 RcmdrPlugin.DCCV R Commander Plug-in for Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation
2023-03-10 evilDice Test Dice Sets for Intransitive Properties
2023-03-10 fuzzyreg Fuzzy Linear Regression
2023-03-10 gapminder Data from Gapminder
2023-03-10 glmmfields Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Robust Random Fields for Spatiotemporal Modeling